The miners and the snow lady (WIP)

Apr 26th, 2016
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  1. It’s been years since the triumph of King Sombra over the War of the Frozen North, his dictatorship being harsh with everyone, ponies must obey his rules. Around Equestria, lots of creatures of low category get sold in the marketing of slavery, working as soldiers, butlers or anything that their master commands them to. Only the highest of the society can have the pride to own slaves.
  2. But in the end, aren't we all slaves
  3. ---------
  5. Digging the Past.
  7. >Dig, search, collect, repeat.
  8. >Each day is the same, non-stop working with few breaks.
  9. >You lost count of how many days you’ve been here.
  10. >Nobody must remember the feeling of the sun, Tartarus, not even what it looks like. You don’t remember, and you don’t care anymore… because this is your new life, your home.
  11. >Home, sweet home…
  12. >The dust and oil from the mine had covered your brown coat long ago as you worked hard to get ores.
  13. >The sound of the machinery fills your ears each day, the sound of pickaxes hitting the rocks of the endless cave.
  14. >”Ha! Another gem! This must be of The Lady’s liking…”
  15. >The sound of that bastard diamond dog proclaiming his gems… ugh.
  16. >Having a pesky dog to compete with is a big disadvantage, is so unfair.
  17. >Well, this isn’t a competition, but a gem is an extra meal giving from The lady. And that damn dog is living the life right now as he finds more and more gems.
  18. >”Hey! Get your dirty hooves away from my gems! Don’t make me rip your bird wings off!”
  19. >Apparently High Note tried to sneak some gems from that dog to his loot, again. But this time he got caught.
  20. >”Come on Rover… just a tiny gem! I haven’t eaten in a while and I only find coal… I’m just asking you to be kind for this time, please.”
  21. >The diamond dog crossed his paws as he looked at the hungry pegasus.
  22. >”Not my problem. Maybe if you were skilled as I am, you would get something.”
  23. >Oh riiiight, we aren’t skilled enough. What the heck does he think he is? The god of the gems? You had enough of him already.
  24. >You angrily throw away your pickaxe to the ground and walk towards the diamond dog and Pegasus.
  25. “You’re a damn diamond dog! You can smell the gems miles away! And you don’t even need a pick to dig; you just use your two smelly /filthy/ claws!”
  26. >The diamond dog looked unamused at you with his tired yellow eyes.
  27. >”If you don’t shut up, I’ll use these ‘filthy claws’ to dig your throat.”
  28. >You take a step back.
  29. >”That’s what I thought.” He looks at High Note. “And you…” He kicks High’s belly with all his strength. “Don’t you EVER touch my gems.”
  30. >High Note was now on the ground, shaking and crying from the pain.
  31. >Rover grabs his bucket of gems and goes to another section of the cave to continue searching for more gems.
  32. >You look at the pony on the ground.
  33. “High, do you need-“
  34. >”LEAVE ME”
  35. >He started sobbing on the ground.
  36. >”Just… leave me, please… I’m useless for this work…”
  37. >There is no use to reason with him, you just turn around and walk to where you were mining.
  38. >You were about to continue working, but a thought hit your head.
  39. >The section of the cave was apart from the rest of the ponies, only a few were around.
  40. >Maybe you could… give this stupid dog some good vacations.
  41. >This is for the good of everypony here, right?
  42. >Just a hit in the head with your pickaxe and he’ll be gone.
  43. >No, that would be stupid and suspicious if they find the body. You need to think of a better way to get rid of him.
  44. >You take a look around at the cave for some seconds.
  45. >Looking up, down, to the sides…
  46. >You smile widely to yourself.
  47. >Oh my, did you know mine accidents are so dangerous nowadays?
  48. >Especially for diamond dogs…
  49. >Nobody will miss him. And if The Lady wants a better worker? You are the second best here.
  50. >There is nothing to lose, nothing of value.
  51. >Good… is a good plan… all you need is to lure him a little away and provoke a collapse.
  52. >You grabbed your pickaxe and left your bucket behind. You only had three gems; maybe High Note could use them.
  53. >No, you’re not generous; your target isn’t the gems for today.
  54. >You walk in the same direction the diamond dog went.
  55. >What you didn’t know is that somepony else curiously decided to follow you.
  56. >It takes some time, but you find the dog.
  57. >He was mining for more gems as usual, that was the perfect opportunity.
  58. >You know where to trick him; you only need a reason for him to follow you. And you know how to do it…
  59. >You run and grab his bucket with your right hoof.
  60. “This is mine now!” You yell as you run away.
  61. >Rover stops digging and notices you as you start running away with his gems.
  62. >”You dirty thief!”
  63. >You run with all your energy from him.
  64. >Some gems were dropping from the bucket, and as expected, he was grabbing one by one as he was trying to catch you.
  65. >You turn Right, left, left, right…
  66. >And you finally arrive at your destiny.
  67. >/His/ final destiny.
  68. “You want your gems back? Go get em’!”
  69. >You throw the bucket and the gems scattered around the ground of the specific mining zone.
  70. >You move away as Rover runs and kneels to get his gems inside his bucket.
  71. >”When I’m over with re-collecting my gems, I’m going to hurt you so bad… The Lady will need another slave!”
  72. >Heh… slave. That word always made you chuckle. Since Emperor Sombra won the war against Equestria, he made public the service of slaves for rich ponies. The lower class quickly was used to hard works, ponies… ponies like you.
  73. >You are a slave, you work as you are told, and you do anything you can to get the ores.
  74. >Anything, if that is killing another slave.
  75. >No… this isn’t killing.
  76. >You walk behind him and hit his left leg with your pickaxe.
  77. >He cries from the pain.
  78. >You hit his other leg before he gets the chance to defend; you hear the sound of his broken legs echoing the cave.
  79. >”Gah! I should have known you would do this! Agh… my legs!”
  80. >You don’t respond. You just walk near the drilling machine.
  81. >You press the power button, turning the machine on.
  82. >Rover hears the machine noises and looks at you, his face changing from anger to worry as he sees your hoof standing next to the overload button.
  83. >”What… what are you doing?”
  84. >You give him a smile as you turn the machine to its maximum potential.
  85. “I’m releasing you.”
  86. >The machine starts drilling the cave with insane power, enough to make the earth rumble.
  87. >You watch with an evil smirk as the diamond dog cries for help.
  88. >But the voice couldn’t be heard thanks to the machine noises.
  89. >”Hey what are you doing and where is-“ A voice calls you from behind, behind you was a Pegasus, Jack Hammer, with an expression full of surprise as he takes a look at the injured diamond dog. “What did you do?”
  90. >You don’t answer his question; you just keep looking at the drill machine while it continues working faster each second.
  91. >Rover calls for the help of Jack; Jack seems choked for a moment. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
  92. >”Please, have mercy pony!” Rover was trying his best to crawl away from the danger, but it was useless.
  93. “Just leave him here, Jack.”
  94. >You start walking away without looking back; Jack better hear your advice, you don’t want The Lady to believe he did this ‘accident’.
  95. >”Grab my hoof, and quick!”
  96. >You stop walking and turn, noticing Jack trying to help Rover.
  97. >Rocks start falling from the mine.
  98. >”Don’t you have any decency!? Caramel!” You hear Jack yelling at you.
  99. > What is he doing? If he doesn’t leave him, he’ll be trapped inside the collapse!
  100. “Just left him! He’s selfish! Everyone wants him gone! I’m doing the right thing!”
  101. >”This isn’t how we are… and you know it.”
  102. >More rocks fall from the mine; a rock hit Rover on the head, knocking him out.
  103. “Leave him! Now! This is your chance!”
  104. >But he didn’t obey you; he just kept holding him.
  105. >”You’re not my boss, neither is she…”
  106. >A boulder fell from above Jack; his entire body was under the giant boulder, all except by his head and left hoof.
  107. >But you didn’t move to help him, you just watched as he was being crushed by a boulder.
  108. >You were scared.
  109. >”Caramel…”
  110. >This wasn’t supposed to happen…
  111. >”Caramel…”
  112. >This isn’t who you were…
  113. >”Caramel…”
  114. >Jack was right… he was always right about anything.
  115. >Both of you hate being slaves…
  116. >You need… you need to get out of here.
  117. >”Caramel!”
  118. >…
  119. >You wake up from your slumber.
  120. >A pegasus with a dark gray coat and blue-silver mane was calling you, waking you up from your dream.
  121. >”Another nightmare?”
  122. >You look at your hooves before standing up, with worry in your eyes.
  123. >Your whole body was shivering.
  124. >”What is it? Is something wrong?”
  125. >You try calming down a little before answering him.
  126. >You take a breath and exhale.
  127. “No Thunderlane, nothing’s wrong.” You say giving a light sigh.
  128. >”If you say so. Well, I woke you up because The Lady has an announcement and you know how strict she is.”
  129. >You nod and he leaves you alone.
  130. >You stand up and shake those thoughts out.
  131. >It’s been weeks since that accident and is the fifth time you dream that.
  132. >The day that you realized, you were wrong.
  133. >This isn’t your home, this isn’t how you are.
  134. >You need to escape this place… at any cost.
  135. >You walk towards the ladder and start climbing up.
  136. >Well… time to see what’s new today.
  137. One.
  139. Searching deeper.
  141. >
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