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Denmachi vol.6 (incomplete)

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  1. Most people were asleep at midnight.
  3. Adventurers were half drunk, being noisey in the city center.
  5. In a slightly dark street corner, as if sneaking into the darkness was a girl meeting with a god.
  7. "I beg you, soma Sama. Please let Lily exit from the [Familia]......"
  9. Her pleading voice was trembling.
  10. The body was wrapped in a worn down robe - Lily was kneeling on the ground. Her eyes widened as her maroon eyes, nervously was watching the ground.
  12. Opposite of her was a God holding his knees sitting in the corner of the room.
  14. Moonlight entered through the window covering the entire wall of bookshelves, as well as seedling plants and transparent bottle. Here is the base of the faction - YYYYUU
  16. the commanders private room [Soma].
  18. Lily was applying for a faction transfer which required an audience with Soma.
  19. In order to get a real sense of liberation from the curse of the factions - in order to be able to follow Bell with pride and stand them side by side - she now aimed at this time, looking for the Lord God on his own.
  22. To exit [Familia] - want engraved "grace of God" to do back home, as the Lord God himself indispensable to the soma of synergies.
  23. "Contains unexplained disappearances, including Lily for their various acts rude feels guilty, but also spared you ......"
  24. He neither raised his head, and he did not make any eye contact.
  25. From her body like a frightened wildly huddled kneeling posture, easy to see under he subconscious showed fear of the Lord God. Faced with making their own Delirium's "god of wine," and as it's brewed soma, Lili Ju Yi has not been eliminated.
  26. However, and while, soma without making any response.
  27. Absolutely no care had hair a mess, suspended on a cloud is visible, long time did not cut bangs grow very long, buried below face is dark, such as ashes.
  28. Just like He was a young man of medium height God, slim figure inadvertently give the impression that emaciated impression. Baggy clothes and even a bit set in the body like robe, cuffs and hem also a little bit of brown spots appear dirty.
  29. He maintains his hands and knees on the floor sitting posture, incessantly directed at the walls rumble say "business emptor ......" "punishment ......" "I am interested in ......" sort of nonsense.
  30. e a statue motionless, his back to the job of all, Lily.
  31. "Soma Sama busy, what do I find a good, Rebagliati."
  32. Sound echoed outside Lily and soma together in the room.
  33. Standing next to his knees holding motionless Lord God is a human male.
  34. Long face, wearing glasses clear outline. Black pupil was very sharp, though he contrived to want to pretend to be a sensible man, however, leaked Xiexiao mouth but once exposed his nature.
  35. "However, it did not think you are still alive, the report said Kanu clearly told me you were dead ah?"
  36. Lily could not help but want to smack, finally bear down teeth.
  37. Zannis · Lustra.
  38. Head [Soma] · Familia, but also a Lv .2 adventurers.
  39. Zannis Lustra ​​is - [Wine_Guardian (Gandharva)].
  40. After the upgrade will no longer be subject to "the god of wine," the magic of mercy, has a powerful mind.
  41. Instead of on the command of the Lord God indifferent factions, most of the time he issued instructions to members. Rather, he is standing by the head of the - also unauthorized use of the name of the Lord God - for their own gain and manipulating members. Lily thrown with the huge flocks of ants (Killer Ant) in those colleagues who wanted to kill her exactly the same, there are people who crush the weak.
  42. lordFitted to play dead now, in order not to meet members of their specially deceive crept into the soma of individual room, did not think with most people do not want to encounter hit behind.
  43. "I just said," Kanu they "do not know when disappear as the ...... is what you have done?"
  44. "...... I do not know."
  45. Smile on his face still hung men ask questions, a clear conscience Lily replied candidly.
  46. As she effort not to show disgust on his face, while his voice low, eyes turned upon only secretly look Zannis.
  47. "Zannis Sama ...... anyway you please convey the purpose of this trip to Lily soma Sama."
  48. "Ah, there is this thing of it, made it back to the Story."
  49. Zannis chic nod to some pretentious action, leisurely to say the next sentence.
  50. "You know, that might make you vain league did it in order to repay your training so far soma Sama - you pay almost one million Wali enough of it."
  51. Lily at the beginning of a few seconds, the body's movements stagnated.
  52. Zannis in understanding the meaning, she greatly swallowed.
  53. "Soma Sama, you think of it?"
  54. "...... To you."
  55. Even Lily soma steering direction, and he did not just write-write-side, like being thrown into a wall and was bounced in stone, Soma stiff 桑尼斯 respond to questions.
  56. "One, ten million ......"sslevel
  57. The decision to let Lily in his face ashen, while nothing to say.
  58. There is no way to convey their cries to the Lord God immersed in the world of personal inner ear. Sinister side to side overlooking Zannis rebuttal here is pointless.
  59. Off the line like a doll-like, petite body suddenly did not put in the effort. To find ways to use the slender arm propped did not plunge down to the ground, Lily rest for some time before finally stood up.
  60. His face did not get angry, she stepped out of the staggering pace soma room.
  61. Watched the girls from between the double doors open through the figure, Zannis lifted the corners of the mouth.
  62. Not too long.
  63. Such as rotation and Lily like, a burly man entered the room.
  64. "Hey, Apollo group of guys here."
  65. He is a huge gourd hanging from his waist, his tone cool dwarf.
  66. Zannis on the eye and did not dwarf troublesome wildly shouted at him.
  67. "Hard, Chandler. Take them to a small room behind it."
  68. "Who control them, to bring your own band."
  69. Dwarves are called Chandler retorted on board with faces turned away.
  70. Looked like a nasty useless conversations wildly disappeared in the depths of the corridor, he shrugged helplessly exposed Zannis face.
  71. He turned back toward the Lord God said:
  72. "So soma Sama, they will continue to negotiate by in, you think of it?"
  73. "...... To you."
  74. Soma did not hear that concern the Italian response, Zannis nose gently smiled.
  75. Eyes hidden deep contempt and ridicule, he went straight away.
  76. After closing the voice sounded, the room was surrounded by silence.
  77. "......"
  78. Was left alone in the room gradually stopped male god I do not know what to say muttering.
  79. Around him, bathed in moonlight plant is dyed a blue bottle out of his closet, pull out the cork.
  80. Then, filled a glass of wine in one gulp.
  84. Chapter indignant rabbits
  88. Sunshine lit up neatly laid on the stone floor.
  90. Today is also the blue skies, under good weather this infection, the street also face smile, the whole street filled with people talking loud. Asian people plying the number of traffic are increasing carriage, spacious main street, the residents of the street and wearing a cloak of travelers that pass posture.
  92. Occupy the end of the street crowds and, in the city center, grow and beautiful blue sky white walls and towers from the depths of overlooking us.
  94. "But really, Mr. Bell, you can come back safe and sound really good."
  96. "Uh, let you bother ...... well, thank you very much."
  98. In the west corner of the main street, near the wine market "rich mistress," and I assure Miss Syl do not know how many times sent out an apology and thanks. The grayish hair all tied to the back of the head lady playing for Syl alive from the bottom of my heart 18 We are pleased to come back layer.
  100. Down the main floor distance (Goliath) and back to the ground, three days have passed.
  101. Not only did not succeed to escape, "middle", and even had to go into the first 18 layers refuge dilemma - this is the thing a week ago. At that time, the ground seems to have a lot of people worried about our safety. For example, I would stand in front of the Miss Syl, she did not use himself down to the dungeons to Sama who approach God, choosing instead to send his colleagues by Miss Ryuu to help us weather the storm.
  103. Many ways, without her assistance fairies we certainly can not be saved from this layer point of view, in addition to thanking my head already think of other words.
  105. Of course, Miss Syl to my mind makes me happy to say.
  107. Watching the smile, I want to be shy like a fool in the past wildly revealing smile.
  109. 'Physical condition, have not matter it? "
  111. "Yes, from Takemikazuchi Sama ...... always taken good care of from here [Familia] where he received treatment."
  113. Thanks to Takemikazuchi -Sama with special herbs that Miss Mikoto and Potion, I lose in the battle wounds, loss of physical and mental strength after three days of rest has been completely restored.
  115. k an empty contact acquaintances, put their safe return to tell them the news. I personally find on them, some of them to lay down a boulder in mind, some angrily swearword my meal, and some people just exposed reassuring smile, people have to make any response. Incidentally, I just came back to Miss Syl had been seen here, and so is the second time she has been exposed like a smile of joy.
  118. Back to the ground bathed in the sun, back to the familiar everyday ...... hope through something like this and miss their children meet again, I finally had a real sense of this. This is the people usually say, "The more experience anxiety and danger, the more joy survive high" it.
  120. I really, back.
  121. Musella noisy crowds along the street, which I know, my cheeks unconsciously loosened down.
  123. "Syl, skip words will be ...... Mia mother ah, sir Cranel you come ah."
  125. "Miss Ryuu."
  127. Miss Syl shouting voice came just wine market, Ms.Ryu said it out. "Good morning," she greets me. "Good morning," I replied politely.
  129. Off when entering the dungeons and fighting cloak worn clothing, uniforms replaced by a shop of her dress today, we can say she completely became clerk of the wine market. But I do know that both powerful and beautiful presence of masked adventurers, from «my point of view it ...... see her cute little body dressed waiter, does not know whether to describe the proper sense of dislocation, in short, naturally filled a little weird feeling.
  131. "Physically fit just fine. Just Dungeons back when you have been like a dead man's face as pale as I worry about the bad."
  133. "Ah, at that time, really trouble you ......"
  135. Indeed, my first 18 layers of chaos came a rampage, the results came back and made ​​himself not Sama-like. It certainly harm her worry about it. I do apologize to her, but she gently shook his head, he simply said "no." Her thin lips slightly relaxed.
  137. ...... Although there is no basis, but I think the distance between myself and Miss Ryuu becomes closer. Whether that sounds very gentle voice, or the more relaxed than the previous expression, although not carefully observe subtle to the extent absolutely can not find, but it does change.
  139. Although only a few days, but in the underground city to help each other's experience, and I really became closer to her feelings right opportunity.
  141. "...... Mr. Bell, you and Ryuu's conversational out?"
  143. "Uh, what?"
  145. "However, peeping can not oh?"
  147. "Uh, woo ......!"
  149. Miss Syl staring up at me for a while after they put up a finger suddenly leaned my face.
  150. For her warning, I can only moan issuing meaningless.
  152. When the news began to report to her safe return, Miss Syl like peeping incidents have put that out inquisitive to inquire about her, that ...... very harshly to see me naked lady Ryuu scolded. As it mingled with corporal punishment to training my meal.
  154. So far I have never seen so angry lady Syl. Older than me so I lost her preaching was ashamed or more than enough. No, this is regarded as self-inflicted it ...... I.
  156. Do things out on their own feel embarrassed, but also in reflection, I try to shrink from the body blushing.
  158. "Syl, it was just an accident, please do not blame Mr. Cranel."
  160. "Really, sulfur, how can you tell it is an accident?"
  162. "If he have evil thoughts, I would have put him on the spot to cut down on the."
  164. Must not be repeated for the second time - I want to die in the hearts set a swear.
  166. Waiter villain tribe hastened back and forth, which, to me and Lily opposite Welf smile."I have heard ryu said, and very powerful monsters you fight it?"
  168. I smiled stiffly, in this case, Miss Syl suddenly asked.
  170. In what she refers to the first 18 layers appear after the dog "Goliath", I "ah, yes," replied.
  172. "I heard that Mr. Bell struck down, is that true?"
  174. "Uh, no, that is ......"
  176. I immediately wanted to deny, however, Ms. ryu said , "Please do not humble," under the eyes of awe, I was about to blurt out the words swallowed. Do not belittle their own behavior to make - I recalled that when she asked if the bath ...... so he moves on to the stiff lady nodded Syl's issues.
  178. "Wow, amazing! Mr. Bell, you really become an adventurer can work independently of it!"
  180. "Ah ......"
  182. Looking snapped clapping, cheeks blush because of the excitement and Miss Syl, I can only smile.
  184. She praised both voice or respect in the eyes, makes me feel very comfortable, very happy, but I was hard chest rise with confidence.
  186. Said it was also true gamble.
  188. If less common on the battlefield fighting patch any one person, I will not be here.
  190. Although thanks to [the hero] desire to make a final attack to the battle for the full stop, however, until the release of protecting all blow up unsuspecting me, not someone else, it is their Achilles Miss. Do not mention the main floor, and just monsters swarmed around me certainly have no time to deal with.
  192. I have a lot of people are protected by their help.
  194. It Goliath is set down with our full strength - say it is the mis precisely because we crossed the gap between [Familia] solidarity in order to achieve the final victory.
  196. ost accurate.
  198. "Guests are notoriously wine market, I do not know why I feel it is also the scenery up."
  200. The idea of ​​me knew nothing, Miss Syl like themselves notoriously wildly happy.
  202. Her eyes narrowed fine and charming smile Sao get on my nerves, so I kind of illusion of deja vu, but did not give me much time to think, she continued:
  203. "I may, once again celebrate it? Rare everybody came back safe and sound, dinner here today, right?"
  205. Then before you do the upgrade over the celebration, a celebration will run again - she offered.
  207. Although very grateful to her sheer goodwill ...... but my mind suddenly emerge out of a character, I subconsciously turned down her request:
  208. "No, no matter how you say it does not bother to give us celebrate ...... uh, there is, I saw Miss Mia will be more embarrassed ......"
  210. Female boss lady Mia wine market seems to miss Ryuu without prior notice she entered the dungeon search our actions feel very angry. It is affiliated to factions (Familia) outside the painstaking rescue me, she is "Do not tread on face nose ah" to meal swearword.
  212. Miss Mia angry face surfaced in my mind, so I am very Johnson to retreat.
  213. "Hmmm, if you give Mia saw and heard my mother talk about the underground city, she should be a lot better mood Oh?"
  215. "Indeed, she was very adventurous person chivalrous legend."
  217. Find my contradiction, Miss Syl exposed like a laughing smile, Miss Luu also dull tone of her explanation to be supplemented.
  219. How do you want it? - Miss Syl considerate asked my decision. Poured out my heart and thanks to this guilt, but declined her invitation.
  221. "I'm sorry, this will let me refuse it. Tonight, I do a little something ......"
  223. "Ah, so ah?"
  225. "Mr. Cranel we say yes, Miss Rebagliati they?"
  227. Yes - I have to slightly bullish tone to answer, but nodded.
  229. Ms. Ryu just said the same, and today I have a prior engagement and his companions.
  233. The sun completely from the towering walls fall, the city was covered with pale blue of the night.
  235. At night the Oratoria gradually bustling.
  237. Cheerful singing and playing sound from pouring out the wine market or plaza. Stone glowing lights filled the streets, plus back from the maze adventure, every street is full of people.
  239. Which is located in the south of the bustling main street has a more lively street level.
  240. Different colors of light lit up the street, and its brightness is also by no means inferior compared with the Stars. Arranged in rows on either side of the busy street shops are tall and large, the appearance of both luxury and style. Like the wine market with high nobility exclusively for use elsewhere in the city is difficult to see the facilities and casinos like the Coliseum are everywhere. Worthy of the title of the bustling street, the main street south of feasting described as bustling.
  242. From street corner, the corner of the alley.
  244. Here's the wine market are hung imitate various animals such as birds or lions signs, to me, Lily and Welf this time in one of them, holding a beer mug or a smaller size of the glasses clink.
  246. "Cheers! "
  248. Pale beer bubbles accompanied us smile pop, beer from beer cup spill out. As if our voices and echoes the general, non-stop around the naughty adventurers seats also reported "click Clang, Clang cracking!" The sound of glass collision.
  250. Wine market, "Yan Ting bee" This wine farm shop head hung a sign with [Familia] red bee somewhat similar signs. This store stood silently in the bustling street Welf trail seems to be frequented by a wine farm, between parts of adventurers and smelting division seems also very popular. Looks like there are a lot of people became a signature wine shops - just like the boiling of a ruby ​​red mead get - captives, bursts going to drink again.
  251. "Although HESTIA Sama seem to know what ......"
  253. To deny the gods prepared ...... saw Goliath bird black God Sama say.
  255. Dungeon feel the presence of the gods who sent the assassin.
  256. Also, in order to keep their existence is perceived, the gods are in principle not to enter the dungeon.
  258. By analyzing the statements read out from the Sama in these HESTIA intelligence, people have speculated: between the gods and their underground city is not there some kind of grievances and disputes? Sure enough, the omniscient gods zero can not know who is behind the city's hidden in some secret underground?"HESTIA Sama have to tell you something?" Said Lily look to the side, I can only shake his head gently. After the end of the battle, though God Sama apologized, but has been reluctant to disclose specific reasons.
  261. "Ah, I have not."
  263. Welf questions, I answered frankly.The implication is that God Sama "do not ask," although I would very much like to know what to say ...... but still can not disobey God's divine Sama
  264. .
  265. However, I do not want her to tell me, no, there is no need for her to tell me.
  266. Understanding God's good intentions Sama, I will frankly accepted.
  268. Xie Ming underground city of "unknown", perhaps our adventurers task.
  269. God looked mollified Sama, I am a man come to the above conclusion.
  271. "Well, then how it is useless to discuss the situation ...... folk do?"
  273. Like want to drive away the gloomy atmosphere, Welf thrown topic.
  274. Surrounding the aftermath of the incident as well as the current situation, we started from the exchange of intelligence.
  276. Because it is a home built in the alley of shops, store space natural than "rich mistress" more narrow. However, whether it is even difficult to Nueshen packed a lot of round table, slightly dirty interior decoration, or to dwarves led by men of bold laughter, all people inexplicably felt so comfortable, it is incredible. Syl compared with their elegant Miss store atmosphere, this gives the wine market more "This is a wine adventure games" feeling.
  280. Even if two people struggling to explain why not help fuse the incident was concluded in order to "God disaster" - that God is the culprit Sama who, in giving them a stern warning, but also imposed a no leeway chastisement.
  282. Content punishment is ...... fine.
  284. "The amount of fines is how much?"
  286. "Uh ...... [Familia] assets and half.""Congratulations to [upgrade], Welf!"
  288. "This time, even if a formal division of the superior smelting, right now."
  290. "Ah ...... Thank you."
  292. "[Upgrade] Bell did not it?"
  295. Stay in the middle of about four days, although capacity has been greatly improved, but my ability to value [] does not rise to the next level.Welf very rare shy. His mouth leak smile, after he was unable to suppress their desire to realize the joy of evidence.
  297. After the first few days ago and forced marches conducted in the middle 18 layers fierce fighting, Welf finally [upgrade] - and from Lv .1 Lv rose .2 . At the same time, he also mastered the ability to develop "smelting" is.
  299. After this morning by Hephaestus Sama updated value [ability], [upgrade] Welf good news was revealed to the world. He first came up on me and God Sama Familia headquarters are located, with a smile to tell us the news. He soon informed Lily, so the three of us decided to open like a celebration of.
  301. This is a celebration of Welf became night and think of a superior smelting division of celebration.
  303. "In this way, you can feel free to use Welf Sama [Familia] signs, right?"
  305. Degree, "not to" casual ". Can be printed on the brand name, only Hephaestus or other executives who meet the requirements of the Equipment to confirm it. If we used to sell works of poor workmanship, it will only discredit on the goddess's name. "
  307. Welf in smelting division among the superiors Moxi, but also began to be allowed carved НΦαιτοS [] with the name of the Wu.
  309. Told him I say, and not all weapons can be engraved with a name ...... But I'm afraid, no, certainly, Welf works would become a popular commodity now. [НΦαιτοS] signs were that there are so loud.
  311. Only the superior division of the smelting works has been very valuable. If this update is published, Welf fame as smelting division should also spread it in one breath.
  313. While pleased to celebrate the good news for precious companion, and I regret a little revealing smile.
  315. "However, it erupted ...... team  disbanded, right?"
  317. Along the main floor of the topic, Welf talked aboutWjoin our team, elf reason to because you want to master the ability to "smelting" is. In his superiors became smelting division now agreed it expired.
  319. Welf also have goals, I can not limit his evil with his hi.
  321. As I make every effort to endure loneliness, Lily also like to say something, he did not know when to shut up ...... Welf scratched his head.
  323. Was like a brother to take care of, like, but also like to hide his shyness, his smile:
  324. "Do not expose the kind of abandoned rabbits face it."
  326. Welf while gently turning beer cups, while continuing to say:
  327. "You are my benefactor. Reached his goal on leave Cleveland is not my style."
  329. "Hey ......"
  331. "I need when I would call, in the future also with you together Dungeon Raiders."
  333. Well worry so Biexia - Welf laughed merrily.
  335. Blindsided me under that smile of infection can be turned sorrow to joy. Lily is also the side screwed up his eyes, so, once again we toast collide.
  337. Our team will continue in the future.
  339. "Anyway, Welf Sama to join the team only two weeks time ...... even so soon [upgrade], and Lily thought it would be more time-consuming."
  341. "In the past and your team, I had also intended to upgrade the hard training hard. Indeed, I did not expect to come this far ...... in the" middle "I'm five are almost dead."
  343. "Ah ha ha ......"
  345. In a noisy environment, the wine market, we also immersed in the conversation did not end being.
  347. We talked gap, cooking is also a road-side out. Ham surface is slightly scorched, and pour the vanilla sauce yaki also exudes heat. Try to store the recommended red mead a drink, throat and stomach suddenly filled with a surge of heat. Although the proposal was chosen because Welf celebration in this house, "Yan Ting bee," but it was found, the actual taste, here's food and beverage unexpectedly delicious. Even to the extent with "rich mistress" comparable. ...... As for the cost, it is cheaper here?
  349. Incidentally, God is bent Sama start to want to participate in this celebration of. But Hephaestus Sama has repeatedly told Welf "Do not let her go with" - hear the warning Hephaestus Sama mouth uttered by Welf ...... God Sama now also Distressed working in skyscrapers facility. Hearing God in the face of loss of expression of Sama send congratulations, Welf can only smile.
  353. "Lv .2 with Lv .1 compared to, whether it is required to obtain a baseline [experience], or upgrade to a total of indispensable is different ...... Moreover, the battle to win the final victory, by Well almost all sulfur Sama. "
  355. In order not to expose the true identity and use "magic" to transform into a werewolf child Lily while swinging around the side of said animal ears. I also agree with her.
  357. ...... Decisive final battle with the main floor (Goliath) between.
  360. We do not say, Raiders battle the main floor as well as to participate in risk-takers, "Rivera of the street", with the "Goliath" of live ammunition adventurers fought more than a hundred people. If coupled with the charge of destroying it to summon monsters people, engaged in the battle of adventurers has surpassed the number of five hundred, I am afraid of it.
  362. According to the law of war group, resulting from the monster that [experience] will be distributed among staff involved in the fighting. Miss Ryuu and Miss Asifei which, in order to stop the pace of Goliath and repeated life on the line melee combat - in short, active Miss Ryuu should be able to get a high rating. Undoubtedly, the main floor by the fighting and produced the most [experience] belong to her.
  364. With no Welf they would not give me a different monster final blow, completely alone.
  366. In order to protect companion single-handedly engaged the huge monster ...... even reminiscent share Heroes feat scene, now let me feel a little fear. Miss Ryuu battle scene was clearly presented in my mind, I can not help shivering.
  368. "...... As a result, in the end what is it, it would only Goliath?"
  370.  he unusual situtation that we are in the security field floor encountered.
  372. Review before moving their faces that we invariably encounter together, in order to keep around and lowered his voice heard.
  374. "Although I do not know that said do not be regarded as an unusual situation ...... but it certainly is safe bred floor main floor of this stupid, absolutely unheard of, oh."
  376. "Capability is also higher than normal floor master, right? That guy, but easily put superiors adventurers lift to fly Oh. If that happens again in the future, there are several life enough ah."
  378. "Say, yes it ......"
  380. Dark main floor. After strengthening the "maze of solitary king (Monster Rax)."
  382. Originally appeared disregard floor, will push us into the abyss of despair that exists can be said is simply not common brand.
  384. Only be described as an unusual situation, and even serious enough description of the situation.
  390. "Asked the Association issued a gag outset blessing, and no conspicuous confusion generated between the city with adventure. Know the details, it is only right we have parties."
  392. "After all, they stressed that was" absolutely not allowed to speak out, "Well ......"
  394. "Society is a group of guys really fight, ah, but the fines are really scary."
  396. "The first 18 Street "Rivera's layer" seems to have restored function. It is said that after the dungeon since there is no longer any mutation, has been very common. "
  398. Do not know because the thieves did so very sensitive intelligence, always asking a lot of gossip Lily almost one person tell all intelligence.
  400. City and Dungeon stage seemed to gradually return to normal. Although there are in order to prevent confusion and running around the Association of credit - but if the risk-takers appeared shaken, still have the greatest profit-loss through the maze of resources, management of the entire metropolitan Association -.
  402. But having said that, the residents have returned, "Rivera of the street," Mody. Obviously eat the kind of bitterness, which say they are fearless, or say they are desperate for the benefit of it .......
  404. "Saying it does not matter if there Bell Sama? Lily Society heard that you are not only embarrassing, also asked to be punished?"
  406. "Ah, er ......"
  408. Accurate in terms of our [Familia] with Hermes Sama [Familia].
  410. At the time of this incident recorded confessions, Hermes Sama and HESTIA Sama are mandatory guild called away. That seems to be the Association after severely scolded.
  413. "...... Really unsparing ah."
  415. Rather, we should feel better here.
  417. To be honest, useful in the development of the way, or with just the right bits and pieces to describe it [HESTIA · Familia] deposit is not much, as long as hundreds of thousands would be trouble - although in my eyes, it can be considered a large sum of money -.
  419. Then along the warm atmosphere, in the fight against the Lord's floor produced props fall "crusty Goliath" is also the presence of the risk-takers who demur to superimpose ...... I could make up some temporary loss . Although God Sama when the big bag filled with gold coins to the Association or not willing to trembling, but then pretending is a wise choice.
  421. The other side, Hermes Sama on the disaster.
  423. Very large factions [Hermes] · Familia seemingly save a lot of money, they were asked to be turned over large sums of money that we simply immeasurably. Revealing pale smile Hermes Sama countenance, still occasionally surfaced in my mind. Although Miss Asifei still wants to continue to just sigh.
  425. I only listened to rebuke towards the content of Welf groaned while hollow laugh.
  427. Could feel beside Lily was scared dare to breat"......?"
  429. Talk to a temporary close, guests under siege lively laugh, we are immersed in the food being.
  431. At this time, I noticed the silence beside Lily.
  433. "Lily ...... okay?"
  435. From just the beginning, I felt like Lily's strange.
  437. As long as we do not look at her, she's a preoccupied expression ...... in the end is how it happened? Although she tried to avoid eye contact with us happen, but Lily's heart always feel ...... drifting somewhere not here.
  439. When I was accosted fear and to Lily when she said "I'm sorry, Lily just get distracted," I exposed towards peace, or try to hide anything smile.
  441. "Bell Sama, Lily felt after the last event, outside evaluation of your affirmation to improve a lot, at least, took part in the main floor of that war adventure Raiders who have recognized your strength, right?"
  443. "Ah, ah ......"
  445. While on the topic of being turned away from some care, but I still ambiguous nod.
  447. I glanced toward the opposite seat, found Welf seems aware of. He was staring at Lily's shot from the side stick in the mouth from behind the beer mug. When he put it back on the table beer mug looked over towards me, as if to say, "she would say you insist it's useless." Like shrugged.
  449. Orc attitude Lily patter wagged his tail, appeared very good mood, watching her putting on airs, and I have the same idea with Welf.
  451. "- What, I just like to hear someone say that someone's" bunny "a notoriously long and strong is not it!"
  453. At this time, such as deliberately let us hear like, a rude sound from adjacent seats sit with our adventurers came over.
  455. There are six people sitting around the round table, where a family adventure villain who clamored up a hand with glass.
  456. +
  457. "Newcomers afraid of anything really convenient blanket! What also claimed the world's fastest rabbit, either lying or cheating are nobody, I have to face it, that sort of thing Anke make come!"
  459. Close to the young teenager voice voice reached every corner of the noisy wine farm. Bathed in the sight of the guests aroundclose above [Familia] badge. They me and Welf they also look to the next adventurers.
  461. Gold bows plus burning sphere ...... wrong, carved glorious sun sign.
  462. Also contains little people, including six adventurers adventurers shoulders, clothes  are members of other factions.
  464. Leaning against the back of the villain family men drank beer, directed dumb of me revealing a malicious smile.
  466. "Ah, but it seems spared Daoting fast. Can be upgraded, while also wet his pants while the results are Minotaur running around chasing it? Indeed the" rabbit ", really great talent ah!"
  468. He was laughing at me or insult me.
  470. Long with a pair of big eyes characteristic villain family adventure is probably deliberately let me just talk about what I wanted to hear a bunch of sarcastic. His fellow adventurers who also sat at the table, does not seem to intend to stop him, and all of a theater watching wildly here.
  472. He can not make a mockery of course I feel comfortable ...... but I chose silence.
  474. Friction between the factions with disabilities can be avoided. One was God, and Sama enrolled Miss Eina instilled rules [Familia] I decided to listen to their frank asked.
  476. And, although it is Johnson, but now I have neither completely angry determination, nor the courage to criticize back.
  478. Sounds like a challenge to even the laughter of revenue ears, I was a little restless, but still trying to ignore it.
  480. Did not know what to expect, our adventure around the onlookers who are exposed disappointed expression.
  482. "Do not think I do not know!" Rabbit "ganging up on other factions like the guy! Not only not sell low-smelting works division, as well as kid's head support, a team is rubbish!"
  484. However, when I once again turn their backs when the next table, this time pointing the finger of blame Welf and Lily. Man listening to his companions were proud of young voices, almost at endured not laugh.
  486. My shoulder suddenly startled.
  489. Can not ignore the argument. Companions were making fun of the fact that your hands do not let me go naturally inject effort.
  491. I looked behind and at the same time a glimpse of the reaction, Welf they speak:
  492. "With him, ignore him. Let him when it comes to comfort."
  494. "Bell Sama, please ignore him."
  496. Nothing like a human child Welf wildly drinking, Lily also advised me not to impulse.
  497. Long time never felt before in my wroth my throat, but under the advice of the two, I still bite to restrain himself.
  499. The man may have been that he drank wine and atmosphere of this place Xunde somewhat delirious, so I said to myself, take a deep breath trying to get back to calm.
  500. Then, do not know is that we ignore the gesture angered implement villain family adventure harsh smack under the tongue.
  502. Immediately, he yells:
  503. "Since neither the majesty of the goddess was not any dignity, she led the [Familia] was not much better go! For the Lord God is certainly not a good stock, Familia group was all soft foot shrimp !!"
  505. - Instant, the field of vision bursts of sparks.
  506. I suddenly Danfei chair, stood up.
  508. "Take it back !!"
  510. I shouted out.
  512. I am desperate, like a torn voice should be called out.
  514. Chair lying on the ground had a great movement, I still glared villain family man.
  515. he a. I was angry to such a degree.
  517. God Sama - revered Lord God himself insulted. There may be no more than this also makes me feel humiliated, I feel indignant thing. In front of the family who is also important to me that God (who) to acrimony while slandering her innocence.
  520. Suddenly the wine market becomes silent. Villain tribe of men are scared me a menacing roar Jiling, is afraid of you, showing a slight expression of cowardice.
  522. But he finally re-assumed a mocking face, trembling voice continued:
  523. "Say, say it in the Lord God is the kind of goddess shorty, you feel ashamed of people, right?"
  525. KA - blood into the brain together.
  526. Unable to start driving on the wrong side of the emotional swirl my body.
  527. "No, Bell Sama!?"
  529. Lily's voice does not help to stop, I was going to the front of this guy grabbed by the collar -
  531. Then, in my hand is about to hit the villain's family adventure - a moment ago.
  532. Plump! Suddenly kicked out from the side of the foot had hit the little people man's face.
  533. "Poof alas!?"
  535. Not accompanied by the sound of moaning, villain family adventure man and chair to the ground.
  537. Was brought down to the ground, he not only out of nosebleed, but also reveal the dirty looks, convulsions few fainted.
  539. This time the wine market was silence enveloped really. A silence before kick my release, the first step to what I want to do the Welf maintain extended left leg posture, bathed in sight around.
  541. He was trying to protect me, or that he had been angry it?
  543. Heedless scared blindsided me, Welf casually said something:
  544. "Foot slipped."
  546. Fine squint eyes, revealing fearless smile like a fuse Welf action.
  547. Villain family companions stood up at the same h.
  548. "Your kid!?"
  550. "Really dare hands ah !!"
  552. The other side of the table to be risk-takers who kick starting flying up in the air. Suddenly they heard the sound of broken vessels and attendant lament. Faced remove the obstacles out of the way of a straight line approximation of the opponent, does not change the militant Welf smile, a wave of pride and put his arm hit fly.
  554. Although I am a belated response, but after discovering there is a risk from the side of those who want to attack Welf, also decisively toward him collision.
  556. - Wow! ! Guests have stood around, a huge cheer erupted.
  558. "Ah really, so it's really a hopeless venture to say!"
  560. Narrow wine market was crazy surrounded. Lily's voice issued blame aside, however, fists and kicking the already sky flying.
  562. Big melee began. Other adventurers to themselves as the center of radiation to the surrounding tables and chairs made a mess, we are constantly deal with them, this show let fellow adventurers make guests unparalleled violent reaction. Raised his hand with blankets bottle and beer mug, is not even cheer could not hear the roar of the rough, just because they have around here and instantly becomes a narrow field of boxing.
  564. Under sufficient to disperse the darkness of night are surrounded by crazy, I escaped the enemy's attack to fight back. I do not know to upgrade to Lv .2 of Welf is not accustomed to fighting, he smartly pick one of the four opponents. Toward his adventures, without exception, who was Danfei out. I also take this opportunity to lean hurried squat, hands propped ground resorted to sweep Church legs. Orc accompanied adventurers "Wow!?" Sounds harsh and fell ass squatting child.
  566. Although the enemy's attack several times passing, but barely into the avant-garde and the defender of our cooperation still prevailed.
  568. "......"
  570. Just two pairs four lineup Battle going on, more and more excited when guests.
  571. Family of five fellow villain - one of the last people began to move.
  573. He drank wine sitting on a chair, then put the glass Shuaixiang floor stood up. Then on to the smooth action - but also in order to even have been acting on his left a speed I have no time to react - close Welf.
  575. Heart trembling. Be treated as a joke, is worthless loss - feelings instantly awake at that time.
  577. Miss Aizu my face in front of them pushed into the abyss of the object frustrated He is preparing to assault someone grabbed Welf arm with one hand put Welf out and throw in the opposite direction.
  579. "Wuwa!?"
  581. "Welf!?"
  583. See companion fiercely fell to earth, I did not think it rushed towards him in the past.
  584. I clenched fist to go forward - but only saw a cold smile.
  586. Then the enemy figure instantly become blurred, my surprise was a flash he easily passed.
  588. "-"
  590. His laugh is like dodge action only feet away I'm also quite confident.
  592. When I feel myself leaning indescribable trembling body potential, then headed toward a dramatic impact on the abdomen. My eyes widened to the limit, but understand - the original himself and his pass when he hit his knee.
  594. My body is slightly ricochet off the ground, but did not give me time to breathe, my shoulder was caught, and then it was tough to pull rolled over.
  596. Immediately, I occupy the entire field of fist hit my face.
  598. "Bell Sama!?"
  600. Was hit flew directly behind.
  602. Spectators adventurers who composed the wall quickly separated, I hit a round table behind. And Lily's lament together, I was hit on the wooden table accompanied by a huge sound into pieces.
  604. The center of the face so hot. I maintain a supine position on the ground, clutching his hand while a steady stream of gushing nosebleed, while struggling to lift his head.
  606. "Oh, just touched it?"
  608. Dividing wall opposite, he stood leisurely.
  609. Thin and high risk-takers.
  610. Not inferior goblins, humans US youth.
  612. Brown hair tied neatly together, white skin like women as delicate texture. All kinds of adventurers wearing uniforms outside the factions, led by metal earrings with decorations. His eyes are like a deep blue sea floor like.
  614. "That guy is ...... Hyacinthus. "
  616. "[The sun's light pet boy (Phoibos Apollon)] ......"
  618. "Lv .3 of a second-class adventurers Sama ah. "
  620. Guests around the distant sounds of noisy conversation, I only hear a few intermittently. Although only a few, but there are, I absolutely can not ignore intelligence.
  621. Lv .3 - second level adventurers.
  623. That is one level higher than me, the higher the risk-takers.
  625. "It really is unsparing, [unfinished newcomers (Little Rookie)]."
  627. Hyacinthus, youth is so called to men as relatively sharp voice said to me.
  628. His blue eyes swept the villain of syncope and family man lying on the ground moaning companions posture. The parties in this commotion, and now can only him standing.
  630. Lily rushed hurriedly ran towards me, but even with her arm, my trembling body still can not stand up well. Welf although also like knee propped up, but under the pressure of youth silent, He did not take any action.
  632. Young tease tease hair, blood toward his face grimacing look down over me.
  634. "I'll wait for the crime of injury time to light ...... companions Correspondingly we have to accept the compensation."
  636. I really saw - beautiful blue eyes narrowed in deep seam, and instantly flashed a child addicted to light.
  638. Then, his face filled with a sneer of his wildly as if to take a step up the victory, at this time.
  640. Like the wood is kicking loud spread around.
  642. "! "
  644. Wine market where people invariably looked in the past.
  646. We see ...... is sitting in a chair on the table flying kick, with gray hair werewolf youth.
  648. "Slag slag who trash still so like fun."
  650. Like in his gruff tone and fit like a carved blue tattoos on his face distorted.
  652. Looking at the facts of the extreme low interest beast's ears and tail exposed people, everyone swallowed.
  654. I am also surprised eyes widened.
  656. (That person is -)
  658. Not faded memory.
  660. I suppose I would be desperate to chase from the source of vision swordsman, occurring in the wine field for that matter.
  662. The Minotaur was to kill me curse worthless, [LOKI · Familia] adventurers.
  664. I remember the name really is called ...... Bert, sir?
  666. "You asked the blessing should not drink wine instead of becoming more difficult to drink yet. People also unsightly and noisy, go away."
  668. Faced with sharp eyes he exudes anger and full of pressure, fear of everyone around.
  669. And his fellow companions clown clothes are engraved logo. Faced with a reputation as a city of the largest factions of the group members [Familia], not only that, in the face of which is still held positions werewolf young cadres, the wine market adventurers have been scared off.
  671. Than the they miss aizu to savage, more hard-edged, but all but a serious atmosphere and they send out the exact same-not only me, other people feel it.
  673. "Well ...... really rough. [LOKI · Familia] what stuff really has. I did not expect to keep the dog did not even lock the ah."
  675. A timid, only that the United States under the nose of youth hum.
  676. Hear his answer, Mr. Burt almost as troublesome wildly amber eyes will look to him.
  678. "Ah, I Tisi you Oh, dead gay?"
  680. Werewolves and humans battle sight.
  682. Explosive atmosphere of the scene. They stared at each other for some time, the US youth looked away first.loki
  684. "No interest up."
  686. Then, the youth turned on.
  688. He said to his companions, "go" on a person out of the door of the wine market. Adventurers stand quivering picked up faint villain family man, who disappeared in the shop.
  690. Wait until the last man to leave, the wine market was restored silence.
  692. (...... He help us?)
  694. For the beauty of the young cast out a line of [LOKI · Familia] ...... For Mr. Bert, I do not know why this idea emerge.
  696. When I rubbed the side of his arm finally stopped bleeding nose, while feeling a slight confusion ...... just listen Kacha Kacha footsteps.
  697. Werewolf youth straight into my side came over.
  700. Despite the full puzzled me about the guests retire to the wine market, Mr. Bert get out of the way. He sat on the ground in front of me stopped.
  702. that I can not do anything silly sitting. At this time, a left hand slowly stretched over.
  704. He held out his hand to me - not even accept such kindness have time, the other side full momentum to grab my breast, he just pulled me up.
  706. Breathing stagnated.
  708. "- Do not carried away."
  710. He took my face closer, his eyes flashed a fierce light.
  712. He looks so close to the nose to a scared, I was scared almost to the soul was gone. He suddenly pulled from the ground up, eyes wide open in addition to the rest of what I can do.
  714. Mr. Burt was soon let go, let go of me. Woo boom, fell to the ground because I'm still leaning slightly dull and waist, he had turned his back to poor mood wildly out of the wine market here. Gray tail like a burning flame-like swinging.
  716. And his fellow companions rushed, hurried throw money chasing out counter.
  717. Following the US-led young adventurers, [LOKI · Familia] has left the "flame bee pavilion."
  719. "Okay, Bell Sama?"
  721. "The guy in the end want to do ......"
  723. Kneeling on the ground, Lily worried questions, rubbing the body is also looking at the front of the store Welf tell their own confusion.
  725. While I nodded in response to tough Lily's care, while along came next Welf looked out of sight. Only greeted the door wide open wine market, as well as the continuation of the infinite dark alley. Number one posted beaten face, lips rotten start to spread the current sharp sting.
  727. Attendants have begun to clean up the tables and chairs scattered fragments of the store.
  729. An indescribable atmosphere will remain in place for up surrounded us.
  732. "Uh, in fact, I signed a contract Welf ...... and smelting division to help me do a weapon."
  733. exposed expression of pain.
  735. We are now accepting God's treatment of Sama also report that incident to her wine market.
  737. Although shortly after the end of the "flame bee pavilion" riots.
  739. I, Welf and Lily back [HESTIA · Familia] base, which is the church of the hidden room.
  741. "Wu Wu, that was it, fight it ......"
  743. God Sama prolong the tone for my face painted cream. This cream is not expensive, even ordinary people can afford. Whenever ointment grazed wound, I do not consciously gh the injury is not serious, but God saw bell covered with bruises and abrasions back we still horrified after by Lily's mouth was restored calm to know the whole story. After we apologize to the owner of the wine market, issues of compensation to wait until [Familia] apply it we have with God Sama explained.
  745. "Bell Jun more angry than I thought, I'm a little happy, but feel a little sad ......"
  747. "Certainly affected by Welf Sama! Since I met Welf Sama, Bell-sama character is getting closer to the adventure!"
  749. "Hey, not so serious it ...... wow, you can not tap it!"
  751. I feel God in Sama gentle fingering while lying in bed, on the couch next to Lily as in practical actions that he "no reply drug incorrigible idiot" roughly the same position to wipe plaster Welf, Wei Wolf kept in the side Wa Wade protest.
  753. With the mood to cause trouble for us, Lily really like deep resentment, always annoying chatters with "Really." "Also, in turn, taught a lesson." "You have to worry about for the next I think about it ah. "
  755. Listen Lily complained, God Sama with a wry smile said to me:
  756. "I did not expect it, you actually will go to fight, Bell boy king is it."
  758. "......"
  760. Give me applicator slender finger movements very gentle. God help treat Sama more trouble, I'm sorry, but I implement silent.
  762. God Sama after treatment hand from me, motherhood like to me:
  764. "However, the fight is still bad Oh? Supporter Jun said yes, and you hurt."
  766. God heard Sama say, I got up from the bed.
  768. Recall what happened in the wine market, I can not help retorted:
  770. "However, the group of people are saying bad things about you ah!?"
  772. This may be my first rebellion against Sama. Lily and Welf not add a touch of medicine, looked up at us.
  774. If they say that even if I had, whatever they say I do not care how.
  776. However, they defame my most cherished, not only defamatory but also insulted, it taught me how can silent.
  778. God has given me a lot of important Sama things, but the little people man group of people, but an insult to her.
  780. I make every effort to control myself not because of too remorse and tears to the eyes injected power, trying not from God, where Sama blue eyes looked away.
  782. God Sama and I silently on the TV, not long smiled.
  785. "You can get angry I am very happy for me Oh, but, compared to slander, you are far more danger makes me feel sad."
  787. "......!"
  789. Some shake towards me, God Sama said softly:
  790. "I understand your feelings, standing opposite position, I will anger the Spitfire, but if I did and the other fights, was beaten ragged come back, Bell Jun think?"
  792. "...... Will want to cry."
  794. "Right? Yeah me too, although it may be a bit unfair, but only the Lord God (I) is said to cuss you do not get angry. God, this creature, the child can be safe and sound is the best thing to make them happy."
  796. Then God Sama exposed face smile.
  798. "Next time you want a smile on someone say: My Lord God, not because of this pettiness angry guy, her mind is not you can compare."
  800. God's loving Sama ...... goddess Sama brain fever smile makes me calm down.
  801. Before gushing flood of anger and unwilling, but only by God gently accepted all Sama.
  802. Such as child-like innocent smile resolve lump in my heart.
  804. Silent I nodded, apologized, said:
  805. "Next time, I'll hold back ...... I'm sorry."
  807. I looked down toward the convention, HESTIA Sama exposed like the warm stove flame-like smile.
  809. Banging her sitting on the bed and patted himself a position adjacent to, and I sat down obediently. Just sit down, she reached out and gently stroked my hair, although I was a little blush, but there is no escape.
  811. Upon seeing this, Lily could not help with Welf happy smile, we keep looking at the side.
  812. Peaceful atmosphere begins to flow in dilapidated church basement.
  814. "However, Lily is very concerned about the other's reaction ...... of course, they do not hold a grudge, you are no longer looking for trouble Bell Sama are the best ......"
  816. Just on things in the original God of Sama somehow getting hold up to me with confusion when Lily tells his own doubts; open and black dress to confirm their injury Welf Touyebutai answered her problem.
  818. "Yes my first shot, it does not shut anything Bell."
  820. "Perhaps that is not necessarily ...... However, if the other side is a high self-esteem are risk-takers, but also to face the [Familia], things may not be so simple."
  822. "Ah, really do."
  824. God Sama also face lift opinions on Lily agreed.
  826. "To put an end to the troubles, or should the Lord God and each other to talk directly to it."
  828. "That, I'm sorry, God Sama ......"
  830. I shrink from the body to apologize, then God Sama say "What is it, a trifle." Nothing had smiled at me wildly.
  832. Then, God Sama asked me:
  833. "You know each other's [Familia] What is it?"
  835. "Uh, I remember ......"
  837. Recalling the memory when the wine market, organize all sorts of information in his head.
  839. I say the first images that come to mind.
  841. "They are wearing sun sign."
  844. Bathed floating in the night sky the moon emitted light, made of metal shining glorious sun signs.
  846. Stone street light irradiation of visible, dark alleys.
  848. Humans, orcs, little people, six different races of men gathered in one of the numerous trail.
  850. "I spared it fast, Hyacinthus, why I always turn to do such a live ......"
  852. "Hmmm, not so you had any brains, Rouen, Oh, this is a great service."
  854. Hyacinthus toward his face still clear shoe prints left little man exposed appreciation smile, surrounded by the presence of people also have to reward him with words.
  855. Rouen, cried the little people were so adventurous teenager who goes on the whole face wrinkled up like his pair of facial expressions, it is being forced upon his own role of bad cop extreme manifestation of discontent.
  857. Hyacinthus overlooking dissatisfied, he rose again the mouth.
  858. "Although it was a spoiler, but the purpose is to reach a ......"
  860. Overflowing with street noise at night, it sounded very far away.
  861. Away from the bustling streets of this alley, no one overheard their conversation.
  862. US Youth humans slowly to say the name of the Lord God.
  864. "As a result, Apollo Sama will rejoice."
  866. Earrings worn on the ear shake down.
  868. Hyacinthus his eyes, looking up from the night of the month instead of the sun glowing.
  871. Two chapters Shall We Dance?
  873. "So, it does not matter the body has?"
  875. "Yes, it has been fully restored."
  877. I smiled and nodded to Miss Eina front.
  878. In the "flame bee Pavilion" will be held the next day after the celebration, I came to the headquarters of the Association.
  880. Place is the interview with the box, and as I am now discussing my lady Eina consultant conducted the status quo and the future course of action report.
  882. "Hey, I could be scared oh you? You did not hear back from the dungeon, or else my Hou Hou Eina heart almost jumped."
  884. "Yes, I'm sorry ......"
  886. "...... But, ah, or forgive Hello, you have something like this come back safe and sound."
  887. Miss Eina revealing smile.
  889. I was fascinated by her pretty little smile, cheeks also infected with joy.
  890. I remember a few days notice before the news of Miss Eina safe return, she was laughing and crying happy look.
  892. "Thank you very much, Miss Eina fire protection cloth elf ...... really useful."
  894. "Yeah ......"
  896. I thank Miss Eina wildly like a bashful one eye shut.
  897. Across the table, we looking at each other stare for a while.
  898. Somewhat embarrassed atmosphere between the two of us began to diffuse, at this moment, Miss Eina was merely a cough.
  900. "There is then, Bell Jun ...... although inconvenient say from my point ...... very dangerous thing, right?"
  902. "...... Yes."
  904. She asked what I know is not highlighted.
  906. Abnormal situation, the emergence of the main floor. Maybe it is just the Society staff are prohibited revisit the matter, Miss Eina did not intend inquisitive. In contrast, at the time just how dangerous? She hopes to find the answer to my mouth.
  908. I nodded firmly, "I know." Staring at the side of Miss Eina went back to nod.
  909. Rotary under glasses - grumble miles, jade-colored eyes looked me straight.
  912. "In order to be able to come in at least point in handy in the future, I will try, in short - the first increase in the amount of related prep Dungeons and scope of it."
  914. "Huh."
  916. "Before that you do not go yet, there is no floor to intelligence and security to teach you is my fault, through which events matter, but I understand, the underground city will encounter what kind of monsters situation ...... it is impossible to predict. ah, just in case, we want to know everything Dungeon job. "
  918. ...... I become risk-takers, since the decision was my advisor, Miss Eina that day, it has been accepted her crown with the name of the study will be private instruction. Regardless of the position by the Association, is entirely autonomous Miss Eina that learning will be held, I was forced to learn all aspects of the requirements of the relevant knowledge dungeons, monsters, and the ability of the types of natural Needless to say, even the intelligence of each floor are also included included.
  920. Although I used to experience proved that "I can stay alive her personal teaching contributed to" the facts ...... However, wreck, but also increase the intensity even learning. Miss Eina strict guidance to Miss Aizu practice with some of a fight.
  922. "Come with us now." Miss Eina cheek twitching toward me and just exposed indistinguishable smile.
  924. I did not hit the front of the heart may be in the care of people say my life and death.
  925. "Good ......" While I strive hollow laugh, while nodde
  927. "Then so, the following topics are planned for future ......"
  929. "Ah ...... Okay, I'm ready to enter the underground city in two days."
  931. I perk, Miss Eina answer questions.
  932. I say they want out of the trip.
  933. "There are two days of rest ...... so many days without a problem?"
  936. I mentioned that I signed a direct contract with the Welf, Miss Eina also like the look a gift horse nodded wildly.
  938. I'm moving in the first 18 in a forced process layer lost a lot of equipment. While the "Goliath" battle of light armored half destroyed can continue to use, but still volunteered Welf, the initiative to ask for me to re-create all of the Equipment.
  940. Acquisition "smelting" superior ability smelting division of work performance is far superior to the ordinary division smelting works. Then I became the superior armed or Welf smelting division took the first job, his motivation is high to an unprecedented level.
  941. In the end will make what weapons and armor it? I can not help jumping up.
  943. "In other words, re-enter the dungeon after the equipment until it is completed. By the way, began to explore again, when are you going to start where layers?"
  945. "I still want to get down from 13 beginning level, although went to the first 18 layers, but only accidentally ...... "
  947. After we confirm my plan, there are occasionally discussed in detail the future policy decisions.
  949. Immediate goal is the first 13 completely Raiders layer. Welf also upgraded to Lv .2 , and presumably the Raiders will be a lot easier than before, of course, I have not forgotten vigilant.
  951. Also, I do not know Miss Eina is not recognized by the strength of our team, introduced several adventurers guild gathering entrusted to me. Because many factors, usually associated with the underground city commissioned floor area is more "middle-level" below target.
  953. While I Miss Eina hope we can have more accumulated experience of good intentions expressed gratitude, while select two from her delegate sorted out; one is to obtain specific monster "
  956. After we have completed the discussion around the maze to explore, it rose from his chair and left the interview with the box.
  958. "Moreover, Bell monarch? Can not make [Familia] and other adventurers fight without a brain to think this behavior Oh? You seem to have been God HESTIA training over a meal, I would not say to you a ...... "
  960. "Well, good ......"
  962. "And other factions friction but one hundred harm Oh."
  964. "If there is no limit, then [Familia] fight with disabilities between the streets are likely to become a battleground Oh." Miss Eina undisguised challenge to understand that thing to me last night, I heard her mouth situation severity, I can not help but swallow saliva.
  965. Although I think experience has heart, but I know once again set about the crisis: a quarrel between factions with disabilities is very dangerous.
  967. "......?"
  969. At the time I entered the hall from the box out the window and prepare before Miss Eina farewell.
  971. Feel the gaze turned away, and I was standing in the hall corner of two female adventurers on the eyes. They like a confirmation of my hair and eyes staring wildly Look here for a while, then walked on toward the side.
  973. Now is the time since midday, where adventurers want it more than other times. Full of people across the white marble hall, in front of me with their Miss Eina stopped.
  975. "You are the Bell Cranel right?"
  977. "Yes, yes I am."
  979. Looks very strong short-haired girl asked. I nodded blankly until after this time they turn to stay behind with supple hair girl came forward trembling.
  981. "Uh, please accept this ......"
  983. She looked up at me, handed out an envelope.
  985. No, this is - entertaining book.
  987. Applying a wax seal, superior paper above to let people know who sent also engraved badge, and then engraved on it is the bow and arrow with the sun sign.
  989. Being female self-introduction, Miss Daphne say I envisioned belongs.
  990. I just looked up in surprise, short hair girl on the opening:
  991. "I'm Daphne (Daphhe), this child is Cassandra (Cassandra), as you can see, we are [Apollo] · Familia Oh."
  993. Reminiscent of the bow and arrow shooter with bright sun logo - [Apollo] · Familia. Familia same people in the wine market yesterday with the group of adventurers trouble.
  995. Miss Eina standing next to moving their faces near brush with me whisper say "Daphne · Laurel and Cassandra Elaine, the two are Lv .2 third level adventurers. "Miss Eina know the names of the two men, they are also on behalf of skilled adventurers it.
  997. They seem to start looking for me ...... they have been in this adventure between numerous guild headquarters waiting for me right there.
  998.  were older than me now. Miss Daphne bristling eyebrows initially gives the impression of hardcore, but it seems to be a bit more than I thought tolerant character.
  999. There are also factors in the whole body exudes atmosphere of it, but is always hanging card Miss Cassandra's eyes look more innocent.
  1002. As I confused react to that time, Miss Cassandra slowly to me:
  1003. "Uh, this is an invitation, Apollo Sama to open the" banquet ", if you have time, then ...... which, in fact, do not come is also possible ......"
  1005. Boom snapped Miss Daphne card Miss Cassandra knocked back of the head, the decision personally.
  1007. I just look to ignore the cold sweat, DC, "ah," she groans came forward, she staggered from the invitation and pointed to me.
  1009. "Be sure to give your Lord God, listen, I can not really give you, oh."
  1011. "...... I know."
  1013. I said that to understand under oppression, Miss Daphne it back a little. I do not know do not want to crap, she called on the card from Miss Cassandra ready before we left.
  1014. Shaking her short hair will be left, towards the side softly mumbled:
  1015. "Really sad."
  1017. Huh? I asked for Miss Daphne did not say anything.
  1018. Miss Cassandra nodded salute after moving here, began hurried to catch up with his back to leave her side.
  1020. I stood aside and Miss Eina together, while overlooking the hands of invitation.
  1023. That night.
  1025. In only two of the base, as usual, my God Sama to convey what happened during the day.
  1027. "'God feast' invitation to do ......"
  1029. God sitting on a chair surrounded by Sama hands booth overlooking invitation on the table.
  1031. Dinner table arrayed over tea, instead of working back tired Sama god, I'm working to clean up after dinner.
  1033. "Distance Jia Nisa do that," Banquet "also has a half months ...... I also wondering about someone to do."
  1035. "Feast of God" is the gods who self-organized party.
  1037. There seems showy banquet held power since the forces, and then reached the self-satisfied sense, but their main purpose is basically to get together Sahuan gods. Previously, God Sama also participated.
  1039. Then this time, will host two days' feast of God "is [Apollo] · Familia.
  1041. [Apollo] · Familia ...... I have investigated, the strength and quality of adventurers that factions are high, as if composing himself alone on the team down with the first 17 ​​main floor layer, grading Association is D .
  1044. With our weak [HESTIA · Familia] different, they are much more highly qualified [Familia].
  1046. "To how to do it?"
  1048. "And they just happened friction, can not ignore it ......"
  1050. God saw Sama exposed troubled expression, I feel sorry for them halfway.
  1052. I just [Apollo] · Familia had a dispute in the wine market, where if they specifically rejected the invitation, may not necessarily be for the thing to get them.
  1054. Ignore this invitation, usually equivalent to not speaking to each other face.
  1055. Toward the mouth pursed into a type of chemical composition of God Sama, I apologize, said:
  1056. "I'm sorry, God Sama ......"
  1058. "Ah, okay, do not feel that they have any responsibility Oh. ...... Better to say, in fact, I am not good at dealing with Apollo."
  1060. "Hey, there is the kind of thing ah?"
  1062. "Ah ...... heaven a lot of things happen."
  1064. God Sama then gradually ambiguous , I tilted the offing.
  1066. "Well, first no matter what ...... this banquet and party general not the same, but added a lot of effort."
  1068. Then, God Sama laughing while watching an invitation.
  1070. God handed the invitation until the hands of Sama, I have not read the contents inside, I can only God looked incredibly full of Sama interested in profile.
  1072. While I was good to wash dishes gracefully, while concerned about it: in the end what is written inside it?
  1074. "We are almost certainly going to participate, and they also give Takemikazuchi they sent it, so once rare, as everyone would join it."
  1076. We? I once again played a crooked head.
  1079. Some may not necessarily sudden, Oratoria ushered in the spring.
  1081. Winter thick cloud invisible, all kinds of flowers flourish season. Weather has become stable, while travelers visiting Oratoria seems to have more up. I was also about two months ago, taking advantage of the season and came upon this Oratoria. Here would be so full of vitality, and perhaps those of us who came from outside the city is also a great contribution to it.
  1083. Dissipate cold temperatures gradually rise.
  1085. I felt the pace is gradually approaching summer - however, my temperature is so high, because not simply by changing seasons, which I still have self-knowledge.
  1087. Gulp my body with the wheels from side to side while the sound, but from time to time in order to be sweat-soaked hands meaningless tease tease bangs.
  1089. I have to calm down the people, until the time comes that far, I have been looking out the window of the continuous passage of dark red street views.
  1091. Carriage stopped.
  1093. Horse neighing, I pushed the door workmanship senior, a person to get off.
  1094. Not accustomed to wearing a dress to wear - or is it a tuxedo I stepped down to the same high level of boots on the ground.
  1096. Then again stiff movements turned toward the girl is about to get off the hand.
  1098. Very happy smiling wildly out from the carriage, is HESTIA Sama.
  1100. She, like me dressed in suits evening dress, more beautiful than usual, more gorgeous.
  1102. "Thank you, Bell monarch, will serve a thing becomes a little."
  1104. "You, you flatter me ......"
  1106. God set foot on the ground Sama smile at me, but I'm still nervous.
  1108. Then a senior coach a box arrived, dressed in suits of several attractive men and women, the rich mansion final destination - no, in fact, would be mistaken for a huge palace hall facilities. Surrounded by everything around me makes me keep panic.
  1110. Today "God Feast" by [Apollo] · Familia past hosted different exceptions allowed to participate in a Familia, indeed intertwined alien gods and children party.
  1112. Typically "God feast" is not recognized Familia participate, but this confused fellow organizers as a condition to participate. Gods who would think that this requirement is very interesting, in order to show off their children with carefully selected members will join the. Mixed among male beauty God has finished goddess pose, could be seen everywhere costumed adventurers or artisans. So, I brought HESTIA Sama will become one of them.
  1114. Taya came dressed in peasant clothes and brought back very straight ...... this behavior in the eyes of others will not be bragging it?
  1116. Overlooking own body wearing a black tuxedo, this idea once produced te more expansive, but also makes me more and more strongly for their own "specially prepared for today's dress is not wrong place out?" Evaluation.
  1117. h
  1118. "Oh, it is suitable for you, Bell monarch, not so shy Oh, no problem."
  1120. God Sama see me uneasy, he advised me to take it easy. Maybe it is because they can prepare to dress nice and be glad, God looks very good mood Sama.
  1122. God Aomi Sama wearing colored dress, decorated with lots of lace and ruffles. The reason will have the effect of emphasizing the chest because the person wearing it is to have God stalwart chest Sama now. To be honest, I do not know that many times the line of sight on the go.
  1124. A country princess Sama ...... so described seemed a bit wrong, in short, today's Sama who God cute and beauty coexist.
  1126. "Sorry, HESTIA, Bell, from clothes to make a variety of other things to help you."
  1128. Following us Takemikazuchi Sama also came out from the carriage, he took the young lady that he Familia members of Mikoto. Of course, they are like us, are being installed.
  1130. Takemikazuchi Sama beginning with "I am being extreme poverty [Familia] still participate luxurious banquet feel resistance," on the grounds, and there is no intention to attend the banquet, but is HESTIA an Sama, "even to the king that Mikoto scenery once again How to "convince," says it is "accepted the proposal last smile HESTIA Sama. Our idea is to repay the care weekdays, on behalf of the rent they pay Sama Takemikazuchi carriage and dress money
  1131. .
  1132. Looking back, they once worth tens of thousands of Valley High Potion and dual properties Potion cheap sell us, just so that we can all be cheaper to repay us.
  1134. "Thank you for inviting us, Bell ......"
  1136. "That, that Miss Mikoto."
  1138. I speak from the positive and God Takemikazuchi Sama leave the Sama there, that lady dog ​​man accosted me on Mikoto.
  1140. Mikoto hands grasp towards that lady skirt part, I greatly nod.
  1142. Half-closed eyes of her face like a really happy Similarly, Pata, Pata, tail swaying also followed up.
  1144. "That lady Mikoto weekdays are wearing some plain clothes, so for me, she was wearing a tuxedo posture is very fresh, very charismatic. Her red dress fabric, but also carefully designed to hide the prosthetic right arm styles.
  1146. "...... Right?"
  1148. his is almost into the bar."
  1150. "Ah, then trouble Bell Jun Hello?"
  1152. "Good, good."
  1154. Under Takemikazuchi Sama's urging, I carefully took HESTIA Sama handed out hand.
  1155. Zhuantouwangxiang behind, luxurious palaces occupied my entire field of vision. Gods are like nobles towards the main entrance vestibule open around, and glorious gorgeous dress in formal admission Familia.
  1157. Sure enough, I can not help but want to moan.
  1159. Originally distant world - or that there is no contact, "the night of the world."
  1161. Although it is of God, held for the first time to Orario when there imagined such a society will have the opportunity to participate in their own party?
  1163. Excitement definitely say is a lie ...... but, with the exception of this tension prevailed.
  1164. Was a sight of my mind slowly take away the light breath, determined to take a step forward.
  1166. Imitate the people around, I told Takemikazuchi serve Sama with HESTIA Sama with that lady Mikoto, need someone to look up into the tall buildings.
  1168. Entrance hall to the gorgeous luxury compared with the appearance of the building and never less.
  1170. Stout pillars and exudes a brilliant gold and silver candlesticks, dizzying; no ceiling Great Room design great sense of openness; the town's two snowflakes seat wall marble statue is carved deities as the prototype of it, male gods and goddesses each one.
  1172. Lenovo makes it difficult and Hall took up extravagant yet towering grand staircase, on the second floor of the building was found to have a large room to do party.
  1174. Needless to say, has swelled the great room is quite luxurious; coupled with soaring ceilings chandelier chandeliers, a large number of long table filled with only the upper class who have a chance to taste the food; it is a huge balcony outside the window.
  1175. Sunset, the outside has been shrouded in darkness. Conference facilities located in the main street north of the border, maybe it is because of the exclusive residential area built in the middle of the reason, or the hustle and bustle of the wine market here away from the crowds of the night was very far away, even quiet to cast doubt on here really is located Oratoria extent.
  1177. This is probably the face of society can be said to be a unique atmosphere, I can not help but sigh.
  1179. "Ah ...... that person, I have seen ......"
  1181. "That long ago famous adventurer, very few people over there ...... Oh, their factions are some negative rumors, to giving advice anti ......"
  1184. As we continued to deepen in the room, one can see the famous adventurer. Beautiful fairy apparent reluctance to participate, dress the body stretched dwarves, orcs and some keen atmosphere Amazon, except God, there are a lot of Asian people venue.
  1185. I listened to that lady around Mikoto say all sorts of information, while look around.
  1187. "Oh, come ah."
  1189. "Takemikazuchi also somewhat unexpected."
  1191. "Hephaestus, A building!"
  1193. When we went to the corner when there is a goddess and a male god - Hephaestus Takemikazuchi Sama and Sama to greet us. Takemikazuchi Sama happily followed the HESTIA Sama ran toward them behind me and that lady Mikoto then nodded to them, and they "yo" "very spiritual thing" to us smile.
  1195. "A building is a life fellow monarch you, thank you before."
  1197. "No, no, yes, yes of ......!"
  1199. "Hephaestus kids where? I did not see it."
  1201. "He's a weirdo, the Lord God crowded out, go for a walk by himself."
  1203.  HESTIA Sama thanks objects, it stood Miss Takemikazuchi Sama life behind. A few days ago, a man broke into the "middle" to save us, but now she nervously incoherent.
  1204. Elegant brunette with Zhaqi wore evening dress are incessantly trembling ...... good, there are comrades.
  1206. Maybe it is and I do not wear a dress like experience life like a lady out on bare shoulders felt ashamed wildly huddled body, even became a red ears.
  1209. Hephaestus Takemikazuchi Sama and Sama in the side conversation, I looked at her eyes circle the way, she could not help but produce a sense of intimacy.
  1211. "- Ya Ya, it seems that everyone in attendance can also add me to a bar!!"
  1213. "Ah, Hermes."
  1215. Loud reached our ears.
  1217. Turned away, I saw Hermes Sama are jumping quickly came to his smiling eyes are bent in a crescent, this one saw his face, whispering Takemikazuchi Sama exposed to the disgust.
  1219. Followed next was Asifei bespectacled lady. "Hermes Sama, please keep it down again ......" As she admonition while endure sigh impulse.
  1221. "Why do you want to squeeze ah, so far we have no great friendship now."
  1223. "Hey Takemikazuchi, we do not just fought side by side it! Do not just take my exclusion ah!"
  1225. After a cheerful tone to finish, Hermes Sama to flexibly across from the side Takemikazuchi Sama.
  1227. He came before us, revealing a bright smile.
  1229. "Yeah, Bell king! You're the suit and you're a perfect match! Mikoto also pretty small that Oh!"
  1231. "Africa, thank you very much." "Thank you ......"
  1233. "Oh little Mikoto, you nervous? Do not waste a rare thing so cute!"
  1235. "May, cute ...... !?"
  1237. Takemikazuchi with Sama and I am different, Hermes Sama dressed some chaos, he began Sama from God to Miss Mikoto until that praise the staff again. Finally, like a good toy found life lady walked around wildly, took her hand and kissed her fingers. Bang! Miss Mikoto becomes more and more red last exploded.
  1239. Cracking, grumble! Takemikazuchi Sama beat him in the head, Miss Asifei then kicked him with the toe.
  1241. "People become more of it."
  1243. "In addition there are children of God, will be more lively than usual," banquet "of it."
  1245. I listened to the stream of sweat fell Hermes issued Menheng Sama, meanwhile, Hephaestus Sama and Sama Takemikazuchi said.
  1247. Indeed, more and more people to come ...... let me have a real party feel this kind of thing. The place where we only had enough noise.
  1249. But I finally got used to the atmosphere of this place.
  1251. "- Gentlemen, thank you to show up! "
  1253. Loud sound spread around.
  1255. Room, all eyes are focused on the depths of the room, a man of God appeared in there.
  1256. The sun emits light blond hair, just like the sun shining blond condensed from the magnificent, it is glamorous. Mouth smile is very bright, and he was correct, even beautiful beauty male and I have been the soul of the hook. He's tall too high.
  1258. Green leaves with his head wearing a laurel crown.
  1260. About men and women members was kind enough to not be wrong.
  1262. Sama who affirm that the Apollo Sama.
  1264. "This is a personal preference because I changed the rules, you think of it? Familia own cute dressed up like this bring to my party and so do not have a taste of it! "
  1266. Apollo Sama costumes sounds very appealing, like the booing of the gods who have sent waves of cheers, applause sent to him.
  1268. "Many of the same family can see and lovely children's faces, I am very happy. - I can feel it, tonight there will be a new encounter. "
  1270. Then continue to listen to him, suddenly.
  1272. I feel, glancing guests Apollo shot through the side of the line of sight of Sama.
  1274. (......?)
  1276. Exposed surprised expression I looked again, and back to front. Men of God who did not care about my appearance, without looking here, just proceed greetings.
  1278. ...... With [Apollo] · Familia happened between many things become a little bit nervous of not necessarily. I poured out the whole sense of violation and as illusion, in the heart wipe disappeared.
  1280. "Tonight is very long, whether it is the finest wine or food, please enjoy. "
  1282. So finally said, Apollo Sama opened his hands.
  1284. As if to echo contrast to men of God as the center filled with cheers. Many people drink wine and elegant hand, stir up a whole big room.
  1286. "God Sama ...... um, how do we do it?"
  1288. "Although Apollo wanted to say a few words ...... the first detour to it, he looks kinda busy."
  1290. I ask questions, beside HESTIA Sama to Sama looked in the direction of Apollo.
  1292. Although we would like to leave that matter as soon as possible to eradicate the bane of the wine market, but [Apollo] · Familia seemed really busy. Dressed in uniforms of the group members as a waiter constantly busy, the main god Apollo surrounded by a group of people were busy greeting. Even if there is no way to take forward a word to speak of it.
  1294. HESTIA just like Sama say, perhaps a little wait would be more right.
  1296. "Well, rare to visit, to enjoy the party right, you can also eat delicious food Oh, Bell monarch."
  1298. "Ah, good."
  1300. I urge Sama under God Takemikazuchi Sama joined them that circle, we have been drinking.
  1302. To, took the Miss Mikoto fed to the glass, and I do a lot of people talk about them joy.
  1303. "That, Miss Mikoto, the first 18 layers of time Thank you, by you a lot to take care of ...... "
  1305. "No, no, nothing in the next ......"
  1307. Maybe it is over a period of time shame eased, although Miss life stumbles but still answered me.
  1309. Not only is the search team that matter, there are risk-takers who God Sama abduction, she also came to help - I once again to thank her, she only shook her head gently.
  1311. "Bell Highness, you do it admirably. Even if the situation is still caught in the kind of bold challenge to the main floor, and finally settled with his hands to make ...... really ashamed, next on the scene can only sigh hearts."
  1313. "Well, that's not my power of one person, one person can not do anything to me ......"
  1315. Miss profound response to Mikoto, I do not consciously make up stuttering.
  1317. Two of them in mutual humility, when they simultaneously laughing.
  1319. "...... Bell Highness, if there's anything you can always come to me, would like to offer the following modest."
  1321. "Miss mikoto......"
  1323. "Li"Whether or hay cherry Highness Highness, His Highness Bell wants to be your strength, of course, is next."
  1325. "Uh, it ...... if you miss how difficult Mikoto, please come to us, we will help you."
  1327. Mutual support is the future.
  1329. When I told her that when Miss fate smiled.
  1331. Brush her hand, I blushed tightly back.
  1333. "It is rumored that the fast growth of Bell Highness surprisingly, what you have become strong secret?"
  1335. "Bell is the transformation of people, by the wonderful hand-made drink my medicine every day during drug strengthen ......"
  1337. "Please do not in vain!?"
  1339. That lady Mikoto also joined the conversation, during which I again looked around the periphery.
  1341. "God Feast" does not pay attention to the rumors that etiquette, God had opened his mouth and some loud laughter. How shall I say, though I well prepared in advance, but in fact I did not imagine that people restless.
  1343. This building magnificent building but rather made me feel cringe.
  1344. "That, the building is [Apollo] · Familia all things ...... they base it?"
  1346. "No, no, this facility is in the Society under the management of the commons, when necessary, to lend [Familia], or business people."
  1348. I questioned, Miss Asifei replied.
  1349. "Although there are people held in base" banquet ", but it was only Jia Nisa this bar. Usual [Familia] The base is not going to entertain other people into the factions."
  1351. "After all, it is equal to just sneak into someone else, what might be stolen confidential information."
  1353. Takemikazuchi Sama also explained to me, that was it, I appreciate.
  1355. We talk aside, Hephaestus and Hermes Sama Sama is look around.
  1357. "Today's" banquet "at a very different, it seems to a lot of usually do not see God."
  1359. "Ah Apollo really come up with something interesting."
  1361. I secretly glanced at the Hephaestus Sama talking to them.
  1362. After a little hesitation, I tried to ask questions of their own care.
  1364. "Excuse me ...... I ask, Apollo Sama was a kind of God?"
  1366. "Ah, very concerned about it, Bell king?"
  1368. "Yes." I nod Hermes asked Sama.
  1370. Orange eyes bowed Hermes Sama speak:
  1371. "Oh is an interesting guy, he and I in heaven when you have intercourse, he always surprises me constantly, often seen as a joke the other gods."
  1373. To hear the contents of unexpected, I did not react somewhat.
  1374. "As if to prove God to Sama, all factions of the members are Zhang mouth was charmed Freya Sama, regardless of gender, and even a lost soul wildly stupid people standing.
  1375. In short, is a brilliant guy constantly smell, is clearly not risk-takers, also took what [sad love (Farce)] nickname."
  1377. Sad, sad love?
  1379. What is it that is ...... die, can not fully understand.
  1381. "In other words, he is a keen love of God, is not it, HESTIA?"
  1383. "Ghosts know!"
  1385. I do not know when to begin eating with his back to us - to catch a meal is a meal - God toward Sama face Xiexiao Hermes Sama shouted back. She was buried in the back always feels devoured her mood may not be very good.
  1387.  HESTIA Sama Apollo has said are not good at dealing with Sama ...... what happened between you two?
  1389. "There is, I think - a deep obsession."
  1391. "Huh?"
  1393. Hermes Sama population last words made me turn my face back.
  1394. Just ask what the phrase meant.
  1396. Room entrance came furore put my voice buried.
  1398. "Ah ...... VIP to Hello."
  1400. Staring in the direction the sound came, Hermes Sama children wildly funny to say.
  1401. I also looked toward the depths of the crowd - and instantly understood the reason for the crowd commotion.
  1403. Under the focus of much attention, is with a huge silver-haired goddess footer orcs.
  1405. "Ah, that is ......"
  1407. "Freya Sama Oh, Bell king, you know Freya · Familia] [name of it?"
  1409. While I was too bright for her sense of the presence of breath, while for Sama Hermes then reluctantly nodded.
  1411. Freya · Familia] [-] and [LOKI · Familia keep pace with the strongest forces factions. Dominating the two factions Oratoria vertex is a metaphor of the world as the city's maze-headed, even fledgling adventurers, nor heard [Freya] · Familia Takeo and fame it.
  1413. Goddess front sight, is the kind of [Familia] Lord God ......?
  1415. To Freya's debut for the sector, the party suddenly bustling up to the point where she is beautiful.
  1417. Whether it is her silver eyes of beauty, or wrapped around the waist of plump breasts and willowy like tink-like dress, even her every move she makes a show of hands, can summon countless sight gaze. Even if such a distance interval, my face was thrown a red tide.
  1419. The first time I see so beautiful ...... God.
  1421. "- Slaves!?"
  1423. Accidentally I look into the fans, suddenly, HESTIA Sama double tail suddenly shocked.
  1424. She enjoyed cooking revel in the face lift. Freya look to Sama, and soon turned to me being in a daze.
  1426. Then like all understand, like, boom, aggressive lunged towards me.
  1428. "Can not see Freya, Bell Jun !!"
  1430. "Woo ah!?"
  1432. "If the kids staring at" the beauty of God, "Look, will be" charm ", became her captive!"
  1434. God Sama from the side hit back, almost overwhelmed me.
  1436. I finally stepped foot stable, when God wants to Freya Sama Sama also like to cover the same from me clutching my head.
  1438. "American spirit" - on an intellectual level, I know.
  1440. Whether it is God or the lower bound of the people, without exception, will be her "charm", called the US presence in itself is not an exaggeration beyond the present.
  1442. Our side is no exception: "No, no." That lady Mikoto began shaking, blushing lady life constantly moaning Miss Asifei the outset look completely different direction.
  1444. "Count Jia Nisa's" Banquet ", this is the second time ...... Freya would like the spotlight, it really is rare."
  1446. "Please, may I ask how it goes?"
  1448. "Freya will usually stay at the top of" Babel "is totally not appear in front of others, in those who worship God in her man, even a ray of hope that people will bet on a special trip to participate in the" banquet "Oh."
  1450. I propose to ask Hephaestus Sama whisper in Sama fighting with God, while Hermes Sama have heard supplement.
  1452. ...... Does not appear in front of others, and if every time something like this gathering of so many people's eyes, and even walk normally have a problem now. While the Sama Freya liked the spotlight is still unknown, but if she just go out, no doubt set off chaos.
  1453. They looked to be a man of God surrounded by layers of Freya Sama, I think so.
  1455. "-"
  1457. At that time, silver eyes caught the side.
  1459. Action suddenly stopped Freya Sama stared for a few seconds ...... I suddenly smiling at me.
  1461. Cracking boom, boom cracking, she accompanied footsteps forward, seemed to have an invisible wall surface, the crowd in front of her spread automatically clear the way for her. Holding my HESTIA Sama also widened his eyes, with the orcs from those of Sama in the blink of an eye goddess came to our eyes.
  1463. "You have come ah, HESTIA, and Hephaestus are, after God would have not seen it?"
  1465. "...... Yeah, Freya, what do you do?"
  1467. Freya smiles greet Sama; HESTIA Sama jumped from my body, put on alert posture.
  1469. "Your spirit is like." Hephaestus Sama Favor Road, while the side of God is brewing intimidate Sama atmosphere.
  1471. "Nothing, just come and greet you, oh? Usually see a lot of face together, I will come to see the way Hello."
  1473. Then, the male gods Freya Sama winking.
  1475. Under the spell of her sight, Hermes Sama put on a color Mimi's face; Takemikazuchi Sama blushing slightly, "Hou Hou" cough; Takemikazuchi Sama is normally compliment say, "Tonight you still beautiful. "
  1477. Carter, the gods were on the subject of women's stampede scratched Familia beat attack, but also bursts of "goo ah!?" "Yeah woo!?" "Oh, slave!?" Triple lament, I was scared step back.
  1479. Then, silver and finally stopped at the sight of my face.
  1481. Her eyes seemed to take my inhaler which I Jiyu moan, but Freya Sama laugh deeper.
  1482. Her natural hand movements, stroking my cheek.
  1484. "- Tonight, you can spend the night with me?"
  1486. "- Of the head ah !!"
  1488. Freya Sama asked, shouting HESTIA Sama.
  1489. God Sama to stick in my hand and knocked on his face, flushed excited.
  1491. "You do not blush at that, Bell Jun!?"
  1493. "Yes, I'm sorry!?"
  1495. sten, this goddess, but the man caught on a swallow like a monster !! Oh, and if the other guy is like a rabbit (you) like a child, a daze will be none left to eat the bones Oh! ? "
  1497. "Ah ...... wow !!"
  1499. Sama standing in front of the image of God scared me can not help his back, almost like magic is rapid-fire (flame volts) consecutive hit feeling.
  1501. Even double tail also mobilized tell God I strongly positive Sama Freya dangerous Sama.
  1503. "Really, really sorry."
  1505. The other side, revealing a bad heart Freya Sama smile.
  1507. She enjoyed the full reaction HESTIA Sama after they simply to receive hands.
  1509. "Seems to harm HESTIA not happy, I have to go, see you next time oh."
  1511. Whether fixed in situ HESTIA Sama, Sama turned Freya. "Horta." After the call had to wait from the side, she went out. I was the person - more than two meters tall man glanced pigs scared shivering, while Freya Sama to follow their gaze back.
  1512. Beautiful silver hair again surrounded the crowd slowly gone.
  1514. "- So quickly that the trouble to find a goat Yeah."
  1516. Just as if the gap after the storm in the past, no time opening.
  1517. The voice came from the other direction.
  1519. When I was surprised to turn the last time - ushered in the biggest shake today.
  1521. "LOKI !?"
  1523. "Yo little, do you still wearing the dress, the whole really can not do anything you had to tiptoe Hello."
  1525.  HESTIA Sama shouting objects are men dressed in suits redhead goddess.
  1526. And, standing next to her.
  1528. Wearing a beautiful dress, blond girl golden eyes.
  1530. "...... !?"
  1532. I stared, sounded flushing.
  1534. Very ashamed wildly wearing a light green tone clothes girl, standing in front of me, Miss Aizu.
  1536. "What time to, ah, you!? Stirring not even a little!"
  1538. "Do not talk nonsense ah idiot !! I also sense when entering the high spirit of the, ah, but the limelight are the rotten chest robbed ah!?"
  1540. It seems Miss Aizu and her Lord God LOKI Sama also came not long. But we just talk in Sama and Freya, did not notice that they come in.
  1542. Not wearing a dress but LOKI Sama men, and Miss Aizu evening gowns. Just like Missy guard followed the same pair of images from the reversal of the main great feeling.
  1543. Body heat, nowhere distribution.
  1545. Eyes were as if flying from picture books in the general Sama princess Miss Aizu posture tightly attracted no law even further away.
  1547. Light green dress chest with the back open, her great beauty shoulder glance. The dress is full of exquisite embroidery and decorative, this is probably an Sama LOKI chief designer clothes and money-consuming obsession is evident. Miss Aizu hands still smooth texture with long gloves.
  1549. Zhaqi golden hair was part of the freedom to fall to near the middle of the back.
  1550. Coupled with cute looks slightly dyed slender neck, revealing dress among Valley, as well as extend down from the slender waist skirt.
  1552. Neither adventurers nor Miss Aizu swordsman there.
  1554. With the United States at that time to forget the time God is the soul of the hook to feel different, chest produces a grand high-ming.
  1556. Reach every corner of systemic instigation let me hear other voices.
  1558. "Ah ......"
  1560. "......!"
  1562. I Miss Aizu face lift just right on the eye, both a loss for words.
  1564. My face getting red, and she has a slight bow, broken pieces began to call the tune.
  1565. Rustled sieve, hid in the shadows behind LOKI Sama.
  1567. Well, well cute ......!
  1569. "...... Well jeer."
  1571. "Sore!?"
  1573. I wonder is not that look into the fans of Miss Aizu my stupid face is to gas, God Sama resorted to severely crack me grab attack.
  1575. "Ah, that the juvenile is a small point of Familia you ......"
  1577.  LOKI Sama nearby staring over his thigh pain I look up.
  1580. Vermilion eyes were staring, I can not help but closed his mouth, she unceremoniously looking, feeling a little uncomfortable lasted for a while.
  1582. Not long after.
  1584. "Look how good are nothing of it, but with our family of Aizu charcoal cloud of mud!"
  1586. Hit me mercilessly criticized.
  1587. Although I also have good enough sword Kyi conscious, but the damage is still very large.
  1589. As I staggered up the pace, God Sama cheek cramps up.
  1591. She cocked eyes, a finger pointing LOKI Sama.
  1593. "Know, like before, but I did so this time in direct contention told me ashamed of you than I do Familia!? Oh, their brains simply to yo!"
  1595. "- Ah ah?"
  1597. Beep cracking, LOKI Sama's face burst veins.
  1599. "After all of your home with a certain Warren Bell compared to my house several times monarch should know the lovely blanket! Like a rabbit, very likable Oh !!"
  1601. "Do not let people laugh at the idiots !! Aizu charcoal but our family both strength and handsome than your home more than a million times stronger Oh!?"
  1602. Ugly Familia flaunt broke out.
  1604. To immediately necessary to pinch each of two momentum quarrel Lord God. Again, ah, Hephaestus tired Sama say; Takemikazuchi Sama they are side hollow laugh; they are stunned that Miss Mikoto could not move his mouth half open.
  1606. And I poured out the "poor relations really good" idea, while in dumb despair.
  1608. Insurmountable gender relations between ...... [Familia] scene in front of a symbol that is it truthfully.
  1610. Noting their bitter quarrel HESTIA Sama, "This also saw some" "good fun" "beautiful,"
  1611. one after another around the gods who are to gather over. I told Miss Aizu almost feel a little shame, have begun trying to pull the Lord God who quarrel.
  1613. Whistling, breathing heavily goddess who intimidate each other. Hermes Sama through mediation, the two finally willing to let go of.
  1615. "...... Whispering sound, small point around rare atmosphere is gone!"
  1617. "That was the side of the lines !!"
  1619. "Well, go, Aizu charcoal!"
  1621. "We have to go, Bell king!"
  1623.  LOKI Sama and HESTIA Sama walked in the opposite direction, and I caught the hand of Miss Aizu also to follow up.
  1625. Ah, when I hurried back to the time, the moment and the same line of sight intersects the back of her.
  1627. If she and I spoke, then, if that person heard the sound of words - chest faint embrace this as we look forward to the two gradually vanished distance away.
  1629. Am ashamed that I have neither the courage to throw off hand of God, and no determination LOKI rushed in front of Sama. I told her that gradually receding figure'm sorry, but at the same time thought, this is the original distance between the two of us, to experience the different locations where we are. So far, the first in 18 of those contact layer as it is a special case.
  1631. LOKI Sama is gradually gathered around to walk away from the crowd, aching to give up the idea and make me feel inferior to the line of sight from now also looking at the side where the man looked away.
  1633. I gave up the idea of ​​talking with Miss Aizu, Sama began to follow God moving in the venue.
  1637. After some time, I was with HESTIA Sama, one by one, beginning with her acquaintances. I was introduced to everyone looks good goddesses and male gods, while the tension side is finally out of the written word.
  1639. Soon, the party started after about two hours, I was able to rest.
  1641. I am a man left the crowd, out of the way and went to the wall.
  1643. "Call ......"
  1645. I leaned against the wall, can not help but sigh.
  1647. I do not know, maybe a little tired.
  1649. Under-glorious chandelier shining, I'm just overlooking the venue, want nothing.
  1650. Another disk shipped in a luxury food, as well as distribution of dark wine waiter. I do not know where the outflow of wonderful music, people started dancing in the middle of a large room. Vision corner, you can see HESTIA LOKI Sama and Sama did not learn a lesson, they began to quarrel.
  1652. (Sure enough, I feel so strange ......)
  1654. Gazing at the elegant dance of attractive men and women danced, I muttered.
  1655. Shining bright gorgeous world. Told me yesterday which is completely different to other places in the world.
  1657. Maybe it is a solitary wrong, always feel and this place is not commensurate. Was suddenly thrown into an uneasy never touched the world produced, I feel now possible and it is very close to such mood swings.
  1659. Always felt, and feel that is about to enter the dungeon when almost.
  1660. If you still have a chance in the future, I can get used to in front of the world?
  1661. A little bit hard to imagine.
  1663. "......"
  1665. As if to flee the scene before like, I will not back against the wall.
  1667. A little walk, went to open the window and went outside.
  1669. Moment into the balcony, I was surrounded by the clarity of the night air.
  1671. The head is no cloud in the sky. Pale-colored cover of darkness around, blinking blocks from the main direction of the light side of the invisible star points. Very cool night wind blowing through the skin.
  1673. Breathe gently, feeling their savings in a variety of body pains are gone.
  1674. Thinking becomes very clear.
  1676. "......?"
  1678. Just when I was feeling down for more than the outside air and approached the fence luxury workmanship.
  1680. When I have a green lawn overlooking the shop and built a spacious courtyard with a fountain, found two shadows.
  1682. (That is ......)
  1684. As the venue of the building sitting on vast territory, they now are in the courtyard, surrounded by some of the towering trees. In a little reminiscent of the trees of the forest below, banquet shade of light can not reach.
  1686. In the "flame bee pavilion" beat my beauty young ...... Mr. Hyacinthus, and I've never seen a human male's right there.
  1688. Two people, what to say ......?
  1690. "Fast, then tomorrow morning ...... ...... according to plan the timing of the shot by me and other ...... can it, Zannis? "
  1692. "This is not to say ...... you pay ......"
  1694. In the premonition can not express in words, driven by reflex action I take.
  1695. Concentrate, by [value] to strengthen the ability of the auditory amplification.
  1697. The other's position is far away from the balcony, I read their lips through the eyes wide open action, finally predict a part of their conversation.
  1699. Zannis ......?
  1701. This is the opposite of Mr. Hyacinthus male name it.
  1703. Eavesdropping on their own behavior has been perceived, and I was leaning against the side of the fence balcony unearthed the body.
  1705. However, I just do it, Mr. Hyacinthus suddenly look to the side, is aware of my breath yet, his blue eyes and my eyes collide, and instantly, my breath stalled.
  1707. "Bell king?"
  1709. "!"
  1711. I heard someone behind me, I turned around.
  1713. Standing by the window, and is Hermes Sama. Behind him, a large room is still lively scene, I looked at him, and turn back to the courtyard of sight.
  1714. Mr. Hyacinthus they suddenly missing.
  1716. "What are you doing in a place like that?"
  1718. "Ah, no ...... nothing."
  1720. I came to Hermes Sama answered, slightly slurred speech.
  1721. Overheard someone talking this thing makes me feel a little guilty conscience, though in the end they really care about what he was saying, I just did not do anything to perfunctory in the past.
  1723. "...... Well, to, drink."
  1725. " thank you ......"
  1727. Which he took at the hands of one of the two glasses and handed to me.
  1728. Sip, like water. To be honest, I'm glad the water, not in the mood to drink now.
  1729. Anyway why are you here? When I was amazed to look to Sama when Hermes, emitting a faint taste of wine is wine Hermes Sama will smile at me.
  1731. "Because there has been no opportunity to talk to no good, I'm not sorry it is really lovely girl, can I?"
  1733. Funny to hear him say, I laughed out, "Of course." I readily agreed.
  1735. I revive the spirit of the body facing straight Hermes Sama in the balcony.
  1737. "You with the rapid growth of HESTIA it really is sigh, before I quite concerned about you, but in the first 18 layers witnessed your battle, and now I have completely become a fan of your oh. "
  1739. "You, you flatter me ......"
  1741. Initially Leaning against th I was a little nervous, but the Sama in front of Hermes revealing smile, I know I did not put in the effort shoulders. He sometimes appreciated, sometimes teasing, and sometimes play the fool, than anyone I have encountered so far know better speaking skills.
  1743. From the large room out of the gentle melody, and I confided Hermes Sama talking.
  1745. "Bell kun, why would you want to risk-takers?"
  1747. e railing, Hermes Sama so asked.
  1749. I'm speechless the moment. Such as "seek to encounter the fate of the underground city ~! "Or" can not give up the dream of becoming a hero ~! Reason "and the like, are now so if you still say that I feel very ashamed.
  1751. I scratched his cheek, after a little trouble, he said:
  1753. "Grandfather ...... raising my family before he died he said to me ......" Oratoria everything, want to go '. "
  1755. "Is that right?"
  1757. "In Oratoria, whether it is to make money, or, um, want and lovely girl encounter, do what you want ...... If you have that heart, then join the goddess (beauty) of [Familia], fast becoming Familia (family) is also possible. "
  1759. "- Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  1761. Slender chin toward the sky, Hermes Sama laughed.
  1762. Saw him smile all cover their stomach, I blush to say the last word:
  1764. "'Can become a hero, determined, then you go." ...... Grandfather says so. "
  1766. Not who instigated their own decision.
  1768. Grandfather had once so alive with the then still young, I say.
  1770. That is, the reason I came Oratoria. Jingwei become risk-takers.
  1772. I lost my grandfather's grandfather left desperately thinking, then constantly worry, and ultimately made a choice.
  1774. Warm desire to seek family.
  1775. Want to achieve the vision of childhood - fetters and grandfather (memories) - want to seek encounter.
  1776. Also, somewhere in the heart of the hero also carries a vision, I came Oratoria.
  1777. I have been told to Hermes Sama, however at the same time, I immersed myself in the memories. Slight bow, eyes constantly hovering on the ground, I thought back to the time of the memory.
  1779. "...... Raising monarch Bell grew up in the family, sounds like a happy people do."
  1781. "Is it, ah, is a funny guy."
  1783. Can not help but smile, because I think that using the word to describe a happy grandfather most fitting.
  1785. Smiling at the side of the Hermes Sama tilt the glass, the remaining wine in one gulp.
  1787. "In other words, Bell kun before coming Oratoria , has been living in the home?"
  1789. "Yes, in the depths of the mountain farmland ...... So I have a lot of things have never seen."
  1792. Although a little embarrassed, I was implicit his worldly facts, heard, Hermes Sama slightly narrowed eyes.
  1794. Originally slender eyes return to normal from the bow on, he stared at me.
  1796. "Well, you know that Zeus God?"
  1798. Then, on a column of God questions to me.
  1800. "Zeus Sama ...... No, never heard of, is the famous God?"
  1802. "Ah, he is a self-sustained monarchs of the gods coming to this earth (Oratoria), and was the strongest [Familia] Oh Lord God."
  1804. Hermes Sama tells mouth  content so I stared.
  1806. "The most strongest should not be LOKI · Familia [] and [] Freya · Familia do ......?"
  1808. "Not so long ago Oh, now forces the situation is formed in about fifteen years ago."
  1810. Fifteen years ago ...... I subconsciously whispered softly.
  1812. Hermes Sama would like to continue to explain:
  1814. "Before the rise of LOKI with Freya Sama monarchs vertex Oratoria, who is a man of God (Zeus) and goddesses (Hera) command of the two factions. However, fifteen years ago, the situation changes, LOKI they put them overthrown and driven out of the city. "
  1816. "...... Zeus Sama they are in [Familia] forces battles lost?"
  1818. "Also, you're right, however, lifted the direct cause of that transition from the old factions, was commissioned by the failure of an adventure."
  1820. Then, as if to say is the next topic.
  1822. Hermes Sama in front of me put up three fingers.
  1824. "Oratoria down there the whole earth public sector," commissioned by the three adventurers'. "
  1826. My eyes out in front of my three fingers will be attracted in the past.
  1828. "In the kids call" ancient era ", there are three monsters from the underground city came to the ground - which is the content commissioned crusade"
  1830. "That ...... uh ......"
  1832. "Yes, it is still alive ...... to open a big hole in the dungeon out of the ancient monster, is still alive."
  1834. I swallowed a sigh of relief.
  1836. Era "ancient" and about the dungeons of years ago out of the monster is still alive, and even monarchs of the earth - a fact that makes me swallow breath.
  1838. According to Hermes Sama say ...... they are not like before that Miss Mikoto explained to me by the ancestors (initial) monsters spawned offspring.
  1840. "Although I feel no need to say that this city by the dungeon maze grace, gathered on the basis of the world's strongest adventurers For Oratoria, the crusade against his own territory from the ground to escape both of those monsters responsibilities and obligations, but also only they are qualified. "
  1842. Just look at the sheer forces Oratoria one of the best in the world. This is because the monster's den called dungeon adventurers constantly honed so that they have a steady stream of opportunities to [upgrade]. Only with the deterioration of the earth from our ancestors have long lived together fighting monsters or humans, in terms of quantity and quality point of view, the experience gained [value] and the degree of trial experience will be greatly reduced. The so-called strong capabilities around the world value it at up to Lv .2 and Lv .3 hovering between.
  1844. Urban maze known as the "center of the world" is the biggest reason, precisely because it has a huge security force.
  1846. "Fifteen years ago ...... positive forces of Zeus and Hera most prosperous period, known as the most ancient of them [Familia] has been carefully prepared, then proceed to go crusade against monsters, they have defeated the king of the land of (Behemoth) and Sea King (Leviathan) .-- then. "
  1848. Shrink from two fingers Hermes Sama last one to leave, saying:
  1850. "Lost to the last one," Black Dragon ", the results of military destruction."
  1852. I stared.
  1854. "Black, Black Dragon, how would ......" dragon eyes "it?"
  1856. "Ah, you know?"
  1858. I know, I know.
  1860. A child, I have particularly fond of fairy tale come across the symbol of despair.
  1861. Time dating back to "ancient", tells the story in this piece of land to build Oratoria Albert legendary heroes, young love during my book "Labyrinth sacred Tan (Dungeon Oratoria)" - appear in its final chapter , tyrannical monster.
  1863. The strongest hero in their lives in exchange, shattering its eye, forcing them to leave the land of the dragon.
  1865. Hermes Sama hear questions, stiff nod my throat can not help sobbing.
  1867. Disaster and alive, living heritage, living end.
  1869. In a large number of heroic legends and myths of various types are patiently brought the legendary presence and is not limited to the story alive and exist in this world ...... let the fact that I was an unparalleled impact.
  1871. "Was" Black Dragon "anti-kill Zeus and Hera [Familia] lost two main fighting force, power factions sharp recession here back to the original topic, then, LOKI Freya Sama together with , regarded as a thorn - No, the relationship between them out of the super-poor city. "
  1873. Hermes Sama smile and shrugged.
  1875. "That is the trend of the times as it, they had been dating for a long time with Zeus guild did not shelter them."
  1877. Perhaps the shelter could not be more appropriate to say it, he finally added.
  1879. "Zeus is just mentioned probably collapse, and now Oratoria's situation."
  1881. "......"
  1883. "All in all, the three adventurers commissioned remaining one -" Black Dragon "crusade is COMPASSION world, as Oratoria adventurers, you keep in mind is."
  1885. No pressure of cross God towards me, Hermes Sama so concluded.
  1887. Mingled with Oratoria strongest and most famous [Zeus] · Familia introduction, Hermes explained the lower bound of the Sama gave me the present situation.
  1889. Although I also recently closed the border in the fields, but even so, I still pain own ignorance. At first glance, the world of peace and tranquility, even the kind of disaster and hidden.
  1891. "Black Dragon" Where? What to do now? Although I would like to know things are piling up ...... but ordinary adventurers maybe I neither need to know the details, there is no reason to know the inside story.
  1893. At least from the other end of Long recent - is attached to the two largest factions in the city, those swordsmen who I can only look forward to it.
  1895. "...... That Hermes Sama?"
  1896. "What?"
  1898. "Zeus Sama they finally ...... how?"
  1900. I noticed gratuitous Hermes Sama unwilling to tell me three adventurers further information commission, so they changed the subject, asking to be expelled from the gods who Oratoria situation.
  1902. Hermes Sama staring at me awhile and then suddenly smiled and closed his eyes.
  1906. "Who knows, a lot of people say they have sent back to heaven, but that in the end how nice, now who do not know. He was looking for a new hero seedling, as weary chosen seclusion, the ends of the earth is sick catch Johnson ...... saying a lot. "
  1908. "That, so ah ......"
  1910. "Do you really care?"
  1912. Nor is it, I just casually ask - while I make an ambiguous answer, while looking away.
  1913. After listening to the exiled gods city's story, I a little, a little idea:
  1915. If we for some opportunity to be involved in the fight against the forces, but also lost ...... I HESTIA Sama will be driven out of the city now.
  1917. This possibility must not turn a blind eye so I made a little bit scary to imagine.
  1919. "Oh, that's a bit too long, take your time to really sorry, Bell monarch."
  1921. "No, no, I am grateful that you told me so much."
  1923. After the interruption of dialogue, Hermes Sama men smile revealing elegance atmosphere between the two of us also will be a change.
  1925. I just thanks to Hermes Sama , he casually asked me:
  1926. "Saying, Bell monarch not to dance?"
  1928. "Huh?"
  1930. "Dance Yeah, we do not still beating you, you look over there."
  1932. Hermes Sama follow the line of sight of , to start in the big room on the grand dance scene caught my eye.
  1934. "Raise your relatives say it? Gathered here, but rare in the world of beauty girl Oh? Oh missed."
  1936. "Hey, uh, that?"
  1939. Hermes Sama spellbound Minter show some personality mess, I can only make a stiff smile.
  1941. Evil gods smiled mandatory under, I was taken to the balcony window.
  1943. "He, Hermes Sama, I can not dance it, forget it, let me go to parties I've been very happy ......!"
  1945. "What kept shrinking Yeah, Bell kun, quickly, what do you like girls?"
  1947. Exposing the dirty smile and hugged my shoulder Hermes Sama.
  1949. I was taken away the freedom of the body, was asked to identify desirable women.
  1950. Wearing a fluffy skirt dancing beautiful goddess who is now being requested to dance fairy members, immersed in the cat food in a rough girl ...... I glanced around the large room of women who.
  1952. Never let me find that person - flushed my eyes and pray ...... Pinmingdexiang backfired.
  1954. The spacious hall in the noisy, why do I find a dazzling blonde like Sands - Miss Aizu posture.
  1956. Then Hermes Sama keenly aware of my sight.
  1957. "Ha ha, hee [sword] it, look it really high."
  1959. "No !! I, that ...... !?"
  1961. I blushed like a ripe apple, mouth meaningless sheets together.
  1962. Hermes suddenly stopped talking, then they be smiling.
  1964. "- So, is such a thing ah."
  1966. "Ooo, ooo ......"
  1968. Uphold understand nodded again Xiexiao up Hermes Sama.
  1969. My secret scotched at his smile, sense of shame in my whole body began to burn.
  1970. Completely see through, Hermes Sama fully grasp the object of my longing hidden hearts, can not look directly at him, I had to face low fever myself groan.
  1972. But on the other side, Hermes Sama said: "Well, in that case !!" tone also several layers high.
  1974. "Although I am not a god of love, but still will try to support Bell kun love!"
  1976. "So loud it!?"
  1978. My self-esteem does not care shouted, Hermes Sama took my hand.
  1980. He strides destination is a large corner room, Miss Aizu there.
  1982. "You, you want to do!?"
  1984. "Of course it is to make you dance! You, and [Ji] sword!"
  1986. I almost ran straight down.
  1988. "Impossible, impossible !! absolutely impossible!?"
  1990. I shouted loudly and continuously impossible, unlikely to be successful.
  1992. I absolutely can not invite Miss Aizu certainly absolutely wrong answer, one step back in terms of the Lord God who would never agree!
  1994. I was feeling shaken and worried you, Hermes Sama turn to me revealing a confident smile.
  1996. "Leave it to me, let me help you find one."
  1998. Voice hardly ever, Hermes Sama pulled me towards valiant pace.
  2000. Filled with a band playing beautiful big room a little bit dark, brightness Stone hanging on the ceiling lights are adjusted very low, only serves as the center of the room was like a ballroom as bright moonlit.
  2002. Venue corner, Miss Aizu stood behind HESTIA Sama and Loki Sama recrimination. If love for the Lord God is a plus, she shot most likely will provoke [LOKI · Familia] resentment, so no one stepped forward to ask her to dance.
  2004. The two main god increasingly fierce quarrel, Miss Aizu is not to intervene for arbitration and bewildered.
  2006. As she stood at a loss to a person when Hermes Sama launched a surprise attack.
  2007. Gods were fierce struggle aimed gap, he agile close Miss Aizu, suddenly appeared in front of her.
  2009. "Ah ah, beautiful sword [Ji]! Could you and the next dance a Hermes it?"
  2011. Hand is released at the last minute, followed by standing behind me in every sense are pale face up.
  2013. Hear his invitation, Miss Aizu feeling thin face showed little panic, she was like hanging brow wildly confused, and instead look to Loki Sama bickering going on with Hestia Sama.
  2015. Before long, is going to refuse to do, she is ready to open, but in the meantime,
  2017. "Oh, no! I'll wait for a while there in a hurry it!? I forgot how to do!"
  2019. In a series of actions is clearly in acting, Hermes Sama sky sigh.
  2020. I can not help but reveal eyed Miss Aizu was scared Yilengyileng.
  2022. Pam, Hermes Sama with one hand slapping his forehead, then put his head moves back to the normal view, I turn to look.
  2024. "The invited women crowded out, as God does, as a man is unqualified - Bell monarch, it is up to you instead of me."
  2026. Hermes Sama speak to me like Pente Miss Aizu are spooked.
  2027. We all stared face.
  2029. "What, what ......?"
  2031. "Listen, Bell monarch? God can not give (me) Oh discredit the name."
  2034. Has not reached Lv .3 . Recalled easily outlasted the ground was unbearable, Bell scratched his hAs Bell Lord God took her to the juvenile and deliberate [Apollo] · Familia feel alert, updated values ​​[ability] Bell has not yet begun at the time of the maze to explore, but also out of fear that they will do little tricks and advance located under the insurance. However, the rise in the value after the update is really pathetic, take it as insurance for a rainy day is a lot to some guilty conscience.
  2035. ead.
  2036. Hermes Sama do not move to the stunned me winking.
  2037. By acting as a whim of the gods substitute righteous birthright - I got an invitation to dance, Miss Aizu right? Full responsibility by invitation Hermes Sama handedly bagged?
  2039. God saw men wink, I finally understand the present situation. Hermes Sama seems to be through the first 18 layers of sightseeing, perceived friendship between me and Miss Aizu is also good, so she will not refuse me conclude.
  2041. Hermes Sama left the last laugh, dressed only place I Miss Aizu being installed.
  2043. "......"
  2044. "......"
  2046. We are separated by some distance, and standing motionless, looking at each other mutually.
  2048. In the experience of the body continues to gush ashamed of emotion, while I feel a little bit to gas.
  2050. Hermes Sama can not waste good intentions, more importantly, does not know what this man stood in front no matter what.
  2052. But ...... To invite someone to dance, specifically how to do it?
  2054. While a lot of sweat and regret in my brain by storm when - without warning Takemikazuchi Sama in my side.
  2056. And that will come next Miss Mikoto Miss Aizu.
  2058. We ignore the dumb, Takemikazuchi Sama towards that lady Mikoto, facing her.
  2060. "I dance with one, miss?"
  2062. Hand, bowed his head respectfully.
  2064. That lady Mikoto smile, hands stacked Takemikazuchi Sama hands.
  2066. "Very happy."
  2068. The two men shaking hands then they go ballroom.
  2070. I Miss Aizu staring intently occurred in front of the model seems like a series of manners, at this time, and the young lady that Mikoto Takemikazuchi Sama smiled to us.
  2072. Woo, I was deeply moved.
  2074. Toward the hall by two enthusiastic help, I am no longer confused face lift
  2075. .
  2076. Miss Aizu staring straight eye, has taken pace.
  2078. Kacha Kacha, footsteps sound. Her posture gradually and I close the distance and soon ceased to exist.
  2080. I stopped in front of her feet, looking at her eyes.
  2082. "...... And I can jump a total of it?"
  2084. I bowed my head, sounded flushing.
  2086. Accompanied by intense agitation of heart, the courage to reach out.
  2087. Miss Aizu evening gowns ...... suddenly add a touch of crimson cheek, smiled and said:
  2088. "...... I am very happy."
  2090. I summon the courage inside, holding her gently fold in the palm of my hand fine.
  2091. Fingers crossed we came to be the ballroom of the center of the room.
  2093. My heart beats so fast, is not she heard of it? I am a bit worried, but carrying between Miss Aizu join marching smooth dance of the couples. Maintain posture holding his left, his right hand and hugged me carefully narrow waist Miss Aizu, Miss Aizu also handle catch my shoulder.
  2095. We imitate the people around, dancing with the music off now selling dance.
  2097. "Woo -"
  2099. "Uh -"
  2101. Do not take action.
  2103. Both almost fell several times, the direction of movement is also completely different nature or Miss Aizu a swordsman know nothing of dancing, but I did little better, being male is totally did not play a leadership role.
  2105. Thump, Miss Aizu flew into my arms and my head hit my chest, so go bad Yeah, I coughed more than sweat.
  2107. "Calm down, do not just pull the other arm."
  2109. "!"
  2111. While we were marching clumsy dance when a couple like us pass near wildly over, it is the Sama and Miss Takemikazuchi life.
  2113. Takemikazuchi Sama while skillfully led flushed dance partner, while Beikaozhuobei to send me suggestions:
  2115. "Do not send so much effort into the shoulder, do not stare at the foot, remember to look forward."
  2117. "Tony, Bell Highness, if you can not step on the foot to revive the military situation."
  2119. I desperately driven brain ruminant Takemikazuchi Sama advice, life whispered Miss let me remind shed sweat.
  2121. I Miss Aizu draw together the recommendations, uncoordinated movements really reduce a lot.
  2123. "You are the risk-takers it, then looked at each other's eyes, through the eyes to determine the pace of the other direction, no technology, just need to feel."
  2125. I listen carefully Takemikazuchi to Sama, at the same time I think of Miss Aizu conducted on the wall, only one-week exercise.
  2127. At that time I repeated many times to attack and defend, make every effort to attempt to read the opponent's action. She took what action? What goal is it? I sum of the prediction, and the result is reflected in his own action.
  2129. I stared in front of golden eyes, and the other staring at me.
  2131. Wavering eyes glued to hold the line of sight to each other, I do not know of us who should laugh.
  2133. - Right?
  2134. - Please, make a left.
  2136. Our movement slowly, gradually become in tune, and significant progress.
  2137. In a line of sight with the action at the same time communicate with each other, and I start riding from Miss Aizu gradually smooth dance.
  2139. Takemikazuchi Sama like saying, "It appears that it already does not matter" as a smile, then immediately left Miss life together.
  2141. "- Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ? Ace carbon, what are you doing it! ? Hey, little, we Kuaifang Kai! ! "
  2143. "Ha? What are you saying wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ? Bell kun! ! "
  2145. From the depths of the room came the screams can not help but startled me, my vision of my eye, the bristle of two columns goddess approaching towards us, they are trying to separate us, I subconsciously swallowed.
  2147. "- Stopped them, Asifei! "
  2149. "I do not care what happens after the ......"
  2151. "'Woo Farm! ? '"
  2153. But the next moment, Hermes Sama snap of his fingers a dozen , Asifei to roll the dress rushed up.
  2155. Captured her thin wrist two gods from within my field of vision is gone, along with Miss Aizu just witnessed the scene, we do not know how he reacted.
  2157. "...... Ottar, band group Minotaur come here? "
  2159. "That is impossible, Freya Sama ......"
  2161. ...... First, an aversion to drifting?
  2163. "The first time ......"
  2165. "Ah?"
  2167. "This is my first dance ......"
  2169. Miss Aizu lips move.
  2171. I do not have much height difference with her line of sight relative to the ground, and I hardly speak.
  2173. "A child, there is a little vision too ......"
  2175. "True, true?"
  2177. "Ah."
  2179. Hear some unexpected information.
  2181. Although feeling a little weird, but as Miss Aizu very adorable, mouth not pay attention to relax.
  2183. "So, thank you very happy ......."
  2185. Then, Miss Aizu embarrassed smile.
  2187. Moment, I saw a child-like innocent smile from her face, can not help but look silly.
  2188. Hidden in the back of her stern face, girl-like smile.
  2190. Probably, it is certainly - not the sword [Ji] like the guy, but the real Miss Aizu.
  2192. "...... !!"
  2194. I normally laugh out of it?
  2196. Because too happy expression does not become very strange, right?
  2197. I harbored feelings filled smile looking at Miss Aizu, waltz dancing around her waist.
  2199. Stringed instrument with a beautiful tone, golden hair swaying.
  2200. Inspired somewhat decent dance, towards next we suddenly change direction.
  2201. Large dark room, surrounded by a lot of people dancing and elegant dance.
  2202. Under the stage lights shine, she and I danced, had a dream for a better time.
  2205. Song jump strike, I Miss Aizu ballroom back from Hermes Sama around .
  2207. Until finally let go, I have been leading the Miss Aizu. Tactile contact with each other also remained vague, I felt my brain a little lose control; Miss Aizu also relieved as exhaled.
  2209. Mikoto Takemikazuchi Sama with that lady, Miss Sama life Takemikazuchi, they are exposed smile down on us, I am shy, but still grateful and said:
  2210. "That can help us, really grateful, Hermes Sama is ......"
  2212. "You can be happy enough."
  2214. Although I am also ready to expose smile Hermes Sama continue thanks, but he was like finding a like a hand raised, said:
  2216. "Oh, I want to die at such a moment."
  2218. "'Hermes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'"
  2219. Not too long, the Hermes Sama sentence completion HESTIA Sama as Jianban rushing, boom! She Zh
  2220. Two columns bristle god Hermes Sama appeared in behind.
  2222. Cracking, he had just been taken firmly tied to a small corner of the room, "wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" screams on scattered off, I could not help but change the face Green.
  2224. uangfei Miss Aizu.
  2226. "Bell kun, the dance with me !!"
  2228. "We have to keep jumping !! Aizu Aizu charcoal charcoal can not refuse the right!"
  2230.  HESTIA Sama grabbed my hands towards me approaching, her eyes really scary. In my next Miss Aizu back together with my LOKI Sama were also caught.
  2232.  HESTIA Sama to tidy up their appearance speed of light, with a delighted smile sounded out his hand to me.
  2234. Could not refuse, just as I promised when ready smile -
  2236. "- Gentlemen, banquet still enjoy it?"
  2238. As a sponsor of the Apollo Sama debut.
  2240. He came to us with his entourage, and soon came to the position that we are right.
  2241. I do not know when to dance music has stopped, the whole room can only hear his voice.
  2243. "Members can enjoy my greatest honor, but also live I held the banquet of."
  2245. We all stood did not move, the other guests are also naturally came together, formed a circle centered Apollo Sama.
  2247. With the end of the appropriate greeting, wearing a moon god look HESTIA 桂王冠 male Sama.
  2249. "While it is a little late to say ...... but HESTIA, a few days before my Familia really affected you take care of."
  2251. "...... Ah, my side is."
  2253. Apollo Sama exposed face smile, HESTIA Sama at the same time respond to the exposed surprised expression.
  2255. In order to prevent embarrassing scenes become God tentatively selected Sama convergence wording.
  2258. However, God has set in front of male Sama consider the expense of God, followed said:
  2260. "My child was seriously wounded your children, I hope you can compensate."
  2261. Then they make such a request.
  2263. I listened for a time did not react, next to my HESTIA Sama have been outraged.
  2265. "You really can speak!? My Bell monarch also injured, but only you can claim compensation, the world can not the reason!"
  2267. "My darling child Luang day but was beaten back when appalling ah ...... I feel bad heart would break up!"
  2269. Almost like a show to us, Apollo  Sama hand while pressing his chest, his arms outstretched while another sigh. Immediately around the entourage who also pretended to cry, even worse, there are group shadow limped toward us, "ah, Rouen!" Apollo Sama stuff that step brisk walk.
  2271. Rouen is called the little figure, which is the villain family members ...... body wrapped around and around the bandage, bandage the seamless looked like a mummy, he groaned:
  2273. "Sore, sore yo ~"
  2275. "This, this is not, Bell kun ...... you really put people labeled pair of virtue ......"
  2277. "No, how could it!?"
  2279. Sama with God's eyes looking at me shaking, I cried the face congestion.
  2281. How to say this also Cheguo head now! ?
  2283. "And I also heard the most is that you started working there, there are many witnesses, you should not even think to deny."
  2285. Jenna snapped Apollo Sama ring finger of a bomb, we are surrounded by the crowd appeared several gods and their members.
  2287. Witnesses at that time ...... "flame bee pavilion" guests? I do not have the impression of them, but they are certainly in unison Apollo Sama rhetoric, his face still wearing punk smile.
  2289. Whether they are fake, or they were really there ...... regardless of the fact that now we have no evidence to refute.
  2291. Surge of foreboding in my chest began to sprout.
  2293. "Wait a minute, Apollo, first ask your family members shot is my child, you have no reason to Hestia only accountable."
  2295. "Ah ah, Hephaestus, really wonderful friendship, but you do not force yourself, people all look out, there is no doubt HESTIA instigation of your children's children."
  2297. If do not believe you can be asked in the presence of witnesses - Apollo Sama easily put the argument Hephaestus Sama overthrown. Redhead goddess squint fine of not wearing goggles left eye.
  2299. Who did what? Who is powerless to do anything? The situation now can be said to be a complete pull :: saw battle. However, Apollo had already been flak Sama with associates of the gas, on the nature of his speech dominant force.
  2301. "Since you hurt my members, I can not remain silent, which may relate to face problems [Familia] ...... HESTIA, you do not confess it anyway?"
  2303. "Say useless! Ghosts will admit that kind of stuff!"
  2305. Sama refuse to acknowledge God, Apollo Sama's face it - hideously distorted.
  2306. The correct appearance with disproportionate nasty smile becomes deeper, his mouth up and said:
  2308. "That would not work, HESTIA-- I want you to ask," War Games (Game War) "!"
  2310. I stared an Sama with God.
  2312. - "War Games."
  2315. Versus fighting between objects (Familia) laid down the rules after factions launched with disabilities. The Familia regarded as a pawn, like disc game (Board Game) like a full-scale war against each other in order to carry out their divine gods carried out.
  2317. In other words, God's "proxy war."
  2319. All claimed victory can defeat God of God, and was given orders to the other side of life or death lies in the right hand. Under normal circumstances, all the factions will choose the winner and losers, including deprivation of assets, including members.
  2321. Miss Eina knowledge taught me vividly recovery in mind, I suddenly speechless up.
  2323. Just me and God Sama factions, have the backbone to keep more than the strength of the [Apollo] · Familia war game?
  2325. Completely unable to imagine.
  2327. "Apollo shot -! ! "
  2329. Super bullying. "" I was a bit to see yeah. "
  2331. On the other side, I heard the Declaration of Apollo Sama, naughty suddenly surrounded them.
  2333. The gods who love entertainment Xiexiao up soon, wildly spectacular you made me a language to discuss them."
  2335. Commotion of people around the wall, they all support the Declaration of Apollo Sama. I glanced four Sama and HESTIA Results and silent LOKI Sama, as well as for the Miss Aizu staring eyes.
  2337. "If we win ...... you put your Familia, Bell Cranel pay out."
  2339. Toward the stunned endless HESTIA Sama, Sama Apollo raised further requirements.
  2340. Hey! ? Next to me can not help Dengyuan eyes, God Sama teeth and said:
  2341. "Directed at the very beginning to do ......!"
  2343. What God says Sama? Just when I looked back and forth in a state of chaos, and Apollo Shen exposed Sama engaging smile, that smile is like only the desire of his heart removed from concentrate like, dark and thick.
  2345. "- You do not like this kind Oh, HESTIA ~ how can monopolize it ~ so cute baby?"
  2347. Slips.
  2349. Body filled with goose bumps, his face suddenly pale.
  2351. Apollo sight hot Sama wrapped me, so I could not move even a finger.
  2353. Self-born never experience headed toward violent chills up my spine. God Sama used to describe the beauty of God (Freya) Sama "being eaten" means - perhaps at this moment I understood correctly.
  2355. "You sick ...... !!"
  2357.  HESTIA stared at his father's murderer like Sama like Sama glared Apollo.
  2359. "I was sick to say it really is hurt, HESTIA, I beg you not to over marriage in heaven, we also became aware that certain words of love is not love it?"
  2361. "Do not lie ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!? Bell kun , do not get it!? The Garden of the Gods head stuffed crow close to me, I was fiercely rejected may ah! Even my office Goddess in the metamorphosis of God how to marry within the scope of the garrison might accept ah !! "
  2363. "I, I know ...... !?"
  2365.  HESTIA Sama flushed forever desperately to explain to me, in this frightening momentum under her, I can only make a vague response.
  2367. God Sama why are not good at dealing with Apollo Sama, Sama seems to be because God Apollo was forced to marry an Sama's sake. Is one breath say so many words you feel tired, "Ha, ha," God shoulder constantly undulating Sama hand wipe sweat jaw.
  2368. However, Now I finally figured out.
  2370. I am afraid that, as , either God Sama looks like a girl ...... still limited, that, like me, boy, regardless of the other male or female, as long as the Apollo Sama love at first sight on the other side, the other side will be desperate to woo.
  2372. Careful observation, careful retrospect [Apollo] · Familia's members, which is not difficult to find a high standard of attractive men and women, or that have a few people who look adorable. Miss Daphne with Miss Cassandra to send invitations nature is beautiful, even the villain Mr. Rouen also like a family dedicated to serve as page boy cute nobility.
  2374. Excessive pursuit for romance, just like the sun shining in general.
  2376. - [Sad love (Farce)].
  2378. Even more to the number of courtship can become gods of comedy, that is Apollo Sama.
  2380. "That dispute from the wine market until just many, is Apollo's plan ......! Everything, is to take away from my hands Bell kun !"
  2382. Understand themselves in a trap of looking up angrily HESTIA Sama entertainment like to pull their own gods Apollo Sama, as we have only a few companions, that lady and Miss Mikoto life around cheering sandwiched between the gods is very awkward; Takemikazuchi Takemikazuchi Sama and Sama exposed mollified painful expression; beside the deep sigh of Hephaestus Sama, followed around Asifei Miss Hermes Sama just smile.
  2384. I'm not saying a word to look around and now this helpless situation, the last being the glass and leans lips Freya Sama sight intersect.
  2386. "And then, HESTIA, you agree not answer?"
  2388. "I have no obligation to accept it!"
  2390. Sama seek to respond to God Apollo Sama simply refuse to make.
  2392. If the request is accepted war games, only one of the members belong [HESTIA · Familia] no ghost of a chance of winning.
  2394.  HESTIA Sama have no leeway to reject it.
  2396. "You do not have any regrets?"
  2398. "Ghost will regret ah! Bell monarch, with me out of here!"
  2400.  HESTIA Sama toward Sama smiles Apollo shouted, then he grabbed my hand.
  2401. Really bored, disappointed issue surrounding the gods who blame God Sama tough through the crowd, anger left side exposed to the big room.
  2403. "-"
  2405. Export clearance by the venue, and I leaned against the door of the US youth on the eye.
  2407. Mr. Hyacinthus his eyes, and his grin is etched in my eyes.
  2409. "......"
  2411. I was in hand of God Sama, while leaving glanced back.
  2413. Yet fully satisfy the banquet awakening disappearing in my vision, and I watched the Sama with God from God's presence, but like everything in the hint is not over yet as still standing there.
  2416. Chapters outbreak
  2418. "God feast" After a one night, the next morning.
  2419. In a hidden room in the base of the church, the ability to complete the [value] Bell and HESTIA update for their own itinerary and ready.
  2421.  Bell Cranel
  2422. Lv .2
  2424. Power: C 635    Stamina: D 590 → 594    Dexterity: C627 Agility: B741 Magic: D529  
  2425. Lucky: I
  2426. "Magic"
  2427. [V] flame
  2428. · Fast attack magic.
  2429. "Skill"
  2430. [Hero desire ( Argonaut ) ] · Charge for the implementation of the right to dynamic action.
  2432. (Slightly up point ......)
  2435. She stuck his face from the Bell's shoulder, looking far have been thrown behind them, smoke billowing chipping a land of churches.
  2437. "May, hateful ...... !? dare put my love nest with Bell monarch to ......!"
  2439. "Huh!?"
  2441. Although anger shook the very people say HESTIA care, but compared to this.
  2442. Turned his head and looked up and saw the ruins of the church - can be attributed to the fact that it lost at the Bell brings more intense impact.
  2444. "!? Bell monarch, in front!"
  2446. Bell looked at the collapse of the base exposed lost childlike expression, in this case, HESTIA warn him.
  2448. When he suddenly look back in front when about five adventurers have appeared in the depths of the channel. They came running toward each other with weapons, seeing this, Bell rushed to turn into the right side of the fork.
  2450. Countless footsteps echoed in the criss-cross the alley, which also mixed with adventurers searching Bell cries - "to find it! "" He's over there! "Whether it is on the left, the right, in front of or behind the attack, have not cut off from the atmosphere.
  2453. Bell's face distorted due to anxiety, he knows, holding HESTIA is not fightingBell while the Potion into leggings package, while with her bare hands to pick up HESTIA delivery to the paper.
  2455. Riveted on the updated value [capability], "endurance" value rose slightly to let Bell's emotionally complex.
  2457. From 18 to return to the ground after layer, Bell received the first update operation is complete recovery of the body that day, which is five days; then the second is the "flame Bee Pavilion" in the end of the next day riot that field, which is today . Bell felt unilaterally Hyacinthus beaten that field scuffle not even fighting are not really, at best, can only be considered a fight, but it seems really into [experience], the ability to reflect on Bell out .
  2460. "Really, Apollo bastard, really dare to put the war games casually mention ......"
  2462. The other side, work is being done to prepare for later HESTIA mouth evil continually, from the start last night on the poor mood to sit on the couch, she Bell warned:
  2463. "Bell kun, you have to be careful, though, I think no matter how that Apollo group of guys would not only every other day there is what happened, but maybe they will get an excuse yesterday as an excuse to harass you."
  2465. "I am, I will pay attention ......"
  2467. Bell expression subtly warning for HESTIA nodded.
  2470. "Bell kun, remember there is a situation immediately fled, and do not run away when a person, a place many people as possible to run."
  2472. "I know."
  2474. "During this time, they also explore the dungeon with the king ordered them to act together for the good, A building should be aware of our situation, he would not reject our application bar tour."
  2476. Bell never forget the recommendation of the Lord God in their hearts. Other factions of the plot or the underground city of crime and so on, when Bell joint action with Aizu and Lily have witnessed these experiences make him feel cautious now and then can not be overstated.
  2478. Bell is now a part of the armor worn in the first 18 destruction of the battle armor layer rabbit; as an alternative to completely unusable fitted boots, often wearing his feet before wearing boots; "HESTIA Dagger" and "Minotaur Dagger" is also at the waist to complete the preparatory work before exploring the underground city of Bell stood up.
  2480. "Bell kun, anyway on the way, as we walked along skyscraper facilities (Babel), right?"
  2482. Ah, yes"."
  2484. Bell immediately agreed, HESTIA also smile. Her work today is to deal with the content of Hephaestus · Familia] [branch of the chores, two out of the hidden room in the basement, the stairs.
  2486. Small room with staircase communicating very dark, empty shelves also accumulated a thin layer of ash. Bell HESTIA stairs while listening to the sound coming from behind, while the first out of the narrow room.
  2488. He was greeted with a built chapel altar somewhat similar, spacious room, weeds are always on the floor tiles from the gap between the drilled wanton growth on the ground. Looked up at the ceiling as it says it is the top of the roof of the building, across a big hole can see the blue sky. Bell looked around and inside the ruins of the church is no different, and thought: still a little sprucing up more right?
  2490. (...... Magic?)
  2492. Bell slips out of the room directly face lift.
  2494. Only in the chant or use magic when magic exudes output aftermath, Bell felt dim. Ultimately, though just glimpses, not the mage's own Bell is not clear what it means.
  2495. Bell stopped to look around a small margin, and then they turned his head. Behind him, just out of the small room was incredible HESTIA wildly twisted her head.
  2497. Uneasy Bell on the way to her did not manage to stay in the rear, a man walked out of the church entrance without a door opening.
  2499. "----"
  2501. Then, just as he had just taken the seat has turned into ruins of the church a half step, bathed in the moment under the sun.
  2503. Quietly standing around the building roof or eaves on countless figure it into his field of vision.
  2505. Overlooking his countless eyes. They - that is risk-takers who like an attempt to encircle the front porch configuration wildly around, everyone hands are equipped with bows and arrows or wand.
  2507. - [Apollo] · Familia.
  2509. Confirm with your eyes to engrave on their armor sun sign, Bell can not help but frozen.
  2510. Ambush here adventurers saw him appear they have picked up the weapon, the bow taut bowstring make them together, ending chant maintain complex mage standby is set off a huge whirlwind magic.
  2512. Just looks like a captain and a scarf covering his mouth with one hand and instantly raised fairy schematic - Bell desperate to turn around
  2513. .
  2514. He flew to now stay in the church HESTIA side, clinging to her surprised, as if to put her down to the depths like a chapel sprang.
  2516. Fairy hands were almost at the same time without the least bit of difference in the next play - the big bang would ensue.
  2519. The seventh division located in the main street to the north west of the location.
  2521. There is sandwiched between the northwest and west of Main Street, as a residential area and there are a lot of people live, loud explosions came from there.
  2523. "How the how the?"
  2525. "Fire meow?"
  2527. "Early in the morning on the restless meow ......"
  2529. Waiter wine market "rich mistress", the human and cat people exposed Noah 库洛艾 亚妮雅 and ran the store, came to the shop west of the main street. Walking down the street passers surprised to look up directions have also exploded, several rolled up in front of the girl's sight billowing smoke.
  2531. "...... Could hear the sound of fighting meow."
  2533. As head of the ear could not shake Kuluo Yi said, was like a magical release violent explosions continuously coming from the direction of the smoke. In front of their eyes focused, black silhouette and had a flash from the roof of the building.
  2535. "This posture, which will not ......"
  2537. "[Familia] with disabilities began to fight a meow?"
  2539. "Returning to meow ......"
  2541. Maybe it is not aware of the seriousness of the situation, people walking in the street who are livid face, and shortly began to take refuge.
  2543. In [Familia] has many of Oratoria struggle between factions with disabilities not rare. Some of the fighting or even ignore the provisions of the management authority (the Association) is carried out openly in the streets, has more than once had the experience of urban residents will soon be aware of what is happening, their actions are naturally very quickly.
  2545. Riots broke out among the people, traveling along the streets of carriage rushed backtrack, in this chaos, "rich mistress," the clerk also headed to the Syl came outside, and even honey female boss Masaya looks over from the curtains of the window.
  2547. Billowing smoke rising has spread to the depths of the vast green empty.
  2549. "Speaking of roots in this area [Familia] ...... Could it be that white-haired boy meow?"
  2551. "Freeze said ......"
  2553. Noah exposed to improper to speak Yani Ya accusations road.
  2555. Cat people like to think of it wildly girls Wuzui hands, move her sight, found throughout the Syl who are stunned.
  2557. Light gray eyes staring at the smoke rising in the direction, and she put in the hands equipped lunch basket, but also like uneasy as quietly waited until now did not see the silhouette of a teenager.
  2559. Explode again, its shock came, so the basket produced a slight shaking.
  2561. "......"
  2563. Late step out of Ryuu have looked and looked toward the direction of artillery fire burst.
  2564. See magic flying with air residue, she narrowed fine a sky-blue eyes.
  2567. He touched upon at the moment and HESTIA, then he throws a dagger, and she went straight to seize "HESTIA dagger" handle, in this gap, Bell has stretched out his right hand empty.
  2569. Flew overhead toward the three adventurers, Bell shot bombardment.
  2570. With the spate of roar, shock waves have been generated.
  2572. Carries with magic arrows and explosives hit the target, the church also will be destroyed.
  2574. Standing on the front porch just above the half-ruined goddess Kacha Kacha issued a ground breaking sound.
  2576. "!?"
  2578. On the other side, he was severely broke in the rear of this building, wooden doors.
  2579. Escaped from the back door of the church bell and smoke was a spit, his arms holding HESTIA, first roll on the ground a few times, and soon the whole potential of heavy feet.
  2581. Raised his face, the first thing that catches his eye is dust billowing, the first part of the church has turned into rubble mountain, this scene made him feel at a loss.
  2583. "- Ah ha!"
  2585. "!?"
  2587. Not even feel free to tremble, assassin headed toward Bell.
  2589. Advance ambush in the back door of it? Several orcs hand dagger attack launched from Bell's head, Bell rapidly with the left arm clutching HESTIA, and at the same time to pull out of hand "HESTIA dagger" parry enemy slash open.
  2591. Bounce and dodge, Bell's armor is to draw a shallow hole - the same moment, he did not hesitate to flying toward the smoke obscured vision.
  2593. Bell could feel the enemy hesitated outgoing breath, but he will ignore it, relying only Piantao sense of direction into an alley.
  2595. "Poof Ha!?"
  2597. In an instant from the smoke, HESTIA took a deep breath.
  2598. Bell and his face covered with dust holding the cross, she ran to escape pursuers.
  2600. (- Attack came!?)
  2602. In broad daylight, on the street!
  2604. For relentless attack to their opponents - [Apollo] · Familia, Bell deeply shaken.
  2606. Neither plot nor sneak attacks in the maze, the enemy openly and no cover on the ground that they would attack the Bell.
  2608. Because we did not promise a war game so we wanted to force into submission?
  2610. · Familia [Apollo] completely [HESTIA · Familia] regarded as the enemy?
  2612. Regardless of outside criticism, and even guild rules not looked down on?
  2614. One by one question I still have not recovered from the head pop out from the chaos, inadvertently, Bell recalled Eina sentence - "[Familia] struggle sometimes with disabilities between the street becomes battlefield . "
  2616. Bell rude awakening: he is now completely become rumors struggle between factions of the party.
  2618. "Bell kun, who attacked our children ...... !?"
  2620. "Is [Apollo] · Familia people!"
  2622. greeted him standing on the roof of the total number of homes on both sides of the road ten archers.
  2623. Bell side of the width of three meters of narrow alleys running, screaming wildly answer chest HESTIA.
  2624. .
  2625. Moment or, to be out as early as possible to not have enemies outside the combat zone, he thought they came to pick up the pace a straight path, but it is immediately
  2626. "!?"
  2628. Orcs and goblins bow around each of five makes the shining metal glowing arrow aimed at the moment the bell.
  2630. Bell's ears came the voice of HESTIA stopped breathing while he lifted his eyes fiercely.
  2631. Body leaning forward, the field of vision only reflected the outlet channel, he kicked the ground.
  2633. Speed ​​runs through toward the front, Bell escaped from left arrows shot to the head.
  2635. "He escape! ? "
  2637. "You what to eat! "
  2639. Bell through enough to be called "White Rabbit" explosive acceleration, and shortly they went straight to an end, success evaded arrows. Wuthering staggered behind him, but he was seeking only to make an emergency brake friction ground with both feet, finally turned the corner and continued successfully escape.
  2641. - Completely surrounded!
  2643. Bell's vision to escape a difficult, the hunter who are flying on the roof of the building.
  2644. Now the number of enemies in this division is too much - even the size of hostile factions have so much? The other is the more overwhelming mobilized to allow Bell to produce this degree of doubt.
  2646. Even if they have a base near here at around this location, is still difficult to get rid of the enemy tracking. They have to maximize the mobilization of the feet, however the number of pursuers is increasing, this situation allows Bell biting his lips, but he can only run in the bulkhead intricate roadway.
  2648. "Bell monarch, in front of a dead end!?"
  2650. In order not to be left out and firmly clinging HESTIA Bell issued a lament.
  2651. The depths of the road, a huge home wall blocking their way.
  2652. Bell forced into a dead end, but he chose to speed.
  2654. "Please pay close attention !!"
  2656. Ah? While HESTIA eyes widened at a loss on the occasion, Bell has been a big step up and accelerate.
  2658. Gradually approaching the wall toward the front, the use of long-distance run - Bell - jump in the past.
  2660. "- Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!?"
  2662. Big jump.
  2664. After Bell [upgrade] by a substantial ability to strengthen the body, crossing over eight meters high walls of homes.
  2666.  HESTIA screams impact on the eardrum, Bell depicts parabola barely crossed the wall, eventually landing on the roof. In issuing the crisp sound of the bell landing chest, young goddess suddenly swallowed.
  2668. From blocking to a strong sense of liberation narrow alleys, Bell was surrounded by wind and sky. He stood above excellent view homes look around, and eventually will gaze fixed in a large temple in the north.
  2670. (Things are now, can only escape into the guild ......!)
  2672. Fled into the absolute neutrality of the city management authority, the enemy can not start up.
  2674. Then towards the tall stately Pantheon - Guild headquarters refuge it, Bell figured fugitive's whereabouts.
  2676. "I advise you to give it up."
  2678. "!"
  2680. Heard someone behind him to speak for themselves, Bell turned his head.
  2682. Also standing on the roof of the home, is led by several members of the Daphne. Among the team could see wearing battle dress uniforms Cassandra type.
  2684. Daphne short hair blowing in the wind blowing laterally with, like sad like to look up to the tip of her hanging Bell.
  2686. "As long as the Apollo fancy Sama children, until you get, otherwise he would catch the ends of the earth."
  2688. "......!"
  2690. "I am no exception, and Cassandra, the first time he had been seen being chased from city to city, from country to country ...... until we abandoned all been chasing, escape can only delay nothing more. "
  2692. She also proposed advice, frankly tells himself and Cassandra Bell also had the same experience.
  2694. Daphne them responded with sympathetic eyes, HESTIA listened to their whole face distorted.
  2696. "My dedication to the Apollo Tai Xiaoqiao ......!"
  2698. Daphne hear the words, HESTIA this figure in order to win the Apollo Bell would rather unscrupulous divine, she will also regretted the heart of God's distaste for men and trembling revealed.
  2700. - Deep obsession.      
  2702. Hermes at the "banquet" remark when Bell's mind flashed.
  2704. "No surrender it? Soon become companions for children, I do not want to try to brute force."
  2706. "...... Quit."
  2708. Daphne side bang knocking his mouth closed at the waist to the hilt, Bell then shook her head.
  2710. Bell found with HESTIA not listen to advice a step back to look, she sighed.
  2712. "Is it! - The"
  2714. Daphne drew his sword, the tip pointing to the side. Comply with her orders, small players swarmed.
  2716. Bell also turned and ran in the direction of the Association's headquarters.
  2718. "The other side run very fast, also called the Li Suosi troops!"
  2720. Daphne issued instructions to throw the knife at the same instant.
  2722. Aware of the danger of Bell turned around in amazement while smoothly to the shoulder armor Dangxia knives. Accompanied by a dramatic impact crash headed toward Bell harsh, so his body out of balance.
  2724. Members who have rushed to the staggering pace of around Bell.
  2726. "......! God, sir, I want to fight!"
  2728. "I, I know!"
  2730. Bell decided to no stagnant action fight, he embraced the cross with his left arm lying HESTIA waist and hold this position in the armpit fight, this is too strange position because let HESTIA shy red cheeks.
  2732. Bell places become a free hand drawn "HESTIA dagger" to begin the battle with the enemy.
  2734. "Woo!?"
  2736. Bell from the front to ward off the impending dagger fencing, and poor gun and bomb attacks in a row to the immediately places the least bit evasive.
  2739. Hairbreadth to attack enemy adventurers who are veterans, teamwork composition is not low.
  2741. Although able to survive and continue to slash move, but Bell was forced farther and farther from their guild headquarters.
  2743. (No ......!)
  2745. Holding the Lord God, even the ability to get out do not know.
  2747. Bell only give pause.
  2750. "[V] Fire!"
  2752. Baoyan bloom.
  2753. Without chant they release a "fast attack magic" three bursts, and shortly put hostile adventurers blown away.
  2755. Lament scattered squad players, were burnt charred backward corner of the roof.
  2756. Daphne eyes wide open, but did not panic.
  2758. "Cassandra!"
  2759. "Learn!"
  2761. Even when she heard the instructions given, a person as a defender stayed behind Cassandra erect canes.
  2763. She quickly completed the chant, and then they launch magic cure.
  2765. "!?"
  2769. Adventurers who squatted on the roof of the original, without exception, were charred, but after they were surrounded by blue light, wound soon healed, they exude the high murderous revived somewhat.
  2771. Cassandra - heal divisions exist let Bell can not help but shed a cold sweat, but also let him very well.
  2773. As an organization, as the team's strength, [Familia] originally due gesture.
  2774. With the enemy himself into trouble again and again, while allowing yourself to feel this pain.
  2776. "Woo - !?"
  2778. Enemy figure constantly 加入Daphne their squad from all directions, Bell decided to return to the bottom of last resort.
  2780. He fired his dagger shot down several hair arrows, jump into the alley again.
  2782. "Spared really fast ...... Anyway, escape is futile, directly to give much better."
  2784. Daphne stop dwelling on the roof of towering pace, while overlooking the side now fled in panic Bell whispered, her face and eyes full of optimistic and full of compassion.
  2786. He was forced to join the Apollo Familia, and therefore the Lord God, the head of the dead (Hyacinthus) different, Daphne not how respected Apollo, having said that, now that things are now, they have become the Apollo The Familia, also have the obligation to obey orders, tentatively, male god (he) treats accept their (his) people are still courting gentleman - as men of God (he) prefer teenager with youth (men) - -.
  2788. The Apollo has such character wants Bell ...... although Daphne juvenile harbor mercy, but did not hint violate divine plan.
  2790. "Uh, Miss Daphne, I feel better ...... or stopping Oh."
  2792. Daphne are contemplating a person, then the same person to stay in place for Cassandra flinching spoke.
  2794. In front of the girls had similar experiences with their own, the two exchanges have also been a long time, her hands playing with hair down to his waist, his eyes are always downcast.
  2796. "What is stopping?"
  2798. "Or do not do to stimulate the child's behavior ...... Do" White Rabbit "Oh desperate for good."
  2800. Daphne timidly toward his warning she sighed.
  2802. "Is a dream?"
  2804. Question Daphne attitude somewhat silent, listening to the desperate Cassandra nodded.
  2806. The girl lied to do, "predict dream," but no one took her Mozhe course Daphne too.
  2807. Before being Apollo phase, she seems to have a good growing environment, Daphne think that perhaps causing her now like to say nonsense culprit.
  2809. Cassandra predict dream content often like purdah Missy illusion, people can not help but laugh with a wave of the "Curse of the force."
  2811. "Do not be silly, and we should begin to recover Hello."
  2813. "For, why do not believe me ~"
  2815. Daphne one o'clock with Cassandra did not mean, she was like a bored look askance wildly Cassandra.
  2817. "Well, what do you dream?"
  2819. "Ah ...... injured rabbit leap moon, swallow the sun dream ......"
  2821. Daphne even expressed contempt issue nasal responses did not give.
  2823. "Is it, then absurd ridiculous dream job you have it."
  2825. "Little Duff ~ Nirvana."
  2827. "Do not talk nonsense, go Hello."
  2829. Want to say something with a Cassandra, Daphne Bell began to catch up again.
  2832. In the eight main street of the city center convergence, the central square.
  2833. White walls of the towers. "Babel" in front, carrying a sword of Welf with Lily turned into orcs standing there.
  2835. "...... Will slow?"
  2837. "Bell Sama said, is it ...... how  will not be late to say so long that we do not notice."
  2839. With sword with a backpack of Welf with Lily For from the beginning of the maze to explore again today, awaiting the arrival of Bell.
  2841. The spacious central square after many adventurers.
  2843. "Just the beginning you can hear the sound of noisy people ...... unknown hunch should produce more than me, right?"
  2845. "......"
  2847. Welf Na Beier hand wrapped in white Brie new weapons (daggers), say the anxiety and fear; Lily is not a word.
  2849. Others place them in front of the west tower, and until just so far from the direction of the main blocks west extension is not in their eyes when seemingly magical effects explosion came. Evacuation of people who come to the square also hurried pace, is still clamoring, staring eyes of the West, Lily can not hide the anxiety began to emerge.
  2851. At this time, the region came from the west adventurers conversation suddenly stir up the entire square.
  2853. "Hey, Apollo group of guys began to dry rack up Oh! ? "
  2855. "The other is [HESTIA · Familia] - [unfinished] now being besieged couple too! "
  2857. Heard, Welf with Lily looked at each other.
  2860. "To look at the situation!"
  2862. "Good!"
  2864. Because daylight broke around Familia struggle between intelligence and raged, and the two looked straight ahead and ran out.
  2866. Their goal, the sky flashed from time to time Cardinal inflammation Ray West, the seventh division.
  2868. "Freya Sama action have it?"
  2870. Distance is being staged escape and track distance battlefield drama surrounding the main northwest neighborhood.
  2872. Tall buildings are tracking developments in Hermes to just come back Asifei asked.
  2874. "No, Freya send anything now."
  2876. Definitely not his back to the opponent, Bell instinct full cry.
  2878. "Freya Sama not ready to intervene in the commotion it?"
  2880.  Asifei wind tumbling white cloak draped body, to hear her answer, Hermes Moqi jaw.
  2882. Only now fighting analysis, Bell had been in danger of Lifeline. Lord God, while juvenile protection while constantly escape, pure combat power difference between him and the enemy - the gap between the number has more than just a few times.
  2884. What is the reason? Or that she intends to put a new one on Bell's trial it?
  2886. Hermes guess: Now this will be described as teenagers involved in the rapidly changing environment, this being perhaps something hidden that Aphrodite happy to see the dark side, in front of a few days to let go when you like yourself.
  2888. Her mouth "brilliant" now also increases the sight of Hermes is not difficult to imagine.
  2890. "We want to how to do it?"
  2892. "Doing nothing."
  2894. Hermes Las holding a position facing forward, and to ask questions in their own behind Asifei replied.
  2896. "Oh, I'm Hermes? Before that, after also, I will carry out its own identity bystander."
  2898. Bell himself will silently watchman outcome, will witness the final. Fuga male God turned his head, as if to say - like smile.
  2900. As Familia's Asifei nothing, just cherish "trouble while increasing the" idea sighed.
  2902. "Another place, Asifei, to help."
  2904. "Know ......"
  2906. Bell to pursue their movements, Hermes they began to move.
  2908. "I heard Argonaut brother was attacked yeah!"
  2910. The northern end of the city, long house [LOKI · Familia] headquarters.
  2912. To the streets to collect intelligence Tiona stormed members gathered in the hospitality room.
  2914. "Tiona, really ......?"
  2916. "Ah, [Apollo] · Familia like full out in the chase Oh boy!"
  2918. Amazon girl will be seen and heard to say to his own approaching towards Aizu listen.
  2919. Aizu after listening to her explain the lack of expression of the face showing a little worried look.
  2921. "So publicly inter Familia war really is returning to the ah."
  2923. "Apollo faction ready awakened by the Association of the Bar of punishment."
  2925. Gareth dwarf sitting on the couch and goblins Liweiliya turn to express their objective analysis.
  2927. Factions of the members of their own from the beginning just noisy non-stop, they also noticed what happened out there.
  2929. "Anyway, LOKI gone? Just people still do?"
  2931. "Qucourenao long run, and that idiot goddess ......"
  2933. "So this creature really just say that God ......"
  2935. Question sisters sister Tiona Tione, Bert spurned places like tone given answer.
  2936. Hear his answer, she can go back to complaining about useless.
  2938. "Ace, do not fight evil idea what oh."
  2940. "Finn ......"
  2942. Liweiliya with Tiona them aside to talk, but Ace stood up from the couch behave somewhat subtle calm down, found her like this piece, Finn then went to her side.
  2944. "The current situation with the first 18 layers is not the same time, do not rush to go help HESTIA faction. "
  2946. As the head of the [Familia] He asked Aizu remain rational.
  2948. Ace is a cadre factions, with the nature of the action is not allowed. [LOKI · Familia] Bell also did not help their case.
  2950. Most importantly, the problem will just intervene between factions stir a lot of trouble, more like [LOKI · Familia] factions such a grand scale, the more there are various trivial restrictions.
  2952. "Lord God (LOKI) also had strict orders" must not intervene ", being the first to wait and see about it."
  2954. "Ah ...... I know."
  2956. By little people (Palu Mu) blue eyes looked up at Finn, Aizu nodded slightly.
  2957. Before long, he would perhaps be a member to convey orders, during Aizu is approached hospitality room window.
  2959. Upright on the glass looks vaguely reflected, from Aizu overlooking the scenery outside.
  2963. Bell ran incessantly.
  2965. Now the enemy is not yet out of the package fence, holding his Lord God flying in the alley.
  2967. Not enough time to evacuate people encounter, he accompanied cry "I'm sorry!" Jumped up and flew from their heads.
  2969. "Again, again ...... !?"
  2971.  HESTIA moan yet interrupted, Bell had been completed quickly retrieved the situation around.
  2973. Two adventurers outflank to the front, the location is a straight path, there is no escape route available.
  2975. Bell while running into the ground the Lord God, himself and move on. His hands clenched two daggers, straight assault.
  2977. "!?"
  2979. "Wow ah!?"
  2981. Enemy probably did not think he would rush yourself, Bell all out, like a flash of light speed with the enemy caught off guard, he accurately enemy armor with a knife blade into the gap, the other down to the ground.
  2983. Has a hard shell with a huge ant combat experience at this time to re-awakening in Bell's mind, his side experience with this incredible feeling, while holding hands HESTIA catch up to run forward.
  2985. "Yes, I'm sorry Bell kun, I always pull you back ......!"
  2987. "This is not God's Sama fault !"
  2989.  HESTIA very shortness of breath, hear her apology, Bell shouted back at the same time to hold the hands of her small hand into more power.
  2991. On the lower bound of the people, "killing God" is taboo, is an absolute rule, God can only start with God only.
  2993. "Power of God" gods once fatally wounded, their bodies will be launched by the seal and sustain their lives. In other words, from the moment the date, they have been judged to be using the "power of God", is about to befall the fate of their body is being forced repatriation heaven.
  2995. Said extreme point, if captured alive by Apollo HESTIA sentence, then the loss of the Lord God is bound to become a wandering Bell adventurers without attribution, the other factions will naturally get the chance to let him join the league; but on the possibility, or whether the HESTIA as hostages in order to allow her to stay in the lower bound for the condition to force Bell to join the league are likely to have it.
  2997. All in all, you can not put HESTIA to enemy, we must escape while protecting the Lord God.
  2999. (Enemy inside Lv .2 ...... but really a lot!)
  3001. Bell first to [V] fired flame front bow bow is so, then they take advantage of the other companions blown shaken because of the gap approaching its side, put a total of three instant defeat the enemy.
  3003. And other Lv .2 adventurers battle he will not lose. Just look at the battle, if one does not have confidence in themselves than they are inferior; if need to play "agile" ability, his side will definitely have an advantage over them.
  3005. As long as people at the same time not being besieged, and that they still have a way to cope. Thought here, Bell began to find ways to look for weak bounding corner, as long as there can force a breakthrough, there is hope.
  3007. "Tony, Bell monarch, if more than a few times you use" magic ", it should be very effective, right? Just do not put down all the other pounded it!"
  3009. Although Bell has put in a minimum fire control, but if continue to increase the frequency of use, the results of the homes have burned the entire western region is mired in a sea of ​​fire, then, Bell has no way to continue in Oratoria, diving. While Bell has done as a last resort flame shootin mental preparation, but still kind of atrocities can be avoided as well.
  3011. Rapid Fire Magic (flame volts) can be freely used can be said to be able to revive the straw, but their current state, or Do not expect pinned on top of it as well.
  3013. "......?"
  3015. Along the roof all the way to chase the hunters, including guards everywhere, including the person responsible for Bell stopped halfway, and direct attacks on Bell's superior risk-takers.
  3017. While Bell squint eyes fixed fine when sufficient quantity to dizzying enemies, his crimson eyes capture an adventurer who sign.
  3019. (Crescent with, glasses ......?)
  3021. [Apollo] · Familia is not a symbol of the sun sign, but a sign of the other factions.
  3022. Doubt can not help but finally throw off the enemy's mind bred Bell: more than one enemy factions?
  3024. Moment, the scene last night, came to his mind.
  3026. After the banquet came to the balcony to escape himself witnessed that field closeted -.
  3028. Bell wants to continue to root out the memory, but the next moment.
  3029. Boom, the rear came the sound of someone landing.
  3031. "-"
  3033. Until just have not felt the heavy pressure and murderous.
  3034. Tapping, Bell could feel his heart instigation high up.
  3036. When he was trembling eyes look behind, they saw a young beauty exposed sneer standing there.
  3038. White-based battle suit, wear a sword and dagger at his waist, swaying with a large cloak.
  3040. [Apollo] · Familia leader, Hyacinthus knees bent, body leaning forward.
  3042. "!?"
  3044. Bell will HESTIA almost pushed to the side of the road at the same time, the figure approaching enemy eyes.
  3046. Hyacinthus to head and not the speed of the sword, and then they put a sword like a brilliant red inflammation - wavy sword (Flamberge) wave down.
  3048. Bell reluctant to use "HESTIA dagger" Dangxia, and was blown away because of the impact too.
  3050. "Be
  3051. Hyacinthus not let Bell kun was blowll !?"
  3052. n opportunity to fly to the rear and fell on the stone, he immediately chase.
  3054. Bell transverse roll to avoid the tip Hyacinthus play under his clenched teeth to "cow if pill" drawn from his waist, leap will begin the battle with the enemy.
  3056. Close to the alley wall goddess (HESTIA) lament the offensive and defensive launched only a few seconds in between.
  3058. "Can you really lose it fled here, Bell Cranel me personally when your opponent! -. Honored it."
  3060. "Woo!?"
  3062. Liangbing dagger and a sword, a surprising number of slash accompanied by flashes that pass.
  3065.  HESTIA stared, enough to destroy her hearing sound of metal crash dominated the entire alley. Do not allow yourself to face powerful enemies flee, Bell had to make every effort to Fen died of a stroke.
  3067. Since this article fled into hiding after the other attacks alley interrupted, and in this case, Bell launched a fierce battle.
  3069. "----"
  3071. Zhanji be resorted to bounce right from the lower left to upper right oblique cut is escape.
  3073. Hands attacks rained a move followed a move, but the other did not, not even scratch an instant offensive and alternately, the other to release a full strike force thrusting, Bell will immediately beat it on its side to fend off.
  3075. Surprisingly, however, this should open the tip block Bell's two arms crossed, suddenly blood spatter.
  3077. "So, the speed of which may not be."
  3079. Hyacinthus mouth up - saw him ease the way, Bell's eyes flashed shaken.
  3081. Compared with Bell equipped with two knives, the enemy is only a sword. However, this should occupy a number of advantages of two knives flow attack was invariably bounce, but also other direct hit back, just like the other side will know in advance how to make moves like all the attacks do not work.
  3083. Nothing compared to the speed.
  3085. "!?"
  3087. At the next moment the wind billowing white cloak, Hyacinthus Bell released a sufficient response rate beyond a vertical slash attack.
  3089. Yan red color with vertical flash head hit the blade, between the least bit about to hit the front of the Bell cross "HESTIA dagger" and "cow if pill" took its abruptly.
  3092. Liangbing wavy dagger tightly grip the enemy sword, gauntlets approaching each other.
  3093. Cha Cha Cha, constantly shaking the hand holding the sword dagger sheets gradually depressed.
  3095. "Although I am jealous of you being jealous of Apollo Sama favorite to not ...... but as long as the Lord God, I will comply with the expectations, you'll be my girl, and other factions of the glory of a bar."
  3097. No alternative "power" capabilities
  3098. .
  3099. Opposite razor overlapping tremble own face reflected in the eyes of the ferocious enemy in the eyes and smile.
  3101. - LV .3 .
  3103. Wine of the battle field in Bell's mind flashed, then he had not responded, offensive had ended.
  3105. Bell burning restlessness will make every effort to throw off the neck, lifted up his eyes on.
  3107. "Woo - ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!?"
  3109. In growl while gathering all the strength, the enemy's sword to fend off tough.
  3110. Enemy quickly back and Bell distanced contrast, Bell is at the moment the body to sink to the limit.
  3112. The body considered as tight bow and an arrow - Then they launched the assault.
  3114. "Call !!"
  3116. Maximum acceleration.
  3118. Kicked the ground to explode like momentum with everything they own, set the body's ability to kill the enemy resorted to.
  3120. White Rabbit's onslaught. Supercontinuum slash.
  3122. Mercilessly cut flash storm began.
  3124. "- Too slow."
  3126. However.
  3128. A phrase from the ridicule of the enemy did not waver.
  3130. "----"
  3132. Violet and red Fei, a surprising number of arcs of light pierced the atmosphere.
  3134. However, opponents have to with just the same as the calm attitude will be that many of slash left out all took.
  3136. Waving the empty "HESTIA dagger" was knocked out of the "cow if pill", each made continuous Zhanji are decorated with wavy sword too lightly Dangxia. Wavy blade side of the sun's rays are emitted, while as flickering flame-like, with its amazing power and "HESTIA dagger" and "cow if pill" crash out of a lot of sparks, while bursts piercing lament.
  3138. Only leader to qualify [Apollo] · Familia holders' sun wavy sword. "
  3140. Blur in the air, leaving wavy blade etched in Bell's eyes widened.
  3142. "Mere rabbits, dare presumptuous."
  3144. Hyacinthus mouth up body to the fastest speed until just until Bell's vision suddenly disappeared.
  3146. It is also a clever high-speed large-scale slash.
  3148. Kills depict crimson arc "If an ox pills", the turn to draw blue-purple flash "HESTIA dagger" spring back to fill the gap in this large-scale coherent slash, which even people feel wonderful artistry Under - Because weapons were bounced out of control arms reaction force leaving Bell stopped breathing.
  3150. The next moment, wavy sword hit the bottom up.
  3153. Reflexes screaming, the body was cut with a breastplate, even so Bell was successfully retreated. Cut split lightly armed and wavy blade to cut the skin of the chest Bell dug and cut off meat, intense pain headed toward Bell.
  3155. - Cut up.
  3157. Chopped red inflammation colored flash continue running.
  3159. Junior blood spatter, the action is almost stalled, however, did not give him the opportunity Hyacinthus respite, but continued to attack relentlessly.
  3161. "Ga!?"
  3163. Hilt cheek bone was recovered from the positive side of homeopathic beaten; Bell tried to distance themselves from the enemy and kicked the ground, only to slam feet were unable 挪身; followed and to the elbow.
  3165. Stabbing the throat of elbowing let Bell convulsions, vomiting, but do not even give him a chance, he immediately cut the abdomen was severely hit - and finally received a note fierce roundhouse kick. Enough to have half of the field of vision are buried in the opponent's boots, Bell was blown immediately flew to the stone.
  3167. Hyacinthus standing in a circle, his cloak tumbling, gold earrings sway with the rhythm of the night.
  3169. "Tony, Bell kun ...... !?"
  3171.  HESTIA pale skin, her voice to the final has been blurred.
  3173. Was beat up meal teenager's body lying on the ground like a corpse-like chest laceration constantly pouring blood, saliva mixed with blood splashing into the vicinity of the stone, and his face was bloody too see prototypes of. Even so, he was with trembling hands barely shore ground, constantly trying to stand up.
  3175. To lose anything, for the first time witnessed the tragic figure of his own Familia, the goddess could not say a word.
  3177. "Ah, Ga ...... !?"
  3179. "There consciousness ah."
  3181. Bell will be collapsed upper body stripped from the ground, his vision blurred, but he was soaked with tears in his eyes staring upward Crimson laugh of Hyacinthus.
  3183. This is - the second level adventurers.
  3185. Lv ranked .3 Hyacinthus strength is genuine, he did not rely on his ability to sit back and enjoy the value, whether it is technical or reflexes are honed to a first-class level. In the battle with the monster battle different people, whether it is aimed at no time "magic," or once Charge equivalent to suicide [hero aspirations (skills)], in front of him are of no use to any .
  3187. Whether pure white soldiers fighting force, or the ability to value.
  3189. Compared with the current Bell, as adventurers completely different dimension.
  3190. Seems like a lost sense of the morass of my mind, how can not stop the tears.
  3191. Burning pain in the body can not add words to express the feelings of the whirlpool let Bell looks distorted.
  3193. "Really ugly face, no beauty at all ...... I wonder why obsessed Apollo Sama Villains you wait."
  3195. "Woo!?"
  3197. Bell found positive to the blood-stained face staring at himself, rushed to Hyacinthus is kicked.
  3199. Indefensible teenager's body as easily as paper fly, fell to the open space in front of the alley.
  3201. "Wait a minute, give me stop!?"
  3203. "I put the body and mind are dedicated to Sama who just me unconditionally Sama who swear allegiance. ...... What rabbit obediently waiting to be slain like people."
  3205. Look Hyacinthus not see HESTIA, did not respond to her calls, but toward the Bell approached.
  3207. His words can pry out a little jealous of the shadow, and soon he will be in front of teenagers huddled halt.
  3209. "...... Let you run around too much, anyway, wait a minute will give you treatment, hands or feet, and now it does not matter a cut."
  3211. Take the left hand wavy sword issue scream, Hyacinthus exposed addicted child smile, Bell's eyes are infected with the look of fear.
  3213. Even HESTIA ran toward them, and there is absolutely too late.
  3215. Just when the machine is about to swing a sword and cut off under Bell's shoulder.
  3216. Several arrows shattered Hyacinthus standing stone.
  3218. "What?"
  3220. And hairbreadth occasion will it avoid a Hyacinthus, Bell and HESTIA are surprised face.
  3222. When they suddenly back, greeted located west of the main street outside the old bell tower. Very far away from here in the position of the tower roof, there is a hand-held Longbow Archers.
  3224. Even so far away from the sniper's position long-range shooting, Hyacinthus greatly admire.
  3226. "Dog people ......"
  3228. Fine squint eye gaze toward the other side of Hyacinthus, arrows one after another hit.
  3231. "So I just hate the superior risk-takers ah ......"
  3233. Looking at the front of the line of sight of all to escape all the arrows of Hyacinthus, Mikoto revealing that unhappy expression.
  3235. Drawn from a fixed arrow in the quiver at the waist resting on the bow, she began to care assistance Bell continuous shooting.
  3237. In the notice to [Apollo] · Familia after setting off a battle that Mikoto nonstop occupied the heights than anyone discovered early Baer their positions. [Takemikazuchi · Familia] original third level adventurers make bow wrist described as extremely accurate, even if the target location with ordinary people can not even find the target distance, she was only accurately aim at the enemy (Hyacinthus) were sniping .
  3239. "Bell, run away ......"
  3241. That Mikoto softly whisper, as if she felt like desire, stood up and staggered pace Bell took HESTIA hand ran out, Hyacinthus While trying to chase, but was immediately shot hit the support stopped way.
  3243. She tried wildly toward the taboo side of the tiny figure Dengzhe then shot an arrow, but soon he Dangxia, then he is like wildly hurry to hide in the shadows of the building, and since Mikoto firing line disappeared.
  3245. "Enemy too much ......"
  3247. That Mikoto successfully stopped Hyacinthus then continue sniping other adventurers, but she's just a drop in the bucket aid care.
  3249.  HOn this area overlooking under her, the less they have to have two hundred enemies.
  3250. That Mikoto to run out of the quiver aside, re-equip the new quiver.
  3252. Aimed at flying on the roof of the foot hunters, by shooting them fall. Her side with animal ears with faint echoes around moaning, while a then a archery.
  3254. "Takemikazuchi Sama, hurry up ......"
  3256. With anxious face, that Mikoto whispered.
  3259. "Bell kun, okay!?"
  3261. "Also, better ......"
  3263.  HESTIA to weep Yuqi face and asked, answered Bell is breathing heavily.
  3265. Hyacinthus was whipped body weight are good, fine hand Potion single chest wound is blocked it is now insufficient, although the two men in order to distance themselves from him desperately ran all the way here, but Bell the body gradually becomes to lose control, and now even to rely HESTIA hands helped to move forward.
  3267. Because of injuries to lose control of the body and become more and more anxious to let Bell, but this time, the distance came the sound of the chant.
  3269. "!?"
  3271. "Magic!?"
  3273.  HEHer clever use of Hestia lament fulfilled, there is a hand-held wand goblin mage Bell on their heads.
  3274. e height difference of the building, located in Mikoto Clock Tower unseen since the position chant, but also completely in flames [V] range outside. Bear them in order to narrow the distance between her and bite the bullet and ran toward her, but in front of the magic has been completed, those moves seem useless.
  3276. The rear has a long distance shot of the mine property in the two right outside of magic burst open.
  3278. "'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !?'"
  3280. Bell back of the head tip of burned hair is gone, and he threw himself to the ground along with HESTIA.
  3282. While the enemy in order not to hit the goddess (HESTIA) and adjust the angle of the shelling, but her powerful magic or destruction of the alley and set off a lot of smoke, and even spread to the surrounding buildings.
  3284. "Li Suosi, caught!"
  3286. "Received, contact Daphne them!"
  3288. At Bell they lost a few seconds ear function, vision is also wavering when many footsteps toward the position where they have begun to converge, Bell face lift, they found the mouth with a scarf to cover fairy members - Command Church attack the little captain - followed behind five adventurers appeared in the corner of the alley.
  3290. Li Suosi - cried the looks are so beautiful fairy coldly said: "surrender."
  3292. Bell picked up the fell to the ground while the HESTIA shoulders, while twisting dirt from the whole face painted - At this time, there is a group of people stand in front of their eyes.
  3294. "Hey ......"
  3296. "You seem to do anything very interesting thing, but also bring us."
  3298. From Bell came up behind them is a six-person team of adventurers.
  3300. Took a moment did not react muttering Bell and sight, is a brawny back, that's
  3302. [Takemikazuchi · Familia] The head of the cherry.
  3304. Besides him, there is a gun in the hay with the other four members, there is also life
  3305. .
  3306. "I want to do, you and I think these guys ...... etc [Apollo] · Familia fight it!?"
  3308. "It is so, then how?"
  3310. "How can we have a difficult ally, the next pumping hands and others look on."
  3312. Li Suosi anger verbally threatened, cherry set up a large sword as the answer, then raise the voice command assertion.
  3314. The [hostile] and [Apollo · Familia Takemikazuchi · Familia] accompanied roaring start fighting.
  3316. "Catch up ......!"
  3318. "Meters, Takemikazuchi!?"
  3320. While the fierce fighting in the Bell unfold before their eyes when Takemikazuchi shortness of breath from behind their debut.
  3321.  HESTIA rise confirmed the man of God, "ah," nodded.
  3323. "I hear you are having trouble, go Takemikazuchi support where requested, okay?"
  3325. "Yes, yes."
  3327. "Takemikazuchi, you guys ......!"
  3329. Bell surprised face, HESTIA also responded with gratitude to his eyes, and just laugh Takemikazuchi passing.
  3331. He and his members that Mikoto split up, they brought the cherry here.
  3333. "There is no delay, here to give them, you go first bell."
  3335. "Hey ...... can, but ......"
  3337. "Listen to me, you just can not ensure the safety of the battle will not end, and you know it."
  3339. Bell hesitating, in this case, the depths of the alley heard a commotion.
  3340. It is a new enemy to join the other side of the reinforcements.
  3342. Takemikazuchi with anxious expression Bell urged them breathless.
  3344. "Listen to me, go!"
  3346. "...... I'm sorry, Takemikazuchi!"
  3348. HESTIA up response, but also like a patient suffering like Bell nodded.
  3350. Bell side again began to flee, while looking back at them a life. Bell took to heart, and is unrelated to the personnel involved in the dispute of guilt.
  3352. Yet at the same time, he also understood this is a war between [Familia].
  3354. As long as a set off a war factions, factions would be associated with a chain to join the war - this is called the morass of. As long as the war between factions of the situation will take time infinitely complicated, precisely because well aware, between [Familia] will try to avoid an armed conflict openly. Was supposed to be so, but Bell now forced to accept a violation of this principle a reality.
  3356. "Away from the wall close, here is the westernmost city do ...... !?"
  3358.  HESTIA side and injured Bell laid down his life running, looked up at the top side of the narrow alleys.
  3360. Her front sight, surrounded by the entire city walls are overlooking them, according to their own sense of distance and stand in front of the cliff between, HESTIA guess now they located near the west end of the city.
  3362. Probably are stalkers (Hyacinthus) chasing too Baotoushucuan reasons for it, they have a substantial deviation from the direction of the guild headquarters is located.
  3364. "Found it! "
  3366. "...... !?"
  3368. Soon, the mobilization of a large number of enemy assassin discovered them.
  3369. Mikoto escaped that shot all the way along the building toward running the risk of injury Bell who they swoop.
  3371. Kicked roof, three adventurers Bell launched a surprise attack from their heads.
  3373. "- How to make you succeed !!"
  3375. "! ? "
  3377. While instant about to be covered with three shadow Bell HESTIA, suddenly there was a cannon-like speed in order to insert the sidelines of the shadows, shadows waving to get in the right hand sided sword, what put the two rivals fight to fly in the air a.
  3379. Not only that, but also will follow the metal arrow piercing the remaining one cheek, the man suddenly fluttering hands and feet began to fall, however, waiting for him to fall to the ground earlier than his shadow fell on the ground from the air, it has been designated a great circle to kick him fly.
  3381. "...... Okay, Bell?"
  3384. The red short hair young opponent who kicked and installed wind tumbling, he turned around and asked.
  3386. "Welf!?"
  3388. See the sword on his shoulder posture companion, Bell stared.
  3389. Blank lines
  3391. "Bell Sama!"
  3393. Welf step late coming out of Lily went to their side.
  3394. She confirmed that the shooting had just the touch of a hand-held crossbow while Bell's name called out.
  3396. "Even those who support the king all ......"
  3398. "Why come here ......"
  3400. "Of course, because you worry about Bell Sama it!"
  3402. "People are passed it, saying that there is only" White Rabbit "was chasing was running the streets."
  3404. Lily turned into orc face toward the side HESTIA surprised they shouted, while they went to him, and she was soon noticed.
  3406. Bell's whole face bruises ground bleeding, and equipment in the body of the lightly armed breastplate also cut a knife left a shocking scars, some places even sunken. Lily rushed from the shoulder bag and pulled out a prop - From Mikoto previously bought a parent and dual properties Potion Potion two, and a total of three tubes handed Bell eyes.
  3408. "Thank you, Lily ......"
  3410. Bell with scarred face to Lily smile, looked at him like this, Lily small chest hurts. Too much, that the whole body is injured teenager looked like I felt pain, Lilly had his body was cut illusion.
  3413. Movements are connected through the tube a bit difficult, Bell pulled out the cork, the blue solution poured down from the head group, called for the side of the HESTIA said:
  3414. "It is not good to continue to stay here, walking talk about it."
  3416. "Lily probably know the current situation of the ...... That really dispute the wine market is the reason?"
  3418. "No, that is also included, all Apollo their conspiracy."
  3420. Four run up, on the way to the HESTIA Lily questions, HESTIA would Introduction to the circumstances surrounding the matter told her.
  3422. I do not know a joke or seriously, Lily almost did not spot fell to the ground when they hear talk about teenage virginity HESTIA whisper in danger.
  3424. "Hey ...... have to chase oh!"
  3426. "!"
  3428. Welf staring at the front said. Beginning three people, then more and more people.
  3429. Bell and face stiff towards HESTIA, Lily urged:
  3430. "Please Bell Sama asylum guild you go!"
  3432. "After that we will soon catch up with the pack finish, do not worry we have!"
  3434. Welf put on the spot exposed hesitate to refute Bell stifle expression; Lily is staring HESTIA, feel her determination after, HESTIA also said, "I'm sorry, please you!", Pull the juvenile's hand run up.
  3436. "Lily attendant, my helper!"
  3438. "Lily know! But it does not matter if you are a man!?"
  3440. Bell put them toward the enemy gradually slipped into Lily and Welf imminent.
  3441. Ignoring Lily's fear, one person alone will Welf into the enemy positions.
  3443. "Nothing, if it is now, I -"
  3446. Then he faced the very beginning of the attack towards his three adventurers.
  3448. Make every effort to put his hands behind holding a sword pulled Charge, then release the lateral flash.
  3450. Faced with a burst pressure of the violent blow, the enemy could not avoid staring, sorrow was blown away accompanied.
  3452. "- I kinda bad thing?"
  3454. "...... Much is a good thing, but do not be careless Oh!"
  3456. Flying back to the top of the risk-takers who are fiercely fell while rotating Lily.
  3458. Welf show their Lv .2 potential capacity, Lily feels in his heart, reliable, and asked him to pay more attention to his mouth.
  3460. They fought the enemy and immediately began fighting.
  3462. "This two solid two!"
  3464. They started off with Lily Lv .1 and Lv .2 mixed team fighting action adventure slow subordinates who were the first to rout by Welf, a man was left superior risk-takers that wonderful shot by Lily divert his attention between the moment.
  3466. Then, as if the gyroscope-like dishing Welf roundhouse kick and then kicked the higher the risk-takers on the wall behind them.
  3468. "Welf Sama, please get out!"
  3470. "Wow, you do not want to use that ...... !?"
  3472. Gathered from a large number of enemies in front again, seeing this, Lily took out a fist-sized bag.
  3474. Before it lost out to pinch her nose thing - is the "strong odor bag."
  3478. Welf face became pale, but Lily still throw the bag to the opposite group of people, just listen to pop an instant uproar heard, sick people green particles into the sky, spread out along the stench swept no place to escape The narrow alleys.
  3480. Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, suddenly tragic cry broke off.
  3482. "To use the words to say ah!?"
  3484. "Lily is not to say a thing to let you escape!"
  3486. Both pinch your nose with one hand, to burst from their green stink headed toward where to flee.
  3488. Even the surrounding area has been unable to be used as a battlefield now, Lily with Welf or several times and headed toward their enemies start fighting.
  3490. "...... This number really is not covered!"
  3492. Swarms of a large number of the enemy can not help but let Welf complain loudly.
  3494. Directions, shadow enemy after another appears. Siren resounded around probably find a signal with HESTIA Bell who issued it. The number increased to even seemingly unconsciously stopped in front of the enemy have become meaningless, under these circumstances, Lily looked around the perimeter.
  3496. "The other side ...... really have a unified command it?"
  3498. Carefully observe the enemy hit off posture, not difficult to find them is not a good fit. Mutual cooperation between their actions always gives a temporary team feeling.
  3500. Only the number of package fence as a gimmick, the enemy that much to make the number of abnormal heart filled with a wave Lily unnatural feeling ...... see Welf cut down in their own eyes after adventurers, Lily this back really shocked.
  3502. "Hey, what ...... lie, why."
  3504. "Hey, how ah!?"
  3507. Lily forget the need to care assistance Welf, foolishly stood in front of her sight, and glass engraved crescent flag fell on the ground formed a human adventure armor. Lily reflexively grabbed his left shoulder.
  3509. She can not help but want to vomit surge of cold air is gradually rising from the abdomen, but on the other side, the sweat on the skin has been accompanied by hot drip incessantly. Does that mean that we say, do not say - Lily's head was instantly filled with these three words.
  3511. However, in front of a symbol of [Soma] · Familia is like to be a sign of resolve questions like Lily lying quietly.
  3513. Overlooking the symbol "god of wine," wine glass markers, because Lily's maroon eyes shake and tremble.
  3515. "!?"
  3517. She lifted her head and looked around, and is now facing the burly orc Welf Weaponry men brutally call reinforcements on the roof of the Amazon women, who in a ferocious dwarf arrows ....... Alienated factions affiliated with yourself, ever seen their faces when and where it?
  3519. Lily inferred in the number of enemies in front of the reason why there are so many is because there is some factions and [Apollo] · Familia collusion of conclusions.
  3520. Her eyes suddenly stopped, she found responsible for directing the adventurers, bespectacled man long face.
  3522. "Lily attendant!?"
  3523. "...... Oh, you really here, Rebagliati."
  3525. Saw the sudden appearanc
  3526. Welf's voice has not reached her ears, she was desperate to drive the thin legs ran out on a heap of wooden jump a few times, also lifted halfway turned magic (Cinderella ), finally came to the roof.
  3528. "Zannis Sama!?"
  3530. e of Lily, [Soma] · Familia leader Zannis has not surprised, but smiled.
  3532. The bungalows are spacious and flat top, human men and orcs back from the girls face to face villains family.
  3534. "You, in the end you are doing!? Why do you want to help [Apollo] · Familia it!?"
  3536. "I accepted the commission to send Apollo to pay for the exchange, we want to help them fight [HESTIA · Familia], Lord God Sama also agreed ...... no, say to me is solely responsible."
  3538. Indeed, [Soma] · Familia sense it can be regarded as the easiest city in the fractious factions.
  3540. Interested only wine of the Lord God do not care, the struggle for influence and power distribution are also not concerned if the funds to provide him with wine, I am afraid you can simply take advantage of him.
  3542. Prior to Bell's plan to win a carefully prepared · Familia [Apollo] To this day, early in advance to find a good partner willing to help themselves now.
  3544. "Did you really do!? Actually involved in this thing for the money ...... [Apollo] · Familia is done because of this unrest and ready to accept punishment guild dare to start, and if [soma · Familia] too hastily to intervene, would certainly have become the object of punishment !! "
  3546. From the very beginning the Society some time ago [Soma] · Familia internal factions operating principle of the Lord God as a problem, but now they also require its own deep introspection done embarrassments, intervene if the facts of the unrest was broad daylight made public, then this might really be expelled from the city guild. Zannis behavior they are doing just what you put yourself guillotined.
  3548. [Soma] · Familia Apollo neither help their justification, no reason to attack them Bell, Lily so loudly express their ideas.
  3550. "No, we still have a righteous cause birthright."
  3552. However, Zannis but calmly to the back of the hand behind such claims.
  3554. 'Cause, birthright ......? "
  3556. "Yes, [soma · Familia] Even leaving aside the request to send Apollo aside, there are also reasons] and [HESTIA · Familia battle."
  3558. His assertion unhurried way to make Lily revealed the face of surprise, however 桑尼斯 Xiexiao face with a fine eye squint just overlooking lifted her chin, as she asked, "You do not know?" the same.
  3560. Like asking her, "You do not feel it?" The same.
  3562. "Could it be that ......"
  3564. Since the possibility of a flash of mind and let Lily had pale face brush up.
  3565. Then, Zannis also clearly affirmed her worst suspicions.
  3567. "Yes, that is you, Rebagliati."
  3569. He nodded slowly leisurely.
  3571. "We are no substitute for our compatriots from the hands of a group of crooks save back was shot, after which naturally will inevitably have to look a little revenge, in order to prove that I was waiting for justice."
  3573. Lily felt about to collapse.
  3575. Take now still belongs to [Soma] · Familia Lily as a shield, they will be able to participate in the attacks naturally and HESTIA Bell's action. Lily became their excuse, but also for them to create a retreat.
  3577. [Familia] contract, binding is strong to such a degree. If the Lord God or factions which claimed no league to the outside world by the use and factions who have suffered losses, they say, more or less will be accepted by the outside world. Lily mere ordinary members no matter how justified, and finally accepted by the outside world is organized sound.
  3579. Lily was regarded as soma · Familia [Bell] to kill their reasons.
  3581. "Until recently I also thought you were dead. ...... Until I hear a drunk wine market where people talk about your topic."
  3583. "That, that is ......"
  3585. "In the first 18 floor exhibition inspiring newcomers [unfinished], and followed his ass villain family adventure intelligence. "
  3587. Lily bottom of my heart cursed his own carelessness.
  3589. In the ground, Lily will use [Cinderella] disguised himself as Orc children, but after entering the underground city, in order to save Lily will often relieve mental strength "magic" to solve the first Bell 18 process the events that occur in a layer shine, the results with his team of Lily's intelligence will naturally flow into the hands of some people.
  3591. 桑尼斯 received information from their hands after they spotted Bell's relationship with Lily, and then it yielded to regain Lily accepted the commission as an excuse [Apollo] · Familia made it heavily.
  3593. "Rest assured, Rebagliati, I will talk to an Sama soma prove your innocence, [HESTIA · Familia] is the root of all evil."
  3595. He had to Bell and HESTIA Speaking of [Soma] · Familia revenge become a reality.
  3596. Mars makes gratuitous spread duo ...... Lily was to say, now that I think is really wrong, far more than is Mars, Lily even provoke hostile fire torture them.
  3598. Are all their own (Lily) fault.
  3599. "Deception, threats, use your group of guys so far will be punished it, [Apollo] · Familia put them into just perish."
  3601. Good head dizzy, staggering up the pace too, seemed to rotate around the world, each of which is difficult to feel let Lily by suffocation.
  3603. He is the god of plague it? Lily's chest filled with an urge to want your head squat, my mind flashed the florist who treat their gentle old couple, their home is likewise [Soma] · Familia people in cold blood destroyed, a small chest had a huge whirlpool with disproportionate self-loathing, and that seemed to swirl into a roar from Lily's throat bursts to the same.
  3605. Think of it, goes face bruises Bell earlier.
  3607. Looked around, the battle continues.
  3609. Mikoto Clock Tower was forced to flee, they were surrounded by the gang Mikoto, being a fierce battle with the enemy Welf everyone because [the members] soma · Familia and crisis.
  3611. Should not go.
  3613. Lily Bell should not stay in their side.
  3615. - Dirty unbearable that they should not stay gentle and warm around them!
  3617. Lily's eyes full of tears, looked down and saw it as.
  3619. "............ Shot."
  3621. "Ah?"
  3623. "Please do not Bell Sama they shot ......"
  3625. In a trembling voice, Lily begged to 桑尼斯.
  3627. Raise the dead like a face, looking up at him.
  3629. "This goes back to the soma Lily around Sama, so please do not hurt the group of people ......."
  3631. This is just a simple transaction.
  3633. If that Lily was shot] [soma · Familia reasons, then as long as she surrendered, Zannis mouth of the righteous cause birthright will naturally disappear, Na Lili a person in exchange, they attacked Bell Faction can reduce a Lily is no reason to refuse.
  3635. [Soma · Familia] has a lot of years have been a member of the charm of the "god of wine," if [Soma] · Familia can retreat, and now bounding certainly will not be able to continue to maintain, and perhaps they do not necessarily help the Bell.
  3638. Lily knew out of the conditions likely will not be accepted, even so she begged With prayer mood.
  3640. Zannis first being stared at like trying to catch a straw-like eyes closed, she looked for a moment, and then they pretentiously nod.
  3642. "Okay."
  3644. For the promise he just made, Lily surprised while doubting.
  3645. Zannis then pushed his glasses with your fingers.
  3647. "In fact, I have walked a difficult path of conscious being, anyway, from where [Apollo] · Familia received enough advance payment, this time is almost up to the close hand."
  3649. Here, he revealed a grim smile.
  3651. "And, for me, you would have to be a necessity."
  3653. Zannis hear unexpected pick out the facts, and Lily stared.
  3655. That, says Lily to regain this scene, then to Zannis half terms for sincere?
  3656. Although Lily has his mind from so weak and incompetent himself again to see what the value of the doubt, but as long as he comply with the agreement, Lilly will only obey his instructions on this street can go.
  3658. "Come to my side, you come, I will send out a signal to retreat."
  3660. 桑尼斯 pulled out a gun barrel from small arms, Lily also silently obeyed his instructions.
  3661. See obedient girl look, Zannis great satisfaction nodded toward the sky and then they buckle under small gun trigger a flare fired from the gun, flew over.
  3663. Deep sky glare and noise make the seventh division of the many adventurers stopped the action, not long before he told Zannis said the same, [Soma] · Familia's members have started to retreat.
  3665. "Hey, Lily attendant!"
  3667. Probably because most of the enemies of reason to leave the battlefield, become ease some of Welf alley shouted from below towards the top.
  3669. While standing on the roof of Lily places he turned to look weak in the eyes.
  3671. "The left, Rebagliati."
  3673. "Good ......"
  3675. Zannis Wai Zhuozui hear spoken words, Lily lay his head.
  3677. As he turned to leave, when Lily overlooking completely puzzled Welf, said:
  3678. "Lily to return [Soma] · Familia ...... it will not give you the trouble, so you tell them Bell Sama."
  3680. "What are you talking about it! You go this way, how can I face to see Bell, come back ah!"
  3682. "I'm sorry ...... Farewell."
  3684. After bidding farewell to quickly catch up with Lily Zannis.
  3686. Little people (Palu Mu) the girl's posture, gradually grew above Welf alley looking vision disappeared.
  3688. "How do the ah, that guy ......!"
  3690. Although Lily Welf want to catch, but he was helpless [Apollo] · Familia adventurers have found a last resort only war.
  3692. Damn, he cursed so only choose to give up catching Lily.
  3695. I do not know how many times already attacked Bell coming to their body.
  3697. PockHunter's arrow, mage magic chant essay, holding weapons superior risk-takers who fought headed toward the boy, so he did not idle respite. Just enemy from the beginning has been condemning continued, [Apollo] · Familia has become increasingly anxious, and at the same time for their offensive Bell increasingly fierce.
  3699. et a big circle around the results back to the base, their arrival so that the original Bell quiet residential street unmanned combat noise sounded again.
  3701. "...... [Flame volts!]"
  3703. Bell launching magic, hitting people can no longer live in the stone building.
  3705. Continuous injection of inflammation mine and produce the sky off the stone dust, thereby masking dismay hostile adventurers vision, they quickly took the opportunity to bunk Bell.
  3707. "Ha, ha ......!"
  3709. "...... Bell kun, go here!"
  3711. Fear of breath Bell's body, HESTIA hold his hand.
  3713. She found an escape route is flowing waterways at their feet, into the depths of the alley and then have to go down the stairs, they came to the Bell-shaped sewer tunnel.
  3715. "Okay, Bell kun?"
  3717. "I'm sorry, God Sama ......"
  3719. Back against the wall and sat on the ground to take advantage of Bell apologized, HESTIA shook his head, then looked around them. Brick brick wide waterway accidents, reminiscent of the space under the bridge; the water flowing in the center of the city is probably the sewer flow right; at the exit from the opposition side can see the outside light.
  3721. Outside waterways, someone is searching for Bell hide them, their footsteps and shouts sounded particularly harsh, while the two were found not to pray, while breath whispered conversation.
  3723. "Can move it?"
  3725. "...... No problem, I could do."
  3728. In order to recover due to severe attacks are physical consumption, Lily Bell from there to bring the rest of the Potion all ran out, just HESTIA looked like he desperately breath when exposed bitter expression, out came the roar.
  3730. "You hear it, Bell Cranel! "
  3732. Is Hyacinthus.
  3734.  HESTIA scared can not help but shake the shoulders down, next to the Bell is also a pain in the eyes deformation.
  3736. "No matter where you hide, no matter where you flee, I will have to kill you and so that you avoid them the moment I can not hide it! "
  3738. Probably went to the bar high platform, he rang a huge volume of this band issued a warning to Bell.
  3740. "Whether on the ground or underground city are the same! In the future, you'll never have a peaceful day was! ! "
  3742. Understand what it means after his words, Bell swallowed.
  3744. Even Bell survived the turmoil, possession or other factions to the Association of Base, the Apollo lifetime they will stare at Bell put, he wanted to express what this means. Whether it is the time of life on earth, or explore the underground city, always.
  3746. Bell to experience what is called a powerful factions target feeling.
  3748. Hyacinthus just said the same, if not to be settled, they will be no peace Bell.
  3750. "......"
  3752. Bell next to waver, HESTIA remained silent for some time.
  3753. Immediately exposed decided expression.
  3755. "- Bell kun, you better listen up."
  3757. She sat on the ground around the front of Bell's, and he knelt down, her face close to his nose soon encounter position stared at him.
  3758. Toward his crimson eyes, and said:
  3759. "Apollo and we come true, things are now, if we do not act there is no future, there are two means to open up the situation, either to accept no chance of winning the battle, the second is - escaped Oratoria . "
  3761. "...... !!"
  3763. Was told that the harsh reality of Bell shuddered, HESTIA continued:
  3764. "As long as there is around you, where can I go, even if it was to chase us until the opponent to give up, I will go to escape his life with you."
  3766.  HESTIA's remarks can be said of her consciousness.
  3768. Although the land is very comfortable to live in, and understanding of the partner is also very reluctant to separate, but as long as Bell stay, regardless of whether it is going to go where it does not matter where you live, HESTIA so tell their own voice.
  3770. (With God Oratoria Sama leave, to go and live far away ......?)
  3772. Bell blinked twice three times, look to hand to suppress breast HESTIA.
  3774. Perhaps, that was the last option left with HESTIA the Bell.
  3776. Just so far in the fight against the forces defeated in the same [Familia] ...... just like the great god (Zeus) Hermes mentioned before, they want to escape the city and perhaps only one way to escape the alternative.
  3778. Imagine.
  3779. Imagine, only two people, himself and HESTIA one in the vast world travel scene.
  3781. They came to the windmill turning, long pastoral village, came to be wrapped in a beautiful blue sky hill, came to be able to see the sea harbor.
  3783. Dressed in white, wearing a white hat girl (HESTIA), and carrying bags of teenagers (myself) to smile posture.
  3785. That was how warm, how pleasant scene ah.
  3787. That is how people jump for joy, what a dream trip fascinated ah.
  3789. Or Xuhui Cheng true, it might really be the future of the two.
  3791. (But ......!)
  3793. Thought of this, Bell's chest had a severe shake, and his mind, in this city partners met face to emerge one by one, and disappear one by one.
  3795. He put a bit of adventure so far, so far met all sorts, all thought up.
  3797. (I -)
  3799. Then, looking forward posture in the wake of his heart.
  3801. That certainly is the beginning of everything, myself and the blond golden eyes swordsman encounter.
  3803. Girl in profile haunted his mind, lingering a long time.
  3805. "......"
  3807. Fluctuating wildly as if to read a heart Bell, HESTIA's face showed no emotion.
  3808. Biting her lips, holding hands to make a decision in Bell.
  3809. Toward the surprised boy, goddess asked:
  3810. "Bell kun, do you like me?"
  3812. This sudden hearing problems, Bell sent a very flustered voice.
  3813. "Ah!?"
  3815. "This is a very important thing."
  3817. Face crimson, HESTIA continued:
  3818. "If you say that like me, I will be able to make up its mind if I believe you, even if it is annoying jealousy can laugh it off, I feel like anything I can do something! No matter whom I have the courage to fight! "
  3820.  HESTIA holding hands to inject power.
  3821. "Oh, I love you? Hello lovely, lovely I could not get away, I want to live with you forever and always stay by your side ...... I will not put you to anyone."
  3823. Coated fingers started to shake up.
  3825. "How do you see me?"
  3827. Then finally, once again asked.
  3829. Even flushed, HESTIA or with serious expression staring teenager's face.
  3830. Mind a chaotic Bell also followed blush, but replied:
  3831. "I, I respect you ......"
  3833. "I'm not going to answer that!"
  3835. Being shouted in front of Bell's shoulder was shocked.
  3837. Goddess say something, want to hear something from your own here, Bell while listening to deviate consciousness gradually runaway heartbeat, while brains thinking. Lord God asked, "like" the meaning, the meaning of discourse.
  3839. Bell looked HESTIA that flickering eyes, seem to find what is irreplaceable things will be destroyed, the relationship between God and the Familia will never not be sustained.
  3841. At Bell subconsciously started to worry, is preparing to open trembling lips - the explosion rang.
  3843. "'!?'"
  3845. The explosion occurred at the entrance of the waterway winds off, they headed toward the Bell.
  3847. Bell hurried to overwhelm HESTIA to protect her, and his eyes shone with adventurers Slayers squad.
  3849. "Found in the waterway over there! "
  3851. "Chase! "
  3853. "!?"
  3855. Eventually was discovered, Bell picked up HESTIA began to flee.
  3857. Cross holding her again, they ran on Bell exit from the waterways.
  3859. "Once or twice, each time to prevent us ...... damn ah ~ ~ ~ !?"
  3861. Goddess chest face anger phase, Bell can not help but timid.
  3862. Intolerable anger finally erupted HESTIA stood on the corner.
  3864. "Stand it no longer! Bell kun, I was angry Oh!"
  3866. "Yes, yes Oh!?"
  3868. "Southwest, to the southwest to run!"
  3870. Bell obey instructions HESTIA passionate tone.
  3872. Substantial change in the forward line until just until the two moving in the opposite direction with the guild headquarters, in the southwest of the alley leading to a gallop. Bell will accelerate purely because of his sudden turn and shake adventurers throw off.
  3873. "......"
  3874. "......"
  3876. Bell ran, during the two did not say anything, just to be able to gloss over the issue of Q & Bear in mind secretly exhaled.
  3878.  HESTIA probably the same feeling, and she also makes no reference to earlier things turned his red face firmly attached to Bell's chest.
  3880. Bell felt his heart beat and hold the chest in the heart of the goddess of coincidence.
  3881. Blank lines
  3883. HESTIA obey instructions go southwest route is simple.
  3885. After the obvious weak compared with just fence off a lot of packages, Bell them through the main street of the West is west and southwest into the street in the middle of the area - the sixth division.
  3887. They attract attention while walked around the side of Broad Street, under the guidance of HESTIA eventually came before a broad territory.
  3889. "Here is ......"
  3891. Looking ahead, the tall iron fence surrounds the plant variety of spacious vestibule, go down inside is a huge stone mansion. See decorative bow on the door and the Sun logo, Bell can not help but swallowed.
  3893.  Bell went HESTIA command, not elsewhere, it is [Apollo] · Familia base
  3894. .
  3895. "I did not come to fight, all the way! Hush, hush!"
  3897. While trying to prepare a gun guard stopped them from the main entrance into the Bell, but lost to walk away fro the HESTIA force exudes power, involuntarily get out of the road.
  3899. Some people will probably still wary of attack mansion right, in front of the house equipped with a lot of risk-takers, Bell once again he is weak and scared my battle speechless.
  3901.  HESTIA side guard members who were around the side of the central vestibular carelessly gone, this time as if she had expected to like, Apollo leisurely walked out from the house.
  3903. "Oh, HESTIA, actually came to this place, what do you want?"
  3905. Men of God along the porch stairs down, huh smile came to meet, but HESTIA then glared at him fiercely.
  3907. Also with the family around the villain (Palu Mu) of Rouen, Apollo HESTIA their eyes stopped.
  3909. Goddess unilaterally exudes out of the dangerous atmosphere, which makes Bell with a cold sweat, DC Rouen, under these circumstances, the confrontation between the Lord God with disabilities began.
  3911. "...... The little people (Palu Mu) Jun, lend me your gloves."
  3913. "...... Ah well, good."
  3915. HESTIA undeniable voice heard, Rouen hurried to obey orders.
  3917. Jinjinzuanzhao Rouen fed to the glove, HESTIA aimed Apollo's face straining all the effort to throw out the glove.
  3919. "'!?'"
  3921. Jenna snapped! Apollo glove severely hit in the face.
  3923. Double ponytail because the reaction force to throw things blown air, Bell and Rouen are scared Jiling.
  3925. Towards Apollo, HESTIA loudly manifesto maintain a smile on his face peeled off from the glove, said:
  3927. "No problem! We accept your proposed war game !!"
  3929. Bell widened eyes, Apollo is exposed grim smile.
  3931. "This is a mutually agreeable outcome gods - Gentlemen, war games to Hello!"
  3933. In the moment of his outstretched hands, gods who figure suddenly appeared in the territory at the same time.
  3935. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh !!"
  3937. I do not know what time it hidden inside, the large number of men and gods and goddesses from the courtyard of the shrub or tree branches spurt, cheered together.
  3939. At Bell, Rouen, and other members of Apollo were being intimidated by the momentum this time around breath raged.
  3941. "Apply to guild war game! "
  3943. "God would have held a provisional it! The other call on God! ! "
  3945. "Oh so excit - !ed! "
  3947. "Yeah returning to the festival! "
  3949. Excited conversation after another, craving entertainment gods who play their own character, and shortly become like a festival put here as lively. LOKI's voice is also mixed in with this group of men and woman of God has begun to spend time preparing for a war game matters.
  3951. "Just like you hear in detail the rules of the game will be decided at the meeting of God, schedule will notify you really look forward to the future ...... ah, you say, HESTIA?"
  3953. Around a commotion, Apollo emerges out of the defiant smile.
  3955. See HESTIA without speaking stared at him, then turned and Apollo, Rouen then hurried to keep up.
  3957. "God, Sama ......"
  3959. Apollo will disappear in the eyes of the mansion back revenue, Bell innocently muttered.
  3960. Number of members factions, the gap forces glance, the game can not be called for this game, in any case, could not restrain his Bell pessimistic thinking, and export results only a dead end.
  3962.  HESTIA stay stood toward Bell turned menacing.
  3964. "Bell kun, give you a week."
  3966. Boy looking up at the Familia, goddess continued:
  3968. "From now until the beginning of the war game, I will do anything to delay a week's time."
  3970. "Hey ......"
  3972. "Take advantage of this week, Bell kun, you have to be as strong as possible, than it is today attacked any one of our children, more than any obstacles in front of us to be strong! Your words do !!"
  3974.  HESTIA eyes will bet all hope is bent at the Bell [vision] on.
  3976. Because the Lord God looked firmly believe their own eyes and exposed, Bell staring, chest also gush heat.
  3978. "Bell, HESTIA Sama!"
  3980. "Welf!?"
  3982. At this point, a man appeared Welf.
  3984. Bell presumably by tracking their movements of the enemy and the proliferation of noise to nearby locations to find it, he came to the base of the Apollo.
  3986. "Lily attendant myself to go back [soma · Familia] ...... No, she was abducted by a group of guys."
  3988. "!?"
  3990. "Because the other guy was not able to hinder the trouble I have her back ...... sorry."
  3991. Did not want to hear this report have thought, Bell HESTIA together with a hit.
  3992. Why, what reason is there, now, girls (Lily) is uneventful - a variety of questions and anxiety headlong rush of Bell's brain, in this case, he suddenly react, he had to save her, just Welf intend to ask him for details of the time.
  3994. HESTIA his arm was caught.
  3996. "Bell kun, you have to do what I tell you to do."
  3998. "May, however!?"
  4000. "I will certainly support those who rescued the king, so I beg you - please be sure to believe me."
  4002.  HESTIA not give the opportunity to refute Bell, try to try to convince him.
  4003. God believe Familia (children), so please Familia (children) believe in God.
  4005. HESTIA looked resolutely face, the whole body shake Bell at the beginning ...... finally believe goddess (her).
  4007. All feelings are transferred to the body of boiling HESTIA, Bell greatly nod.
  4008. "Bell kun, before going to my dagger to stay."
  4010. "I know."
  4012. "Vail husband, sorry, I need the help of your power to support those who rescued the king."
  4014. "No, you said this is something, there is a need to enjoy the beck and call me."
  4016. Go to complete their respective should be done beforehand, HESTIA orders, and then I look up Bell.
  4018. "After what it all to me, you go faster."
  4020. "Good!"
  4022.  HESTIA's words sent out to Bell, he ran out of the noisy non-stop effort to Apollo base.
  4023. Deadline is one week.
  4025. Before that, they have to become able to transcend the enemy - Hyacinthus themselves.
  4027. Engraved with grace (the ability to value) and pressed back, now Bell has the ambition or the rules of this kind of thing thrown out the window, the only purpose is strong, he aimed the strongest sword Ji (girls) where the northernmost city The tower gallop.
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