Blocky the Slavepone 2

Feb 18th, 2019
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  1. >Be Blocky.
  2. >The morning sunlight broke through the blinds to your right, hitting your Master square in the eyes.
  3. >He groaned, shuffling around in bed, inevitably waking you up in the process.
  4. >You blinked a couple times, allowing your vision to adjust to the dim room.
  5. >Peering at his clock, you realized Master had slept past 6:30.
  6. >That could mean only one thing.
  7. >It was Saturday!
  8. >Saturdays and Sundays were always the best days!
  9. >You grinned, carefully unwrapping your hooves from around Master so as to not disturb him.
  10. >He always expected breakfast made before he got up on the weekends, so no time to cuddle!
  11. >You rolled out of bed, your chain making its quiet clinking noises while you moved.
  12. >Trotting out of the bedroom, you made your way to the kitchen and fished some breakfast foods out of the fridge.
  13. >Bacon, eggs, butter.
  14. >And you could never forget the bread from the cupboard!
  15. >Master loved French Toast, after all!
  16. >You got to work cooking his favorite breakfast, preparing it just the way he liked.
  17. >Crispy bacon, extra butter on the French Toast.
  18. >As always, you found yourself humming while the food cooked, your head always filling itself with odd music whenever you found yourself busy.
  19. >Your body moved a little to the beat in your head, your rump shaking, your hooves tapping, your head bobbing a little.
  20. >It was fun!
  21. >Master seemed to be okay with it, too!
  22. >He was okay with a lot of things!
  23. >When you were captured some time ago, you didn't know what to think!
  24. >All the other ponies captured with you talked about how scary being enslaved was.
  25. >It was always a little weird to think that, because...
  26. >Well...
  27. >Being a slave was the kind of thing that always made your face go hot and did funny things...down there.
  28. >Yes, down THERE.
  29. >Master never seemed to notice, though!
  30. >When he put this outfit on you, you thought you were going to just melt!
  31. >But somehow you've managed to control these funny feelings!
  32. >Even if they made you feel so good sometimes...
  33. >You only wish he'd pull on the chain just...
  34. >A little...
  35. >More...
  36. >Your reverie was broken as you felt the heat of the frying pan hit your face, the bacon sizzling away.
  37. >You quickly flipped the bacon with your spatula, using your hooves just as master had taught you.
  38. >Phew!
  39. >That was a close one!
  40. >Master didn't like burnt bacon!
  41. >You finished the rest of the bacon, setting it on a plate with a paper towel.
  42. >Too much grease and the bacon got soggy!
  43. >You started work on the French Toast, grabbing some vanilla and cinnamon and tossing some in a bowl with broken eggs.
  44. >You always made such a mess, but you'd clean it!
  45. >Anything for Master!
  46. >He wouldn't mind if you took your time, either!
  47. >He never really did seem that strict!
  48. >The harshest punishment he'd ever given you was smaller meals.
  49. >You felt starved most of those days, but it was better than actually being starved!
  50. >It really IS funny when you thought about it!
  51. >Those other mares were so terrified of being slaves, but you never had to worry!
  52. >Just as long as you did what you were told!
  53. >Hopefully they got masters just as nice as yours!
  54. >Right as you finished that thought, the last slice of toast was done, ready to be set on a plate and served to Master!
  55. >A rumbling in your stomach reminded you that you had to eat, too!
  56. >It was time to tell Master breakfast was ready!
  57. >That way you could also eat!
  58. >Never eat a meal without him. That was the rule!
  59. >You trotted back to the bedroom, your Master covering his head with his pillow.
  60. "Master, breakfast is ready!~"
  61. >"Hrngg..."
  62. >He lowered the pillow, his tired eyes meeting yours.
  63. >"French Toast?"
  64. "French Toast!"
  65. >There was a pause before he threw his covers off and got out of bed.
  66. >You followed him, licking your lips at the thought of syrupy toast.
  67. >But you knew better than to get ahead of yourself.
  68. >Once Master sat down at the table, you put two slices of toast and bacon on his plate.
  69. >He always got the first serving.
  70. >Looking at the meal, though...
  71. >You forgot something!
  72. >"Blocky, you-"
  73. "I know, Master! I'm sorry, I'll get your orange juice right away!"
  74. >Your hooves shot into the cupboards, quickly nabbing a glass before going right to the fridge for orange juice.
  75. >The glass of fruit juice sat in front of Master in an instant.
  76. >"That's better."
  77. >Never forget the orange juice!
  78. >You didn't want to disappoint Master!
  79. >You'd be a bad slave otherwise!
  80. >He took a sip of his drink before getting to his food, signaling that you could get your plate now.
  81. >Great! You were hungry!
  82. >You grabbed a couple slices of toast and sat down across from Master at the table.
  83. >Meals were always quiet, but that was okay!
  84. >You knew Master had other ways to interact with you, after all!
  85. >Once breakfast was over, you washed the dishes and prepared for your favorite part of the weekends.
  86. >Bath time, but with Master!
  87. >The two of you went right to the bathroom, your excitement felt in your loudly clopping hooves hitting the floor.
  88. >Shutting the door, Master turned the faucet on, letting the water warm up.
  89. >You sat right in front of him, waiting for his little appendages to do their work.
  90. >First to come loose was your hair. He undid the braid, letting your hair rest into its natural, anchor-like shape.
  91. >It was refreshing to let it hang down!
  92. >Then he undid your collar. It was by some secret unlocking method only he knew. But-
  93. >*chunk!*
  94. >It never failed!
  95. >Next came the straps of your bra.
  96. >They were undone, and...
  97. >*clank!*
  98. >It didn't weigh that much, but it always felt so nice to get that off.
  99. >Finally, he undid the panties.
  100. >It fell too, but it was always cushioned by that big skirt.
  101. >You were au naturale again!
  102. >The bath was filled, and you happily hopped in!
  103. >Master got the shampoo in his hands ready while you got yourself wet, mane, tail, and all!
  104. >When you were soaked enough, he set his hands on your head and massaged your scalp.
  105. "Ahhh..."
  106. >It always felt so nice...
  107. >He originally promised this as a reward for being good, but now it just seemed to be a regular thing on the weekends.
  108. >Not that you were complaining! Trying to bathe by yourself was never the same.
  109. >That and getting the outfit off alone was hard!
  110. >It was nice to have Master help you!
  111. >His hands moved from your scalp to the upper part of your neck as he scrubbed each bit of your mane.
  112. >You cooed in delight, your muscles relaxing as his hands did their job.
  113. >When your mane was all bubbly and full of shampoo, he took some water in his hands and poured it on top to rinse you off.
  114. >Refreshing!
  115. >Next came the soap for your coat. It was a specialized kind made just for ponies!
  116. >He spread some on you and lathered it into your multi-colored coat.
  117. >It always felt so nice to feel his hands work into your back, your flanks, your hooves...
  118. >Even your belly.
  119. >You were still ticklish there, but the soap must have made it a little easier to handle.
  120. >His hands made circles on your flanks, cleaning the places the panties hugged most.
  121. >Right next to your cutie marks.
  122. >What did those mean, anyways?
  123. >The funny little red square with four circles in the corners.
  124. >What was it?
  125. >Was it a symbol you didn't get?
  126. >It had been on your flanks for as long as you could remember.
  127. >It was always fun to think on!
  128. >After your Master rinsed off your coat, he did a quick scrub of your tail.
  129. >You can never forget your tail, after all!
  130. >Once he finished, he grabbed a towel and lifted you out of the tub.
  131. >Draining it, he started rubbing you down to get you dry.
  132. >The softness of the towel didn't change the fact that he was always a little too rough and scraped it against you a little too hard.
  133. >But you wouldn't complain!
  134. >Slaves aren't supposed to complain!
  135. >Eventually, he ringed out your tail, and you were all clean!
  136. >You always brushed your teeth and cleaned out your ears right after, and today was no different!
  137. >"Okay, Blocky. My turn to get clean. You know what to do."
  138. "Yes, Master!"
  139. >You were always required to polish and clean your outfit while Master showered.
  140. >On the weekends, anyways. When he was away, you did it whenever you could.
  141. >It was always so odd to walk out of that bathroom without your outfit on!
  142. >A clean, fresh mare with no restraints on her.
  143. >You almost felt like you weren't a slave!
  144. >Almost.
  145. >You got a rag, some cleaner, and some polish and set to work cleaning your outfit.
  146. >The skirt was put in the washing machine (which your Master taught you how to use to clean HIS clothes) while the metal bits were wiped down.
  147. >By the time he was out of the shower, you were ready to go back to your usual look!
  148. >...sometimes a bit too ready...
  149. >Master came out of the bathroom, fresh and clean, and sat down in the living room.
  150. >His eyes turned to you.
  151. >"Time to suit up, Blocky."
  152. >Every time he said that, your heart fluttered a little.
  153. >You couldn't help it!
  154. >The thought of going back to serving...
  155. >It gave you chills.
  156. >Good chills!
  157. >It was wrong, but it felt so nice!
  158. >He patted his lap.
  159. > liked when he got a little more bossy.
  160. >But you knew what that pat meant.
  161. >Hopping up on his lap, you let him fasten the metal outfit back on to you.
  162. >Bra, panties, and even the collar.
  163. >Him and his secret collar fastening method!
  164. >Then he braided your hair back up, and you were back to your regular, slave self!
  165. >"Turn over."
  166. "Y-yes Master."
  167. >Doing as you were told, you lied on your back in his lap, knowing what would come next.
  168. >His hand graced your belly, eliciting a slight jump out of you.
  169. >You never were going to get used to this...
  170. >Master always seemed so oddly focused on your belly.
  171. >Why was that?
  172. >Did he like to tease you for being so ticklish there?
  173. >While his hand continued making its strokes, the ticklishness gave way to a soft, relaxing feeling.
  174. >It always did, and that was the best part.
  175. >Even when he scratched your belly button!
  176. >There wasn't even a slight tickle anymore!
  177. >A wave of relaxation hitting you, you felt your eyes getting heavy as Master kept up his rubbing.
  178. >You couldn't seem to keep them open, and before you knew it, they closed as you felt your consciousness drift away...
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