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  3. Accelgor is the fastest Pokemon with access to Spikes in RU, which makes it a staple on Spikes-stacking hyper offense teams. Accelgor's access to Final Gambit means that it can weaken Defog and Rapid Spin users and prevent them from removing entry hazards for one turn; it can also prevent opposing set up with Encore. However, Accelgor is very frail and can't survive even weak attacks, and its attacks are not very strong themselves. Moreover, it faces competition from Omastar, who can also set up Stealth Rock, can directly threaten Defoggers, and has the bulk to set up hazards multiple times in a match.
  5. [SET]
  6. name: Spikes Lead
  7. move 1: Spikes
  8. move 2: U-turn
  9. move 3: Encore
  10. move 4: Bug Buzz
  11. item: Focus Sash
  12. ability: Hydration
  13. nature: Timid
  14. evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
  17. Moves
  18. ========
  20. Accelgor is a very good Spikes setter due to its high Speed stat, which provides very useful support to hyper offense teams. Final Gambit allows Accelgor to prevent Rapid Spin or Defog for a turn and gives a teammate a free switch-in. Final Gambit can also deal huge damage to most Defog and Rapid Spin users if Accelgor has enough HP left. Encore prevents Accelgor from becoming setup bait and might give setup oppurtunities to its own teammates as well. Finally, Bug Buzz is Accelgor's STAB move of choice and prevents it from being completely shut down by Taunt.
  22. Set Details
  23. ========
  25. 252 Speed EVs and a Timid nature allow Accelgor to outspeed the entire unboosted metagame and quickly set hazards. 252 HP EVs give Accelgor some much needed bulk and maximize the potential power of Final Gambit. Focus Sash guarantees that Accelgor sets at least one layer of Spikes. 252 Special Attack EVs can be used instead if you want Accelgor to hit harder. Accelgor's abilities are situational, but they might come in handy for different playstyles. Sticky Hold prevents Accelgor from being crippled by Trick users, but Unburden allows Accelgor to set multiple layers of Spikes against Choice Scarf Pokemon that can bring it to 1 HP.
  27. Usage Tips
  28. ========
  30. Although this Accelgor set works best as a lead on hyper offense teams, it is not advisable to lead with it if the opponent has a Fake Out user such as Ambipom or a multi-hit move user such as Cinccino or Rhyperior, as they will limit Accelgor to one layer of Spikes. Due to its high Speed, Accelgor can Encore almost all setup Pokemon and thereby create setup oppurtunities for teammates. Final Gambit should be used carefully, though it is handy against opposing Defog and Rapid Spin users, especially at high HP. Golbat, Gligar, Togekiss, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, and Kabutops are all OHKOed by Final Gambit if Accelgor is at full health. Even if it is not at high enough HP, Final Gambit allows you to bring in a check freely, while also preventing hazard removal. Final Gambit can also be used to take out a problematic Pokemon for your team.
  32. Team Options
  33. ========
  35. Ghost-types are great teammates, as they can block Rapid Spin. Doublade defeats all the relevant Rapid Spin users one-on-one. Mega Bannette appreciates the Spikes support, as it can put pressure on stall teams with Taunt and Knock Off and on offensive teams with its priority attacks and Destiny Bond mind games. It can also sometimes prevent Defog with its priority Taunt. Braviary can take advantage of Defog with Defiant and proceed to deal heavy damage to the opposing team with its high-powered attacks. Cobalion and Rhyperior can set up Stealth Rock, further complementing the Spikes set up by Accelgor. Powerful attackers such as Hitmonlee, Zangoose, Sharpedo, Yanmega, and Zoroark hugely appreciate Spikes, as they force a lot of switches, and Spikes also allows them to OHKO and 2HKO many threats that they could not otherwise. They also deter the usage of Defog and Rapid Spin due to the huge offensive pressure they put on the opponent. Sharpedo and Yanmega get special mentions as they can easily clean late-game with Spikes support, thanks for their high offenses and Speed Boost. Choice Specs Yanmega becomes almost uncounterable with Spikes support, as its best counter, specially defensive Registeel, can be easily worn down by Spikes.
  38. Other Options
  39. ==========
  41. Accelgor can use an offensive Life Orb set, though Accelgor is outclassed by Yanmega. A Choice set is plausible, as it has good coverage and U-turn, but this is also done better by Yanmega. It can use a Quick Pass set with Agility, but it does not have any other good moves to pass, and Combusken is better at passing Speed Boosts. It can use Yawn on the main set to force switches.
  43. Checks and Counters
  44. ===================
  46. **Multi-Hit Moves Users**: Rhyperior and Cinccino can KO Accelgor through its Focus Sash with their multi-hit moves. However, Accelgor will still get up one layer of Spikes. Crustle can also set up hazards on Accelgor and has Sturdy, preventing it from getting KOed by Final Gambit.
  48. **Xatu**: Xatu bounces back Accelgor's Spikes due to Magic Bounce and thus prevents it from setting them up.
  50. **Defog and Rapid Spin**: Defoggers and Spinners can remove the entry hazards set by Accelgor. However, they should be wary of Final Gambit.
  52. **Aromatisse**: Aromatisse 2HKOes with Moonblast, is unaffeced by Encore, and can heal Final Gambit damage with Wish.
  54. [CREDITS]
  55. - Written by: [[Kreme, 224453]]
  56. - Quality checked by: [[Eyan, 226777], [Bouff, 121672], [Pak, 245869]]
  57. - Grammar checked by: [[The Dutch Plumberjack, 232216], [P Squared, 168392]]
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