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  1. Assault Class Posthumans gain the following Features unless otherwise stated by Optional Systems
  2. -Unique Critical Hit Chart: The ACP uses the critical hit chart for Monstrosities on page 436 of the core book
  3. -Biological: The ACP has the Biological Tag (It is immune to tech actions and system attacks other than Lock On or Scan, it takes all Heat as Energy Damage)
  4. -Bonus Activations: The ACP can be activated again (take another turn) each round. If the ACP is facing more than 4 Hostile PCs or NPCs at the start of a scene, it gains another activations (for a total of 3). It regains spent reactions every time it takes a turn
  5. -Deadly: The ACP can Critical Hit, dealing an extra +3/5/7 bonus Damage on Critical Hits
  6. -Juggernaut (Trait): At the end of its turn, the ACP ends one Condition affecting it.
  7. -Structure: The ACP has 3 structure.
  8. -Reflex: The ACP has unlimited overwatch reactions. It can still only make 1 reaction per turn.
  11. Signature Melee
  12. Nanocarbon sword stolen off a mech. A hammer that's mostly rebar. Crushing hard-suited fists. Whatever the Assault Class Posthuman brings to the fight, it'll hurt.
  14. Main Melee
  15. Threat 1
  16. +2 VS Evasion/Tier with 1 Accuracy
  17. 6/8/12 Kinetic Damage OR Energy
  18. Pick the damage type when creating the ACP.
  20. Signature Ranged
  21. Mech-scale handcannon. Squad Support Anti-Armor Laser. A carbon-fibre greatbow with arrows the size of men. Doesn't matter what it is. It'll pack a goddamn punch
  23. Heavy CQB OR Cannon
  24. Range 5, Threat 3 OR Range 12
  25. +1 Evasion/Tier
  26. Loading
  27. x/y/z Kinetic OR Energy OR Explosive
  28. You must pick what this weapon is on creation of the ACP. If CQB use Range 5, Threat 3. If Cannon use Range 12.
  30. Jockey
  31. get up on a motherfucker
  33. Violence Made Flesh
  34. System, Unique
  35. Any target the ACP is jockeying or grappling is considered Shredded for all attacks made by the ACP
  38. El Gigante
  39. Modification, Unique
  40. The ACP becomes Size 1 and can grapple targets up to Size 2, it can still Jockey Size 3 mechs. Additionally it gains +5HP/Tier
  42. Cyberpsycho
  43. Modification, Unique.
  44. The ACP loses the Biological tag and gains a Systems score of +X and a Heat Cap of 7/12/16. When it overheats it does not Shut Down nor mark Reactor Stress. Instead it takes its Heat Cap in burn, then cools to 0.
  46. Well Trained
  47. System, Unique
  48. The ACP may share squares with Infantry squad, when doing so, it gains the benefits of Strength In Numbers
  49. This cannot be taken if El Gigante is already applied to the ACP
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