Fuel Rats rescue

familiarstranger Nov 13th, 2015 (edited) 3,253 Never
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  1. <FamiliarStranger>: Ratsignal, ALRAI SECTOR DL-Y D82, PC
  2. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: Grabbed 'R@signal, ALRAI SECTOR DL-Y D82, PC' from FamiliarStranger
  3. <FamiliarStranger>: it's right next to KURMODIAE!
  4. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: hellp FamiliarStranger. Are you on emergency oxygen?
  5. <FamiliarStranger>: i don't believe so
  6. <Absolver[PC]>: 6j
  7. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger FamiliarStranger
  8. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !prep FamiliarStranger
  9. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: FamiliarStranger: Please drop from super cruise, come to a complete stop and disable all modules EXCEPT life support
  10. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: Absolver[PC], go
  11. <FamiliarStranger>: thank you!
  12. <Absolver[PC]>: Launching.
  13. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !clear Madnesskat
  14. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: Cleared Madnesskat, 2 left on the board
  15. <Epic23>: im 7 jumps off that one
  16. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: Epic23, go
  17. <Kafka[PC]>: 8j
  18. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: Kafka[PC], stand down for now
  19. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !assign FamiliarStranger Absolver[PC] Epic23
  20. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: Assigned Absolver[PC], Epic23 to FamiliarStranger.
  21. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: FamiliarStranger, please add Epic23 and Absolver[PC] to your friends.
  22. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !pcfr FamiliarStranger
  23. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: FamiliarStranger: To send a friend request, go to the menu (Hit ESC), click friends and private groups, and click ADD FRIEND
  24. <Absolver[PC]>: Without the [PC] after, of course.
  25. <Epic23>: fr recieved
  26. <Absolver[PC]>: +fr
  27. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Epic23 Absolver[PC]
  28. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: FamiliarStranger, please and both rats to your wing
  29. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !pcwing FamiliarStranger
  30. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: FamiliarStranger: To send a wing request, go to the comms panel (Default key 2), hit ESC to get out of the chat box, and move to the second panel (Default key E). Then select the CMDR you want to invite to your wing and select Invite to wing.
  31. <Epic23>: wr recieved
  32. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Epic23
  33. <Absolver[PC]>: +wr
  34. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: FamiliarStranger, now please placee your wing beacon
  35. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !pcbeacon FamiliarStranger
  36. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: FamiliarStranger: To drop a wing beacon, go to the right-side panel (Default key 4), navigate to the functions screen (Default key Q), select BEACON and set it to WING
  37. <FamiliarStranger>: done
  38. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger FamiliarStranger. Sit tight
  39. <Absolver[PC]>: Instance fails.
  40. <Absolver[PC]>: Request SC
  41. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Absolver[PC]
  42. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: FamiliarStranger, are you able to jump into supercruise for a moment then back out to change your location?
  43. <FamiliarStranger>: alright
  44. <FamiliarStranger>: dropped back to normal space
  45. <Absolver[PC]>: Refueling
  46. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Absolver[PC] good work. Be sure to debrief and fill out the PW
  47. <FamiliarStranger>: life savers all of you
  48. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: We try
  49. <Epic23>: job well done
  50. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: !clear FamiliarStranger
  51. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: Cleared FamiliarStranger, 1 left on the board
  52. <Raptorpilot>: status update on Madnesskat, we are going to robigo and ill be escorting client only has a 11.6 ly jump range
  53. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Raptorpilot
  54. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: Raptorpilot, do you need backup?
  55. <Epic23>: !list
  56. <mechasqueak[BOT]>: Active cases:  (Plus 1 inactive)
  57. <Raptorpilot>: i am still winged with remyzero so ill be fine
  58. <remyzero>: at robigo
  59. <Raptorpilot>: im only 4j from robigo if i need to restock
  60. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: alright
  61. <Absolver[PC]>: Debrief and PW complete.
  62. <DISPATCH[Sigma207]>: roger Absolver[PC]
  63. +++ ChanServ has given halfop to DerryBear[XB1]
  64. <Moonprayer[PC]>: i need an Imperial Cutter for fuel ratting....
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