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  1. Introduction to System
  3. Welcome to Warplot PvP! Warplot PvP is WildStar’s endgame PvP feature. It is built as a 40v40 match type, where players are able to customize their team (Warparty)’s Warplot base with deployable objects (free form placement turrets and traps) and plugs (socketed building features with active and/or passive abilities). In this beta push, level 50 testers will be able to start creating Warparties, building their Warplot, and participating in matches. Please note that plugs and match content will be changing over the next beta pushes as we get your feedback on the system. Thank you, in advance, for testing out Warplot PvP!
  7. Level Restrictions
  9.     You must be level 50 in order to join a Warparty, create a Warparty, or queue for a Warplot PvP match!
  13. Creating a Warparty
  15.     Open Group Finder (‘U’ key) and navigate to the Warplots dropdown menu.
  16.     Click on the “Click to Register a Team!” button at the top section of the menu. Name your Warparty and click “OK”.
  17.     You may then add players to your Warparty by clicking the green “Add” button at the bottom of the member list.
  18.     Ranks can also be edited via the wrench icon on the Warparty member list.
  22. Warplot: Build Map
  24. Once a Warparty has been created, the Warparty is issued 300 War Coins to start building and the team’s rating is set to 1200.
  26.     A Recall ability is available to all Warparty members to transport to the Warplot Build map.
  27.         The recall ability cannot be used when the Warparty is queued for a match.
  28.         The recall ability cannot be used when a match is in progress for the Warparty/Warplot.
  29.     When a Warparty member (with appropriate permission) or Warparty leader is in Build map, the following is accessible in the datachron:
  30.         Landscape – allows you to purchase enhancement (plugs) for your Warplot. All plugs should have a detailed description to help guide your selection.
  31.         Vendor – allows you to purchase free-place deployable items, such as sentry guns and mines, around the Warplot. You may place up to 100 deployables on your Warplot.
  32.         Crate – once a deployable is placed/purchased, players have the option of crating the deployable, for use mid-match. You may store up to 100 deployables in your Crate.
  33.     A Warparty bank vault is available for storing Warplot Boss Tokens. The bank can only be used when the Warparty has at least 10 members.
  34.         Warcoin purchasable Warplot Boss Tokens are available on the vending machine next to the bank. When purchasing a boss token from the vending machine, the token will automatically transfer to the Warparty bank.
  35.         There are also Warplot Boss Tokens which have a chance to drop off of the following bosses in Veteran Dungeons: Spiritmother Selene, Forgemaster Trogun, Mordechai Redmoon, and Stormtalon
  36.     An exit portal is available in the Build map to take you to your capital city (Thayd/Illium).
  37.     When placing a large guard plug, a representative set of creatures will be spawned to indicate what will be used for the plug. Please note that the plug will, generally, be responsible for spawning more creatures than what is shown in the Build Map.
  41. Plug Basics
  43.     Each plug has a targetable object, called the plug’s Structure Unit.
  44.     A plug’s Structure Unit can be damaged and destroyed during a match. The plug’s damage taken will persist from match to match.
  45.         Plug Structure Units can be repaired in match, using Nano-Pak resources.
  46.         Plug Structure Units can be repaired out of match (in build map), using War Coins. To repair in build map, open the Landscape UI, click the socket the plug is installed in, then click the “View Info” button. The UI will display a repair cost and button to initiate the Repair.
  47.         Plug Structure Units cannot be healed with class abilities, path abilities, or items.
  48.     Each plug can be upgraded in match, using Nano-Pak resources.
  49.         Plugs start each match as Tier 1.
  50.         To upgrade, the Structure Unit for the plug must be targeted and the Upgrade ability used (available on the Warplot Ability bar).
  51.         Plugs can be upgraded to Tier 3 (max).
  52.         The plug description in the Landscape UI (available in the build map) will detail tier benefits.
  53.     Each plug has an Energy maintenance cost which starts draining your Warparty’s Energy Pool pool when a Warplot match starts.
  54.     When a plug is destroyed, the plug benefits are removed. However, the plug will still drain Energy (has a maintenance cost whether alive/dead).
  55.     A destroyed plug must be repaired 10% to restore its functionality in the match.
  56.     Some plugs may require a fabkit to purchase in the Build Map. Please seek out your friendly neighborhood architect!
  57.         The fabkit must be placed in the Warparty bank in order to purchase the plug/add it to a socket.
  58.         Please note that once you have placed an item in the Warparty bank, you cannot withdraw it!
  62. Deployable Basics
  64.     Once a deployable is placed in the Battle Map, it cannot be picked back up.
  65.     Deployables cannot be placed on the enemy’s Warplot.
  66.     Deployables are not persistent. All deployables on the field at the end of the match will be deleted.
  67.     Trap deployables will utilize stealth – enemy players have a small chance to detect the presence of a trap deployable.
  68.     Crafted deployables are also available from your friendly neighborhood architect (man, that guy is gonna be busy)!
  69.         Right-clicking a crafted deployable in your inventory while you are in the Warplot build map will add the deployable to the Warparty’s crate (and will consume your inventory version).
  73. Queuing for a Warplot Match
  75.     When the Warparty leader (or member with rank that has permission to queue the Warparty) clicks “Join the Fight” for a Warplot PvP match, both the leader and the Warplot is registered for the queue.
  76.         If the member that queued the Warplot leaves the queue, the Warplot is also removed from the queue
  77.         All warparty members receive notification that the Warparty leader has queued and registered the Warplot for a match.
  78.         Warparty members click “Join the Fight” to queue themselves to participate in the match.
  79.             Warparty members are also allowed to queue before the Warplot is registered – for expediency.
  80.     Players without a Warparty are allowed to queue for a Warplot PvP match. These players, called Mercenaries, will be matched to a Warplot team appropriate for them (matched via team rating vs personal rating of the Mercenary).
  81.     If there are not enough Warparty members to participate in a match, then the matching system will look for Mercenaries in the queue.
  82.     Once the two Warparties have enough members queued for the match (40 on each team), then the match will kick off and all players will receive notification to join the map.
  83.     Players cannot manipulate the Build Map while the Warplot is queued.
  84.     Players on the Build Map will be teleported out after the Warplot is queued.
  85.     PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to form a group or raid to queue your Warparty for a match. The leader (and those with permission) can queue theWarparty's Warplot up for the match and Warparty members can queue up separately.
  89. Warplot: Battle Map
  91. There are two ways to win a Warplot PvP match.
  93.     You can destroy the Warplots generators (one on each side, in the rear, of the Warplot).
  95. OR
  97.     You can win by attrition when the enemy Warparty’s Energy Pool drains to 0.
  98.         Killing players will drain Energy
  99.         Destroying plugs will drain Energy
  100.         The maintenance cost for the Warplot (see the plug section above) will drain Energy over time
  104. Each team starts the match with two pools: Energy and Nano-Pak.
  106.     The maximum amount of Energy a team starts with is dependent upon the number of plugs socketed on the Warplot.
  107.     The Nano-Pak pool starts at 0 for each team.
  111. You can capture locations on the field, called Nano-Pak Nodes. Nano-Paks are used to:
  113.     Repair plugs in match
  114.     Upgrade plugs
  115.     Use special abilities for the plug (these are available on the Warplot Ability Bar)
  119. Each Nano-Pak node captured also provides a health regeneration (stacks per node) effect on the team’s generators. To capture a Nano-Pak node:
  121.     Right-click on the monitor under the node.
  122.     Once the channeling completes, the capture timer will begin.
  123.     After 15 seconds (if neutral) or 30 seconds (if owned by the enemy team), the node color FX will change to denote that it has been captured.
  124.     Node capture can be interrupted by the opposing Warparty team.
  128. VO and story panel alerts are present during battle.
  132. A match can be surrendered by using the /votesurrender command or “Vote Disband” in the Group Finder UI.
  134.     A surrender vote can only be issued once 10 minutes of match time have elapsed.
  135.     At least 60% of the Warparty must agree to the surrender.
  136.     The surrendering Warparty is treated as the losing team and rating changes are applied accordingly.
  140. Warplot Ability Bar
  142. Repairing, Upgrading, Accessing the Warparty Bank (also: Layout UI, and Crate), and activating plug abilities are done via the Warplot Ability bar.
  144.     Players must have permission (conferred with Warparty rank) in order to use the abilities on the bar.
  145.     Repairing and Upgrading must be done with the plug’s Structure Unit targeted.
  149. Rewards
  151.     The Warparty will receive War Coins for the following:
  152.         Completing a match
  153.         Bonus War Coins for winning a match
  154.         Destroying plugs
  155.     Each Warparty’s team rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match.
  156.     A player’s personal Warparty rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match, if they participated in the match.
  157.     Prestige vendors will have personal Warparty rewards available. Rating minimums are required for purchase.
  158.     Advanced plugs will require team Warparty rating in order to purchase.
  162. Path Content in Warplot Matches
  164.     Soldiers can use weapons lockers to pick up weapons which allow them to use special abilities.
  165.     Scientists can scan certain objects in the battlefield to create a trap that is triggered once an enemy player gets close to it or spawns power ups (health, defense and damage)
  166.     Explorers can run through these nodes in order to get a speed boost. This is a stacking effect which will enable explorers to run even faster on the battlefield.
  167.     Settlers can find and repair small structures such as a Med station, Buff station and turrets
  171. A Note on Mounts
  173. Mounts can be used in Warplots matches, with the following exception:
  175.     Players will be dismounted (and cannot mount) when inside an enemy Warplot.
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