Zamrud Permata Bahasa

Mar 16th, 2020
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  1. Name: Zamrud Permata Bahasa
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Puros
  4. -Dexterity: Passive; Because of your opposable thumbs, you have fine control with your hands. Pick a single, specific, non-combat action that requires fine movement, such as lockpicking, coin tricks, repairing things, and so on. Once per session, you can reroll a failed attempt at that action. (Cooking / chemistry)
  5. -Alleycat: Instant; DC 4; Every alleycat develops a keen sense of where he or she should look for potential attackers. You can roll this to identify places in your immediate surroundings that would be relevant in combat, such as ambush spots, choke points, and good escape routes. Higher rolls can even anticipate incoming attacks.
  7. Appearance: Zamrud is an average-sized, lean Puros with auburn, stripped fur, with wide green eyes (for which he was named) that glow faintly in the dark due to his mutation. He carries on him at all times a pair of bandoliers loaded with various potions to use for combat, as well as a satchel containing various ingredients and tools for travel in the Outlands over his Mage's Armorsuit.
  8. Personality: He demonstrates a polite, well-mannered demeanor with an almost icy, collected calmness, but has shown himself to be friendly and warm to those he considers close. He is analytical and thinks everything through logically first, often falling to cold and brutal algebra in his decisions. He is unusually courteous to commoners for a noble, mainly as he sees all denizens of Ironcastle, regardless of the Stratum, as equally distant to the Family of Iron, of which he almost has a deified admiration of. Insults towards the Family of Iron in particular anger him to the point of acting irrationally or lashing out.
  10. Class/Skills: Inventor [Alchemist/Smith]
  11. -Alchemist Fire: recharge 1, ranged; Concoct a flame that produces virulent smoke and can latch onto anything, even water. Deals damage and gives +1 to all skills against that target next turn. On Crit this has the Fire Elementalist effect.
  12. -Appraise: instant; Determine the number of remaining hits and wounds on an enemy or possibly a weakness. More powerful enemies may be harder to Appraise. Out of combat, quickly determine value of objects, study mechanisms and documents, size up other beings, etc,.
  13. -Fault Point: recharge 3, weapon; You can notice the imperfections in anything from your years of crafting. Strike at a foes gear, either their weapon or armor, abusing these faults to weaken them and applying a stack of Faulty. Each stack lowers the quality of a weapon by 1 or lowers the damage reduction a foe has by 1 on armor. Once the gear reaches 3 stacks it will be destroyed. On Crit, or when the gear is broken, this will deal damage (Damage on break will be based on the roll that applied the 3rd stack). Can be used out of combat to break most average materials.
  14. -Distill Life: recharge 2, spell; Create three Health Potions that restore 3 hits each, and on Crit also restore one wound. You may distribute these freely to nearby party members on cast, at any time after. Consuming a potion is an Instant Automatic action. Non-Alchemists can only hold one Health Potion at a time.
  15. -Flux Accelerator: passive; You may use skills that are on recharge. If you do so, you lose Hits hits equal to the remaining recharge, and then the recharge resets. If you know Acid Spray, it gains a +1 if cast on recharge.
  17. Special Talent: Zamrud gains a +1 bonus to any roll against a target he has Appraised successfully, +1 to Appraise
  18. Trained Talent: Zamrud is a trained researcher and teacher, gaining a +2 bonus to rolls meant to educate either himself or others.
  19. H/W: 6/5
  21. Background:
  22. -Zamrud Permata Bahasa was raised within one of the branch families of the noble Bahasa's, House Permata. The Puros of this house have a long standing tradition of raising royal retainers to the Family of Iron. The eldest son in a litter of seven, Zamrud was raised from childhood in intensive education in matters ranging from magic to politics that would instill in him the resourcefulness and composure required for the role he would play in serving the royal family. In his studies Zamrud steeled himself into a cool, serious demeanor to uphold his family's tradition, excelling at his studies and gaining a vast number of skills for both learning and sharing knowledge with the ones he would be trusted to oversee. Though initially distant, Zamrud developed a fondness for the royals he served, offering them his services dutifully as an advisor, mentor, nanny, courier, agent, or even friend.
  23. (Took extra Contact from Noble Background)
  25. Equipment:
  26. -Magicomp - A tablet-like PC to be worn about the wrist. Its primary purpose is to house an encrypted authorization key that identifies the user as a registered member of their Castle. It also for calls, payment methods, intranet access, group chats, vital signs, video games and hacking, and automatically records one's journey. Highly customizable with modules called chips. Comes with a universal adapter cable to allow for charging at any port.
  27. -Lamp of Life - A lantern assigned to every registered member of a Castle at birth. It is charged with a potent sum of energy from the Castle's Heart, allowing decades of continuous light to shine forth. It is typically used only in emergencies to scare off the Dreaded Ones, who detest its light. Some weapons can be modified with aetherios circuitry to enable them to be charged with light from the Lamp of Life, empowering their attacks.
  28. -Sage's Armorsuit: A variant of the Novitiate's Armorsuit that has traded its padding for aetherios circuitry. Aetherios is an ore that amplifies magical signatures, allowing for greater output of power. Adds +1 Hit to the wearer, and gives them +1 to a single spell in their repertoire. The spell for this bonus cannot be changed once it is selected.
  29. -Sachsum (Single): One half of a pair of matched knives, meant for quick attacks.
  30. -Magicomp "Caster" Chip: An aetherios chip that can slot into one's Magicomp, modifying it to serve as a magical catalyst
  31. -Ration Capsule (x5): A small oval capsule about 1 inch in length. When the button at the top is pushed, the capsule breaks, producing one meal's worth of rations.
  32. -Water Capsule (x5): A small oval capsule about 1 inch in length. When the button at the top is pushed, the capsule breaks, producing a canteen's worth of water.
  33. -Medical Kit (x2): A general purpose kit of medical equipment and instructions for treating basic wounds; counts as ab automatic use of Heal, can only be used out of combat. 1 kit has 1 use.
  34. -Camping Gear: Includes a tent and frame and a single sleeping bag. Big enough for 3 occupants.
  35. -Saddle Bag
  36. -Belt Pouch
  37. -Canteen
  38. -Compass
  39. -Noble's Wine: A decanter of only the finest luxury afforded by only the Nobles of the Castles, giving one some extra contempt for sneering at peasants. Increases Critical Hit range by 1 until the end of combat, but cannot stack. 75 Schillings. [X]
  40. -Lockpicking Kit: A set of picks, wrenches, hooks and rakes that provide +1 to lockpicking attempts. Can be used multiple times. 20 Schillings.
  41. -Data chip: A removable chip for storing and transferring files and programs between computers and comps. 10 Schillings.
  42. -800 Schillings
  44. Contacts:
  45. -Level 3 Ally: Your ally can be of any Stratum, and has considerable wealth and social influence among their peers.
  46. The Royal Family of Ironcastle has used members of Zamrud's particular branch of the Bahasa family as educators, retainers, vassals and agents for generations, and in return the trusted felines of House Permata have their aid and trust in their tasks. Specifically, Zamrud oversees the education of the current heir to the throne.
  47. -Level 1 Supplier: Your supplier will have any legal commonly-available goods, and will only sell in-person.
  49. Mutations:
  50. Name: Enhanced Vision
  51. Type: Observing
  52. Condition: Active
  53. Visibility/Appearance: The eyes of the mutant glow a soft green, visible in the dark when all the lights are off.
  54. Effect: Provides benefits similar to goggles, offering thermographic vision and a zoom function for +1 to perception. Also possesses an effect similar to X-ray vision, bypassing walls to see through strongholds. The effect has a limit to how much material it can look through however.
  55. Burden: Using the vision is a burden on the eyes, causing temporary blindness if used in excess. If used to look through walls, the user will suffer a -1 modifier to all perception rolls until they rest. This stacks with each use of the X-ray vision.
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