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  4. T Warchief's Command: Burning Steppes!|QID|28667|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|O|
  5. A Burning Vengeance|QID|28418|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|
  6. A Done Nothing Wrong|QID|28417|M|16.98,51.29|N|From Mouton Flamestar.|
  7. f Flamestar Post|QID|28417|M|17.78,52.77|N|At Hans Oreflight.|
  8. C Burning Vengeance|QID|28417|M|18.83,59.87|S|
  9. C Free the Green Whelpling|QID|28417|M|17.58,60.43|QO|Freed Green Whelpling: 1/1|
  10. C Free the Blue Whelpling|QID|28417|M|19.19,61.67|QO|Freed Blue Whelpling: 1/1|
  11. C Free the Bronze Whelpling|QID|28417|M|21.26,61.46|QO|Freed Bronze Whelpling: 1/1|
  12. C Free the Red Whelpling|QID|28417|M|23.19,60.25|QO|Freed Red Whelpling: 1/1|
  13. C Burning Vengeance|QID|28417|M|18.83,59.87|US|
  14. T Burning Vengeance|QID|28418|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|
  15. A Stocking Up|QID|28419|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28418|
  16. A A Future Project|QID|28420|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28418|
  17. A Mud Hunter|QID|28421|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28418|
  18. C A Future Project|QID|28420|S|
  19. C Stocking Up|QID|28419|M|S|
  20. C Mud Hunter|QID|28421|M|16.94,42.04|N|Look for small greenish-brown blobs of earth near the edge of the lava.|
  21. C Stocking Up|QID|28419|M|10.6,51.38;21.14,53.8|US|N|Run laps around Flamestar Post until you finish this quest.|
  22. C A Future Project|QID|28420|M|10.6,51.38;21.14,53.8|US|N|Run laps around Flamestar Post until you finish this quest.|
  23. T Stocking Up|QID|28419|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|
  24. T A Future Project|QID|28420|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|
  25. T Mud Hunter|QID|28421|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|
  26. A The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb|QID|28422|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28419;28420;28421|
  27. T The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb|QID|28422|M|8.39,35.75|N|To Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|
  28. A Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff|QID|28423|M|8.39,35.75|N|From Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|PRE|28422|
  29. A Shadow Boxing|QID|28424|M|8.39,35.75|N|From Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|PRE|28422|
  30. C Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff|QID|28423|M|5.55,31.52|N|Blackrock Warlocks drop the Orb. The Sand and Cider are lootable items in the ruins on the hill.|
  31. C Shadow Boxing|QID|28424|M|9.92,29.65|N|Ner'gosh is in the middle of the bone structure on the platform.|
  32. T Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff|QID|28423|M|8.39,35.75|N|To Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|
  33. T Shadow Boxing|QID|28424|M|8.39,35.75|N|To Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|
  34. A Return to Ariok|QID|28425|M|8.39,35.75|N|From Gorzeeki Wildeyes.|
  35. T Return to Ariok|QID|28425|M|17.46,51.61|N|To Ariok.|
  36. A Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes|QID|28426|M|17.46,51.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28425|
  37. C Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes|QID|28426|M|37.06,53.34|N|Kill orcs, ogres, and trolls on your way to Chiselgrip.|
  38. T Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes|QID|28426|M|46.81,44.07|N|To Stebben Oreknuckle.|
  39. A Prove Yer Allegiance|QID|28225|M|46.81,44.07|N|From Stebben Oreknuckle.|PRE|28426|
  40. A Scrapped Golems|QID|28225|M|46.81,44.07|N|From Stebben Oreknuckle.|PRE|28426|
  41. A A Needle in a Hellhole|QID|28427|M|44.55,44.40|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28426|
  42. T A Needle in a Hellhole|QID|28427|M|45.45,46.33|N|To Thelaron Direneedle.|
  43. N A Perfect Costume|QID|28225|M|45.45,46.33|N|Take Thelaron Direneedle's next quest, "A Perfect Costume," then check this step off. There are several different versions of the quest based on your race and possibly gender!|
  44. C A Perfect Costume|QID|28428|M|45.58,46.28|O|N|Go to the table next to Thelaron and begin taking materials. After gathering them, talk to Thelaron. He will tell you if you have too much or too few of a material; keep trying until you get it right. Combinations that are known to work include 2-4-2 for Orc, 4-1-3 for Tauren, and 3-2-1 for Blood Elf. If none of these work, try 4-2-2 or 1-3-4, or work it out on your own with Thelaron's clues.|
  45. C A Perfect Costume|QID|28229|M|45.58,46.28|O|N|Go to the table next to Thelaron and begin taking materials. After gathering them, talk to Thelaron. He will tell you if you have too much or too few of a material; keep trying until you get it right. Combinations that are known to work include 2-4-2 for Orc, 4-1-3 for Tauren, and 3-2-1 for Blood Elf. If none of these work, try 4-2-2 or 1-3-4, or work it out on your own with Thelaron's clues.|
  46. C A Perfect Costume|QID|28430|M|45.58,46.28|O|N|Go to the table next to Thelaron and begin taking materials. After gathering them, talk to Thelaron. He will tell you if you have too much or too few of a material; keep trying until you get it right. Combinations that are known to work include 2-4-2 for Orc, 4-1-3 for Tauren, and 3-2-1 for Blood Elf. If none of these work, try 4-2-2 or 1-3-4, or work it out on your own with Thelaron's clues.|
  47. C A Perfect Costume|QID|28231|M|45.58,46.28|O|N|Go to the table next to Thelaron and begin taking materials. After gathering them, talk to Thelaron. He will tell you if you have too much or too few of a material; keep trying until you get it right. Combinations that are known to work include 2-4-2 for Orc, 4-1-3 for Tauren, and 3-2-1 for Blood Elf. If none of these work, try 4-2-2 or 1-3-4, or work it out on your own with Thelaron's clues.|
  48. T A Perfect Costume|QID|28428|M|44.55,44.40|O|N|To Eitrigg.|
  49. T A Perfect Costume|QID|28429|M|44.55,44.40|O|N|To Eitrigg.|
  50. T A Perfect Costume|QID|28430|M|44.55,44.40|O|N|To Eitrigg.|
  51. T A Perfect Costume|QID|28431|M|44.55,44.40|O|N|To Eitrigg.|
  52. A Into the Black Tooth Hovel|QID|28432|M|44.55,44.40|N|From Eitrigg.|
  53. f Chiselgrip|QID|28432|M|46.15,41.79|N|At Grimly Singefeather.|
  54. T Into the Black Tooth Hovel|QID|28432|M|45.32,51.75|N|To Quartermaster Kaoshin.|U|63357|
  55. A Grunt Work|QID|28433|M|45.32,51.75|N|From Quartermaster Kaoshin.|U|63357|PRE|28432|
  56. A Strategic Cuts|QID|28434|M|46.32,51.75|PRE|28432|
  57. C Grunt Work|QID|28433|M|45.30,52.58|S|N|Pairs of boots are scattered throughout Black Tooth Hovel, lying on the ground.|
  58. C Voodooist Timan|QID|28434|M|45.00,52.51|N|At the top of the tower.|U|63350|QO|Voodooist Timan slain: 1/1|
  59. C Worgmistress Othana|QID|28434|39.17,56.06|U|63350|QO|Worgmistress Othana slain: 1/1|
  60. C Gorlop|QID|28434|39.88,60.47|N|Gorlop runs along a fast patrol path, but he stops here, in the only place you can kill him.|U|63350|QO|Gorlop slain: 1/1|
  61. T Strategic Cuts|QID|28434|
  62. C Grunt Work|QID|28433|M|45.30,52.58|US|N|Pairs of boots are scattered throughout Black Tooth Hovel, lying on the ground.|
  63. T Grunt Work|QID|28433|M|45.32,51.75|N|To Quartermaster Kaoshin.|
  64. A The Kodocaller's Horn|QID|28435|M|45.32,51.75|N|From Quartermaster Kaoshin.|
  65. C The Kodocaller's Horn|QID|28435|M|47.51,60.40|
  66. T The Kodocaller's Horn|QID|28435|
  67. A Taking the Horn for Ourselves|QID|28436|PRE|28435|
  68. C Prove Yer Allegiance|QID|28225|M|51.06,39.26|S|
  69. C Scrapped Golems|QID|28226|M|51.06,39.26|N|Kill War Reavers, then look for parts to salvage around the corpse.|
  70. C Prove Yer Allegiance|QID|28225|M|51.06,39.26|US|
  71. T Taking the Horn for Ourselves|QID|28436|M|44.55,44.40|N|To Eitrigg.|
  72. T Prove Yer Allegiance|QID|28225|M|46.81,44.07|N|To Stebben Oreknuckle.|
  73. T Scrapped Golems|QID|28226|M|46.81,44.07|N|To Stebben Oreknuckle.|
  74. A Golem Training|QID|28227|M|45.81,44.07|N|From Stebben Oreknuckle.|PRE|28225;28226|
  75. C Golem Training|QID|28227|M|45.81,44.07|N|Walk around Chiselgrip, speaking to Chipped Golems. Defeat each one until you get a quest update. It will take several fights for each golem.|
  76. T Golem Training|QID|28227|M|45.81,44.07|N|To Stebben Oreknuckle.|
  77. L Level 51|QID|28437|LVL|51|N|You should be around Level 51 by this point.|
  78. A General Thorg'izog|QID|28437|M|44.55,44.40|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28437;28436|
  79. T General Thorg'izog|QID|28437|M|30.69,33.73|N|To General Thorg'izog.|
  80. A Trial by Magma|QID|28438|M|30.69,33.73|N|From General Thorg'izog.|PRE|28437|
  81. C Trial by Magma|QID|28438|M|30.83,33.39|N|Speak to Wyrtle Spreelthonket to battle Magma Lord Kolob.|
  82. T Trial by Magma|QID|28438|M|30.69,33.73|N|To General Thorg'izog.|
  83. A I Am the Law and I Am the Lash|QID|28439|M|30.69,33.73|N|From General Thorg'izog.|
  84. A Abuse of Power|QID|28440|
  85. C I Am the Law and I Am the Lash|QID|28439|M|34.21,35.76|S|
  86. C Abuse of Power|QID|28440|M|34.21,35.76|N|Use the cudgel on Blackrock Sergeants to kill them. You don't have to choose 20 different mobs, you can use the same ones over again until they die. There's a change with each cudgel that you'll be discovered. If this happens, cudgel that mob to death quickly or everything will turn hostile.|
  87. T Abuse of Power|QID|28440|
  88. A Enough Damage For One Day|QID|28441|PRE|28440|
  89. C I Am the Law and I Am the Lash|QID|28439|M|34.21,35.76|US|N|Continue to cudgel mobs to complete this quest.|
  90. T I Am the Law and I Am the Lash|QID|28439|M|30.69,33.73|N|To General Thorg'izog.|
  91. T Enough Damage For One Day|QID|28441|M|44.55,44.40|N|To Eitrigg.|
  92. A Flame Crest|QID|28442|M|44.55,44.40|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28441|
  93. T Flame Crest|QID|28442|M|54.95,22.55|N|To Kibler.|
  94. A Not Fireflies, Flameflies|QID|28491|M|54.95,22.55|N|From Kibler.|PRE|28442|
  95. A Blackened Ashes|QID|28443|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|
  96. A Latent Demons of the Land|QID|28444|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|
  97. A A Heap of Delicious Worg|QID|28445|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|
  98. N Friends on The Other Side|QID|27469|M|54.14,23.80|N|Ragged John offers this quest, which is intended to lead you into the Blackrock Spire dungeons. Take it if you intend to do these instances. We won't be fiddling with them in this guide.|
  99. f Flame Crest|QID|28445|M|54.17,24.22|N|At Vahgruk.|
  100. C Not Fireflies, Flameflies|QID|28491|M|53.40,25.67|S|N|Loot living Flameflies. If you're having trouble seeing them, make sure you have critter names turned on in your game settings.|
  101. C Latent Demons of the Land|QID|28444|M|53.40,25.67|N|Drop down and kill Flamekin imps. When you "loot" them, you will get quest updates. Be very careful with AoE, as you may kill Flameflies that you need.|
  102. C Blackened Ashes|QID|28443|M|62,38.59|N|Kill obsidian elementals.|S|
  103. C A Heap of Delicious Worg|QID|28445|M|67.09,30.66|N|Kill worgs, then use the saw on their corpses.|U|63427|
  104. C Blackened Ashes|QID|28443|M|62,38.59|N|Kill obsidian elementals.|US|
  105. C Not Fireflies, Flameflies|QID|28491|M|53.40,25.67|US|N|Loot living Flameflies. If you're having trouble seeing them, make sure you have critter names turned on in your game settings.|
  106. T Blackened Ashes|QID|28443|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  107. T Latent Demons of the Land|QID|28444|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  108. T A Heap of Delicious Worg|QID|28445|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  109. A Blood Tour|QID|28446|M|54.78,24.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28443;28444;28445|
  110. A Draconic Vanguard|QID|28447|N|After accepting Blood Tour, Ariok will despawn. Wait a moment and he will respawn following you.|
  111. A A Deal With a Dragon|QID|28448|
  112. T Not Fireflies, Flameflies|QID|28491|M|54.95,22.55|N|To Kibler.|
  113. C Blood Tour|QID|28446|M|71.05,28.86|S|
  114. C Terrormath the Seared|QID|28447|M|72.33,27.43|QO|Terrormath the Seared slain: 1/1|
  115. T A Deal With a Dragon|QID|28448|M|82.10,31.52|N|To Acride.|
  116. C Tugnar Goremaw|QID|28447|M|75.68,37.04|QO|Tugnar Goremaw slain: 1/1|
  117. C Minyoth|QID|28447|M|79.80,50.89|QO|Minyoth slain: 1/1|
  118. C Whelptamer Akumi|QID|28447|M|64.92,59.79|QO|Whelptamer Akumi slain: 1/1|
  119. C Blood Tour|QID|28446|M|71.05,28.86|US|
  120. T Blood Tour|QID|28446|To Ariok.|
  121. T Draconic Vanguard|QID|28447|N|To Ariok.|
  122. A Placing the Pawns|QID|28449|PRE|28446;28447;28448|
  123. T Placing the Pawns|QID|28449|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  124. A A Delivery for Thorg'izog|QID|28450|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28449|
  125. A A Delivery for Neeralak|QID|28451|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28449|
  126. A A Delivery for Xi'lun|QID|28452|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28449|
  127. T A Delivery for Xi'lun|QID|28452|M|64.31,37.51;54.69,24.52|N|To High Warlock Xi'lun, in a cave at the top of the mountain. The path up begins at 64,37.|U|63357|
  128. T A Delivery for Neeralak|QID|28451|M|66.35,34.49;70.17,47.28|N|To Dragon-Lord Neeralak, in a cave about halfway up the mountain. The path up begins at 66,34.|U|63357|
  129. T A Delivery for Thorg'izog|QID|28450|M|65.29,46.66;66.51,40.55|N|To General Thorg'izog, in a cave at the bottom of the mountain. The cave's entrance is at 65,47.|U|63357|
  130. L Level 52|QID|28437|LVL|52|N|You should be around Level 52 by this point.|
  131. A Locked and Loaded|QID|28453|PRE|28450;28451;28452|
  132. T Locked and Loaded|QID|28453|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  133. A Assault on Dreadmaul Rock|QID|28454|M|54.78,24.61|N|From Ariok.|PRE|28453|
  134. C Assault on Dreadmaul Rock|QID|28454|M|54.69,24.52|N|Fly around bombarding the Blackrock forces. If you lose your mount, use the horn to get it back.|U|63681|
  135. T Assault on Dreadmaul Rock|QID|28454|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  136. A Glory Amidst Chaos|QID|28455|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28454|
  137. C Glory Amidst Chaos|QID|28455|M|54.69,24.52;70.17,47.28;66.51,40.55|N|There's a leader in each of the three "delivery" positions you already visited. Slay each one.|
  138. T Glory Amidst Chaos|QID|28455|M|54.69,24.52|N|To Eitrigg.|
  139. A The Spoils of War|QID|28456|M|54.69,24.52|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|28455|
  140. T The Spoils of War|QID|28456|M|54.79,24.41|N|To the Crate of Left Over Supplies.|
  141. A The Bogpaddle Bullet|QID|28570|M|54.95,22.55|N|From Kibler. You're done with Burning Steppes, so take this quest if you plan to continue in Swamp of Sorrows, or choose another guide if you'd prefer another zone!|
  142. C The Bogpaddle Bullet|QID|28570|M|78.23,58.90|N|Talk to Sharon Boomgetter to ride to Swamp of Sorrows.|O|
  144. ]]
  146. end)
  152. WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('ShaSwa5255', 'Swamp of Sorrows', 'Shanyn', '52', '55', 'JiyBla5560', 'Horde', function()
  153. return [[
  155. T Warchief's Command: Swamp of Sorrows!|QID|28677|M|73.16,14.90|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|O|
  156. T The Bogpaddle Bullet|QID|28570|M|73.16,14.90|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|O|
  157. A Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|73.16,14.90|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
  158. f Bogpaddle|QID|27587|M|72.02,12.06|N|At Skeezie.|
  159. A Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.64,9.18|N|From Brono Goodgroove.|
  160. C Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|78.35,4.47|S|N|Kill and loot crawlers.|
  161. C Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|U|62795|M|78.35,4.47|N|Drink the underwater walking tonic to speed these quests up. Kill and loot Makruras.|
  162. C Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|78.35,4.47|US|N|Kill and loot crawlers.|
  163. T Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.64,9.18|N|To Brono Goodgroove.|
  164. T Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|73.16,14.90|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
  165. A Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|73.16,14.90|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|PRE|27587|
  166. A Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|73.16,14.90|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|PRE|27587|
  167. A Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|74.24,12.16|N|From Pierre Fishflay.|PRE|27587|
  168. C Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|75.03,19.95|S|N|The mines can explode if you're too close to them for too long.|
  169. C Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|75.03,19.95|S|
  170. C Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|78.11,25.89|N|Kill and loot Swampstriders southeast of Bogpaddle.|
  171. C Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|75.03,19.95|US|N|The mines can explode if you're too close to them for too long.|
  172. C Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|75.03,19.95|US|
  173. T Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|74.24,12.16|N|To Pierre Fishflay.|
  174. T Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|73.16,14.90|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
  175. T Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|73.16,14.90|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
  176. A Crazy Larry|QID|27597|M|73.16,14.90|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|PRE|27656;27663|
  177. T Crazy Larry|QID|27597|M|84.02,40.12|N|To Crazy Larry.|
  178. A Kill Gill|QID|27598|M|84.02,40.12|N|From Crazy Larry.|PRE|27597|
  179. A Can't Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|84.02,40.12|N|From Crazy Larry.|PRE|27597|
  180. r Sell, repair, and restock.|QID|27599|M|84.49,39.95|N|At Darbo Stableflux.|
  181. C Kill Gill|QID|27598|M|89.29,30.58|S|
  182. C Can't Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|89.29,30.58|N|Loot the Deceased Bogpaddle Privateers in the water.|
  183. C Kill Gill|QID|27598|M|89.29,30.58|US|
  184. T Kill Gill|QID|27598|M|84.02,40.12|N|To Crazy Larry.|
  185. T Can't Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|84.02,40.12|N|To Crazy Larry.|
  186. A In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|84.02,40.12|N|From Crazy Larry.|PRE|27598;27599|
  187. C In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|83.59,37.85|N|Ask Lil' Crazy Jerry to load you into his cannon. Seach the ship for the three items. One is on the main deck, one is in the captain's chambers, and the last is in the bottom of the hull.|
  188. T In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|84.02,40.12|N|To Crazy Larry. There is another cannon on the main deck of the ship that will fire you back to the mainland.|
  189. L Level 53|QID|27740|LVL|53|N|You should be around Level 53 by this point.|
  190. A Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|M|84.02,40.12|N|From Crazy Larry.|PRE|27600|
  191. T Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|M|82.85,41.08;69.06,76.52|N|Speak to Lil' Crazy daisy to travel to Stagalbog.|
  192. A Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.06,76.52|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
  193. C Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|77.46,82.98|
  194. T Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.06,76.52|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
  195. A The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|69.06,76.52|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|PRE|27691|
  196. C The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|66.42,74.86;63.17,85.69|N|Enter the cave to the west, at 66,75. Hr'nglth is at the back of the cave.|
  197. T The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|69.06,76.52|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
  198. A Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|69.06,76.52|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|PRE|27757|
  199. C Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|73.44,82.17|
  200. T Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|69.06,76.52|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
  201. A The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27869|M|69.06,76.52|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|PRE|27818|
  202. T The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27868|M|69.13,54.88|N|To Lord Itharius.|
  203. A Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|69.13,54.88|N|From Lord Itharius.|PRE|27868|
  204. T Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|69.13,54.88|N|To Lord Itharius.|
  205. A Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|M|69.13,54.88|N|From Lord Itharius.|PRE|27694|
  206. C Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|M|74.14,44.53|N|Go into the temple behind Itharius. Follow the path to find the Hall.|
  207. T Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|
  208. A Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|PRE|27704|
  209. C Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|74.77,49.29|N|From the Hall of Masks, turn right, then right again down the stairs. Priestess Udumbra is in the next large room you find.|
  210. T Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|
  211. L Level 54|QID|27705|LVL|54|N|You should be around Level 54 by this point.|
  212. A Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|PRE|27705|
  213. C Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|77.58,46.05|N|Go back up the stairs. Take the second left to find Gomora the Bloodletter.|
  214. T Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|
  215. A Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|PRE|27768|
  216. C Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|76.64,41.54|N|Return to the hall, continuing the way you were going before the Bloodletter. In the next room, turn left. Follow the path, then drop down into the next large room you find. Jammal'an will be there.|
  217. T Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|
  218. A Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|PRE|27773|
  219. T Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|M|69.13,54.88|N|To Lord Itharius.|
  220. A To Stonard|QID|27871|M|69.13,54.88|N|From Lord Itharius.|
  221. N The Heart of the Temple|QID|27915|M|69.13,54.88|N|Take this quest if you intend to do the Sunken Temple instance. We won't do it in this guide.|
  222. T To Stonard|QID|27871|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  223. A Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag. Note that the following chains may not be available to characters who quested in Swamp of Sorrows pre-Shattering.|
  224. A Lumbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  225. C Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|59.86,42.22|S|
  226. C Lunbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|60.62,36.44|
  227. C Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|59.86,42.22|US|
  228. T Orcs and Humans|QID|27852|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  229. T Lumbering Oafs|QID|27853|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  230. A Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|PRE|27852;27853|
  231. A Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|PRE|27852;27853|
  232. A Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|PRE|27852;27853|
  233. C Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|61.51,42.99|S|
  234. C Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|61.51,42.99|S|
  235. C Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|61.51,42.99|
  236. C Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|61.51,42.99|US|
  237. C Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|61.51,42.99|US|
  238. T Tides of Darkness|QID|27854|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  239. T Reinforcements Denied|QID|27855|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  240. T Marking the Fallen|QID|27856|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  241. A We're Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|PRE|27854;27855;27856|
  242. C We're Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|47.64,53.95|
  243. T We're Under Attack!|QID|27857|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  244. L Level 55|QID|27906|LVL|55|N|You should be around Level 55 by this point.|
  245. A Neeka Bloodscar|QID|27906|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag.|PRE|27857|
  246. T Neeka Bloodscar|QID|27906|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  247. A Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
  248. A Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|
  249. C Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|32.89,44.99|S|
  250. C Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|32.89,44.99|N|Kill Shifting Mireglobs.|
  251. C Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|32.89,44.99|US|
  252. T Prayerblossom|QID|27907|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  253. T Secrets of the Mire|QID|27908|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  254. A The Purespring|QID|27909|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|PRE|27907;27908|
  255. A Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|PRE|27907;27908|
  256. C The Purespring|QID|27909|M|18.4,57.28|N|Kill Purespring Elementals.|
  257. C Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|10.43,33.79|
  258. T The Purespring|QID|27909|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  259. T Last Regrets|QID|27910|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  260. A With Dying Breath|QID|27911|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|PRE|27909;27910|
  261. T With Dying Breath|QID|27911|M|21.2,51.73|N|To Neeka Bloodscar.|
  262. A Ruag's Report|QID|27916|M|21.2,51.73|N|From Neeka Bloodscar.|PRE|27911|
  263. T Ruag's Report|QID|27916|M|49.35,55.33|N|To Dispatch Commander Ruag.|
  264. A Okrilla and the Blasted Lands|QID|28553|M|49.35,55.33|N|From Dispatch Commander Ruag. You're done with Swamp of Sorrows, so take this quest if you plan to continue in the Blasted Lands, or choose another guide if you'd prefer another zone!|
  266. ]]
  268. end)
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