Breakfast - Caramelized fond

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Hexferry doesn't have anything planned for today, so you'll just be walking back from the market.
  3. >... Alone.
  4. >Hexferry is busy with Caramel.
  5. >That's fine, she has a life and other friends to attend to, you can't be the only pony she knows.
  6. >You keep on calling yourself her friend.
  7. >Once again, that'll never stop being odd.
  8. >... You bought some pancake mix from the market today.
  9. >Hexferry has planned a sleepover at your house for a few days from now, you need to make sure you have food she can eat.
  10. >You can even make some into a pancake milkshake.
  11. >Those are fairly good.
  12. >You also have a few other foods Hexferry can eat, but you don't have any special plans for them.
  13. >They'll probably just sit there until she finishes them off or they go bad.
  14. >And you always check the expiration dates of your foods.
  15. >Nothing imperfect stayed in your house, that was your policy.
  16. >... You'll keep that mindset for cleaning, but you won't keep it otherwise.
  17. >You found the hard way you're far from perfect.
  18. >"Miss Shimmer!"
  19. >That... is a voice you haven't heard since it started to get cold.
  20. >You turn to see a bundled up filly walking next to you.
  21. >... It's Orange Pop.
  22. >"It's been a while!"
  23. >She isn't bundled up nearly as much as you are.
  24. >... But no one is.
  25. >No one ever will be.
  26. >It's way too cold out, and it's not even Winter.
  27. >... For another two months.
  28. >Then the worst of it all wi-
  29. >"Where's Miss Hexferry?"
  30. >You really need to stop thinking about the cold.
  31. "She's... with someone else."
  32. >"Who?"
  33. "Caramel."
  34. >She scrunches her nose.
  35. >"Every time she hangs out with Caramel, she can't stop saying some weird "baka" thing. No one has explained it yet, and I just can't figure it out."
  36. >... Well, she hasn't done that with you.
  37. >Is that a good thing?
  38. >If it's something she says around Caramel, it's not something you want her to say around you.
  39. >You turn forward and continue on your regular path.
  42. >"Does she say weird things around you?"
  43. >... That actually caught you off-guard.
  44. >Does she?
  45. >You haven't really noticed anything odd about her behavior around you.
  46. >... Besides her giving you a chance at all.
  47. >You shake your head.
  48. >"Really? I thought all best friends had weird things they said to each other."
  49. >Wait, does she think you and Hexferry are best friends?
  50. >That's simply not the case.
  51. >You won't be rude enough to point it out to her, but it's just not true.
  52. >... Well, it's half true.
  53. >She's your best friend...
  54. >... But you aren't hers.
  55. >... That hurt much more than you thought it would.
  56. >Maybe Caramel has some kind of appeal you don't know of.
  57. >Something you probably can't comprehend.
  58. >Hexferry has known Caramel much longer than she's known you.
  59. >It isn't even a fair fight, really.
  60. >Whatever, this empty feeling in your chest will go away... soon.
  61. >Hopefully.
  62. >"M-Miss Shimmer?"
  63. >You look down at the filly.
  64. >"Would... it be okay if I rode on your back?"
  65. >... What?
  66. >"I promise I won't touch your wings and I'll be careful."
  67. >Your confusion stays.
  68. >Her eyes appear to shine.
  69. >... Friends do odd things for each other...
  70. >You slowly bend down so she can easily climb on.
  71. >... And you take the bag of groceries off your back and carry it in your hoof.
  72. >Orange Pop seems overjoyed as she waste no time hopping up.
  73. >She curls up to the base of your neck and lightly holds on.
  74. >"Thank you."
  75. >You can be nice.
  76. >... Though you wonder if it'll be rude when you ask her where her house is.
  77. >...
  78. >Her house is actually only about ten houses away from yours, with her home being closer to the market.
  79. >When you dropped her off, she thanked you and waved goodbye before rushing inside to speak with a mare.
  80. >You were walking away, so you couldn't really hear who it was, but you recognize the voice.
  81. >If you saw them, you'd be able to tell who it was.
  82. >They're probably a family member of Orange Pop.
  83. >Whatever the case is, you enjoyed today.
  84. >You want to see her more often.
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