alternate btw setup

luckytyphlosion Jul 7th, 2015 (edited) 250 Never
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  1. Do not use any potions.
  2. Do not pick up PC potion.
  3. Rival fight: Growl x1, Tackle...
  4. Alternate strat: Tackle spam. Don't worry about dying, just skip buying Poke Ball and get Town Map.
  5. Get all early game potions
  6. Do not fight L2/L3
  7. Get tree Antidote and regular Antidote.
  8. Weedle Fight: Growl x1, Tackle...
  9. Go to mart.
  11. - Buy 1 Poke Ball and 1 Awakening
  12. - Buy 14 Antidotes
  13. - Go to sell menu, swap Antidotes to 4th
  14. - Sell all potions
  15. - Buy 20 Antidotes
  17. Do Brock Skip
  18. At BTW Guy, attempt to toss 16 Antidotes but don't actually.
  19. Flash Pokemon Menu
  20. Talk to guy
  21. Exit out of building
  22. Immediate S+Q
  23. Walk to:
  24. Open item menu toss 22 Antidotes
  25. Talk to walking guy from the left
  26. Hold B and BTW
  27. Do route as normal up to Bulbasaur Deposit
  28. Withdraw PC potion
  29. Get TM29
  30. Do route as normal.
  31. Aqcuire swagboulder when 1st trainer sees you.
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