Valour Rift Guide

May 13th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Zafiast's Valour Rift Guide (for non event)
  3. This is a guide written for a general progression in the Valour Rift area. The main progression guide is located at:
  5. What is Valour Rift?
  6. From wiki - "Hunters collect Gauntlet Elixir while arming String Cheese when they first arrive, using them to exchange for/craft Gauntlet String Cheese. After stockpiling sufficient GSC, hunters can enter the tower. Before entering the tower, there are 6 different augmentations one can activate in exchange for gold and materials looted from within the tower. The Ultimate Umbra augmentation is required for encountering The Total Eclipse, which drops Cores of the Eclipse. Otherwise, Shade of the Eclipse is encountered instead. As hunters attempt more runs and reach higher floors, the augmentations are unlocked and they can upgrade their Speed, Sync and Siphon. This helps make subsequent runs more manageable."
  8. The purpose of VRift is to do Ultimate Umbra runs. UU1 refers to the first UU run, UU2 refers to the second and so forth. x/x/x refers to speed/sync/siphon. Doing these UU runs gives you Cores of the Eclipse, which lets you buy the best base and best Rift trap in the game. However, the base is unique in that it needs to be upgraded through UU runs to be a good base.
  10. **Pre UU:**
  11. - Clear the entire main progression guide up to but excluding Archduke (or at least all the Rift sections listed in there)
  12. - Get AEIB and TDT (possibly AERB or Clockwork if you have those; refer to Traps and Bases guide)
  13. - If you have it, use the Elixir Exchanger base while not inside tower until 360 sigils (3/3/2)
  14. - If you don't own the base, do normal (non-UU) runs until 6/4/4
  15. - Upgrade according to the Valour Rift Upgrade Chart in the "Extra Info" page (floors may differ from that in the chart but order is still the same) [on Discord, run the | ... vrift upgrade | command in the bot channels of the Mousehunt Server.]
  17. For all UU runs you will need 75 Fragments and to turn on Ultimate Umbra, Sigil Hunter, Secret Research and Super Siphon. Elixir Rain does not exist and String Stepping (SSte) from UU2 onwards. DO NOT USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN GAUNTLET STRING CHEESE FOR YOUR UU RUNS.
  19. **- UU1 requirements before starting:**
  20. - Reach 6/4/4, 1000 secrets, triple aura, upgrade to 6/5/4 mid-run if you need the +10 for 1 more TE, full CF
  21. - You may drop 1 luck aura per extra sync you have.
  22. - Mid run upgrade: Speed 7 after TE2, Speed 8 after TE4
  23. - UU1 completion: target TE5 (charms to use - RUPC throughout, or R20xx/REPC), minimum TE4
  25. (IF UU! TE5/6) Do a normal run with SH/SR/SSip + full Rift Extreme Power Charms after upgrading whatever you can, this should be enough to unlock SSte (check simulator to be sure). You should be at 8/7/5 if UU1 TE6 or 8/6/5 if TE5.
  27. **- UU2 requirements before starting:** (WIP, please refer to discord for any doubts)
  28. - Reach 8/6/5, 2.5k secrets, 1.5k sigils, triple aura, use Halloween or LNY to replace one if you need, full CF
  29. - Mid run upgrade: Speed 9 after TE4, Speed 10 after TE8, (C)CDT after TE9
  30. - UU2 completion target TE10 (charms to use - RUPC throughout)
  32. **- UU3 (Prestige Push) requirements before starting:**
  33. - Reach 10/7/5, 1.5k secrets, 1.5k sigils, triple aura, Halloween or LNY a must, full CF, all augs except Elixir, 800 Ful'Mina's Toothlets and Signature Series Denture Base
  34. - UU3 completion target TE15 (charms to use - RULPC throughout, possibly Ember,TSC), minimum TE14
  36. **- Traps & Bases**
  37. - When to get PB: AEIB users should get PB after Speed 7 if UU1 ends at TE4+, otherwise after Speed 8 while AERB users should get theirs after TE6
  38. - (C)CDT only after Speed 10
  40. Extra info:
  42. Simulators for VRift exists (developed by Re and Aaron). Learn to use these powerful tools to calculate your chances of success during runs. Further information on how to use them is found at: . The link also contains other useful information such as an upgrade order and some questions to consider.
  44. If you are planning to do VRift during events or have LE equipment, refer to:
  46. Updates: 20/7/21 - Revised UU1 goals
  47. 04/10/21 - Revised UU2 and UU3 goals
  48. 1/11/21 - Added info to pre-UU section
  49. 12/11/21 - Clarified SSte pre UU2 only if UU1 TE5/6
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