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14 February 2014

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Feb 25th, 2014
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  1. 1. Akatsuki-class (Akatsuki, Inazuma & Ikazuchi) received additional quote lines
  2. 2. Uzuki Kai has a new portrait when moderately damaged.
  3. 3. Special chocolate gift available upon log in from 14/2 to 16/2. The gift can be opened from the inventory and contains 700 fuel, 700 ammunition, 700 steel and 1500 bauxite.
  4. 4. New Feature: Marriage System at unit level 99. Marriage will increase level to 100 and level cap to 150. Endurance and luck are improved for level 100 ships. Also, supply costs for the ship decreases by 15%. Complete the related quests (The ones with 式の準備 in the quest title) to receive one "Papers and Ring" item for free. Additional rings will cost 700 yen each in the item shop. Additionally, your waifu will have a new voice line when you click on her in the harbor.
  5. 5. New furniture added. Some are hidden and only obtainable through quest.
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