(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 4 (B+)

Nov 21st, 2012
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  1. >darkness swirls around you as you think you hear voices calling your name
  2. >not entirely sure what happened you begin to try opening your eyes
  3. >when your vision clears you see a couple paramedic ponies and Doughnut Joe standing over you
  4. >"I think he's coming too. You okay Shiner? I chased after you when you ran out of the store and flagged down a couple paramedics to follow." Joe gets out with an obvious concerned tone in his voice
  5. >the paramedic ponies are looking you over, not even caring about the conversation Joe is trying to have with you
  6. >once they've determined you don't need any serious attention they depart offering the standard "take care" and junk
  7. "I wish I was... those hallucinations are getting worse I think. I don't wanna say what I saw, but I don't think I can take much more of this"
  8. >you get up on your hooves and look around, noticing it's about 3pm.
  9. >it was about 12:45pm when you bolted out of Joe's shop
  10. >somep0ny is going to have your flank in the morning, you just know it
  11. >Doughnut Joe looks real concerned now, you never really thought he would get that interested in a customer
  12. >"Listen Shiner, I'm real worried about you. If these "hallucinations" or what have you are getting to you then I think it would be best if you didn't put off seeing that specialist any more. I'll go with you, the not-so-rookie can handle everything."
  13. >you're taken aback by his comment, not once has he ever shown that level of commitment to a customer
  14. >yeah he always lent a listening ear to anyp0ny who wanted it, but this is really surprising
  15. >you look down for a moment and sigh
  16. 1/3
  18. >might as well take Joe up on the offer, otherwise you might be sharing a bed with you know who
  19. >the thought sends a sharp through your spine, but you manage to suppress a reaction
  20. "Alright, it's not like ignoring this problem will make it go away. I just wish they weren't so... repulsive might be the right word for it."
  21. >you look up and give a slight smile
  22. >he knows your smile is forced, he can see right through every facade you try to put up
  23. >he's reeeal good
  24. >you notice the monster again on the couch sticking his tongue out at you, but you don't have any energy to freak right now
  25. >now you know how your rags feel each time you dip em in the soap
  26. >maybe even the doughnut batter as Joe molds it into shape
  27. >stop thinking about food, you have bigger fish to fry
  28. >wait... you've never heard that saying before
  29. >where in the wide world of Equestria did you hear it
  30. >shaking yourself of that nonsense you and Joe finally make your way out of your "cozy" apartment
  31. >before exiting you give the monster the stinkeye and finish with a glare that would strike fear in even the most snobbish of those annoying unicorns
  32. >he gives you some bedroom eyes and starts rubbing his claw along his... NOPENOPENOPE
  33. >you shut the door quickly and join Joe outside to make your way to wherever
  34. 2/3
  36. "Uhh... do you know where we're going? Because I sure as Tartarus don't."
  37. >Joe sighs and gives you a "seriously?" look
  38. >"Everyp0ny knows that when you need services like that you ask at the castle. Those delusions must be really getting to you if you don't even remember THAT much."
  39. >Joe gives a slight chuckle, you guess he was just being sarcastic to lighten the mood
  40. >how would you even have forgot that though? you've lived here all your life
  41. >you didn't have much since you're an Earth Pony, but thanks to the royal sisters your family never really struggled to get by
  42. >life in Canterlot had it's ups and down just like any other city, but the closeness to the castle allowed the city to be very prosperous
  43. >it certainly was better off than Ponyville
  44. >although that seems to be changing nowadays as word of those 6 ponies with attitude, recruited by the elements of harmony, spread throughout Equestria
  45. >according to the papers they keep causing a "fracas" in town
  46. >apparently some pink pony forced them to write "fracas"
  47. >enough with the history, you're at the front gates
  48. >in here you're going to locate a specialist and put an end to that monster once and for all
  49. >or you'll just lose it and spend the rest of your days babbling like a foal and playing board games with yourself hallucinating that your opponent is the monster
  50. >the two of you make your way inside as a pair of eyes attached to a constantly giggling face eye you with great interest
  51. >how do you know they were watching you? Magic, aint gotta explain shit
  52. 3/3
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