Pyrite Early Game rough notes.

Jul 4th, 2018
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  1. strat: pick cyndaquil, 11 atk 12 spc
  2. must be L10 before first trainer post-rival (i.e. grind on wilds)
  3. L8-9 rat in sprout tower, male, grind to L10 in tower
  4. catch gastly if find one
  5. catch natu
  6. fight trainer in ruins of alph
  7. fight trainer on route 36
  8. on oddish, swap to natu and leer until oddish faints natu
  9. grind to L15 in ruins of alph grass
  10. tower + falkner
  11. catch oddish on route 32
  12. use oddish against rock/ground trainers
  13. scyther can be between L25 and L28
  14. catch L25 bellsprout on r35, teach sweet scent, give quick claw
  15. bug catching contest strat:
  16. - repel + pokemon music
  17. - sleep powder scyther
  18. - sweet scent + slam
  19. - sleep powder whenever it wakes up
  20. - hope for no wing attack
  22. kenya strats? maybe grind on ilex forest encounters after a few switch-in trainers
  23. eevee -> vaporeon
  24. first two kimono girls: raticate swift, then vaporeon bite, quilava to finish off
  25. drill peck vaporeon, finish off with quilava
  27. remember to teach tpunch to typhlosion
  28. last rocket in radio tower sucks with 2 crobats with double team and confuse ray
  29. one golem for clair (or maybe evolve graveler with rare candy)
  30. surge puzzle: press bottomright switch twice, then middle switch once for first door
  31. middleright switch twice, then middleleft switch once for second door
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