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  1. It had started with nothing more than a glass of wine with dinner. You figured that because your father was overseas for the next six months, she had to find some way to entertain herself. She was harmless enough when she drank, the alcohol eliciting little more than a few extra giggles and perhaps a bit of sloth every so often. But the weeks began to tick over into months, that single glass began to increase to two or three a night. When this happened, the effects began to really show. You'd sometimes find her staring at you while you ate your dinner, eyes gazing at you dreamily from behind her curly copper bangs with her chin resting atop her interlocked hands that were propped up by her elbows. You never could tell if the blush that tinted her cheeks was from the alcohol or from what she was thinking about. Even when sober her general behavior around you was changing. She'd often kiss you full on the lips before you left for school in the morning and give you longer-than-necessary hugs upon your return. That'd still be weird in middle school, let alone your sophomore year of high school. Beyond her odd actions, your relationship didn't feel any different. That was until one Friday night during dinner where she had finally decided to break the silence that often lingered between meaningless questions.
  3. "Uhm... sweetheart. I know that it's Friday, and..." She paused momentarily while her eyes flicked between her half-empty plate and you, finally taking a deep breath before continuing. "You're probably just wanting to get back to your computer to play those games with your friends. But I was wondering if maybe you'd want to stay downstairs for a little longer and watch a movie with me..?"
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