Nanoha listing

Jan 20th, 2013
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  1. Nanoha 2nd A's comes in 3 versions: Regular Edition/Special Edition/Super Special Edition
  2. Special Edition/Super Special Editions come in a box with a "special package"
  3. Enclosed in the box is a booklet and another Lyrical☆Party IV Booklet (Super SE only)
  5. Regular Edition: Movie Disc only
  6. Special Edition: Movie Disc and Special Features Disc
  7. Super Special Edition: Movie Disc, Special Features Disc, and Lyrical☆Party IV disc
  9. On the Special disc itself is:
  10. Trailer collection: Comiket 81 trailer/theatre newsflash/ACE trailer/theatre preview/Movie 1st revival screening preview/Comiket 83 movie
  11. TV spot collection
  12. Anime Contents Expo 2012 feature
  13. Stage greeting
  14. Big hit thanking stage greeting
  15. "Mikako's Room" feature
  16. Mini picture drama
  17. Character commentary
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