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Zaisha Wothog

ninjajermz Sep 20th, 2011 60 Never
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  1. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/mythee/Xellos/Zaisha_brass_left.png[/IMG] (I'm missing the Disgaea-style sprite durnit! )
  2. Brass armor. Not gold. Gold armor would be completely useless. Gold is very soft. xD
  4. Spoiler for Steampunk'd hero mode!
  5. [spoiler][img]http://mythee.biringa.com/images/Zaisha_Steampunkd.png[/img][/spoiler]
  6. Lusus:
  7. [SPOILER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/mythee/Xellos/Sastrugis.png[/IMG][/SPOILER]
  8. [FONT="Courier New"][b][CENTER]> Your name is [color=#411E00][size=2]◐[/size]  ZAISHA WOTHOG[/color].  

Most notably you are always clad in [color=#411E00]SPIKES AND ARMOR[/color]. People may think this is because you are [color=#411E00]VIOLENTLY STRONG[/color]... or you wish they did. Even though your physical strength is no joke (you like to make use of this with your clumsy and somewhat disastrous choice of strife specibus, namely a wrecking ball), most make the mistaken assumption that your eyes are set on a future career as a [color=#411E00]BRASH-ARMORED FLOGGATEKEEPER[/color]. You hate the mere mention of such an un-XTREME job.  But the truth is even less XTREME, as the armor is  (embarrassing non-closely-guarded secret)  actually a defensive habit against the attempts made by troll and beast on your [color=#411E00]CHOCOLATE FLAVORED BLOOD[/color]. The frequent blood loss this entails has made you [color=#411E00]NOTICEABLY WOBBLY[/color] and [color=#411E00]TYPICALLY TIRED[/color], prone to having ill-timed moments of wavering strength and, uh, balance.
  12. Despite this you have not fallen off any airships or tall towers, (oh wait, there have been a few incidents) and have some [color=#411E00]INTERESTS[/color], among which a fascination for all things [color=#411E00]EXTREME[/color]. You also enjoy [color=#411E00]THE SKILLFUL EMPLOY OF BAGS AND POCKETS[/color], cumbersome primitive carrying devices nonetheless more practical than [color=#411E00]DIFFICULT FETCH MODI[/color]. Even though you covet them for their soft fabric, variety of shapes, spacious pockets and sparkling zippers and marvellous [color=#411E00]PORTABLE[/color] properties, they also serve as your escape from that terrible   [color=#411E00]BLOODBANK FETCH MODUS[/color] of yours. You have no blood to spare to withdraw items via its vampiric shenanigans. Besides, your [color=#411E00]X-RAY VISION[/color] allows easy search of bag contents.
  14. Another effect of your fatigue is that you tend to [color=#411E00]FORGET ABOUT ANYTHING[/color] not immediately on hand, causing a compulsion to [color=#411E00]CARRY THINGS[/color]. If there are no [color=#411E00]THINGS[/color], you will settle for [color=#411E00]PEOPLE[/color]. Sometimes, to be [color=#411E00]EXTREME[/color], you will try to [color=#411E00]LIFT AS MANY THINGS AND/OR PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE[/color], which due to aforementioned WOBBLINESS always results in grievous injury to yourself and/or other persons. When this happens, you try to make the victim's recovery [color=#411E00]EXTREME[/color]. More like torture, really.
Your trolltag is [color=#411E00]xtendedYawn[/color] and your typing can be [color=#411E00]Rat^her pr^ickl^y and y^ou X^ercise the let^ter X wh^ere it sh^ouldn't X^ist... w^hy we^re we X^plaining thi^s agai^n [/color]
  18. Ingame you are referred to as the [color=#411E00][i]Guard of Blood[/i][/color]. Somehow or other the title ticks you off just a little and is also somewhat depressing. Alas. :[b][/b](
  19. [/CENTER][/b][/FONT]
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