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Sep 24th, 2020
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  1. ****************************************************************************************************
  2. * *
  3. * All >opinions in this paste are bad and should not be acknowledged by anyone *
  4. * *
  5. ****************************************************************************************************
  7. 1 - Standard starting map, not too pretty, pretty easy, useless hazard suit and wide open window
  8. before the red door makes it easy to just avoid a ambush
  10. 2 - Great looking map, a lot more difficult with the chaingunners, interesting use of water canals
  11. for length.
  13. 3 - Great arena-like map, a bit annoyed that i seemed to make one of the pinkies inaccessible when
  14. it got caught behind a revenant.
  16. 4 - Cute non-euclidian geometry, teleports aren't super smooth but they rarely are. One pretty
  17. challenging pinky encounter.
  19. 5 - Nice "there and back again" type of map, though a bit confusing since my initial thought was
  20. that the button represented an elevator, but working with limited space it's fine
  22. 6 - Smart use of wide corridors to give a tight feeling while still allowing free range of movement
  24. 7 - Dead simple with a prison twist, I love it I love it I love it
  26. 8 - I don't know how I knew how to get out of that trap, I guess you could say it was a ... shot in
  27. the dark?!?! eh eh? A bit easy though, definitely more adjusted for pistol start (as all the
  28. maps in this project are, but my playthrough my rules, eat a dick), could perhaps use either
  29. two barons at the end or replace it with a revenant or two. also the invisible revenant after
  30. the first trap was a bit cheap.
  32. 9 - TNT Hanger inspiration, starts with a hallway that eventually branches out to a short dome and
  33. a room filled with pillars. There appears to be a misaligned door texture in the rooms before
  34. the red key, but it seems so obvious that I can't help but imagine it was a bizarre artistic
  35. decision. The trek back to the blue door after getting the key is a bit empty if the room has
  36. already been cleared, but a somewhat challenging map regardless. A few health pickups at the
  37. end of the level wouldn't be the end of the world. (again not relevant for pistol starts sure)
  39. 10 - Very nice progression on the encounters, the most challenging being the baron and hell knight
  40. at the top of the elevator near the end with a surprise from a chaingunner in a windowed room
  41. nearby. The archvile at the end doesn't pose much of a threat though since he's pretty much
  42. cornered in behind the two pinkies, though if you wasted the bfg shot on the previous
  43. encounter it is a bit more difficult with a lack of cover. Had to cheat to find the chainsaw
  44. secret, I'll admit.
  46. 11 - Very beautiful moment of planning at the beginning when the enemies I backtrack to take cover
  47. from teleport to exactly where I was going. The dark computer stations make fighting a bit
  48. more annoying than fun, difficult to see where any enemies are or what direction I'm moving.
  52. 12 - Four very distinct sections, a wide open castle entrance, a dark metallic tunnel, a volcanic
  53. site and a mine. All very gorgeous and very fun to playthrough. Some tricky movement to get
  54. the yellow key since the teleporter is so close to the thin path you have to walk. I also
  55. really love the progression, seeing the bridge being built with each button push. This map
  56. also seems balanced for playing through the whole wad, since pistol start makes it much more
  57. challenging, especially in the opening section.
  59. 13 - Was very pleasantly surprised when I reached the outdoor section and saw that I was on a moving
  60. boat. Very fun to play too, not just visually interesting.
  62. 14 - Starts off with a very sloppy large encounter fought mostly through a window in the cabin(? It
  63. doesn't feel like a boat, so I guess the water is just the continuing theme). However the rest
  64. of the level progresses decently. Except the last platform, which is confusing to get on top of
  66. 15 - Fantastic arena with a winding staircase and optional rooms full of encounters that are very
  67. well thought out. Not sure where the last secret was though, I thought it would just be before
  68. passing into the secret exit but I guess not.
  70. 16 - The fast moving river and the lights are a very nice touch, a bit tough at the beginning with
  71. the revenants, but after getting the first key the encounters mellow out a bit.
  73. 17 - As stupid and obvious as this may sound, this feels like a map straight out of Gothic or
  74. Darkening. And sense Darkening Episode 2 is probably my favorite wad, that's a huge compliment.
  75. A very nice symmetrical DM-like map that's just as fun to play as it is pretty. The secret made
  76. me pull my hair out though.
  78. 18 - The opening section creates a great feeling of claustrophobia as you have to fight around tight
  79. corners to make up for the lack of movement. Later on, the rooms open up a bit but it still
  80. requires very stiff and controlled movements. Visually not the best, the map goes from wood to
  81. hell to tech base with it's wall textures and it doesn't blend together too well.
  83. 19 - I really wish that I liked this map. I like maps that are LIKE this map. Getting to choose the
  84. order that you pick up the keycards and each path being a unique challenge is a great idea. It
  85. also does some great things with the given amount of space. But it doesn't feel finished. The
  86. blue key path requires a lot of grinding to kill off the caged enemies all around, the "trap"
  87. of the shotgunners in the hall does not work because they pretty much instantly kill each other
  88. all off, and half of the maps enemy population is instantly gone. Instantly teleporting from
  89. yellow to the start feels less satisfying than the other paths because at least then there were
  90. new enemies to backtrack through. Lava for the yellow line is an...interesting choice, a few
  91. misaligned wall textures to be nitpicky
  93. 20 - This one is a lot better. Though it doesn't have the same freedom and requires the keys picked
  94. up in a specific order, each one is a unique trial. It also has a fun arena towards the end,
  95. though I'm not sure about the pillars that blink in and out of existence but remain impassable.
  97. 21 - Big messy city that scales in size vertically quite well. Did a good job making me feel dumb
  98. blowing up rockets in my face with the door to the spider mastermind rising at bad times, only
  99. to find an invulnerability sphere right by the door after I had killed it. Running around and
  100. finding the secrets was also a fun little adventure.
  102. 22 - Fair balanced fights, except for one onslaught of fast teleporting monsters at the very end. On
  103. lighting, alone, this map does very marvelously, the inner buildings are cast in shadows that
  104. look very nice. Couldn't find the second secret though, even checked the map in builder and
  105. just didn't see it shrug.
  107. 23 - Best looking map in the wad BY. FAR. Just like map 17, this map does a great job of feeling
  108. like the mapset the textures are ripped straight from and it is glorious. Very difficult,
  109. almost slaughter lite, but a fucking blast to play through. The map maker is also very
  110. handsome and cool.
  112. 24 - Bad. The way to lower the lift to get the red key is so unintuitive. Not much else in the map
  113. to redeem it.
  115. 25 - Probably the second best map in the set. A great looking tech base with tight corridors and
  116. pits full of death shit. The teleporting chaingunners after the yellow key were a real pain in
  117. the ass, take that for good or bad.
  119. 26 - Another "trials of the three keys" except that the last key doesn't really have much, just a
  120. baron and a single arch vile, plus one cyber demon who could be avoided. Clever use of light
  121. for the library puzzle.
  123. 27 - Just like Lunchlunch's other map, this is a beautiful symmetrical castle map. But this time
  124. there's a shit ton of archviles. This map keeps a very heavy pace throughout, and doesn't have
  125. a lot of medkits to make you feel safe. I don't think I'd try this one with pistol start, cause
  126. I know I'd throw my monitor through a window.
  128. 28 - Beautiful shifts between a tech base to a volcanic cavern and ending in a dark hellish hallway
  129. with arch viles. Pretty challenging and another nice arena battle towards the end before a
  130. really smooth teleport into the final area. Textures for the switches on the arch vile pillar
  131. are misaligned which is unfortunate for such a nice looking map.
  133. 29 - The first map listed as "Very Hard" and it wastes no time making you feel like a bitch.
  134. Starting you out in a 512x512 grid with no cover from teleporting revenants at each corner and
  135. the only way to escape is to release arch viles into the same uncovered space above the rest of
  136. the map. From there I spent an embarrassing amount of time not figuring out the flag switch and
  137. had to find a video of someone playing the game for my dumbass to get it. But then it was right
  138. back to the rippin (and or tearin). The map loves trapping you in this cramped space and having
  139. you get hit from all sides at once, it's difficult, savescumming is almost required. Makes the
  140. most, or least you might say, of the map size constraint.
  142. 30 - A short but sweet battle through a hell void leading up to a penis shaped Icon of Sin. The way
  143. to beat the icon of sin is pretty interesting as well, having the player run back and forth
  144. between a switch and an opening and shutting window that triggers some sort of damage to the
  145. Romero head.
  147. 31 - Not at all minimal, very cluttered with a gimmick design to spell out 2048. A shit ton of arch
  148. viles teleport in and then you teleport inbetween a clusterfuck of enemies. Not even well
  149. thought out enough to be super challenging since you just grab the invuln and you can just walk
  150. to the end. Though that's all for the secret exit, the normal exit being a bit too boring.
  152. 32 - It's a fucking party! Very fun level circle strafing around a dance floor and finding the
  153. keycards. The pool trap felt a bit cheap though unless there was a hazard suit I just didn't
  154. notice.
  156. ****************************************************************************************************
  157. * *
  158. * Extra maps *
  159. * *
  160. ****************************************************************************************************
  162. Extra 1 - A short, challenging map with tight paths that the player has to wind back and forth down
  163. followed by a short arena fight that would be difficult for all kills, but if you just
  164. charge to the exit it's over a bit too soon. With the paths looking so seemingly open, you
  165. would think you could dodge projectiles and all that, but it invisible walls you inside
  166. the tight path. Great looking architecture along the paths, stone buildings hiding enemies
  167. in the windows, a gorgeous black church towering in the back against the beautify orange
  168. skybox. But, apparently, this map is actually bigger than 2048x2048 so 0/10.
  170. Extra 2 - Another map that was too big for the constraint, but of course that doesn't make it bad.
  171. The first half is a mausoleum filled with monsters and it looks great, the coffins in the
  172. walls of the cathedral are a really cool detail. The second half is just a hellish hallway
  173. without much to say about it. I will do a short humble brag and say that despite what the
  174. text file says, I didn't think this map was hard. The only part that I felt was
  175. challenging was getting up the spiral stairs without getting pushed off by the cyberdemon.
  176. (Note: I AM doing pistol start on the extra maps since they are disconnected)
  178. Extra 3 - pshh, 89 enemies?! that can't be so tough! Quickly it turns into a map filled with flying
  179. enemies that block your path for a cyberdemon and revenants to fire endless barrages after
  180. you. You can not just speed your way through this one, it requires you to kill almost
  181. every flying thing on the map while still dodging cyberdemon missiles. A bit of a sloppy
  182. slaughter map, but functional.
  184. Extra 4 - This map is dull honestly. Nothing too exciting until the end, and even then you just run
  185. out of the room and run back in after hitting the switches. I also can't help but notice
  186. the textures all seem to be vanilla doom. The text file mentions it feels unfinished and I
  187. agree. Even running out of the room and turning back you can see the seems of the universe
  188. completely falling apart as there is no bottom texture to the raised floor. Also the metal
  189. bars in the second to last room are passable, definitely an oversight.
  191. Extra 5 - Seemed okay, until at the top of the stairs were two barons standing in a hole in front of
  192. the door. What is the intention with this? I'm trying to make sense of this but this is
  193. just such bad design that it's confusing. From that point onward, surviving becomes a
  194. mess, barraged on all sides by revenants in narrow as hell corridors. Navigating the rest
  195. of the map this way, along with the, admittedly unique, elevator make this map really hurt
  196. to play through.
  198. Extra 6 - This map actually has a few interesting ideas, the carousel arch vile and the river at the
  199. end are both really cool. But, overall it just feels like the first draft of something
  200. else that would use those ideas. Also the carousel arch vile is cool and all but the
  201. pillar makes him completely useless.
  203. ****************************************************************************************************
  204. * *
  205. * Guns mod *
  206. * *
  207. ****************************************************************************************************
  209. The sprite changes all pretty much look great, the super shotgun looks and feels so satisfying. The
  210. rocket sprites make it feel like they do less splash even though they're apparently the same
  211. according to the included text file, so it's likely just the sudden onset of schizophrenia with 0
  212. warning signs that you get in your 20s. The BFG sprite is big bulky and stupid, so great job guys.
  213. Not much else to say, but the cube spawners during the Icon of Sin fight look freaking awesome.
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