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Fate/Grand Order Emulator Warning

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Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. Use the Memu memory editing hack at your own risk.
  2. Messing with the loaded strings in that way causes operational errors in the I/O code that handles the Pull/Request packets you need to communicate with anything online via emulator. These operational errors won't impede normal gameplay much but they cause FGO to suffer a bunch of reading data errors where it launches into a loop of requesting the data over and over until your I/O code functions normally for once. This basically shows up as longer loading times. Of course, these errors and loops show up like giant red flags on the network monitoring program that DW runs to catch people that try to use custom signed SSL certificates in an attempt to get infinite quartz and such. Basically, if you use this, you end up in the same danger zone as people that try to hack for quartz. They won't care what exactly it is that you're doing that causes the server to freak out. Whatever it is, it only happens because you modify the certificates or because your I/O and Pull/Request code isn't working properly. So far people haven't been banned for it because this has only been used for about two weeks, but they regularly ban all people that trip up the server this way. It's an automated process during server database maintenance to clean up unnecessary data, hacker accounts and other TOS violating accounts. They might not ban you right away because you didn't have enough I/O errors to get flagged but it's basically a matter of time until you accumulate enough I/O errors. Particularly booting the game causes a number of I/O errors every time without fail, so even just using this for the login bonus is dangerous. (That also means that playing more is not significantly more dangerous but still pretty dangerous)
  3. This is different from 'banning' emulators. They don't know you're playing from an emulator, but they will know that you are doing something that is messing with the game and causing errors in the data communication.
  4. I worked on two Mobile Games in the past as a network assistant manager and observer of illegitimate usage. One of them is One Piece Treasure Cruise, the other Puzzle and Dragons. I would like to remain anonymous because it might impede my chances to get hired again if I am associated with this but I thought I would warn people about it.
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