Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >You are Anon, and it’s a happy day
  2. >You are just on your way to hang out with your very good friend Golden Corral
  3. >The two of you get along so good together, it’s really refreshing to get along with something of the opposite sex well instead of shooting spaghetti around them
  4. >Not to mention with her being very open about lewder conversations it’s so easy to talk to her
  5. >You can’t help but to feel giddy as you approach her house
  6. >You spot her on her yard and start walking up to her
  7. >”Hi Goldie!”
  8. >Golden Collar looks at you and gives you a smile
  9. “Oh... Hi Anon...”
  10. >Hmm, that’s weird, you can see she’s not as up and about as she usually is
  11. >”Something troubling you?”
  12. >Goldie looks a bit melancholic now as she nods
  13. “Yeah...”
  14. >You look at her and tilt her head
  15. >”Want to talk about it with your good friend Anon? I could help you with whatever’s troubling you”
  16. >Goldie sighs as you crouch down next to her
  17. “Listen Anon, it’s you who’s troubling me”
  18. >You stare at Goldie as she looks at you
  19. >”I... I don’t get it?”
  20. >You keep staring at Goldie who keeps her face firm as she looks at you
  21. “You are being too friendly Anon”
  22. >You say nothing and stare at Golden Corral
  23. >Where could she be going with this?
  24. >Golden Corral sighs
  25. “It’s not that you’re not a great guy Anonymous, but I just don’t feel that way towards you”
  26. >You blink a few times while feeling your cheeks heat up
  27. >”W-what are you talking about? Hahaha, I don’t have a crush on you, I just like you as a friend!”
  28. >For some reason your voice sounds desperate
  29. >Golden Corral shakes her head
  30. “Drop the act Anon, I know a crush when I see one, and lately you’ve been a bit too... overbearing with your presence. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought, but I’d appreciate if you could stop it, it’s very uncomfortable”
  31. >You keep crouching while maintaining your usual look on your face
  33. >But you can feel your cheeks burn and your eyes starting to feel a bit moist
  34. >”W-well I admit I might have been overbearing, but that’s just because I want to befriend you so much Goldie”
  35. >You do your best to maintain a neutral happy expression
  36. >That’s not how you feel at all
  37. >Golden Corral looks a bit unsure as she keeps staring at you
  38. “Still I would appreciate it if you’d cut me some slack. I’m not saying I dislike you, but you’ve been smothering me for the past week”
  39. >You give her a nervous nod while fighting... everything you’re feeling right now
  40. >”Right, sorry about that, I was just... really excited about making friends I guess, hahaha me and my overbearing ways right? Well, I’ll just leave you to do some things that you need to do, I’ve got soo many more ponies to hang out today it’s really bothersome. So see you around Goldie!”
  41. >With that you quickly turn around and start walking away
  42. >Got to walk normally, must not let on how hurt you are right now
  43. >You feel really bad right now
  44. >You were so sure this was working out...
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