Half-Moon in Equestria 34 (slightly erotic)

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  1. Dear Celestia you regret ever coming here. It started innocently enough, both Lyra and her marefriend Bon-Bon enjoyed the massage. Afterward, you made a little small talk, ignoring most of their odd comments. They offered you some tea and snacks, which you readily accepted, given dinner was cut short.
  2. They were drugged.
  3. Fortunately (Or not) they weren't strong enough to knock you out, but they are more than stong enough to fuck up your thought processes. Currently, Bon-Bon is rubbing herself on your bare chest and Lyra is using her magic to make you finger her with one hand, while pinning the other. "Hey, Lyra? Ever wondered what IT looks like?" Bon-Bon asks, spinning around on your chest so she is facing your pants.
  4. Lyra looks a little bashful before replying "Actualy, I have kind of seen it before." Bon-Bon motions to the pants, and Lyra makes them vanish. Your boxers go next, and they both eye your semi erect member. What can you say, those dreams have started affecting you. "You can go first Bonnie, I'm still *Anhh* good with these marvelous hands of his."
  5. Bon-Bon licks her lips, before licking something a little more personal, sending a shiver down your spine. Her lips wrap around your shaft, and she works it up to full. Once she feels you are "ready", she turns around again and lines herself up with the tip.
  6. *Knock Knock*
  7. Before you can call out, a band of magic covers your mouth. Bon-Bon gives a sigh of annoyance, and  hops off, running to the door in the other room. The thin walls of the house let you make out what is being said.
  8. "Princess Luna!" Bon-Bon says surprised "It is a pleasure to see you. What brings you to our humble abode?"
  9. Luna's powerful voice booms through the walls, something must be wrong. "We came to town to visit Anonymous, and he was not at home. After questioning others, we heard he was last seen with Lyra."
  10. Slamming a foot down, you hear Bon-Bon call out "Hey Lyra, are you okay?"
  11. Lyra calls back "Yeah, just *Uhnn* bumped into a side table. Don't worry, I'm fine. Also, me and Anon parted ways before I got back here."
  12. You raise your leg to slam down again, but lyra catches it in her magic. In doing so, she looses controll of your free arm, and you begin to bang with that. "Bonnie, I could use a hoof."
  13. "Alright, sorry we werent able to be much help princess."
  14. "It is quite alright. Instead, perhaps I could assist you?" Luna says, and you hear her hooves get closer.
  15. "No, we should be fine. Thank you for the offer though princess."
  16. You hear her start to leave, when Lyra's magic covering your mouth slips. "LUNI! HELP!" You call out, before her magic covers your mouth again.
  17. A near deafening crack is heard, and Luna appears in the middle of the room, staring down Lyra. "THOU SHALT RELEASE ANONYMOUS THIS INSTANT!" The force of her voice alone is nearly enough to knock Lyra off you.
  18. Quickly scrambling off an hiding behind a couch, Lyra starts spewing appologies to you and Luna. Shakily getting to your feet, you lean against Luna and look around for your clothes. Her horn glows, and you find yourself redressed, and Luna escorts you outside.
  19. "Anonymous, my sister told us of the distress our fun has had on you, and we came to appologize. It seems out arrival was quite timely as well." You simply nod, half aware, and she notices your slightly addled state. Her horn glows, and all signs of the drug are purged from your system.
  20. "Thank you Luna." You say, straightening up "For both the appology and for your help. Do you have a clue as to why they acted like that?"
  21. "Perhaps... Do you happen to know the date? If I'm right, it might explain it."
  22. Pausing to think, you say its the *Redacted* of *Redacted*, why?"
  23. "As I thought." Luna says, and she starts walking, making you follow. "Estrus stars soon. Perhaps because they live together, it started earlier for them..."
  24. "Pardon me, but what is estrus?"
  25. "Ah, yes. This is your first experience with estrus here. Estrus is when mares go into heat. There are two minor ones, and one major one. The two minor ones are usualy harmless, they just make mares a bit more receptive. The major one, on the other hand, some mares, especially single mares can become ah... Agressive when going after a male."
  26. "That might be a problem... Can you think of anything that might help, or even better, stop the effects of estrus? I don't want my students going after me or eachother when they should be learning."
  27. "I'm not sure." Luna says "My sister did send this bag with me when I came to see you though, perhaps it will help?"
  28. Taking hold of the bag, you peer inside, before pulling out a necklace with a small orb on it. "Necklaces?"
  29. Luna levitates it over, and examines it. "Ah, these pendants are designed to negate the effects of estrus. They are often used by guards, though you will feel unwell for a short time after removing them."
  30. accepting the pendant back, you stick it in the bag, and throw the bag over your shoulder. "Be sure to tell Celestia thanks for me. And again, thanks for the help." Turning towards the treehouse, you add "Oh, and I'll see you tonight *wink*. For now, I have to go and see if the girls have calmed down."
  31. Luna nods and waves "Those two certainly have a history though. Best of luck to you."
  32. When you reach Twilights treebrary, there is a distinct lack of sound from within, and you pause at the door. Slowly opening it, you are surprised at what you see inside. Both Twilight and Trixie are sitting sullenly in opposite corners of the room, and shining is on the couch between them, reading a book.
  33. Seeing you enter, both girls immediately perk up, but dont move from their spots. Shining sighs, before speaking to the girls "Go, your punishment is over." The two of them run over and each give you a hug, a few tears leaking from their eyes. You raise an eyebrow at Shining questioningly. "The two of them just got angry at eachother, blaming the other for making you storm out. They wouldn't listen or stop, so I just pushed them into opposite corners and held them there with shields till they calmed down."
  34. "And when I got back they could leave; Right?" You ask, and Shining nods. Digging into the bag, you pull out two pendants, and put one on each of the two. "Its just a precaution, but don't remove them until I say so."
  35. Twilights horn glows, and the glow passes over the pendant and she frowns. "This is an estrus suppressant pendant. Aren't they only used for prisoners?"
  36. "Not exactly" Shining says "They are also used by female members of the guard, or males who work in the city during that time." He levitates one out of the bag and over to him "There are guard ones. You can tell because they lack the locking spell used to keep them on."
  37. Removing five from the it, you hand the bag to Shining. "Take those, and get the other students to put them on." He puts away the one he had, and levitates the bag behind him as he walks out. Turning to the girls, you say "Now I am going to bed. I would like it if you don't bother me." Glaring at Trixie, you add "And that means I don't want to wake up next to one of you without a good explanation." They nod, and Trixie teleports away, and Twilight heads upstairs.
  38. Crawling into bed, you settle in and drift to sleep.
  41. Balancing a tray in one hand, you knock on the sun emblazoned door. Her voice calls from within "Come in." and you push open the door and step inside. Celestia lays, sprawled out oh her bed; her jewelry strewn about the room. "Oh good, Anonymous. Did you bring the things I asked for?
  42. Setting the tray down, you say "Yes, though I have trouble seeing what you wish to do with these things." Lifting the lid off the tray, you indicate the pile of assorted objects. A few clothes pins, a rubber ball the size of your fist, a belt, three bottles of chocolate milk, Luna's crown and two feathers.
  43. Celestia eyes the objects, before smiling "Perfect, you got all the right things." Her magic slams and locks the door, and you look at her with a small grin.
  44. "So, What is it this time?" You ask, confidently strolling over.
  45. As you sit on the edge of the bed, she giggles and her horn glows, before flashing a blinding white light. "Oh, nothing... Big sister." As your vision clears, you see you are now Luna, and Celestia is a little filly. "Your" crown is levitated onto your head, and she uses magic to tip you onto your back.
  46. Climbing on your chest, she gives you adorable puppy dog eyes, and whines "Sister, I'm thirsty." Out of the corner of your eye, you can see a chocolate milk bottle slowly draining, and you feel a pressure building just below your stomach.
  47. "Well little sister " you say, keeping up the act "I'm sure I can find something for you to drink." Picking her up with magic, you turn her around and push her towards your slightly swollen teats.
  48. Her tail eaves happily, revealing her tight little holes, and she latches on and starts sucking out the artificially implanted chocolate milk. You have to hold back to keep from moaning, until she gives your nipple a soft bite. Channeling your magic, you have a feather float over, and you make it run along her small white slit.
  49. This sends her into a fit of giggles, and you make a second tendril of magic pick up the belt. It attaches around her waist, the free end lengthening and splitting, before attaching to the upper frame of the bed. Little Celly is now dangling about a foot and a half over the bed, and you lie under her.
  50. "Bi..Big sis, what are you doing?" She asks, a small tremor of fear in her voice, and you gently rub her stomach. This calm her a bit, and you use the same spell she just used on you, but weaker, to match her size. Two small mounds slowly form, and you can just make out her pert little teats. Closing your lips over both nipples, you suck two thin streams of milk from her. Moving back, your tongue slowly licks up her belly, and she giggles before you latch back on and take another drink.
  51. Still sucking, you float a feather again, and use it to "draw" on her flank, before slowly tracing circles around her holes. Pulling it away, you line it up and push the tip into...
  54. You awaken to Twilight and Trixie standing over you, huge grins is plastered on their faces. A hand to each face, you shove them away before standing up. "Let me guess." You say, spotting the saddlebags they were wearing "You two can't wait for todays lesson, since you passed the last test?" The two of them nod excitedly, and you sigh. "Let me grab breakfast, and we can start."
  55. "Already accounted for." Twilight says, levitating over a basket that was sitting in a table.
  56. A small smile plays on your lips "Alright, lets get going then." As soon as you say this, they are out the door and on their way to the training grounds. Before you can make it out the door, you hear Spike burp up a letter.
  57. "Hey, Anon its for you!" He calls, peeking over the second floor ledge. He tosses a scroll over, and you catch it, immediately noticing the lunar seal on the front.
  58. Stowing it away, you step out the door and call back "Thanks, have fun little buddy." A loud growl makes you realize Twilight has the food with her. "Clever girl" You mutter, before taking off in the direction of the island.
  59. When you get there, Twilight, Trixie and all the guards are standing around, eating cake and punch. "You all better have saved me some!" You call out, slowing to a walk.
  60. Trixie giggles "Nope, we just ran out." Before you can retort, she adds, in an unessesarely sultry tone "But... Perhaps if you ask kindly, Trixie and Twilight might just be willing to share our extra breakfast with you."
  61. "Hey, I thought we made that for him anyways." Twilight says, giving Trixie a small shove.
  62. "Well, we could have made him beg for it." Trixie replies indignantly, shoving back. The two start fighting, and you walk up and open the basket. Inside there is a cheese and lettuce sandwich, an apple and a bottle of drink.
  63. Quickly downing the sandwich, you take the apple and drink, and walk onto the island. Drawing a pair of circles, you well "TWILIGHT! TRIXIE! GET OVER HERE!" They immediately stop their bickering and run onto the island. "Today, you task it to power these cicles for as long as you can."
  64. Before they respond, you walk back out to the guards. "For you, today we will be learning the first of the three circles you will be learning." Transmuting up 9 chalk boards and chalk (With grips for ponys), you draw out the basic shield circle on one. "You will draw this on your board, and then erase it. You will keep repeating this until you have it memorized. I will test your memory after lunch, and if at that point I deem you suitable, I will move individuals on to the next stage."
  65. Walking back to the girls, both circles are emitting the correct glow. "You are probably wondering about this training. This is designed to allow me to test your alchemical endurance." As you step away, you add "Oh, and I hope you like eachothers company, because you are not allowed to leave until you collapse." They share a concerned glance, and you allow yourself a small laugh at their expense.
  66. Laying down in the grass of the field, you remove the scroll from your pocket, break the seal and start reading.
  68. To Anonymous
  69. We wish to appologize again for our actions several days prior that led to the loss of your notebook. As for the incident yesterday, we have adjusted their memorys and reduced the effects of estrus on them temporarely to prevent another incident. It seems you enjoyed the dream last night. I appologize for it being cut off short, tthough it was not our fault, nor yours. You see, Celestia was primarely in control, but your will played a part as well. Our sister was the one who cut it off.
  70. Until tonight, Luna
  73. "So... 'little Celly' has got a bit of a kinky side, huh." You mutter as you re-roll the scroll and stow it away. Pulling out your piston, you remove a round from the clip and set it on the ground. Drawing a circle around it, you take a deep breath. "I hope this works..."
  74. As you go to activate the circle, a tremor runs though the ground, sending you and the bullet tipping. Your palms hit the edge of the circle, and it activates.
  75. *BANG!*
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