Fluttershy Sneeze Paragraph

May 5th, 2014
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  1. I want to be hanging out with Fluttershy and watch the slow process of a sneeze developing in her muzzle. She fights it every step of the way and I don't call attention to it. The nostril twitches and scrunches, her ears flicking in annoyance, a sniff here and there, even her rubbing her nose with her hoof. The tickle in her nose ever so gradually gets worse, and her attempts to get rid of it without sneezing fail more and more, the tips of her nostrils getting slightly red and they flare with every sniff and rub.
  3. Finally, just when you can tell she's going to lose her battle with the sneeze, you ask if she's ok. Her cheeks turn slightly red, embarrassed as she doesn't wish to sneeze in front of you, and the long battle with it means it'll be much larger than she's used to. She'll try to tell you she's ok, her breath hitching, eyes half open and tearing up, nose scrunched and wiggling in its futile attempt to delay the inevitable. You won't accept that answer and ask if she's about to sneeze. She'll nod between gasps of breath, her head tilting back, mouth slacking open as the sneeze takes full control of her body. And thats when you'll stick a pair of fingers under her nose.
  5. You'll feel her trembling nostrils against your fingers, only a mere sample of the incredible reaction taking place in her nose. She'll sigh from the temporary relief, sniffing against your fingers to try to finally quell the bothersome itch. But you'll take your fingers away and the tickle will return near instantly. Her eyes will go wide only to shut again as her ragged breathing becomes more desperate, the tickle blossoming into her sinuses. With one final breath, she'll explode, a loud yet feminine sneeze escaping from her. She won't have a chance to cover her mouth, and having kept the tickle at bay for so long, her nose demands another and she takes a few breaths before a second sneeze rocks her body and makes her wings open wide. She keeps her head down, sniffing cautiously a few times to ensure her nasal cavities are clear of the tickle before meekly apologizing to you. You smile and offer your handkerchief which she graciously accepts and blows her nose quietly into it. She apologizes again, refusing to return it till its washed. But you see her nose twitch ever so slightly, and know exactly why she's reluctant to give it back
  7. (In honor of the author who wrote this, so we don't lose it to the internet. I did not write this, just documenting it's existence.)
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