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  1. [ 46%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/OpenBrick.dir/src/game/StateBase.cpp.obj
  2. In file included from D:/Programmspeicher/glfw-3.3.bin.WIN64/include/GLFW/glfw3.h:184,
  3.                  from D:\Repos\Openbrick\src\game\StateBase.hpp:9,
  4.                  from D:\Repos\Openbrick\src\game\StateBase.cpp:3:
  5. D:/Programmspeicher/MinGW/mingw64/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/GL/glcorearb.h:2662:135: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef void (* PFNGLTRANSFORMFEEDBACKBUFFERRANGEPROC)(GLuint, GLuint, GLuint, GLintptr, GLsizei)'
  6.  typedef void (APIENTRYP PFNGLTRANSFORMFEEDBACKBUFFERRANGEPROC) (GLuint xfb, GLuint index, GLuint buffer, GLintptr offset, GLsizei size);
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