Jewish Control of CBS

Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. INTRODUCTION: This pastebin is organized into six sections. The first five sections detail the extent of Jewish influence at the New York Times. The final section catalogs each of the citations used to support the assertions made throughout the text. This pastebin is accessible at https://pastebin.com/U7QYbUry. An archived version of this pastebin is also accessible via https://archive.fo/akWm2. Feel free to copy, build upon, or otherwise repost the information in this pastebin on your own website. To see a similar list for NBC, visit: https://pastebin.com/cqDiq3P4. To see a similar list for the New York Times, visit: https://pastebin.com/syWNwnMP.
  4. SECTION 1: CBS Upper-Level Executives
  5. SECTION 2: CBS Division Presidents
  6. SECTION 3: CBS Correspondents
  7. SECTION 4: CBS Division Vice-Presidents & Other Executives
  8. SECTION 5: NYT Correspondents & Reporters
  9. SECTION 6: Works Cited
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  13. **SECTION 1: CBS Upper-Level Executives **
  15. Leslie Moonves - Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), CBS Corporation
  16. Leslie Moonves is Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CBS Corporation. [1]. Leslie Moonves is Jewish. The Financial Post has confirmed that Moonves is Jewish. [2]. Fortune Magazine has also confirmed that Moonves is Jewish. [3]. Interfaith Family also reported that “Moonves, who is Jewish, began an affair with Chen while still married to his first (Jewish) wife, who is the mother of his three older children." [4].
  18. Shari Redstone - Vice Chair of Board of Directors & Director, CBS Corporation
  19. Shari Redstone is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and a Director for CBS Corporation. [5]. Shari Redstone is Jewish. Shari is the daughter of Sumner Redstone [6], who is Jewish, as confirmed by the Financial Post. [7]. Shari’s mother is also Jewish. [8]. Shari Redstone sits on the Board of Directors at Combined Jewish Philanthropies. [9]. Shari was previously married to a rabbi, Ira Korff. [10].
  21. Sumner Redstone - Chairman Emeritus & Director, CBS Corporation
  22. Sumner Redstone is Chairman Emeritus and a Director for CBS Corporation. [11]. Sumner Redstone is Jewish. The Financial Post has confirmed that Redstone is Jewish. [12]. The Jerusalem Post, a Jewish news publication, also included Redstone in its list of the top 50 most influential Jews in 2013. [13].
  24. David Rhodes - President, CBS News
  25. David Rhodes is the President of CBS News. [14]. David Rhodes is Jewish. The New York Times has reported that Rhodes grew up with a “liberal Jewish mother from New York.” [15].
  27. Gil Schwartz - Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer (CCO), CBS Corporation
  28. Gil Schwartz is Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer (CCO) for CBS Corporation. [16]. Gil Schwartz is Jewish. Gil is married to Laura Svienty Schwartz [17], with whom he has two grown children, Nina and Will. [18]. Their daughter Nina maintains a blog,” [19] in which she has stated that she is Jewish. [20]. The website Larry Funeral Home has also reported that Gil Schwartz is Jewish. [21]. Gil attended Brandeis University. [22].
  30. Jonathan Anschell - Executive Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Secretary, CBS Corporation
  31. Jonathan Anschell is Executive Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Secretary for CBS Corporation. [23]. Jonathan Anschell is Jewish. Anschell sits on the Board of Directors for the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles [24], where he chaired its Legal Division. [25]. Anschell is also involved in other Jewish causes, including the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative, where he serves on the Executive Advisory Board. [26].
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  35. **SECTION 2: CBS Division Presidents**
  38. David Stapf - President, CBS Television Studios
  39. David Stapf is President of CBS Television Studios. [27]. David Stapf is Jewish. Stapf help participate in the 100 year anniversary of the Jewish Federation. [28]. Stapf and his wife, Tami Kupetz, were honored at the Jewish Family Service. [29]. Stapf has also hosting a Day of Hope for Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles. [30].
  41. David Berson - President, CBS Sports
  42. David Berson is President of CBS Sports. [31]. David Berson is Jewish. Berson was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi A. Bruce Goldman. [32].
  44. Terry Press - President, CBS Films
  45. Terry Press is President of CBS Films. [33]. Terry Press is Jewish. Terry’s full name is Terry-Press Marx [34], and she is married to Andy Marx [35], the Los Angeles writer [36] and son of Arthur Marx, who was Jewish. [37].
  47. Mark Pedowitz - President, CW Television Network
  48. Mark Pedowitz is President of CW Television Network. [38]. Mark Pedowitz is Jewish. Mark’s wife is Carolyn Martin [39], and Carolyn and Mark are donors to the Montefiorecare [40], a Jewish Assisted living center. [41]. Mark Pedowitz has in the past done interviews with the publication Jewish Business News. [42]. Pedowitz was reportedly “giddy” that former Israeli President Shimon Peres would be appearing on the twenty-second season of America’s Next Top Model, and stated that he “saw Peres at a Hollywood United Jewish Appeal thing.” [43].
  50. David Nevins - President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Showtime Networks
  51. David Nevins is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Showtime Networks. [44]. David Nevins is Jewish. Nevins is a member of the American Jewish Committee of Los Angeles, and “he is also a leading member of the IKAR Board [a Jewish community] [45] where he and his family were founding members of the progressive Jewish community in 2004.” [46].
  53. Matthew C. Blank - Chairman, Showtime Networks
  54. Matthew C. Blank is Chairman of Showtime Networks. [47]. Matthew Blank is Jewish. Blank, who is married to Susan McGuirk [48], was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Charles Lippman. [49].
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  58. **SECTION 3: CBS Correspondents**
  60. Jane Pauley - Host CBS Sunday Morning
  61. Jane Pauley is Host of CBS Sunday Morning. [50]. Jane Pauley is Jewish. Pauley stated in an interview with the Connecticut Mag that she is Jewish. [51]. Pauley has given speeches at San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center [52], and she was the keynote speaker for event hosted by Palm Beach’s Jewish Family Services. [53].
  63. Alex Wagner - Co-Host, CBS This Morning: Saturday Correspondent
  64. Alex Wagner is Host of CBS This Morning: Saturday. [54]. Alex Wagner’s husband is Jewish. Wagner is married to Sam Kass [55], whom the Jewish Daily Forward has confirmed is Jewish. [56].
  66. Julianna Goldman - Washington DC Correspondent, CBS News
  67. Julianna Goldman is a Washington DC Correspondent for CBS News. [57]. Julianna Goldman is Jewish. Goldman was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Washington. [58]. Her mother served on the board of the National Jewish Democratic Council. [59].
  69. Jim Axelrod – Chief National Correspondent, CBS News
  70. Jim Axelrod is the Chief National Correspondent for CBS News. [60]. Jim Axelrod is Jewish. Axelrod confirmed that he was Jewish in an interview with New Jersey Jewish News, in which he discussed at length his Jewish upbringing and his “Jewish education at the Hebrew school.” [61].
  72. Jan Crawford - Chief Legal & Political Correspondent, CBS News
  73. Jan Crawford is Chief Legal & Political Correspondent. [62]. Jan Crawford’s husband is Jewish. Crawford is married to Douglas N Greenburg [63], who is Jewish [64] and who has written pro-Israel articles critical of the U.S. governments aid for Palestinians. [65].
  75. Jon Lapook - Chief Medical Correspondent, CBS News
  76. Jon Lapook is Chief Medical Correspondent for CBS News. [66]. Jon Lapook is Jewish. Lapook is married to Kate Lear, who is also Jewish and has written about celebrating Chanukkah. [67]. Lapook and his wife have attended events at the New Jewish Home, including a celebration of Jews over the age of 80. [68]. Jewish Sacred Aging, a forum for the Jewish Community, has also reported on Lapook’s interviews with elderly Jews. [69].Lapook, himself a Eastern European-Jewish heritage [70], has spoken about being a frequent customer of the Jewish diner Barney Greengrass, a restaurant that focuses on “delicacies of the Eastern European Jewish palate.” [71].
  78. Mark Knoller - White House Correspondent, CBS News
  79. Mark Knoller is a White House Correspondent for CBS News. [72]. Mark Knoller is Jewish. Knoller attended the White House Hannukah party [73], an event attended primarily (if not exclusively) by Jewish journalists. [74]. Knoller has displayed his familiarity with the Yiddish language on his Twitter. [75].
  81. Dean Reynolds - Correspondent, CBS News
  82. Dean Reynolds is a Correspondent for CBS News. [76]. Dean Reynolds is Jewish. Dean Reynolds on Facebook [77] ‘likes’ the Chabad Israeli Center – Chicago. [78]. His son can also be seen with his son wearing a shirt for the Maccabiah Games [79], an Israeli-hosted Olympics for Jewish athletes aimed “to bring Jewish people of all ages closer to Judaism and Israel.” [80].
  84. Serena Altschul - Correspondent, CBS News
  85. Serena Altschul is a Correspondent for CBS News. [81]. Serena Altschul is Jewish.
  86. Serena is the daughter of Arthur Altschul, a former partner at Goldman Sachs. [82]. JPost, a Jewish news publication, confirmed that Serena and her siblings, including Arthur Altschul Jr., were raised Jewish. [83].
  88. Martha Teichner - Correspondent, CBS News
  89. Martha Teichner is a Correspondent for CBS News. [84]. Martha Teichner is Jewish. As an author, Martha writes primarily on Jewish topics, as is exemplified by her book “The Jewish People: A Story of Survival.” [85]. Martha’s relative is Leon Teichner [86], with whom Martha on Facebook [87] is friends [88], is a congregation member and donor to Beth Israel Sinai Synogogue. [89].
  91. Rita Braver – Senior Correspondent, CBS News
  92. Rita Braver is a Senior Correspondent for CBS News. [91]. Rita Braver is Jewish. Saying that she is Jewish. [91].
  94. Lesley Stahl - Correspondent, CBS News
  95. Lesley Stahl is a Correspondent for CBS News. [92]. Lesley Stahl is Jewish. People Magazine has confirmed that Lesley Stahl and his brother grew up in Massachusetts and “their father is a wealthy Jewish food company executive.” [93].
  97. Howard Arenstein – News Correspondent, CBS Radio
  98. Howard Arenstein is a News Correspondent for CBS Radio. [94]. Howard Arenstein is Jewish. The news publication Washington Jewish Week has confirmed that both Howard Arenstein and his wife Orly Azoula are Jewish. [95].
  100. Tony Dokoupil – Correspondent, CBS News
  101. Tony Dokoupil is a Correspondent for CBS News. [96]. Tony Dokoupil’s wife is Jewish. Dokoupi’s fiancé is Katy Tur [97], the daughter of broadcast reporter Zoey Tur [98], who stated in an interview with Hollywood Reporter that he and his family are Jewish. [99]. Tony Dokoupil has written articles about being circumcised (as an adult) as part of the Jewish religion, as well as his engagement to a different Jewish woman before meeting Tur. [100].
  103. David Agus – Contributor, CBS News
  104. David Agus is a Contributor for CBS News. [101]. David Agus is Jewish. Agus was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Issac Furman. [102]. His father/grandfather, Jacob B. Agus, was a Rabbi and authored “several books on Jewish history and philosophy.” [103]. As reported by the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, David Agus has also given speaking talks at the synagogue Congregation Beth El. [104].
  106. Ben Stein – Contributor, CBS News
  107. Ben Stein is a Contributor for CBS News. [105]. Ben Stein is Jewish. Stein has stated in an interview, “I am Jewish.” [106].
  109. Jill Schlesinger - Business Analyst, CBS News; Editor-at-Large for CBS MoneyWatch.com.
  110. Jill Schlesinger is a Business Analyst for CBS News and the Editor-at-Large for CBS MoneyWatch.com. [107]. Jill Schlesinger is Jewish. Schlesinger was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbis Jack Stern and Israel Dresner. [108]. The obituary for Jill’s father, Albert E. Schlesinger, also makes clear that Albert was Jewish. [109].
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  114. **SECTION 4: CBS Division Vice-Presidents & Other Executives**
  116. Amy Reisenbach - Executive Vice President, Current Programs, CBS
  117. Amy Reisenbach is Executive Vice President, Current Programs, CBS. [110]. Amy Reisenbach is Jewish. Amy Reisenbach on Facebook [111] is friends with [112] Gayle Reisenbach [113], and Gayle and Amy Reisenbach have made donations on behalf of Rabbi Steve Leder to Wilshire Boulevard Temple, in Los Angeles, where she currently lives. [114].
  119. Dan Kupetz - Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, CBS Television Studios
  120. Dan Kupetz is Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, for CBS Television Studios. [115]. Dan Kupetz is Jewish. Dan Kupetz has two kids with Lori Kupetz. [116]. (Note that the children in the picture at the link in the sentence immediately preceding this one are the same that can be seen by pictures uploaded by Dan Kupetz on his Facebook. [117] [118]. Lori and Dan Kupetz are donors to Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. [119].
  122. Kate Adler - Executive Vice President, Comedy Development, CBS Television Studios
  123. Kate Adler is Executive Vice President, Comedy Development, for CBS Television Studios. [120]. Kate Adler is Jewish. Kate Adler and her husband Marcelo Ziperovich are members of and donors to Wilshire Boulevard Temple. [121]. Kate Adler on Facebook [122] is friends with [123] Marcelo Ziperovich [124], who has uploaded slideshow videos of the two of them at Temple Emanuel for bar mitzvahs. [125]. The publication Jewish Business News has also reported on updates in Kate Adler’s career. [126].
  125. Meg Liberman – Senior Vice President, Casting, CBS Television Studios
  126. Meg Liberman is Senior Vice President of Casting for CBS Television Studios. [127]. Meg Liberman is Jewish. Meg is the daughter of publicist Frank Liberman, whose obituary makes clear he is Jewish and requests that donations in his name be made to The Jewish Home. [128].
  128. Scott Grogin - Executive Vice President, Communications, CBS Television Distribution
  129. Scott Grogin is Executive Vice President, Communications, for CBS Television Distribution. [129]. Scott Grogin is Jewish. The obituary for his mother, Libby Bender, was published by the Jewish Herald Voice, and requests that donations be made to Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services, and services to take place at Emanu El Memorial [130], a Jewish cemetary/funeral home. [131]. Scott Grogin on Facebook [132] is in fact friends with his wife Diane Grogin [133], and his sister, Cheri Grogin. [134].
  131. Steve Karasik - Vice President, Remote Productions, CBS Sports
  132. Steve Karasik is Vice President, Remote Productions, for CBS Sports. [135]. Steve Karasik is Jewish. Karasik was married to Ilyssa Goldfarb in a Jew wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe. [136]. Karasik’s mother held a job at the Central Synogogue. [137].
  134. Scott Shooman - Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, CBS Films
  135. Scott Shooman is Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, for CBS Films. [138]. Scott Shooman is Jewish. Scott Shooman’s grandfather, Nathan Siegal, was a “lifelong member of Congregation Brothers of Israel and a member of Temple Beth Torah,” and his funeral services were held at the Congregation Brothers of Israel Synagogue. [139].
  137. Gary Levine - President of Programming, Showtime Networks
  138. Gary Levine is President of Programming for Showtime Networks. [140]. Gary Levine is Jewish. The Jewish Journal has confirmed that Levine is Jewish, describing among other things how he met the “young rabbi, Mordecai Finley” and “found himself attending services for the first time since high school.” [141].
  140. Gwen Marcus - Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Showtime Networks
  141. Gwen Marcus is Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Showtime Networks. [142]. Gwen Marcus is Jewish. Funeral services for Gwen’s father, Richard Marcus, were held at the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel. [143]. Services for her brother, Stewart Marcus, were similarly held at Plaza Jewish Chapel. [144]. Gwen has also been featured in publications from Brandeis University [145], her alma mater and a predominantly Jewish college.
  143. Lori Openden - Executive Vice President, Talent and Casting, The CW
  144. Lori Openden is Executive Vice President, Talent and Casting, for the CW Network. [146]. Lori Openden on Facebook [147] ‘likes’ Hard Rockin' Hanukkah shared by Penny Solem. [148]. Lori is also ‘friends’ with her relative Yona Schwab Openden [149], who ‘likes’ Shor’s Kosher Baltimore BBQ, Shomrei/Jewish Caring Network, and several Israeli artists (including Ariella Zeitlin אריאלה צייטלין, יונינה Yonina, Gad Elbaz גד אלבז). [150]. Lori and her husband Jeffrey are listed as members at donors to Temple Ahavar Shalom [151], and donations to Temple Ahavar Shalom have also been made by others on behalf of Lori. [152].
  146. Mike Wittman is Senior Vice President and Controller at CBS Television Studios
  147. Mike Wittman – Senior VP & Controller at CBS Television Studios. [153]. Mike Wittman is Jewish. Wittman was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony to the late Jill Tarlov, whose father Malcom Tarlov was the General Chairman of the annual Norwalk Federated United Jewish Appeal in the 1960s. [154].
  149. Scott Herman - Chief Operating Officer (COO), CBS Radio
  150. Scott Herman is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CBS Radio. [155]. Scott Herman is Jewish. Scott Herman’s FB. [156]. He is friends with [157] his sister Michelle Herman. [158]. Michelle Sherman is Jewish and makes a career as an author in the Jewish fiction genre. [159]. Their cousin FB, Ron Herman [160], has signed an obituary posted by a Jewish funeral home on behalf of himself and Scott Herman. [161].
  152. Matthew Siegel – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), CBS Radio
  153. Matthew Siegel is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of CBS Radio. [162]. Matthew Siegel is Jewish.
  154. Matthew is married to Wendy Keitel Siegel, with whom he has 2 kids. [163]. Matthew and Wendy Siegel’s daughter, Colby with whom the two are friends on Facebook [164], was bar mitzvah’ed. [165]. The obituary for Wendy’s father Jack Keitel, which references Matt and Wendy by name, requests that donates in Jack’s honor be made to Hadassah [166], a Jewish organization. [167].
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  159. **SECTION 5: CBS Executive Producers & General Managers**
  161. Peter Greenberg - Travel Editor, CBS News
  162. Peter Greenberg is the Travel Editor for CBS News. [168]. In an interview with The Forward, a Jewish news publication, Greenberg confirmed that he is Jewish and also discussed the trips he has taken to Israel. [169].
  164. Rand Morrison – Executive Producer, CBS Sunday Morning
  165. Rand Morrison is Executive Producer of CBS Sunday Morning. [170]. Rand Morrison is Jewish. The Cleveland Jewish News issued a birthday celebration announcement for Rand’s mother, Bebe Morrison, which specifically mentions Rand, referring to “Rand’s successes as a CBS producer.” [171]. The obituary for Bebe Morrison requests that donations in Bebe’s name be made to American Friends of Magen David Adom [172], a Jewish/Israeli organization. [173].
  167. Susan Zirinsky – Executive Producer, 48 Hours
  168. Susan Zirinsky is Executive Producer of 48 Hours. [174]. Susan Zirisnky is Jewish. Susan’s father, Richard Zirinsky, was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fratnerity [175], a Jewish fraternity. [176]. Upon his death, the funeral for Richard was held at Temple Emanu-El [177], a Jewish funeral home. [178]. Prior to the funeral, visitation was held at Frank E Campbell Funeral Chapel [179], which the Times of Israel states is a Jewish funeral home. [180].
  170. Leonard Goldberg – Executive Producer, Blue Bloods; Director, CBS Corporation
  171. Leonard Goldberg is the Executive Producer of Blue Bloods, and he serves on the Board of Director of CBS Corporation. [181]. Leonard Goldberg is Jewish. [182].
  173. Alison Pepper - Executive Director, Recruitment and Development, CBS News
  174. Alison Pepper is Executive Director, Recruitment and Development, for CBS News. [183]. Alison Pepper is Jewish. Alison is married to Chuck Atanasio [184], and on Facebook [185] she is friends with her sister-in-law, Amy Pepper [186], whose son (and thus, Alison Pepper’s nephew) is Bryan Pepper of Jupiter, Florida [187], who is a member of the synagogue Temple Beth Am in Jupiter. [188].
  176. Adam Wiener - Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Local Digital Media (Incl. CBS Radio)
  177. Adam Wiener is Executive Vice President and General Manager for CBS Local Digital Media and CBS Radio. [189]. Adam Wiener is Jewish. On Adam Wiener’s Facebook page [190], his relative [191] Craig Wiener’s Facebook picture is adorned with the Star of David. [192].
  179. Christy Tanner – Senior VP and General Manager, CBS News Digital (CBSN)
  180. Christy Tanner is Senior Vice President and General Manager for CBS News Digital (CBSN). [193]. Christy Tanner is Jewish. Christy Tanner’s mother-in-law is Delphine Tanner, whose obituary refers to Delphine as her grandchildren’s “bubbe,” [194] a Yiddish term for grandmother. [195]. Delphine Tanner is Jewish, as is made clear by Yahrzeit announcements in her name issued in Volume 63, No1., of the Community Synagogue. [196]. It is evident that the Christy Tanner referred to in the obituary for Delphine Tanner is in fact the Christy Tanner that works for CBS, from the fact that CBS’ Christy Tanner on Facebook [197] is friends with [198] Norman Tanner [199], who is mentioned in the Delphine Tanner’s obituary.
  182. Ken Ross - Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Home Entertainment
  183. Ken Ross is Executive Vice President and General Manager for CBS Home Entertainment. [200]. Ken Ross is Jewish. Ross was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Irving J. Block. [201].
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  189. SECTION 6: Works Cited.  The following links are archives of the webpages used to support the assertions in Sections 1 through 5. You may find it more simple, for uniformity's sake, to view a version of this same section that displays only the archived version of the following links. If so, such a list is available at https://pastebin.com/SkWmAF3W.
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