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Jan 14th, 2020
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  1. Leaking
  3. Recently I've been made aware that an image of the face of a member of personnel has been shared in a document authored by another foundation. In the document it seems the identity was supposed to be kept relatively quiet from prying eyes but it was sent by the director of IA in that foundation.
  5. The document is a threat to "Toads IA" but seeing as JustAToad no longer owns the group, I presume they mean Skull's IA. If anyone is found sharing this document, you will be banned from this server and I'd doubt you'd be particularly welcome in any of Skull's. This document contains personal and private information shared only in confidence. I will personally see to it that anyone sharing it is aptly punished. I don't understand and will never understand why anyone would take such drastic action over a children's game but it is a clear sign of immaturity and plain idiocy. As an extension, anyone who feeds into this power fantasy is equally immature and idiotic.
  7. The internet is a strange place, as you're all aware, and there are some strange people on it. Those that would share images of an underage person are one of those people. If I had it my way, there would be legal ramifications for this and depending on how the original image was obtained and whether or not it was with the consent of the photographed person, there might be.
  9. Hopefully the author of this document will see this and agree to handling the issue privately before it's no longer within our control. This did not need to be a public affair, but unfortunately the document has already been shared with several people, not all of authority in the foundation. I'm sure the original intent was not for this document to be shared beyond the original recipients, but unfortunately, it's too late for that.
  11. Please be careful on the internet. People behind the screens are brave when they don't have to face you.
  12. -
  13. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, disregard. But keep in mind these wise words.
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