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  1. Asylums: https://prnt.sc/i1i2m0
  2. Asylums: Will is a good friend of mine by the way..
  3. Alchemico: he's a good friend of mine too
  4. Alchemico: the only one here btw
  5. Asylums: I suggest you don't lie next time you're butthurt about being blacklisted from a club..
  6. Rosellina: ?
  7. Alchemico: so you join here to break nuts after one thing happened long time agoo?
  8. Asylums: You blocked me..
  9. Alchemico: correct?
  10. Alchemico: ofc I did
  11. Asylums: after you knew you were wrong.
  12. Alchemico: you arguing?
  13. Asylums: Thats a pretty childish move.
  14. Asylums: https://pastebin.com/0beEMJCe
  15. Alchemico: I don't need have you in my list totally since we are not friends and we don't have to share any "relationship"
  16. Rosellina: Whats childish Miss is that you still hold a gruge after how long and come here to pick up where he left it?
  17. Asylums: I dont holdany grude. hes the one that added me out of the blue to talk shit about my club..
  18. Asylums: He couldnt recieve a webcam service from my dancers
  19. Alchemico: to tell you about your stupid people
  20. Alchemico: that lie
  21. Asylums: so now he's cut about it.
  22. Alchemico: like I'm interested
  23. Rosellina: Well he doesn't need your club anymore or want it. I'm sorry for what has happened but it's over now.
  24. Alchemico: it happened long time agoo, stop arguing Miss touchy
  25. Asylums: .... Touchy?
  26. Alchemico: nobody cares
  27. Asylums: I'm defending my dancers, Don't bark up the wrong tree.
  28. Alchemico: I don't care you and your club
  29. Alchemico: you're just a loser
  30. Alchemico: that has to sahre screenshots
  31. Alchemico: get a life
  32. Asylums: /me eyerolls
  33. Asylums: Says you.
  34. Alchemico: bla bla bla
  35. Alchemico: I do what I want
  36. Alchemico: if it's not ok for you
  37. Alchemico: go to hell, easy
  38. Asylums: Abusing and talking down my dancers just because they didnt want to cam for you.
  39. Alchemico: I don't folow people in rooms, you're bothering
  40. Alchemico: if I bother I just say sorry and leave
  41. Asylums: LOL.
  42. Asylums: You're a sad boy..
  43. Alchemico: yes I am
  44. Alchemico: so?
  45. Rosellina: Well now you don't have to worry about it Miss. Its my and Kraves problem. Bye bye now ^^
  46. Alchemico: should I count what you think about me?
  47. Alchemico: you can think what you want
  48. Alchemico: you can just go now
  49. Alchemico: btw
  50. Alchemico: Will will not ban me from here
  51. Alchemico: if you're trying to get some more screenshots
  52. Alchemico: like a true loser :)
  53. Alchemico: and imvu will not ban me aswell
  54. Alchemico: so go and take care
  55. Asylums: I wasnt going to.. this has nothing to do with Will?
  56. Alchemico: totally not I think
  57. Asylums: So defensive you are..
  58. Alchemico: I'm like I want to be
  59. Alchemico: ok kiddo?
  60. Asylums: Cute.
  61. Alchemico: go and do your stuffs
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