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  1. Fluttershy's hooves, clothed in a set of giant nylons, strode through the city streets. She took the most careful steps she could manage, but every hooffall nonetheless produced a great *THOOM* and produced a tremor that rocked neighboring blocks. The giant pony tried her best to avoid stepping on any of the abandoned carriages littering the road, but every so often a misstep would instantly reduce a vehicle to splinters with a loud *CRUNCH*.
  4. ...much like just now.
  7. 'Sorry.' She whispered to nopony in particular. It was made perfectly clear that it is the owner's' responsibility to move their carriages far from any photoshoot, but all too often many were curiously left out to be crushed by the giant models. The manufacturers were surely making a great deal of money.
  10. Fluttershy gently shook her hoof, sending any remnants of the flattened vehicle clattering to the ground and then continued on her way. Her swaying hips were a sight to behold amongst the tiny ponies taking refuge inside the many buildings she walked past. Her nylons and a pair of dark panties stretched taut over her gigantic plot, subtly pushing against against the flesh and making her already-large flanks appear even more plump. Every step sent a light ripple through her cheeks, and her immense size only amplified the effect much to the delight of the stallions and even some mares she passed.
  13. She had slowly grown more and more accustomed to ponies staring at her. Being a giant was going to turn heads, of course, but donning the undergarments of the Agency and striding around just like Rarity was another matter in of itself. By Rarity's logic; if ponies are going to gawk anyway, we might as well make a little money doing so. It made sense to Fluttershy, but she couldn’t resist blushing whenever she glanced at the multitude of tiny faces pressed against windows on either side.
  16. She flicked her ears at the sound of camera shutters. The photographers had gotten to work. “You’re doing great, hon - just keep on walking and we’ll hold up in Pegasus Square.” A pegasus called into her ear. Fluttershy smiled and tried to put a little extra emphasis in each step, bouncing her tail just that much more and further exposing her panties.
  19. She rounded the corner into the square and found the Agency waiting for her with changes of clothing, spotlights - really the whole nine yards. Tiny ponies walked to, fro, and even under her hooves as she gently set them down into the quaking earth. Growing more than twenty stories tall had made Fluttershy and Rarity’s hooves very soft, and although only an extra-hard, very deliberate stomp could theoretically smush somepony, being stepped on was nonetheless a very sore affair. Everypony moved about with such speed and professionalism that it was, in fact, more dangerous for Fluttershy to carefully flinch and watch where she was going than to simply walk.
  22. She stopped before a change of clothing being hauled in by a team of stallions and blushed as she unfurled her great wings, using her primary feathers to pull her panties down and step out. She then slowly bent her hind legs, lowering her rump to the pavement. She stopped just before touchdown, making sure that everypony had enough time to escape her immense plot. She finally set down as gently as she could, but a great *BOOM* nonetheless thundered through the quivering city. She raised her right hoof and a small gaggle of pegasi immediately surrounded the edge of her nylon, right next to her barrel. Just as they had practiced, the pegasi grasped the edges and swooped down to her hoof, removing the glove in one swift motion. The same action was performed on her left hoof, and then her hind legs. A light tickle of pegasus wing on her plot sent a small shiver through her spine and she softly giggled.
  26. The ground rumbled as the giant mare twisted around to stand once more at full height. More pegasi swooped around and under the giant pony, preparing her for the next shoot. Fluttershy used her wings to grab a new pair of white panties and stepped inside, raising them high past her towering legs and over her supple plot. The elastic snapped to her form when she removed her feathers, shaking her enormous cheeks as she swayed around to find a good fit. She lifted her right hind leg and the pegasi slipped one leg of tight hose up to her knee, doing the same with the left before finally pulling them up and over her panties. The fabric was magically designed to close around the tail, allowing a pony to easily slip it on and off without the hassle of pulling her tail through a tiny hole.
  29. Fluttershy boomed up to a building, smiling softly at the hundreds of wide-eyed faces. She turned about and could make a out a faint cheer behind the glass. She smirked and swished her tail to the side, fully presenting her giant plot, tucked tight behind pantyhose. She shifted her hooves and pressed her butt into the smooth, cool glass until her dock stood vertical. She chuckled as the photographers got to work and soon instructed her to have a seat. She looked about her hooves and found another carriage. She casually looked into the sky and subtly used her hind hoof to bring it closer. She lowered herself right on top of the miniature vehicle until its tiny roof barely touched her plot. She slowly descended, shattering the carriage beneath her crushing weight and finally flattening it under her huge, rippling plot. She gave her rump small twist and put a hoof to her chin as the photographers swooped all around, snapping away.
  32. Fluttershy smiled and shut her eyes for a moment. It had been a relatively tough adjustment, but things didn’t look to be changing anytime soon for her or Rarity. They had to make the most of things, and they could certainly be a lot worse.
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