Luna The Terrorist

Aug 22nd, 2012
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  1. 7:10 PM - MasterSubLink: >Implying celestia isn't corrupt
  2. 7:10 PM - Rarity_: I'm sorry, when did celestia commit a terrorist attack? =P
  3. 7:11 PM - MasterSubLink: When did Luna commit a terrorist act? she just attempted a coup
  4. 7:12 PM - Rarity_: wasn't it night the entire time when she came back? if not, she atleast plotted a terroristic attack
  5. 7:12 PM - MasterSubLink: She plotted (hehe plot) a second coup
  6. 7:13 PM - Rarity_: by definition, a terrorist attack is anything done to attack a country or it's government. No one has to die for something to be a terrorist attack. IE, the Boston Tea Party being the first documented one on american soil
  7. 7:14 PM - MasterSubLink: TIL
  8. 7:14 PM - MasterSubLink: But Luna is awesome, so it isn't terrorism
  9. 7:14 PM - Rarity_: XD
  10. 7:15 PM - Rarity_: technically, coups are terrorist attacks if they are trying to overthrow a high enough position.. for example.. a fucking princess.
  11. 7:15 PM - MasterSubLink: xD
  12. 7:16 PM - Rarity_: This makes me want to see Luna guervera shirts
  13. 7:16 PM - MasterSubLink: xD
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