Fallout 4 Speedrun FAQ

Dec 10th, 2015
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  1. Fallout 4 Speedrunning FAQ.
  3. Q: What difficulty is this on?
  4. A: Very Easy, as it's fastest. Harder difficulties aren't any more interesting, they'd just make the run slightly longer. Survival mode would be the most boring and excruciating run, so someone might do it someday.
  6. Q: How is he warping around like that?
  7. A: He's abusing the cover mechanic in the game with a glitch called cover sliding. You can store a cover position and then later force the game to slide you into that cover at high speeds. If you store a cover indoors and force the slide outdoors you'll be flung a great distance towards the center of the map. The distance can also be increased by using Jet.
  9. Q: Why is he getting Power Armor?
  10. A: The first use for power armor is it removes all fall damage, which is very useful for cover slides. Next, it allows for easy an and consistent clipping method. If you stand next to a wall in 3rd person, exit the power armor, and immediately get back in, you'll clip through the wall and keep your armor on for more clips.
  12. Q: What ending is he doing?
  13. A: He uses the Minutemen to get to the Institute, but technically this does the Railroad ending. However, the quest is pretty bugged out and the ending sequence is pretty different from casual play.
  15. Q: How did you go Out of Bounds in the Sewer?
  16. A: When you reload a save file thats underwater from the main menu, you'll be on the surface of the water. The surface of the water in the sewer is out of bounds because water is kept in chunks, similar to lighting or rock terrain.
  18. Q: How is this completed so fast?
  19. A: A major skip lets you go from the first visit to the institute directly to the last quest in the game.
  21. Q: What stats / perks do you take?
  22. A: Max agility and endurance for sprint and survivability, rest in Intelligence to make leveling faster. Action Boy for faster sprint regen, Solar Powered for more Endurance, and Pickpocket to make stealing from Sturges easier. The rest don't really matter all that much, the only other movement perk is moving target, which can be ok for longer categories.
  24. Q: How can he afford to buy all those things?
  25. A: Using the vendor glitch he can trick the game into thinking he's selling a ton of ammo, building up so much credit that he can buy whatever ammo, materials, or equipment he wants.
  27. Q: How is he climbing up walls?
  28. A: When he grabs an item, positions it below him, and runs backwards into a wall, the item will push him vertically upwards along the wall. This can be used to climb on top of buildings or up floors easily. Additionally, the collision in corners is sometimes not done very well, so he can item climb into a corner and get pushed out of bounds in a few places.
  30. Q: What's WR?
  31. A: Check http://www.speedrun.com/Fallout_4
  33. Q: Why doesn't he fast travel out of Railroad HQ?
  34. A: You can't fast travel out of it until you do the first quest for the Railroad.
  36. Q: Why doesn't he fast travel at all at the end?
  37. A: Fast travel is disabled when you warp in the Minutemen. It never gets enabled since you never finish the Minutemen version of the final quest.
  39. Q: Why is he reloading saves and going through doors?
  40. A: He's loading a quick save as he goes through a door/cave in a save he made earlier in the run. This causes him to end up on the other side of that door with the character from the quick save, skipping a lot of travel time at various points of the run.
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