Operation: Northern Crag Moors, Primeval Thunder

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  1. The Northern Crag Moors: Primeval Thunder
  3. ******
  5. continued from:
  7. >>28104379
  8. >At least none of my clothes were ripped, though how she knew to slide into them so quickly...
  9. >Never mind, what's done is done.
  10. >And I don't think Kraut would like to see out his ass forever.
  11. "It was a bit of an exaggeration."
  12. >Shifting, I attempt to give a shrug.
  13. "More of a 'didn't inform me of everything that signing up might entail.' Including this bit."
  14. >Shaking my head, I peer around and look for stuff for Wild to stomp on.
  15. [1d6+3: 1 + 3 = 4] >B. Perception
  16. [1d6+3: 6 + 3 = 9]
  20. continued from:
  22.     Hearing muffled noises from the opposite compartment, Wild's falsetto pings up, her confusion @Snakebite blatantly apparent, turning into an indignant tone. "What's a sigh-borg? Dad says I'm an Eldritch Android.. whatever that means, and NO! They stay right where they are! I'm not going to risk getting yelled at again!" On cue, the 'monitoring equipment' remains firmly lodged where it was, though it seemed to shrink.
  23.     Peering through the oddly set and shaped screen, at a distance well ahead of the machine-abomination, the video feed of the entire Crag Moors worryingly showed it violently ablaze, entire clusters of trees exploding from the heat alone. On the outer edges that he could see, waves of cold, heavy dark blue fog were visible through the NVG's, roiling throughout the forest in tune with the high-pitched shrieking.
  25. >Snakebite
  26.     "I'll show you yelling you overgrown Prius!" I reach for my pistol, but before I can grab it, I see the two kaiju in front of us. "How about that? It was King Kong AND Godzilla!" But wait, we were here to save a pony, right? Where could he be?
  27. [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] < B. Perception+NVG's
  29. ******
  30. >Novus: chest compartment + Caliya
  31. continued from:
  33.     The screen in front of @Novus blanks out, showing an angry pony skull and pair of crossbones at the question. "NO!" Continuing her thundering towards.. whatever direction she had been traveling, Caliya's bloodshot eyes snap open at Wild's voice, immediately taking on a murderous expression. "Pegasus? I know what those are, they're a species of winged flying ponies! Searching now-"
  34.     Tossing Novus an indescribable glare, the ash gray earth pony's teeth snap onto his kukri as the abomination-machine makes a disgruntled noise. "Twenty! I know enough!"
  36.     Novus blinks behind the mask as the screen shows such imagery in response to a simple question about removing tentacles from his ass. They arrive at the site of a raging battle between two titans apparently at the same time. Novus' only response is a simple. "Well, okay then." He glances back to Caliya, the pony giving him a death glare. He gives him a look, unnoticeable from underneath the mask. "Look, I have had my ass shattered and my sanity shattered today. Again. Don't attack the robot please? I don't need my soul shattered a second time." He turns his attention away from the hunter and outside at the battle. "I agree with Kraut. Lets just... get Vanil if he is here and leave without possibly gaining the attention of the two giants."
  37. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] E. Perception
  39. *****
  40. Kraut: HEAD UNIT
  41. continued from:
  43.     "Do you mean those fleshy organic feeding systems? I don't appear to have those... I think? I will search for such later-" Across the screen in front of @Kraut_Spacewizard, sensor arrays begin sweeping across the burning forest, numerous red arrows homing around for a few moments before a single black sphere lands onto a section of forest in the direct southernmost quadrant, Ride emitting a puzzled electronic noise, anger tinging the electronic tone afterwards. "My Arcanum data-spires suggest the spread is inconsistent with natural wildfires but can be attributed to a large scale inferno of approximately one hundred and sixty meters.. I don't even know what means but it doesn't sound good!"
  44.     Watching, and feeling, one last thundering step, the Eldritch Android bursts through the last of the standing forest into a charred hellscape of blackened ground and embers on the edge of the Southern Equestrian Ocean. In the distance, a lone, colossal red and black humanoid could be seen opposite a vaguely dragonlike, blue and black flying serpent holding keep amidst an inlet of ocean spires. Leaping upwards and slamming to a halt at the sight, Ride rears back, voice blaring into the compartments in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!"
  46. >
  47.     The skeletal colossus of fire and lava thundered towards the other gargantuan monster with no indication of noticing Wild's arrival, nor the crash site where Vanil currently resided, its blazing focus solely fixed on its giant rival. As it approached, it raised a mace of such magnitude one would be inclined to think it was an inbound comet frozen in time, it's billowing tail being used as the shaft for the apocalyptic weapon. The arch upwards disturbed the sea of fire at the massive beast's legs, sending a wave of a climbing inferno forth to scorch the air for metres around, so much so it sent off warning signals within Wild. With its weapon high in the sky like a dying sun, the burning kaiju sent down it's doom maul at the other titan, the weight of the incoming attack promising scorching destruction whether it hit or not.
  48. [ 1d6+250 = 253 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 251 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] [ 1d6+250 = 254 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] <Apocalypse Mace
  50. >
  51.     Jaw snapping open, the oceanic monstrosity's needle-like teeth bare in a hate-filled shriek, it's rows of inset, yellow eyes solely fixate upon the infernal titan opposing it. With a single, slow flap of it's great reptilian wings, the behemoth jets forwards from it's holding position, the bladed spines covering it's body dispersing a trail of heavy mist behind it. Seemingly ignorant of the gargantuan weapon swinging towards it's head, the titan's crowned horns pulse a vibrant blue, it's head then striking forwards to spew forth a pressurized, solid lance of deep elemental water.
  52. [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] [1d6+200] <Ocean's Spite
  54.     >Kraut
  55.     (Fuckin robits not understanding stock phrases.) "No, you don't have- it's a phrase that means 'calm the hell down woman, god damn', which at least from what I noticed appear to be somewhat on the smaller size but not non-existent." Kraut sighs as he thinks on how he basically just estimated his robo-daughter's cup size. Swiping and attempting to re-size his view on Wild's alium screens, Kraut comes to a prolific realization. "That colt is dead as hell if he's anywhere in those flames, got any fancy scanning or vision enhancing tools that don't get ruined by fire and bright shit?" Right as Kraut is about to start looking through the feed in detail again, the two giants pop up on the screen, and more importantly, Wild was trying to deafen him. "Holy fuck woman calm down! There ain't no need to go screamin' every time something bigger than you shows up, ESPECIALLY if it isn't trying to kill you. Anyways, how's about you focus your fancy visual junk on their immediate area and see if Vanil is in there, we can start panicing if he is."
  56.     Kraut then looks through said area on the off chance that Vanil is well and truly fucked before yelling at all compartments again. "Well, if Vanil happens to be anywhere near all that mess, then not being noticed is kind of more important than I initially thought, assuming we can get in there at all, just be the little ants that we never even bother casting our attention towards and we'll be good to go!"
  57. [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <E.Perception+NVG's
  58. [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <E. Leadership: Stealth
  60.     "WHAT THE FUCK IS A PRIUS!? SAVE IT FOR LATER, WE HAVE OTHER PROBLEMS!" Wild's modulated voice ends as danger klaxons scream into life across her compartments, @Snakebite finding the noise to be more than an annoying distraction. Forwards, churning waves of ash and ocean foam collide against each other as the duel of titans begins, the humanoid colossus striking home across the head and neck of the ocean leviathan, tearing a deep, scourging rent through it's unnatural serpentine flesh. Underneath the titans, amidst the frothing ash and foam, a scorched, dull orange oval could be seen, haphazardly skewed on one side.
  62.     Doing her best imitation of an angry yet frightened android, Wild's massive cannon-pistol comes up into @Kraut's view momentarily, clanking against something unseen as she recoils from the titan's blow. "SECOND DAD AND TREASURED MECHANIC I AM SEARCHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW YOU NEED TO STOP YELLING AT ME!" Below the devastation of lava chunks flying from the colossal impact, Kraut spots the partial wreckage of an orange oval, what were presumably hatches across it's surface torn off or buckled outwards, the rest of it's hull charred from intense heat. A loud, single ping emits from the transmuted radio control system in what was presumably the cockpit's dash, cut off by bursts of warbling, electronic crackles.
  64.     Angrily shouting an un-word that neither made sense nor could be repeated @Novus, Wild's communication channel closes down, Caliya's entire coat turning an angry shade of red in a genetic response to the Eldritch machine-abomination's proximity, nostrils flaring and ears flat as he snarls around the kukri. "Kill. Every. Thing." Going silent at the thunderous boom from the colossi's mace, the earth stallion half-jumps forwards, plastering his nose on the screen and glaring at the chaotic scene ahead. [1d6+4] [1d6+4] [1d6+4] <E.Hunter's Eye
  65.     Interrupted by Ride's left armored fist raising into view, the index wavers, then points down towards a charred orange oval, the wreckage eerily familiar, yet not at the same time. "Vital signs there!" Surveying the hull, it matched none of the extraterrestrial SCP dossiers Novus once had access to, the large pistol snapping up as Wild aims towards the hull, though not at it, electronic horror apparent over her comms. "Unable to analyze two large targets, estimated death of one or the other in ninety seconds! Third target registered as Construct Assault-Class Deployment Craft, but if either die they're going to crush it!"
  67.     >Novus
  68.     Novus stares at the screen, focusing on the the life signs detected inside the assault craft. "Kraut! Life signs detected in the third target, the Construct deployment craft vehicle! This could be Vanil's signature because its the only one we're picking up right now!" He looks around, gazing over the monitors with a focused sense about him. "Wild, double check for all life signs. We cant afford to miss anything right now!." He looks back to Caliya. "Calm down hunter, you can deal with this problem later. I got a tentacle from this thing so far up my fucking ass I can't exactly be bothered to deal with you going berserk right now too, not with Vanil at risk."
  69. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] E. Perception
  71.     >Kraut
  72.     Just a tad bit frustrated with Wild's constant yelling and overreaction, Kraut throws his arms up in exasperation. "Fine, no more yelling; how well are you holding up to the heat and do you think you could survive getting close enough to grab that nice little robo-egg?" As Kraut says this, he assumes direct control and starts cautiously walking Wild towards the fight whilst getting a read on the distance between the two and any possible patterns to the giants' attacks for avoidance purposes. Once Kraut hears about lifesigns though, he scraps his cautious plan and starts sprinting through the trees. Hype time is now. "Alright boys! Ain't no getting scared or hesitant now; it's go time!"
  73. [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] E. Perception, NVG, Thermal
  74. [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] E. Leadership (Iron Will)
  75. [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] [ 1d6+10 = 16 ] [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] [ 1d6+10 = 13 ] GM.Nuclear Sprint
  77.     >Snakebite
  78.     (I suppose this is all the accommodation I'm getting. We're definitely gonna work on her English skills.) "Novus is right. He's gotta be in the pod." What the hell is that thing made of that it's not completely destroyed yet? I stare at it's image on the screen as hard as I can, trying to make sure the pony we're looking for is aboard. "Alright Boss, just don't get us crushed. I don't wanna die cause of someone else's shitty driving."
  79. [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] <B. Perception, NVGs
  81.     A rumbling noise akin to an awakened volcano emanates from the inferno giant as it's devestating mace obliterated a hefty chunk from it's larger-than-life opponent, the deep reverberating sound escalating when a tsunami of gore from the fresh wound threatened to extinguish the blazing weapons' molten core. ?????: 8568/10000HP
  82.     Having brought itself to such close proximity to it's enemy, the watery elemental lance strikes deep into the burning collosi's chest, the attack is shrouded in a sudden explosion of steam, flash boiling the surrounding air. ?????: 8453/10000HP
  83.     Rearing back from the strike the walking volcano arched it's free arm back to bring about a bombastic suckerpunch to the oversized mantaray, it's closed fist roaring with the power of flowing magma.
  84. [ 1d6+200 = 204 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 201 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 204 ]
  86. [ 1d100 = 95 ] <Bleeding!
  87.     Even as ichor begins pelting the churning ash below, the oceanic leviathan appeared more than happy to accept the overpowering blow coming for it, whipping it's skyscraper length tail behind in a tight figure-8 under it's body. A thunderous crack shakes the landscape as the armored tail lashes in a wide arc towards the blazing titan's chest.
  88. [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 256 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] [ 1d6+250 = 251 ] [ 1d6+250 = 254 ]
  90.     Finding only one quite large screen in the center of the compartment, and feeling a bit silly, the display shows @Novus a blue triangular marker focused on the end of the Assault Craft facing the ocean. "One small vital sign here, three unknowns in stasis here-" Three more markers, yellow this time, appear on the opposite end, question marks popping up in the center of each, Wild's electronic tone puzzled. "No active Constructs detected within range." Fervently ignoring the Eldritch voice grating at his ears, Caliya's visible eye rotates toward Novus, then back at the biological screen, harshly growling in earth pony around the handle. [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] <E.Hunter's Eye. Much as the medical implement was inserted, it was just as quickly removed, followed by a subdued electronic crackle. "FINE! Performing deep scan on Assault Craft-" [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] <Grade 4 Arcanum Sensor Array
  92.     Armored hand flexing in view of the cockpit, Wild turns her internal voice down several notches to a level labeled 'Bearable'. "My outer hull has reached an approximate temperature of two-hundred and twenty degrees, raising at a rate of one degree per four seconds. I will be able to withstand the current environmental conditions for a maximum of eighty seconds before the internal compartments become lethal-" Clicking off her vocalization subroutines as @Kraut_Spacewizard takes hold of the flight sticks, Wlid bolts forth from her position, sprinting towards the wrecked craft, the oversized pistol in her right hand tightly clenched. Estimating the height of the few trees still standing ablaze to the colossus, the distance closes to approximately 480M over Ride's far less impressive thundering footsteps, the much smaller Construct hull itself at 450M.
  94.     Scanning the forward screen intently, @Snakebite's NVG lens becomes clouded by small white dots, the optics threatening to burn out under the visible heat and the molten colossi's infernal glow. Unable to locate a pony, or any other living being for that matter, his vision strains to it's limits at locating two destroyed entrances in the center of the Assault Craft, the hatches of which appeared to have been sheared off from a great impact, and were now solidly lodged into the ground, Wild chiming in with quickly rising irritation. "Eighty seconds before internal temperatures reach lethal levels!" The heat was, indeed, slowly beginning to bake the compartments.
  96.     >Kraut
  97.     Seeing that Wild has mastered the art of gofast and already got a little less than halfway there, Kraut's demeanor calms down a little bit as things at least appear to be smooth sailing for the moment. "Alright, we should be able to get the robo-egg and get out of the dangerzone in time with relative ease, if the controls get too hot I'll just blast them with an ice bolt or something to cool them down." With that, Kraut continues juking and jiving the trees as he speeds Wild toward his prize and gets back on the intercom. "Alright y'all, Vanil is probably not going to be in the best of shape when we hatch him from that bullshit construct egg there, and I will not permit any permanent injuries that could have been prevented, otherwise shit's going down; got it?" As the eldritch robo-andro-bomination continues sprinting towards the fight, Kraut's focus shifts from fine details to avoiding whatever potential collateral shit is coming down on them, and more importantly he turns off his thermals.
  98. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] < E. Leadership: Medical
  99. [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] < E. Perception+NVG's
  100. [ 1d6+10 = 12 ] [ 1d6+10 = 13 ] [ 1d6+10 = 12 ] [ 1d6+10 = 16 (6 + 10) ] [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] <GM.Piloting: Nuclear Sprint
  102.     >Novus
  103.     Novus stares at the screen, occasionally glancing to Caliya as they sit there, glancing out the window as they approach at high speeds "Alright... Good job kraut! Keep it up!" He shouts, uncharacteristically focused and motivating for the man. He keeps his eyes peeled on the screen, making sure he sees everything
  104. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] E. Perception
  106.     >Snakebite
  107.     "Just get him to us Boss, we can handle the rest!" I make a mental note to make sure Novus knows how to fix ponies now before letting him work on Vanil. I keep my eyes fixed on the pod, trying to make out the patient.
  108. [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] < B.Perception+NVG's
  110.     >Natilda
  111.     (Ugh... What happened?) Shaking her head, Natilda looked around the compartment, before looking through the monitor in front of her. "And what the fuck did you all do?!"
  112. [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] <B.Perception
  114.     The giant molten fist of broiling stone and spilling lava crashed against the sea leviathans' armoured back with a thunderous thud that sent a deep octave shockwave across the fields of destruction surrounding the ship, the explosive impact creating running cracks along the back of the other monster, the branching trenches being filled with spilling bright orange heat which in turn caused more towers of steam to billow. 5,966/10,000HP
  115. Back bending snaps bolted through the landscape as its upper torso was lanced through and through by the armoured tail, jets of super heated air escaping from the depths of its body from the puncture entry and exit wounds. 6340/10000HP
  116.     However, not seeming to take notice this time at being damaged, the scorching behemoth inclined its skeletal body back, its hand reaching up and grasping onto its enemies' tail to hold it in a scolding embrace as it swung its flying meteor of a weapon at the sea monsters winged side. 6340/10000HP
  117. [ 1d6+250 = 256 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 254 ] [ 1d6+250 = 251 ] [ 1d6+250 = 255 ] [ 1d6+250 = 252 ] [ 1d6+250 = 254 ] <Apocalypse Mace
  119.     Initially responsding to the colossus by a shrieking inhale of triumph, the oceanic leviathan's spine shudders, emitting a piercing, gurgled shriek at the infernal weapon renting it's side. [ 1d100+95 = 156 ] <Severe Bleeding!
  120.     Recoiling at the hand gripping it's tail, the leviathan's head snakes forwards, then sideways, driving the spiked crown towards it's opposition's side in matched retribution. [ 1d6+200 = 201 ] [ 1d6+200 = 204 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 204 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 205 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 201 ] <Crown of Fury
  122.     The screen taking up @Kraut_Spacewizard's view flares red, then automatically darkens by 80%, Wild's rapidly closing distance to the molten titan inceasing the already obscene radiance by several hundred factors. Kraut's eyes already watering from the constant glare and increasing cockpit temperature, his NVG optic finally gives, burning out with a dry pop of glass and crystalline circuitry from inside the casing.
  123.     Half-blinded, through sunspot ridden eyes Kraut is able to make out the reds and blues of the death match between the two titans well overhead, then the egg shaped hull lying 60 from Wild's current position, but little more than that. SUNSPOTS: -4 to all visual Perception rolls.
  124.     Retracting the piloting controls, Wild's electronic voice pings over the klaxons shutting down, a strained warble entering her tone. "Construct Assault Craft-class analysis complete: total weight fifty tons empty, current weight forty-one tons.. don't think I can roll it over even if I wanted to!"
  125. [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] [ 1d6+10 = 12 ] [ 1d6+10 = 15 ] <GM.Nuclear Sprint
  127.     Aside from the searing of his eyes, the screen before @Novus is showered by blotches of thick ichor and a mass of flesh, the enormous heat outside flash vaporizing the mass off. Tossing a now visibly troubled glance to Novus, Caliya angrily, yet calmly slides his kukri back into it's sheath, the large screen darkens to pitch black as he mutters. "I do not fear fire but none of you will last more than half minute inside without protection. Apparently, nor will I."
  128.     Storming into the definitely unwanted proximity of the titans, Wild's transmitter sparks up with a panicked crackle of static, the heat buildup slowing down temporarily as cold air blasts into the compartments through rapidly opening vents. "Stay here too long and my skin's going to melt off completely! Sixty meters from target!"
  130.     Still unable to locate anything resembling a living being on the exterior of the hull, @Snakebite flinches as his NVG's lenses burn out in a brilliant flare, Wild's voice angrily resounding through the compartments. "COVER YOUR OPTIC SENSORS!" The screen blackens immediately, doing little to alleviate the white hot sunspots dancing in his vision. SUNSPOTS: -4 to all visual Perception rolls.
  131.     "Initiating close-proximity scans-"
  132. [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] <Grade 4 Arcanum Sensors Array
  134.     Waving one of her vaguely phallic looking medical implements in front of @Natilda's vision, prompting her to consider whether this was technically cheating, the electronic female tone chimes in, severely strained by the still climbing heat. "You experienced an unknown bio-physiological and mental response due to passive stimulation and they haven't done anything YET-" The implement points at the nearly black monitor currently highlighting a single blue marker on the southern end of the blackened orange hull, closer to the ocean, then three yellow markers at the other end, displaying the same across the other compartments. "Primary target Blue 1 identified as a male pegasus, moderate physical damage; secondary target Yellow 1 identified as female batpony, modified but no physical damage; secondary target Yellow 2 unidentified reptilian, minor physical damage; secondary target Yellow 3 identified as a minotaur of the same size as Blue 1, severe physical damage! Estimated length of survival for all targets: forty seconds-"
  136.     >Novus
  137.     Novus squints at the screen until he loses visuals completely, the massive titan battle before their eyes disappearing and leaving Novus painfully blind as to what they were seeing out there. He looks over at Caliya, in that quite warm kevlar bodysuit. "Be thankful you aren't in this, because it is painfully hot even without a massive fire from a battle between titans raging." He takes off his helmet, to try and provide himself a bit of relief as the cool air blasts them momentarily, blowing the masked man's oily unkempt brown hair. He listens closely to the report, and shouts in reply. "Target Blue one has to be our target. Try to save him Wild! The others are secondary, we can't afford any seconds lost but if we can somehow save them, as well we should try but I wouldn't bet on it."
  138.     Novus pulls out a water bottle from his bag, and pours it over his head, the lukewarm water washing over his body and providing at least some relief from the heat. He offers the now half empty bottle to Caliya, studying his display and trying to see through some of  the tiny un-blotched areas of his screen.
  139. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+ 2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] E.Perception
  141.     >Natilda
  142.     (It's getting pretty hot in here already...) Shaking her head, Natilda bapped the... thing, out of her way and tried focusing on the monitor while ignoring the vital monitors currently still in her. "Prisoners can be helpful. I'd go with what... Novus said, go for Blue first, secure the other two if possible." Natilda shook her head again, hoping that she was agreeing with the right choice.
  143. [ 1d6+3 = 8 ] [ 1d6+3 = 4 ] <B.Perception
  145.     >Kraut
  146.     Cursing his shitty combi-goggles and the craftsmanship of whatever dumbass made them, Kraut throws them off and tries to rub the sun out of his eyes, but through the anger, a need to make a shitty joke rose higher than all else. "Well fuck, that may have been my brightest idea so far today."
  147.     Once done being thoroughly disgusted with himself, Kraut takes in the information he was given and mad yet another potentially questionable decision. He takes the controls back and runs wild around to the the opposite side of Mr. Fire and Mr. Water before firing a shot between them. Once he (hopefully) had their attention, he yelled through Wild at them as loud as possible while making large, sweeping gestures to accomodate. "PLEASE DO NOT FIGHT NEXT TO MY EGG! IT HAS MY FRIENDS IN IT AND THERE IS PERFECTLY FINE FIGHTING SPACE OVER HERE!" Said gestures were mostly slamming Wild's fists together, the international sign for cease-fire, pointing at the egg and some space a good few hundred meters away from the egg, and gratuitous nodding and head shaking. Truly Kraut was the king of negotiation.
  148.     The redneck then get back on the internal loudspeakers. "Anyone have any alternative ideas to move our shuttle or the two monstrosities in case this one doesn't work?" Shortly after Kraut asks this, he thinks over what all Wild said earlier about those inside the egg and realized that something needed explaining. "Wait a minute, just what the hell did you mean by "modified" bat pony?"
  149. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <E.Speech
  150. [ 1dd+4 = 9 ] [ 1dd+4 = 10 ] [ 1dd+4 = 10 ] <E.Small Cannons
  151. [ 1d6+10 = 13 ] [ 1d6+10 = 11 ] [ 1d6+10 = 15 ] [ 1d6+10 = 16 ] [ 1d6+10 = 16  <GM.Nuclear Sprint
  153.     >Snakebite
  154.     I immediately peel off my NVG's and drop them in my lap before shutting my eyes and covering them with my hands. "AHH FUCK!" I shake my head wildly, out of surprise and pain. "Damnit, I'm gonna miss all the cool monster fighting." ... "Now that I think about it aren't there bad guys around here, bandits or something? The extra targets might be them, but I guess there's only one way to find out."
  156.     Uncaring of the insignificant beings below it, nor for the spined crown wrenching the molten colossus briefly sideways, the being rolls the skyscraper mace back and upwards, tightening it's grasp on the freezing leviathan's tail in it's free hand. Sharp, distinct consecutive shrieks bursting from the weapon, the skeletal giant's towering form emits a single pulse of all-consuming heat, hurling the mace downwards with no small amount of glee.
  157. [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] <Blind
  158. [ 1d6+265 = 271 ] [ 1d6+265 = 270 ] [ 1d6+265 = 270 ] [ 1d6+265 = 267 ] [ 1d6+265 = 268 ] [ 1d6+265 = 266 ] [ 1d6+265 = 266 ] [ 1d6+265 = 270 ] <Apocalypse Mace
  160.     Perhaps offended at the mortal interruption more than it's counterpart, the leviathan's rearmost visible eye narrows, disgorging a barely perceptible line of white into the ground close to the Eldritch Android's feet, the ash-covered surface crystallizing under what was certainly immense pressure, ignoring the deep blue ichor jetting from it's body. [ 1d100+156 = 228 ] <Critical Bleeding!
  161.     Turning it's focus back onto the implacably blazing titan, the ocean leviathan's upper chest inflates, the inhale a momentary reverb of piercing static, ejecting a narrow stream of ultra-pressurized water directly into it's chest, the rows of eyes snapping shut to keep from boiling.
  162.  [ 1d6+200 = 204 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 204 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] <Sea's Fury
  164.     Shaking his head at the offered bottle from @Novus, Caliya's face tightens, ears flattening at the irritable response from Wild. "What do you mean save him? I can't fit in there!" Lifting his chin at the yellow triangles, the flesh-eater nods in slow agreement. "Obviously too large, that is our duty to retrieve the-" Halting as the screen partially pans around the ashen region, the Construct craft disappears at Wild is directed from it into dangerous proximity to the molten titan, the screen blacking entirely as Caliya howls. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING KRAUT?! THIS IS THE WRONG DIRECTION!" Directly outside the chest cabin, the distinct cracking of steel plates buckling under heat becomes the ambusher's focus, one eyebrow raising in a marginal amount of concern. " that normal?"  [ 1d25+25 = 32 ] <Armor Fatigue
  166.     Taking the controls back into his hands, @Kraut_Spacewizard is able to view little more than fuzzy wireframe models of Wild's placement amongst the titans and the Construct hull, navigating the Eldritch Android straight through a glaring red danger radius dome. "Aw great, paint's starting to melt!" Wild Ride: 328/360 Armor. Pulling back on the only available trigger mechanism, the stress of the recoil forcing Wild Ride's hand unit back, the snapping of straining metal on scorched metal indicating moderate damage. [ 1d25+25 = 36 ] <Armor Fatigue
  167.     Silent for a bare moment as the titans continue their duel, excepting a telltale stream of charged particulate flash-crystallizing a section of ground in front of her, Wild's optic sensors shut down as she declares. "Why would they even notice us? We're nothing next to them." Snapping the piloting sticks down from Kraut's grasp and shutting the ports, Wild rapidly backpedals from the danger radius, a series of loud catching sounds taking place across her frame. "I have no idea what modified means, only that this batpony is different from Arcanum records, and I have a plan but it's not going to be fun-"
  168. [ 1d6+8 = 10 ] [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] <GM.Nuclear Sprint
  170.     Returning an angry electronic crackle to @Snakebite, the vents inside the module were doing nothing to combat the now suffocating temperatures. Wild Ride: 292/360 Armor. "There goes two motivators and a joint! Wait, what bandits are you talking about? There's nothing out here except us, those two Primevals butting heads, Blue 1, Yellows 1, 2and 3! Wait-"
  171.     Halting her backward march outside the immediate danger radius, the head cockpit, chest, and right shoulder mount compartments snap open, Wild's occupants shielded from the heat and blinding light by a thin, flickering white field. "Scans complete, angle of approach calculated; now deploying crash launch systems! Prepare to land on or around the Construct craft-" Before Kraut, Novus, Snakebite, or Caliya could object, all four are snared back into their crash couches, three synced explosions ejecting them directly from the Eldritch Android.
  172. [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <Arcanum Launch Systems Accuracy
  174.     Unseen but heard, the crash seats are momentarily flash-boiled from steam, Caliya uttering a scornful epithet at the restraining tendrils. <Earth Pony> "Your dicks tastes worse than that asshole blade, you abominable whore-" Three seconds pass until the couches clang into something solid, all momentum ceasing as the fields drop, exposing Kraut, Snakebite, Caliya, and Novus to the sight of their modules adhered onto the face of the scorched Construct hull directly above an access port leading inside. Without skipping a beat, the earth pony backs up, then leaps downwards at an oblique angle, the outermost layer of his coat burning off near-instantly. [ 1d6+7 = 13 ] <Scorch
  175. [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 6 ] [ 1d6+5 = 9 ] <E.Leap
  177.     >Novus
  178.     Novus slams the kevlar helmet back onto his head, the thing held in place for a moment until he lets go of it during their hard landing against the hull after taking a short flight through the scorching air. He looks around, unsure of where to go for a moment before realizing there is a hole below them, right into the pod. With only a snicker at Caliya's remarks in Earth Pony as he felt what he assumed was his short hair burning off in the air. He wastes no time, and quickly stands and jumps feet first down the hole, following behind Caliya and attempting to copy his angle of jump, even if it means pushing the Earth pony out of the way or landing on top of him when he reaches his destination. [ 1d6+7 = 12 ] <Scorch
  179. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <B.Leap
  181.     >Kraut:
  182.     Kraut's certainty in his ability to drive blind is diminished once he realizes he got just a little to close to Mr. Fire, but moping about being dumb could wait until later. "Don't worry, I'll give you a fresh paint job when we all get back to base!" Yanking his hands back once the controls are yanked, Kraut shrugs at Wild's criticism of his plan. But a different plan forms in his head, one that involves explosives, action, and being thrown toward the assault craft, though Wild kind of beat him to the punch. He then yells "Get to a translocation stone!" as soon as he hears the words "angle of approach." After his three seconds of flight, Kraut immediately draws his spellslinger and shoots himself in the chest with a non-lethal ice bolt before jumping down the port, slowing his fall at the last moments. "IF ANYONE IS ALIVE HERE PLEASE START YELLING!" [ 1d6+7 = 8 ] <Scorch
  183. [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] [ 1d6+3 = 5 ] <E. Movement
  184. [ 1d6+6 = 12 ] [ 1d6+6 = 10 ] [ 1d6+6 = 11 ] [ 1d6+6 = 7 ] <E.Small Arms+MoMC (glorified snowball gun)
  186.     >Snakebite:
  187.     (Angle of approach?) Suddenly, I’m launched into the air by.. my chair? “WHOOOOOOOOOOO!” I scream in delight as I fly through the air. As I make my triumphant landing I yell out, partly in response to Kraut. “ALRIGHT, WE SHOULD DO THIS MORE OFTEN!” (Right, the pegasus, uhhhh-) Just like before, I focus on being in the pod and suddenly I’m in the Overdark, amid the pod’s occupants. Frantically, I begin looking and feeling around for Pegasus wings. [ 1d6+7 = 11 ] <Scorch
  188. [ 1d6-2 = -1 ] [ 1d6-2 = 4 ] <B.Perception
  189. [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] Phased Assault
  191.     Unfazed by the stream of energies tearing through it's chest cavity, the skeletal colossus nonetheless tilts, the simple movement of it's rear foot sliding backwards sending a rippling wave of lava outwards. As if guided by inevitability, the mace reverses direction, tearing free of the leviathan's side and neck, leaving ruined, jagged rents throughout it's flesh. [ 1d6+265 = 271 ] [ 1d6+265 = 267 ] [ 1d6+265 = 271 ] [ 1d6+265 = 267 ] [ 1d6+265 = 270 ] [ 1d6+265 = 270 ] [ 1d6+265 = 271 ] [ 1d6+265 = 269 ] <Apocalypse Mace
  193.     Firmly grasped by the colossus in a death grip, the oceanic leviathan's sinous body violently shudders under the rending mace tearing through it's side, jets of flash-boiling ichor and flesh further adding to the insane atmosphere. [1d100+228] <Lethal Bleeding!  Maw snapping open, the serpentine titan rears upwards into the sky, rows of teeth bearing down onto it's opposite's skull with a bone-chilling shriek of fury. [ 1d100+228 = 291 ] <Lethal Bleeding!
  194.     Maw snapping open, the serpentine titan rears upwards into the sky, rows of teeth bearing down onto it's opposite's skull with a bone-chilling shriek of fury. [ 1d6+200 = 205 ] [ 1d6+200 = 203 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 205 ] [ 1d6+200 = 205 ] [ 1d6+200 = 201 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 202 ] [ 1d6+200 = 206 ] <Sea's Fury
  196.     Outside in the dry burning air of the crash site, Kraut, Novus, Snakebite and Caliya were assaulted by non-stop waves of scalding heat that blew in from the titanic battle, each heavy *THUMP* that was exchanged between the giants sent down cascading pressure, tearing loose debris into the broiling atmosphere. Coupled with the oppressive environment, this new element to their situation caused much more pain then anticipated.
  198.     Formerly aware of the heat besieging his kevlar bodysuit, @Novus is momentarily flash-boiled through it's protective layers while jumping down, his skin and flesh from the mask below contracting in response to the pain wracking him.
  199. >Novus: 5/12HP, 7 Fatigue.
  200.     Landing immediately after Caliya, the flesh-eater's entire coat had vaporized, leaving him scored by hundreds of minsicule red burns, head snapping back over his right shoulder to rumble out an irate growl. "Follow, find three targets, leave other for Snakebite!" Caliya: 169/180HP, 11 Fatigue, Burned.
  201.     Immediately swerving left and rushing down into the lower end of the Assault Craft, small rivulets of blood trailing off his skin, the earth stallion's unprotected hooves ring soundly on the warped orange metal decking, and begin to melt from the intense heat.
  202. [ 1d6+11 = 17 ] <Burning
  203. [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <E.Perception
  204. [ 1d6+5 = 9 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] <E.Charge
  206.     As @Kraut_Spacewizard is seared from the rapid exposure to the region's flash-boiling atmosphere, his thicker armor staving off the worst effects, firing the Spellslinger at the center of his chest in mid-flight elicits a cracking howl of ice. Seeing little more than blue taking over his vision, the projectile expands to splash across his entire body, leaving him little more than a vaguely human-shaped icicle, preventing him from both moving and, most importantly, breathing. At the least, the unnatural cold was dampening the heat entering the Assault Craft, streams of mist providing some relief to the wretchedly high termperatures inside.
  207. >Kraut: 15/20HP, Frozen, 5 Fatigue
  209.     Unarmored and thinly clothed, @Snakebite's momentarily exhilirating trip is cut short by the suffocating atmosphere, instantly scalding his skin and causing flash-burns across his entire body. Landing on both feet, an agonized flare of red in one of his eyes occurs at the same time, the loss of it's functions immediately felt. PERMANENT INJURY: Blind. [ 1d2 = 2 ] <If a result of 1: left eye lost; if a result of 2: right eye lost. Instantly relieved by the Overdark's forever neutral temperature, upon glancing left the visible outline of a pegasus could be seen an indeterminate yet short distance away on it's side in a sleeping position. Towards the right and beyond the familiar aspects of Novus and Caliya, the warped body of a batpony, disrupted by orange specks throughout it's body, was in the same position, next to a minotaur roughly human sized, and the coiled body of a snake.
  210. >Snakebite: 1/10HP, Critical condition, Burned, 9 Fatigue
  212.     >Kraut
  213.     (COLD! COLD AND NO AIR!) Kraut begins thrashing against his icy prison, quickly questioning the worth of his idea.
  214. [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] <B.Melee
  215.     "SOMEONE PUSH ME TO VANIL SO I CAN GET US OUT OF HERE! PUSH HARD AND FAST!" Having said his peace, Kraut stops wasting the precious little oxygen he has and activates the light-weight enchantment on his armor to make pushing him easier.
  216. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <E.Leadership: Melee
  218.     >Snakebite
  219.     Upon reappearing in the normal world, I find myself surrounded by metal, what little I can see between the sun spots and whatever's fucking up my right eye. (Damn it, can't see anything, but I found him at least. God, this hurts so bad!) I quickly reach down to where my med kit should be and grab one of my syrettes of morphine, then jam it in my other arm about where an artery should be and push the plunger. As quickly as I possibly can, I sprint down the path that looks most likely to lead to the the pegasus. Upon arriving, I reach out, grab the pegasus, and pull him toward my friends with all my remaining strength. "Boss! I found your boyfriend! Just come this way! I can't see much!"
  220. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] <B.Movement
  222.     >Novus
  223.     Novus lets out a pained shriek as he feels his skin and flesh burning up in the ridiculously hot air. "FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK!" he cries as he fishes through his bag, quickly grabbing a morphine syringe and immediately injecting it into himself to relieve some of the pain. He immediately latches onto the Kraut-cicle, shaking slowly as he hears the only words that have ever really mattered to him leave Snake's mouth. He found Vanil. With one quick grab around Kraut's waist he yells "NO TIME CALIYA! GO TO SNAKE I DONT CARE IF HE IS LITERALLY ON FIRE WE ARE LEAVING NOW!" With a grunt, he picks Kraut up and begins to charge with the frozen man towards Snake while his boots possibly melt from standing on the orange, warped metal.
  224. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <B.Movement
  225. [ 1d6+1 = 2 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 4 ] < E.Melee
  226. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] <E.Perception
  228.     Catching it's adversaries' bite with an out stretched blazing hand before its hothead skull of ash and molten rock could be crushed, the fiery behemoth sucker punches the water monster with the pommel of its giant mace, the impact causing a sharp thunderclap *SNAP*, sending the massive mantaray backwards.
  229.     Outside of the Construct Assault Craft, the Crag Moors.. settles. The broiling air around the devastated clearing ceases, the raging wild fires now miles away, nor could the pounding of ocean surf against lava flows be heard. A relieved, beckoning silence fills the leviathan's eyes as it's heart seizes, it's mouth twisting into a jagged grin as the length of it's body twitches once. No words were spoken as ownership of the intrusionary vessel was given.
  230.     A low rumble escaped the falling monster as its broken body went limp mid-fall, and by the time it hit the scorched ruined earth, the titan of the sea was dead from blood loss. Raising its mace into the upset sky the victorious titan roared, its bellows akin to a chain of volcanoes erupting all at once, with the same ground shaking effects too. For everyone in the crash site though, the burning giant's victory cry was drowned out by the rumbles of the incoming tsunami made of scolding ash and broken landscape created by the fall of the dead titan. [ 1d6+5 = 6 ] >Tsunami Of Victory
  232.     Barely able to move inside the confines of his self-made prison, @Kraut_Spacewizard's struggles reward him with several cracks on the interior, yet not enough to break free nor allowing him to breathe. 23/32 Ice-Armor remaining, 1 turn until Suffocation!
  234.     Relief floods @Snakebite as the morphine sets to work, the physical world swimming sideways from both pain and the Assault Craft skewed somewhere around ten degrees on it's side, though which side he couldn't tell. Dashing from the open port into the higher section of the craft, the interior was perversely cleared of equipment, whatever had once been stored inside now only marked by haphazard patches of orange metal on the decking. Vision swimming from the onset of heat exhaustion, Snakebite's boots begin sticking to the floor on approach to a strangely placed convex bulkhead, numerous cylindrical holes, easily large enough for two humans to climb inside, marked it's surface from floor to ceiling. Finding a lone, dull silver pod of a previously unseen type jammed into one of the bulkhead's central most holes, a single half-oval bar on it's surface appeared to be the only means of removal, unrecognizable mathematical shapes covering the entire surface. Pulling the entire pod free from it's port with painful effort, Snakebite's gloves become alarmingly cold on the odd metal, the unit hovering above the decking under it's own power. Snakebite: 1/10HP, 3 turns remaining until Critical condition, Burned, 18 Fatigue
  236.     His own diminished strength combined with Kraut's personal float enchantment, @Novus is able to propel the impromptu winter sculpture freely, pushing it up the Assault Craft's deck towards Snakebite. Around the Kraut-sicle, Novus was able to see the medic pulling free a highly advanced stasis pod of distinctly alien design from the craft's oddly placed orange bulkhead, the off-silver color, rugged construction, and a background hum of an anti-gravity field giving it's functions away. Novus: 7/15HP, 14 Fatigue.
  237.     At the lower end of the craft, a loud clang is followed by a questioning phrase in earth pony language, too low to make out what was stated, then a grim, mocking chuckle. Caliya: 152/180HP, Burned, 26 Fatigue.
  239.     >Novus
  240.     <Earth Pony> "CALIYA! GET YOUR FLANKS UP HERE SO WE CAN LEAVE OR YOUR WIFE WILL KILL US! THIS DISC CAN ONLY TRANSPORT THE FIVE OF US!" He yells in exasperation, pushing Kraut against the pod. He promptly pulls out his Vector and snacks the butt end of the gun into Kraut, trying to break the ice over his head.
  241. [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] B.Movement
  242. [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] [ 1d6+1 = 5 ] [ 1d6+1 = 7 ] < E. Melee
  244.     >Kraut
  245.     Motivated by the cracks he caused and the further damage from Novus, Kraut continues thrashing within his ice block, desperate to be able to breathe again. He almost speaks up again when Novus yells about only being able to transport 5 people with the disc, but decides not to since he's about out of air and instead opts to just think really hard at him, hoping that by some magical miracle bullshit it goes through.
  246. [ 1d6+2 = 5 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <B.Melee
  248.     >Snakebite
  249.     (At this point I'd rather freeze than burn more.) I stand closer to the pod as I walk it further toward my friends. "Come on bud, let's get the hell out of here"
  250. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 3 ] <B.Movement
  252.     Receiving no response from the earth pony at the opposite end of the Assault Craft, @Novus is rewarded with a satisfying crack of shattering ice from the rear of the Vector, although the shards disappear in a puff of vapor. Unfortunately, the effort to break through the ice was a bit too much, Kraut's helmet knocking into his skull rather painfully. Novus: 7/15HP, 14 Fatigue.
  254.     Aided in breaking from the confines of his self-made prison, the impact to @Kraut_Spacewizard's skull leaves the start of a mild headache to gnaw on the edges of his vision. Kraut: 13/20HP, 5 Fatigue. Albeit able to breathe once more, the formerly sheltering ice was now rapidly dissipating inside the Craft, immediately subjecting him to the renewed possibility of eventual heat exhaustion.
  256.     Whether or not @Snakebite expected an answer from the possible occupant, the copious amount of intense cold emitted from the pod provides some welcome relief. Barely able to feel his hands, or much of anything else at the moment, the previous retina searing red light had curiously ceased, now only dim orange background lighting from what little equipment might still be function. Snakebite: 1/10HP, 2 turns remaining until Critical condition, Burned, 18 Fatigue.
  257.     A loud clang at the opposite end of the Assault Craft is followed by a louder rumbling outside. Caliya: 118/180HP, Scorched, 37 Fatigue.
  259.     >Kraut
  260.     Gasping for air upon being released from his icy prison, Kraut is shortly hit by two different things. First was the headache that could honestly be ignored, and second that HE HAD NOVUS PUSHING HIM THE WRONG WAY. "FUCK WE'RE DUMBASSES, WE GOTTA GO AFTER CALIYA! EVERYONE ELSE IS THERE! WE CAN SAVE THEM!" The newly enlightened redneck immediately reverses direction and charges as fast as he can towards where Caliya ran off, shooting whichever wall is farther from him with an acid shot in order to both mark where he was and reset the spellslinger. "CALIYA, START YELLING, SNAKE, FOLLOW MY YELLING AND THE ACID ON THE WALL!" Kraut remains breathing fairly hard from his yelling, but he'll be damned if he lets himself slow down now.
  261. [ 1d6+3 = 9 ] [ 1d6+3 = 6 ] [ 1d6+3 = 7 ] E.Movement
  262. [ 1d6+6 = 8 ] [ 1d6+6 = 10 ] [ 1d6+6 = 8 ] E.Small Arms [ 1d6+8 = 11 ] MoMC
  264.     >Snakebite
  265.     Upon realizing I can see, I immediately take in as much of my surroundings as I can, all the while pushing the pod as fast as I can toward the voices I'm hearing.
  266. [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] <B.Perception
  267. [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 ] <B.Movement
  269.     >Novus
  270.     Novus stops, visibly shaking in some sort of barely concealed rage as he TURNS around with Kraut, and slaps Kraut. "YOU ARE AN IDIOT KRAUT! WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE BOILED ALIVE BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU STUPID BUTTHEAD DUMMMY!" He yells, pushing the man towards Caliya's last known position.
  271. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 6 <B. Movement
  272. [ 1d6+2 = 8 ] [ 1d6+2 = 4 ] [ 1d6+2 = 7 ] <E. Scouting
  274.     Barely noticing the Spellslinger's recoil, not that it had much to begin with, @Kraut_Spacewizard fails to see the yellow bolt punch a hole through the Assault Craft's plating, leaving a molten, spreading mass of orange metal dripping onto the decking, though definitely not missing the backdraft of much colder air surging upwards. Running past the darkened access hatch and failing to see the external noise, down into the considerably cooler lower section of the Craft, Kraut comes upon the grisly sight of a blackened, charred corpse of what was likely once a pony, lying atop a trio of bright silver octagonal pods, haphazardly lined up.
  276.     Completing the slap to Kraut's face, @Novus' 180 twirl is rewarded only by the redneck storming down into the lower section of the Assault Craft a fair distance ahead of him. Passing by the access hatch, a veritable wall of debris, mostly consisting of trees, ash, and large smooth ocean boulders, could be seen hurtling towards the Craft at a rate that Novus equated to a car on a freeway, though as his boot falls change from melting to sudden cold in the lower end of the Craft, his eyes catch the same scene as Kraut before him, what few trace flecks of moisture in the air now solidified around three of the same sized pods hovering above the decking, the charred body of what might have been a pony sprawled across the trio.
  278.     Once more able to view the admittedly strange orange world around him, @Snakebite's remaining eye picks out the disconcertingly empty interior of the Craft, hundreds of small holes in the decking and short, cleanly sheared off bars on the hull's interior indicating where equipment, all of an undefinable nature, had once been installed. Steadily transitioning from feeling cracked skin across his body to uncomfortably chilly shivering as he passes the access hatch he'd come in through, Snake's proximity to the frozen anti-gravity pod is nonetheless disturbed by discomfortingly cold buffets of air as he follows Novus down into the lower section, his gloves now partially frozen onto the pod's maneuvering handles. Reaching the lower end with agonizing pain singing in his lungs, the air here was in a frozen state, and much the same as the upper section he'd come from, the bulkhead beyond Kraut and Novus featured a number of empty octagonal slots, including five that were at least twice as large as the one he was currently holding onto.
  280.     >Novus
  281.     Novus pauses a moment as he passes by, catching a glimpse of the outside before sprinting faster and screaming "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, KRAUT, STONE! NOW! TSUNAMI, IN FIVE FUCKING SECONDS! WE NEED TO GO OR DIE NOW NOW NOWWWW!!!" He screams in horror. Realizing that it is already too late, Novus snaps, drawing his SMG and pointing it point blank at Kraut. "THIS IS FOR GETTING ME KILLED, AGAIN!" He screams this and what could be very possibly his last moments, unloading his Kriss Vector into the back of Krau's unarmored neck.
  282. [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] E Small Arms + Point Blank
  284.     >Kraut
  285. [ 1d6 = 5 ] Can't Kill a Motherfucking Oklahoman
  286.     As the bullets rip through Kraut's neck, a very brief moment of calm overtakes him, before it is replaced by UNSATIABLE RAGE! INSATIABLE RAGE COUPLED WITH DESPERATION AND A REALIZATION THAT SHIT NEEDS DONE! A CERTAIN ELKBOY IS ABOUT TO BE RUN OVER BY TWO WHOLE PODS! The now ABSOLUTELY LIVID redneck rushes to the other side of the pods at inhuman speeds and charges against them with his shield in one last act of defiance against his circumstances.
  287. [ 1d6+17 = 22 ] CHARGE [ 1d6+20 = 26 ] <MoMC CHARGE [ 1d6+16 = 20 ] [ 1d6+16 = 19 ] <B.MELEE CHARGE [ 1d6+16 = 21 ] [ 1d6+16 = 19 ] [ 1d6+16 = 20 ] <E.MOVEMENT CHARGE "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" As Kraut charges, he focuses almost solely on getting to Snake, not even caring if he ran Novus over, for he has finally became speed. What's almost certainly his last moment of life, he uses the translocation disc at the very moment he collides with Snake's pod, teleporting everyone to safety. Ideally.
  289.     Holding the Vector's barrel down from recoil with blessed precision that he barely knew he had, @Novus' soul is filled with the greatest of joys, watching, feeling, and, most importantly, knowing the triple hammering of .45 Auto pairs deleting the better part of Kraut's exposed spinal column. Before he could further enjoy the sprays of blood, bone, and other viscera into the frozen air, a nanosecond's glimpse is caught of @Kraut's shield being torn from his back, the most assuredly dead redneck's spine reforms enough to be visible, if not somewhat incomplete, rotating and bull rushing Novus, a rather distant imprint of immense pain blossoming from his lower legs up into his ribcage. Following that, virtually the same pain transfers to @Snakebite, just as briefly realizing the pod in his hands crushing his forearms while the disc activates.
  291. [ 1d6-1 = 1 ] Can't Kill an Oklahoman
  292. [ 1d2 = 2 ] <Which "safety"? The GM must ask. RNG Alicorn selected 'The White Room'
  294.     Paused from his nightly deleting of low quality videos, Anon lowers his phone, staring at the mass of humans, charred pony, and the extremely cold silver pods frozen above his rug. Raising an eyebrow, the green man sighs with a familiar trace of his previously overzealous care, sliding the current video off and tapping a button on the background screen. "Hmmm... dead but salvageable though I'm not sure it's going to be fun living like that for long. Shattered arms, broken pelvis, nearly dead.. also shattered arms, broken pelvis, nearly dead. Looks like you boys tried and failed to fight off lava monsters without high pressure water hoses. Wouldn't be the first to try that.. then again, I think those guys won." Standing up and waltzing around the clusterfuck, Anon snaps his free fingers, separating the four still living beings from the four unknowns.
  295.     Grabbing a slice of Neightaly pizza from his fridge and closing it, he pauses to eye the charred pony before taking a bite. "Don't think the stoned doctor or narcoleptic nurse gonna be able to treat burns like that. Let's just hope they don't send me the clean up bill, I'm not selling my new rug back to pay for it." Tapping the screen twice while devouring the slice, Anon rolls unseen eyes at the lack of a signal, spinning about and moonwalking towards the Razorback door, opening it only to bend halfway inside the pagoda and shout. "HEY TIPPER, NOVA, GOT FOUR IN THE WHITE ROOM READY FOR YOUR TENDER CARE! THEY'RE A BIT.." Trailing off to take another look at the severe burn victim and the mostly dead burn victim, Anon shakes his head, chortling at the black humor. "CRISPY ON THE OUTSIDE AND PROBABLY BAKED ON THE INSIDE TOO! YOU WANT 'EM HOT AND FRESH OR COLD AND FROZEN?"
  297.     Glaring up from her freshly packed water bong, lit match hovering above the pipe, Tipper's eyes rotate onto Nova, waking up from the sole couch with a loud, startled neigh. "Some day I'm going to ask one of my grandfoals to buck him where it hurts most... wherever that is." Floating a rolled up paper out to press onto the Ward's nose, the faded pink unicorn lights the topmost layer of leaves as an afterthought. "Please tell mister green loudmouth they can wait a few minutes, then deliver this letter to Doctor Juan. Take the entire bale from under the third bed on the left and send that along as up front pay. He'll get per surgery payment as requested, but he'd better like sharing-" Taking a swift inhale from the pipe, Tipper's eyes squeeze shut, coughing out as Nova Flicker drags the plastic wrapped package after her. "Stuff's expensive!"
  298.     Reaching the pagoda in a light, prim trot, Nova threateningly waves a hoof in Anon's mask. "They can wait a few minutes while Doctor Tipper wakes up."
  299.     "They could also wait for a year, it's not like I'm in a big hurry to get rid of a bunch of burn victims and.. whatever those things are."
  300.     Tossing the letter and bale onto the stone, Nova peers at the selection of fine mareijuana for a moment. "Remnant, please deliver these two items to one 'Doctor Juan Carlos', if you would be so kind." Turning and shoving the White Room's door open, Nova pokes her head in, huffing irately after a few moments. "Were they fighting lava? The other team won, so why didn't they?"
  301.     "That.. is exactly what I said just two minutes ago. And how should I know? I can't even get a signal in here."
  303. >Doctor Carlos
  305.     As Nova awaited a response, a large portal opens up from Canterlot. An entire food truck is spat out from the other end, music blaring from a speaker on top; white with a large cartoon taco man, in a sombrero and shaking maracas on both sides of the van, proudly named 'TACO LOCO'. Doctor Juan Carlos, sticks his head out of the driver side window and looks down at Nova. "Hola, equina ward! Did you call for a doctor?! Take me to Seniora Tipper, por favor!"
  307. Idly watching Anon hand deliver the three humans and the rather gruesomely charred earth pony into the Clinic, Nova's nose wiggles in irritation at two of the silver octagons being pushed past her by the green humanoid. "What are those? Where are they going?"
  308.     "Beats me, but they're damned cold and I don't feel like letting my rug get frozen. Right now I'm going to leave them next to the clinic, maybe somepony will have an idea what to do with them."
  309.     "...acceptable, I suppose. Wait a moment, you said somepo-" Startled by the arrival of a giant metal box on wheels, the Ward's eyes and mouth widen to maximum.. before collapsing onto her side, unconsciously giving a strangled neigh of shock. Waking up a split-second later, Nova's entire face scrunches mightily, throwing a hoof forwards and shaking it. "Ahead north, then left please. Doctor Tipper is waiting inside."
  311. >Doctor Carlos
  312.     Although he realizes Nova has fainted, he can clearly tell she is fine and clunks on the side of the taco truck. "Gracias, equina!" Music still blaring, he rolls out of the pagoda and out into the Fortress grounds following the directions given. The clinic was easy to find as the signage had clearly marked it, and he turns the truck around and backs it up to the main clinic entrance with room to move equipment. Emerging from the back of the truck, now in green scrubs, a smiling Juan Carlos enters the clinic to greet his contractor. "Hola, seniora Tipper! You have patients, for me, yes?" He pulls out a clip board and begins scribbling. "I will need to know what we are dealing with while Senor Verde holds them, si? Will need to move lots of equipment from my truck into here."
  314.     Standing up and nodding at the strange thing on top of the metal box, Nova sighs, then turns her focus in Hodch's direction. (Excuse me while I interrupt your filly fooling, but there is work to be done. Please return to the Citadel and collect Doctor Heartbeat.. or whatever her name is, and all available human-allowed healers. One is severely burned, has lost the use of an eye, multiple limb, leg, and pelvic fractures, the second has same fractures, and the third has too many injuries to list.) Turning about slowly so as not to agitate her narcolepsy, the Ward primly trots back towards the Clinic, pausing once more to frown at the metal box parked in front of the door. Grumbling to herself, Nova Flicker strides up to a section of wall she knew to be clear of obstacles, then allows herself a short teleport through. Sighing at the uncouth interruption, Hodch sets aside his newly scavenged pen and notepad, performing a short range teleport into the pagoda. (Yes yes, I'm going, and for your information Miss Flicker I was trying to figure out what Nibbles meant by 'it's getting far too cold outside'.)
  315.     Inside the Clinic, Tipper lifts one of her hooves in greeting, pushing the water pipe into the middle of her desk and gingerly climbing down from her chair with a welcoming chuckle. "I had a feeling you'd accept my offer. Well so far we've got one in the trauma room, the left one, right one's occupied with an unrelated patient." Rolling back and forth on her hooves, Tipper takes in a deep breath, then lets it out, counting injuries with hoof taps. "Missing eye that Nova can possibly stabilize, first degree burns across most of his body, multiple severe fractures of the forearms, upper leg bones, whatever those are called, and numerous pelvic fractures.. I think that one might be Snakebite, he's not been here long. There's three others in stasis, thank you green man, the earth pony is one of ours and possibly the worst off, we'll have to treat him much later when there's enough healers around to keep him from dying the moment stasis is lifted."
  316.     Lifting a hand in greeting to Juan, a smile appears on Anon's mask, tossing the smart phone into his vest pocket with one hand as he strolls past into the taco van. "Consider it done, especially the holding down part." Checking out the interior with renewed appreciation, the green skinned man snorts, snapping thumb and middle finger, the equipment he recognized as having delivered over the years delivered into the open trauma room. "What were you making in here last, flower salads, hay fries, and cheese-pickle-tomato crackers?"
  318.     Doctor Juan laughs as he gives the clinic a quick once-over. "You certainly sweetened the deal, abuela. Thirty pounds of it, too!" Now onto business, Juan listens attentively as Tipper lists off injury after injury for a... Snakebite. He has plenty of aloe for the burns, screws pins and rods for the bones, possibly a pelvic girdle. "Si, abuela. We will need blood typed and bagged, and I'll need his weight if we're going to put him under anesthesia. I will start collecting my equipment." Heading back to his van, he notices the green man was inspecting the various devices he's accumulated for him the last couple of years. Entering, to take inventory, Juan grabs his vital sign and anesthesia monitors first and wheels them to the end of the van; and goes back to start pulling out hard cases full of surgical supplies. "All it took was one eqiuno to ask if I made food in here. I don't even keep a menu, anymore. They ask, and I make, ha!"
  320.     Grinning at the real doctor mischievously, Tipper waves Nova over to help with transferring from the truck, sliding one of her desk drawers open and rummaging through it. "Best stuff I could find, but I'm just glad you said yes. As for blood we're going to require immediate donors since keeping any stocked is virtually impossible. I'll send a message to those with his specific type. There's alchemicals here for pain control or stabilizing but we'll have to break out the expensive stuff if he's worse off than he looks." Extracting a stack of copied sheets and perusing through them, the elderly mare initially sets five on the desk, the rest studied over carefully with a frown. "We'll need to be set up before the Citadel's 'specialists' arrive in ten or twenty minutes. Their lead doctor is hard to deal with when she's not happy, otherwise she's excellent if not a bit.. weirder than most Lunar ponies usually are. Reminds me of that one mare in Germaneigh.."
  321.     Snapping his fingers to send a second box into the trauma room, Anon's mask turns towards Carlos with a sense of faux-shame. "If you haven't learned by now the first time you do something for a pony they're just going to keep asking. I of course wouldn't know anything about that, poor quality 'home movies' and all." Lifting the monitors into the air, the Ward shoots a deeply unamused glare at the masked man, then turns about to take them into the back with an angry huff.
  322.     Waiting until Nova is out of earshot, Anon leans in close to Carlos, whispering in a concerned tone. "Except for that one, she got mad when I ask about wearing socks, suggesting a saddle to improve her chances with good stallions went the same route. Don't get bit like I did, trust me, it hurts." Looking up the blood types of the humans currently on base and comparing each against what was needed, Tipper clicks her borrowed radio into life, listing off a series of names while Carlos, Nova, and Anon finish relocating the truck's necessary supplies. Requesting Carlos move his vehicle to let several hurrying Operators in, the aged unicorn breaks out a stack of hard plastic cases from one of the locked cabinets, hoofing them to Nova, instructing the much younger mare to unlock each and spread them out across the trauma room. Detailing one of the arriving Operators to make several copies of her files on each human, Tipper clicks her way into the closed trauma room at a slow pace while Nova pushes a wide chair into the open room. Hopping onto it and sitting down, Anon briefly inspects Snakebite on the surgical table, temporally frozen and barely visible, the Ward killing time by reciting random trivia on pony anatomy until Tipper returns, the two changing places.
  323.     Hearing a fractured, bizarrely broken apart announcement from the Fortress's flat, neutral voice, a string of five purple robed unicorns and a Crystal pony, all laden with overstuffed saddlepacks, enter the Clinic a minute after, striding towards the surgical room in sync. Hood tossing back, a vibrant pink unicorn mare in her mid-30's glances about at her companions, giving each an irritated scowl. "Remember our oath: cause no more harm than the patient requires to heal." Nodding respectfully at Tipper, the mare gestures back towards the Crystal pony whom removes a large bright green egg from one of her saddlepacks. "I am Citadel Doctor Heartbreak. Accompanying me are the most talented Starborn healers available, the egg of a forest dragon, donated freely to us of course, and twenty pounds of quartzine." Daintily stretching out her hooves one by one as the other four unicorns begin, Heartbreak's visage takes on a refreshed smile, cool blue-green eyes pulsing with eagerness. "As the esteemed Nightblade Hodch has stated, time is of the essence, thus I hereby request that we dispense with all formalities and begin as quickly as possible. I must admit I enjoy a good surgical procedure, especially treating fractures." Tapping Carlos on the shoulder, Anon mutters near-silently under his breath, stepping forwards as middle finger and thumb visibly ready to release stasis. "Better watch that one, if she starts cackling I'll hold her down and you can punch her, but do it hard."
  324. Nova Flicker: [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] <Auto-Field Regen  [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] <E.Recovery
  325. Tipper: [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] <GM.Diagnosis [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] <E.Recovery
  326. Doctor Heartbreak: [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] <M.Recovery
  327. ??? 1: [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] [ 1d6 = 1 ] <E.Casting: Chain Lightning
  328. ??? 2: [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] <M.Recovery
  329. ??? 3: [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 9 ] <M.Recovery
  330. ??? 4: [ 1d6+6 = 9 ] [ 1d6+6 = 11 ] [ 1d6+6 = 9 ] [ 1d6+6 = 8 ] <M.Recovery
  331. ??? 5: [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] <M.Alchemy: Dragon's Resilience
  333.     "As long as we all can help the patients, it matters not to me." Signalling more equipment to be moved into the clinic, Juan sighs and shrugs in an amused defeat. "Hehe. I cannot say I don't enjoy it from time to time. Now... vas ahora." Visibly shoo'ng Anon out of the taco truck after all the equipment and truck has been moved over for blood donors, the Doctor closes the door on himself and emerges decked out in sanitized surgery attire; mask, apron, gloves, goggles, the works. Carlos merely laughs hysterically at Anon's comment on Nova. "She bit you, hombre verde? Too divertido!"
  334.     Walking into the clinic, he walks straight past waiting humans to give their blood for the injured's sake, and goes into the surgery suite to inspect Snakebite. "Aye, mami!" Those were not 1st-degree burns! "He looks well-done cerdo!" Shaking his head, thankful for the stasis field, Juan sets up an arterial line for the burnt operator for his blood bag and saline, as well as another line leading to his anesthesia machine, then sets up his surgical tools next to the table; hauling a bright LED lamp above the patient and an endotraceal tub setup at his side for the breathing machine. Right as he is finishing his equipment check, six unicorns enter the clinic, introducing themselves. He nods in greeting to the Starborn unicorns. "I am Doctor Juan Carlos, and I will be your guide to the human anatomy today!" He leans into Anon, and nods slightly. "Is why I always carry a bottle of ether around with me. I'll hit her with it."
  335.     Allowing the Starborn guests to set up as well as Tipper and Nova, Carlos presents to them their first victim. "Our first patient, is Snakebite. Ironically, he was not bitten by any snakes, hehe." He holds up a check list of major injuries. "Obviously he is suffering from third-degree burns across his body, as well as fractures in his pelvis, forearms, and both femurs, which are his upper thigh bones." He motions to Anon. "First, when Senor Verde lifts the stasis I will place a breathing tube down his throat and begin IV lines for blood and liquids. Abuela Tipper, you will have to set up an internal diagnostic field so we can access his fractures, WHICH will need to be held in place for the duration, and look for any internal bleeding. We will also need to cover his body in aloe compresses, for the time being, so he doesn't... dry out. Nova, you can begin assessing his eye." As the unicorns and Ward begin their prep work, Juan starts looking over Snakebite's body under Tipper's enhanced view, before the stasis drops. "We must all be clear on our task, before Verde releases Snakebite. These first few minutes will be critical."
  336. [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] <M.Perception
  337. [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <M.Research: Surgical Analysis
  339.     Leaning against the left trauma room's door while Carlos changes, Anon gives a rueful chuckle once he returns. "She damn sure did, my fault for not knowing she's asexual. Talk about finding the rarest kind of pony." As Doctor Juan begins speaking, Nova Flicker motions for complete silence from the room, pointedly ignoring the green man walking in.
  340.     Complying with the order, the Starborn's healers finish their physical self-stress testing, save for the Crystal pony busily cutting a tiny circle into the top of the dragon's egg. Seated on the chair, Tipper's right hoof lifts, a flat 2-dimensional disc forms above Snakebite's frozen body, her nose wrinkling in concern. "..I can't quite tell if there's musculature separation or skeletal burns. Virtually no fat between the skin layers, must've been liquefied.. instantly. He's been flash-boiled. Two of you outside the room, we're going to need far more aloe than what's in here. Head to the alchemy lab and bring back at least six gallons. Heart and lungs?" Keeping the disc over his head first for Nova to study, Tipper moves the analytic field downwards for Doctor Carlos and the robed unicorn, electricity dancing off her horn at a constant pace, to carefully survey his chest. Noting clear signs of a minor cardiac arrest, there was no liquification of deep tissues, fat, or vital organs, nor was there detectable damage from poisons, toxins, or foreign matter. "Potential minor heart attack, I will remain on standby."
  341.     "All right, Lower torso."
  342.     Waving the field downwards to the next healer, the faded pink mare motions Anon closer, muttering in a quiet tone for him to take careful notes, then speaks up. "What do you see?"
  343.     "Nine small pelvic fractures, seven moderate, four major.. these will require three-point-nine pounds of quartzine and two kanpri bands to stabilize."
  344.     "Those.. are not going to be cheap to replace."
  345.     "No ma'am, they will not be."
  346.     "All right, upper legs, the.. femurs?"
  347.     "Eight small fractures, nine major, one critical, going to need three bands here.. around two-point-one pounds of quartzine otherwise."
  348.     "Right, right.. forearms?"
  349.     "Examining. One minute."
  350.     Turning her eyes upwards while the third healer nearly pushes her nose onto the analytic desk, Tipper holds her breath as the barely twenty year old mare begins speaking in an unusually clipped, precise manner. "Twenty microfractures. Eleven fractures. Three shattered. Approximate quartzine required: one-point-five pounds. Kanpri strips required: three."
  351.     "Understood. Burns?" Hearing tense silence from the other mares, the Crystal pony ignores them, finishing cutting a circle out of the egg shell, then looks up at the seven unicorns staring directly at her. "So..? How good are you with third, fourth degree burns for a being his size?"
  352.     Lips pursing once, the mare glances upwards for a moment, then back down with a half-scowl, rumbling deep in her chest. "No disrespect intended ma'am, but I've been listening. I can treat him properly, maybe prevent slow thermal burning, but it WILL take half this entire egg and I do NOT have access to more. If the others are in similar shape then I request delaying further procedures until I can acquire at least one more from the Dragonspines."
  353.     "Understood." Releasing a slow sigh, Tipper rubs the sides of her head with both hooves, turning hesitant eyes momentarily over to Juan, then glancing at a pair of humans each carrying two wide, flat topped glass bottles filled with a deep green substance. "Thank you two. Wait outside until you're called in. As for the rest of you.. we're going to be bleeding Bits, blood, resources, and sleep for a while, just like old times. Are we all ready now?" Nose twitching at the chorus of solemn nods, the elderly mare leans back against the chair, floating a small, thin red bottle next to Snakebite's head, popping the cork off with a brief motion, Doctor Carlos recognizing it as a legally ambiguous substance the Canterlot College's explorers are issued to knock out highly aggressive monsters for examination.
  354.     "Good. Now, he's going to be screaming when stasis comes off, the second he opens his mouth I'm going to hit him with a dose of this stuff to keep him from thrashing around. It'll knock him out fast and any of the rest of you, so hold your breath and don't ask who I got it from. I suggest using Dampener as a pain control agent since he won't be conscious or walking for a while, won't have to deal with addiction or withdrawal while he's out, and any side-effects can wait until he's up. As for the rest of you the real Doctor's given his orders, you know what to do. Mister Green, when I give the order, drop stasis and do that weird temporal hold thing. Five, four, three, two... NOW!"
  356. Tipper: [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <E.Alchemy
  357. Nova Flicker: [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] <Auto-Field Regen [ 1d6+5 = 8 ] [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] <E.Recovery
  358. Doctor Heartbreak: [ 1d6+8 = 9 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] [ 1d6+8 = 12 ] <M.Recovery
  359. ??? 1: [ 1d6 = 2 ] [ 1d6 = 5 ] [ 1d6 = 4 ] <E.Casting: Chain Lightning
  360. ??? 2: [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 10 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <M.Recovery
  361. ??? 3: [ 1d6+5 = 6 ] [ 1d6+5 = 8 ] [ 1d6+5 = 6 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] <M.Recovery
  362. ??? 4: [ 1d6+6 = 12 ] [ 1d6+6 = 12 ] [ 1d6+6 = 9 ] [ 1d6+6 = 10 ] <M.Recovery
  363. ??? 5: [ 1d6+8 = 13 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] [ 1d6+8 = 14 ] <M.Crystal Alchemy: Dragon Essence Infusion
  365. POSITIVES: 8 successes & 9 critical successes
  366. NEGATIVES: 5 failures & 4 critical failures
  367. OVERALL SUCCESSES: 3 successes + 5 critical successes
  369.     Having double-checked his equipment, machines ready to be flipped into operating mode, Juan nods at Tipper. "Si, I am ready." As the green man releases Snakebite from stasis, Tipper downs the red sedative into Snakebite's thrashing head, Carlos standing back and withholding his breath until safe to do so. He begins his first act on the human's unconscious form by reaching for the first tool. "Inserting laryngoscope." He opens Snakebite's charred mouth and sticks the Macintosh blade down his throat, turning on the light for inspection. He then grabs the endotracheal tube to feed down his throat. "And placing endotube." Stopping it right where it needs to be, he removes the laryngoscope and attaches a valve to the end, flicking on the breathing machine and sending sweet oxygen into Snakebite's lungs, securing the tube with some tape over his mouth. "Mechanical breathing established. Arms and legs are too damaged, placing line for the Dampener through the external jugular vein." Uncapped needle in hand, Carlos places a gloved hand on Snakebite's left side of his neck and feels around for the bulging jugular, inserting the needle and securing it in place with some tape. Finally, he grabs a set of nodes from his EKG machine and- Snakebite had all new skin regrown in an instant! "Aye! Piel nueva!"
  370.     Taking a moment to himself, the Mexican merely shrugs nonchalantly and begins placing the adhesive nodes onto Snakebite's new layer of skin. "That dragon egg did the trick, no? Bravo!" He then takes a pulse/oxygen meter and clamps it onto an index finger, then wraps a blood pressure cuff around his right arm. Juan sets his vitals monitor off standby to begin showing the unconscious Operator's vitals. "Ahh, vitals established." He points out each on the monitor. "Your average human heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels are as follows: sixty to seventy beats per minute, one-hundred ten over eighty, and ninety-six percent and above. Seeing as I could not take his baselines before his injuries, we'll have to assume these to be Snakebite's normal state. Any major deviations from those levels and we'll have to start preparing measures to restabilize them. Now that we have our vitals in place-" Dr. Carlos claps his gloved hand together in anticipation. "What shall we tackle first? I suggest the pelvis, as it has the highest possibility of compromising blood flow."
  372.     Each unicorn steps back as their spells settle into Snakebite, save Doctor Heartbeat whom leans forwards to closely watch Carlos in action, taking as many mental notes as possible without interfering with him. The Starborn team freezes at the Crystal pony's inexplicably sudden hyperventilation and blackout, the entire egg disappeared from where she'd set it.
  373.     A malice-tinged silence takes root in the surgical suite after Carlos' exclamation, eight unicorn eyes staring murder in the alchemist's direction. Turning her attention up and down Snakebite's body, Tipper lifts a hoof, rubbing the end of her nose thoughtfully at the still image over his pelvis. "Hmm.. well, I've never heard of anypony ever performing a full restoration, I'm quite impressed. Green one, mind taking his clothing save for underwear? Just make a pile in front of one of the beds, thank you." Leaning out of the doorway and peering in with surprise, Anonymous snaps two fingers, Snakebite left clad in only white boxers. "That.. that's damned good work there."
  374.     Catching her breath finally, the Crystal mare groggily shoves herself up to stand, then snaps her head down, staring at the empty side of her saddlepack, then up, to each side, and finally behind her. "...where's the egg I was using?" The atmosphere instantly changes, the air tense under Doctor Heartbreak's snapping voice, albeit quietly. "What the fuck do you mean where?! You just used the ENTIRE thing!" Rolling her eyes, Tipper's horn sparks, creating a pink minotaur's fist and using it to punch the Citadel Doctor's nose, then gives Juan a nod. "No shouting in the clinic, and I'm in full agreement. The longer his pelvic fractures remain as they are now the higher chance of complications, we just saved him after all."
  375.     Climbing down from her chair, Tipper pauses to yawn, arching her back up for what looking like a well deserved stretch. "As for you all I'll leave the diagnostic spell to help direct the whatever you're going to do, right now I need a little nap. As for you six, Snakebite is taken, and my clinic has rules about that sort of thing." Firmly cementing the diagnostic disc in place above Snakebite's crotch, the elderly medic clicks towards the door, chortling to herself.
  376.     Carefully pressing a knee to her snout, Heartbreak lowers it after a bit, staring at the flecks of blood staining her vivid pink coat. In a blur of motion, the mare stands up, then leaps over Snakebite, teeth flashing as her front hooves unleash a devastating, simultaneous double boop onto the Crystal pony's nose, both mares flailing wildly as they topple onto the floor. The unicorn mare sitting next to Doctor Carlos merely turns her head, one last static crackle bouncing off her horn. "In order to prepare Snakebite's skeletal structure for quartzine infusion, there must be a direct path between his skin and the bone in question. Normally this would require invasive surgery but it appears all that is needed now would be three incisions here, here, and here-" Removing a piece of fine red chalk and making three lines above the waistband, one in the center, the other two close to the pelvis jutments, giving a somewhat dissatisfied smile to Carlos. "A bit disappointing I suppose, but much simpler this way. We will follow your lead."
  378.     Carlos mostly ignores the Crystal pony's episode as the other begin to berate her on a... job well done? He sighs audibly at the oncoming squabble, and continues to prepare his next set of equipment. "Aye, silencio equinas!" As Tipper takes her break, Carlos is left with the team of Starborn, moving a covered tray next to him, and reveals a pristine set of stainless steel scalpels, forceps, and retractors. "I understand the frustration, chica. His burns have been sealed within him; his body should re-absorb them over time, but chance of infection will be very high. I have a potent antibiotic we can put him on post-op that should do the trick. Now, time for the cutting."
  379.     Observing the marks made on the Operator's pelvis, Carlos takes a small bottle of iodine and a gauze pad, dabbing some onto it to sterilize each incision site before picking up a scalpel. "Here.. we.. go." Hovering the blade over the first sight, Carlos makes the first incision right above several major fractures and notices some difficulty. "Snakebite's new skin is providing above normal limits of resistance when cut into, although still looking the same. Very interesting, but not problematic."
  380.     As he cuts down past the new skin and into the still-damaged muscle tissue, he switches between cleaning the bloody site with gauze clipped into a forcep and changing them out frequently. "We will have to put him on a heavy protein and vitamin diet to help redevelop his muscle tissue, as well as physical therapy when he's able. It will not be fun, either." Finally reaching bone, he clears out enough tissue for an easy working site, and grabs a spring-loaded retractor to keep the entire incision gently held open for quartzine injection. "There. Begin your quartzine injection on that one while I continue on the other two." Carlos repeats the cutting process on the other two marked sites while the unicorns begin their end of the job.
  382.     Watching the incisions closely, the Starborn unicorn leans forwards, eyebrows furrowing while her lips tighten. "Perhaps Doctor Heartbreak's reaction was not wrong. I believe this human has suffered a Level Seven Dracosine-type forced mutation, but I must check to be sure." Lightly placing a front hoof on Snakebite's hand, the mare's horn alights briefly in a subtle silver cast for a minute, then frowns. "This mutation is.. wyrmskin. The pliability, density, thickness, and resistance to your blade conforms to what I think would be appropriate for his body size. From now on he will be noticeably resistant to most weaponry, perhaps even elements. Tentatively, I believe this to be a Level Nine mutation. Were it Level Ten there would be significant physical and physiological changes."
  383.     Glancing back to watch a quartet of humans rush through the Clinic to pull the Citadel Doctor off the Crystal pony, the mare sits back, signaling for the other four to prepare their equipment as her ears flop down in thought. "Due to the strength of the essence infusion, it is, unfortunately, permanent. My knowledge of such mutations or potential side effects is limited on this topic. Our Alchemical Division Chief may be able to share more. I will make a request for her to perform an examination when she is free."
  384.     Speaking in their own language at the extent of Snakebite's visible injuries, the other unicorns cease talking as the now lead mare straightens up. "Quiet please. Since there is little time for sterilization, magnascopy, or dead tissue excision, the fractures must be sealed as quickly as possible. Now, let us begin and pray that proper antibiotics will tide him over." Horns alighting, the five exhale in focused unison, linking their minds together, streams of the half-transparent alchemical-metal trickles through the air into the incisions.
  385. ??? 1: [ 1d6+4 = 8 ] [ 1d6+4 = 5 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] <M.Casting: Metalchemical Infusion
  386. ??? 2: [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] [ 1d6+4 = 6 ] [ 1d6+4 = 7 ] [ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <M.Casting: Metalchemical Infusion
  387. ??? 3: [ 1d6+5 = 6 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] [ 1d6+5 = 9 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] <M.Casting: Metalchemical Infusion
  388. ??? 4: [ 1d6+5 = 10 ] [ 1d6+5 = 7 ] [ 1d6+5 = 8 ] [ 1d6+5 = 11 ] <M.Casting: Metalchemical Infusion
  389. ??? 5: [ 1d6+6 = 10 ] [ 1d6+6 = 12 ] [ 1d6+6 = 11 ] [ 1d6+6 = 10 ] <M.Casting: Metalchemical Infusion
  391. POSITIVES: 9 successes & 3 crit successes
  392. NEGATIVES: 7 failures & 2 crit failures
  393. OVERALL SUCCESSES: 2 successes & 1 critical success
  395.     As Carlos finishes the incisions, he puts his scalpel down in a dump tray and fastens the retractors. "Hehe, then Snakebite would be living up to his name, no?" As the mares begin the quartzine infusion, Juan reaches into a metal container next to him and pulls out a small yellow IV bag, attaching it next to the glass jar of Dampener. "This broad spectrum antibiotic. Better to start it now." Hooking up a drip tube, Carlos runs the line and connects it to a port on the Dampener's line. The doctor then reaches under the table, pulling out a pair of leg traction splints and laying them vertically on his work table. "I will need one of you to re-examine his femur injuries. If they have collapsed on them selves, we'll have to tract and reposition the bones. But first-"
  396.     Carlos pulls out a preset suture kit, and watches as the unicorns finishes their work on the pelvis. "Let's close those up, first. Don't want something falling in!" Sterilizing the suture needle, Carlos starts on the opening farthest from him and checks it over before moving the retractor out slightly to begin closing the incision. "The abdominal muscles are mostly solid layers on top of each other, which is why I will have to make several stitches." He begins on the deepest layer, making several passes before tying the dissolvable thread off and cutting it, working his way out of the muscles and finally sews up the skin. "Ah. Now for the others. I will take biopsies from these areas later to check for any bacterial growth. For now, let me finish these." Carlos continues on to the other open sites, closing up one after another methodically. "How about those femurs, chicas?"
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