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  1. # Please explain what you would like in your order? Please provide as much detail as you can.
  2. #### 5. Okay, so basically I'm starting this shoe company and I'd like the logo to have any avatar holding a colored closed shoebox with both hands and looking as if they are handing the shoebox to someone, and I'd like another avatar in the logo looking as if they are receiving the box. I'd like just the logo to be Scene Render. Make sure the background is cool and professional. And I'd also like the words "The Shoe Company" clear in the middle of the logo. Please try and make this as professional as possible. I want 3 icons, and I would like a person facing the camera holding a shoebox with both hands. The icons will be just normal not scene render. And on the boxes I'd like it to say "Sneaker Store", "Interview Center", and "Training Center" . I'll pay the price for 1 icon, because I don't think it's really necessary to pay the price of 3 for just changing a couple words. For the thumbnail, I'd like the same type of thing as the logo, except with different people, and try to make it a bit different from the logo in your own way. The thumbnail will also be just normal. I know it'll look good. That's it! I'll be paying you 2,000 robux in total.  I've already sent in my payment, hopefully this can be done ASAP!
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