Kongou Handholding [Typeset]

Jan 24th, 2016
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  1. Chotto... Te o Tsunagitakatta dake nandesu! Translation
  2. From
  4. [Preface]
  5. >Hi everyone, I'm Macchaume. It's Summer Comkiket!
  6. >When you don't go out, it doesn't feel like summer at all. In my heart, Summer is THE youth, the sky, sun, and girls frolicking about, but I saw none of this.
  7. >This makes no sense (literally: This isn't Science).
  8. >I actually am itnerested in photography, but since my daily life consists of alternating between my house and the convenience store, all the pictures I take are of stuff I see on the road to the convenience store and stuff like the convenience store bentos. Photography is so fun.
  9. >Anyway, the story starts on the next page.
  11. >Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?!
  12. >Nevermind a kiss with the admiral...
  13. >you haven't even held hands with him yet...?!
  14. >...oy,
  15. >No need to be so loud...
  16. >Kongou onee-sama is surprisingly slow in warming up to people.
  18. >...because, because!
  19. >It's really embarassing....
  20. >Nononono!
  21. >If this is enough to embarass you, won't a marriage proposal be even worse? | After embracing him so many times, how are you getting all flustered now?
  22. >They were HUGS only! Hugs!
  23. >--I kind of feel hugs are a normal greeting for outgoing foreigners | and given the admiral's temeprament I figured he'd accept them so I was really happy. But I don't think we've gotten any closer...
  24. >In comparison, handholding, kissing, that kind of thing makes it obvious I truly love him, so it's hard to do...
  25. >Oy, Sis, is this why you're always hugging him?!
  27. >--anyhow
  28. >I understand what onee-sama is saying. Since the Admiral has already proposed to you,
  29. >Don't force yourself to kiss here.
  30. >After all, it's not an easy thing.
  31. >...Hiei, you...
  32. >...I should call you a child.
  33. >Marriage isn't some kind of story ending or conclusion.
  34. >You're a maiden but you don't understand a maiden's heart--....
  35. >[Am I being looked down on?!]
  36. >In other words--
  38. >[--it's because we're married]
  39. >[That I'm so seized by indecision.]
  40. >Nee-san is a little worried whether Hiei will be able to get married. [Kongou]
  41. >I'll be fine. [Hiei]
  43. >I can't take it anymore...
  44. >[Palmistry]
  45. >It's easy for Hiei to say because it has nothing to do with her!
  46. >Would i be so fussed if it were so easy?!
  47. >*She gets angry when she gets left alone.
  48. >[Fortune telling.]
  49. >Although I also want to... | hold his hand...
  51. >That's right!!
  52. >Admiral!
  53. >I want to tell you something!
  54. >Ah, what is it all of a sudden?
  55. >Hiei is right, we're already married...
  56. >It shouldn't be a problem to ask to hold hands!
  57. >[It probably won't be a problem...]
  58. >Kongou, what did you want to say?
  59. >Uh...It's...!
  60. >...I-I
  61. >.....h-hand...!!
  63. >....Hand....
  64. >Hand reading is a hobby of mine!
  65. >....Eh
  66. >Why am I talking about my hobbies?!
  67. >Speaking of which, I was just browing that book on a whim | I actually can't say enough about it for it to be a hobby!
  69. >Is that so? Then try to read my fortune.
  70. >Huuehhhhhhh....?! [I haven't actually read any palms yet?!]
  71. >......S....Sure?
  72. >[What the hell did I just say?! Shit!!] I'm not sure at all!
  73. >W....what should I do.... | I just wanted to hold his hand...
  74. >*You reap what you sow
  75. >[--But from a certain point of view....?]
  76. >[Isn't palmistry...]
  78. >A perfect chance
  79. >To hold hands with the Admiral...?
  80. >[That is to say...] Is the Admiral being subtle because he wants to hold hands...?!
  81. >*Like hell
  82. >....But | is holding hands like this really alright?
  83. >Uh....Admiral
  84. >Oh? What is it?
  85. >A...are you really okay with this?
  86. >Why would I not be okay with this? I'm the one asking you...
  88. >Y-you won't regret this?!
  89. >Eh...What's there to regret....?!
  90. >I...I won't regret it...right?
  91. >[Admiral....!!]
  92. >The Admiral said he's willing to hold hands with me!
  93. >*He didn't.
  94. >...In that case, I'll finally | be able to hold hands with the Admiral!
  95. >Admiral...!!
  97. >I'll never forget this for the rest of my life...!
  98. >...Eh?! Is this really fortunetelling?!
  99. >But | I didn't think that kongou would be interested in fortunetelling.
  100. >....Eh?
  101. >Ah
  102. >I did say that lie...!!
  103. >How should i say it....
  104. >It'd be nice if...
  106. >We would continue to get to know each other like this.
  107. >....Admiral
  108. >Mm, what is it?
  110. >I'm such an idiot, lying like that!
  111. >Sorry, Admiral!!
  112. >I actually have no grasp of palmistry!
  113. >.....Eh?
  114. >--I should be | more honest!!
  116. >I | Just want
  117. >to hold the Admiral's hand!
  118. [End]
  120. [Postface]
  121. >And so the comic comes to a close.
  122. >Every time I make the resolution that "I will draw Kongou's cute side" before I start moving my pen. But the topic of this story is shy Kongou.
  123. >Kongou gives off the air of a bighearted girl who would never be embarassed, but there is no maiden in love who feels no shame!
  124. >The style of this comic isn't the same as the past ones, so drawing it felt fresh, though I also felt a little worried. I hope everyone is a little happier for reading it!
  125. >Well then, see you at the next opportunity!
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