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  1. Subject: Thank you for your Enquiry
  2. Thank you for registering your interest for the upcoming relaunch of the Bradwell Electronics website.
  5. We are currently experiencing some illegal and unauthorised infiltration of our network. In response, we are bringing on an experienced team to identify and enhance our security systems. This work is still ongoing, therefore, for your security, online purchases are not available at this time. We hope to make these options available to our customers again soon. In the meantime, product purchases can be made in person at Bradwell Electronics stores and through licensed third party retailers.
  7. Bradwell Electronics take all matters of security very seriously and providing a safe and secure platform for our customers is our highest priority. Rest assured, we will be in touch again very soon with news of our relaunch, and thank you for your patience with us during this time.
  9. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers
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