Mar 11th, 2019
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  1. Perdition
  3. ARM 1 MUT 0 ENH 1
  5. Dolls with burning passion. They spread hell and embrace it even as it consumes them.
  7. Special
  8. Ring of Fire [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, when making an attack with a maneuver that has the [explosive] property, you may remove the [explosive] property, and add the area property. For the next 5 count, any one entering or leaving the target zone breaks two parts.
  9. ----
  11. Douse [Rapid/1/0-1] The next attack that damages the target gains explosive.
  13. Flash Fire [Check/2/0-1] Hinder 2, you may make a Blast Attack 1 + Explosive at the target.
  15. Burn Half as Long [Damage/0/Self] Increase the damage of your attack by 3, the next attack that hits you deals 2 more damage.
  17. Spreading Flames [Damage/1/Self] When you deal damage with an Explosive attack, you may make another attack that deals the same amount of damage but lacks explosive towards a target in the attack's range.
  19. Heated Up [Damage/0/Self] This maneuver can only be used when you take damage. When you take damage as a result of [explosive], reduce the cost of your next maneuver by 2.
  21. Comforting Flames [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, when you annihilate an enemy with an attack that has [explosive], you may make a conversation check towards one of your sisters.
  23. Burn out [Auto/none/Self] You may re-use a damage or rapid timing part. As the cost of this maneuver, break this part. Parts damaged this way cannot be regenerated until the end of the battle phase.
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