Leroy's Story 4

Jun 11th, 2018
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >The morning is an unremarkable Monday morning
  3. >That is to say it sucked, but I managed to stay awake through my classes
  4. >I step out of my last class and instantly receive a jolt of energy
  5. >Because fuck me
  6. >I rush home to see Leroy
  7. >I speed up once I can see his house
  8. >I approach the front door at full speed, and then slam into the front porch after catching my leg on the steps
  9. >Pain tears through my leg like lightning as I try to stand up
  10. >Leroy comes out the front door “are you Ok Anon?”
  11. >I manage to stand without putting pressure on my leg
  12. >”No I think my leg is broken”
  13. >Fucking Mondays
  14. >Leroy picks me up and carries me to the kitchen
  15. >”Let’s see here” He runs a finger down the legs in question
  16. >I shudder as he goes over a seem where the bone has pushed forward
  17. >”Can you put pressure on it?”
  18. >I lower the hoof to the countertop
  19. >Pain shoots through my leg as soon as I touch the surface
  20. >I wince in pain as I begin to lose my balance
  21. >Leroy steady’s me
  22. >”I’ll get you some ice and make a few calls”
  23. >He grabs an Ice pack from the freezer and takes me into the living room
  24. >He lays me on the couch and puts the ice pack on my leg
  25. >”Hold this on, I’ll make some calls”
  26. >I nod “Thanks Leroy”
  27. >He gives me this odd expression before turning away and walking into the kitchen
  28. >Leroy takes such good care of me
  29. >He’ll find someone who can help with my leg
  30. >I can hear the conversation comes from the other room
  31. >”Yeah the talking pony… He broke his leg…yeah… so you’ll take him?...Ok how much?...I guess that works, when can I bring him? Oh now… yeah I’ll be there today… in about half an hour… yeah that would probably be good… Ok see you then”
  32. >He walks back in “I found a place that will take you, they said we can come today”
  33. >I smile at him “that’s good, so we’re going now?”
  34. >He bends over and picks me up “Yeah, it won’t be long”
  35. >He starts to carry me to the car
  36. >”I’m sorry this happened to you Anon”
  37. >”don’t worry about it, it was my own fault. I’m just glad you take such good care of me”
  38. >his expression darkened “Yeah, good care”
  39. >That’s concerning “Is something wrong?”
  40. >”You have a broken leg, that’s what’s wrong”
  41. >”I’ll get better though, it will all work out in the end”
  42. >”Yeah I suppose it will… Mind sitting in my lap on the way over”
  43. >”I would love to”
  44. >He sits in the car with me in his lap
  45. >Once he gets the car on the road he starts petting me
  46. >”I’m sorry that you broke your leg Anon”
  47. >”It’s ok, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore”
  48. >He doesn’t reply, he starts scratching behind my ears
  49. >something is wrong, this isn’t just about my leg
  50. >”I-I’m sorry…”
  51. >He continues to scratch behind my ears
  52. >”I’m sorry Leroy, I’ll be a good pony!”
  53. >”Please Leroy, I’ll be a good pony!”
  54. >He doesn’t say anything, but he shifts to petting me
  55. >”Leroy say something, I’ll be a good pony!” I start to cry
  56. >The pets continue, but the offer no comfort
  57. >He pulls into a parking lot
  58. >He speaks in a monotone voice ”This is where you get off”
  59. >I’m sobbing into him “N-No! please I’ll be a good pony”
  60. >He opens the car door
  61. >The smell of horses, chemicals and the strong sent of glue rush in
  62. >I try to run, to fly, to get away, but my body refuses to move
  63. >all I can do is blubber “a g-good pony” as Leroy carried me into the building
  64. >”No Anon, you’re not”
  65. >His words sting worse than my leg
  66. >I’m not a good pony
  67. >all I can manage is wailing as he heads down the hall
  68. >I’m not a good pony
  69. >A Man grabs me and begins to pull me away
  70. >Leroy, don’t leave me
  71. >I flail violently in his arms
  72. >”Hold still you stupid horse”
  73. >”Leroy! Leroy!”
  74. >I thrash and struggle against the man holding me
  75. >I just need to get back to Leroy
  76. >just as I’m almost break free he throws me to the ground
  77. >He comes down on top of me, holding me down
  78. >”Get the stunner!” He yells
  79. >I continue fighting to get to Leroy as he walks back down the hall
  80. >in between sobs I scream ”Leroy!”
  81. >Another man come
  82. >”You hold him, I’m going to enjoy this”
  83. >They switch positions and the first man comes around to the front
  84. >”Shut up, you fucking horse”
  85. >He slams my head into the ground as hard as he can
  86. >He takes a cylinder and placeless it to my head
  87. >I feel the cold metal press against my skin, and a hole in the middle
  88. >I throw my last breath into one final desperate cry “LEROY!”
  89. >”Anon! Anon wake up!”
  90. >my eyes fly open
  91. >I’m lying in bed with a tear soaked pillow
  92. >I feel Leroy’s hand gently shaking me
  93. >I roll over and face him
  94. >”Anon, are you ok?”
  95. >I sniff back a tear and bury my face into his chest
  96. >”I’m sorry, I’ll be a good pony”
  97. >He pulls me into a tight embrace and begins to caress my mane
  98. >”It’s Ok, you’re safe, I’m not going to let anything happen to you”
  99. >I begin to cry into his chest
  100. >”Shh, Shh. I’ve got you”
  101. >He continues to pet me
  102. >These where warm, comforting pets
  103. >The kind of pets good ponies get
  104. >”I’ll be a good pony, just don’t send me there”
  105. >”I’m not going to send you anywhere, and you are a good pony”
  106. >He continues to pet me, each stroke carries away a little fear
  107. >He places his hand on the back of my head
  108. >He slowly whispers in my ear “You are a good pony” as he rubs his hand down my neck
  109. >It’s so calming
  110. >He stops when he passes my shoulders and resets his hand
  111. >Again he whispers “You are a good pony” as his hand slides gently down my neck
  112. >I’m a good pony
  113. >He repeats the motion this time saying “You’re safe, I have you”
  114. >I believe him, I’m a good pony
  115. >again his hand graces the back of my neck “You’re safe, It was only a dream”
  116. >I’m a good pony, Leroy has me, I’m safe, it was only a dream
  117. >He pets me several more times before patting me on the back
  118. >”Would you like to tell me what your dream was”
  119. >I nod
  120. >”I dreamt that I broke my leg, and you said I was a bad pony and-“
  121. >The words get caught in my throat
  122. >”was it about the Glue factory comment I made earlier”
  123. >just mentioning it sends chills down my spine
  124. >I nod and snivel into his chest
  125. >”Fuck, Anon I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that.”
  126. >He scratches the back of my head
  127. >”Anon, look at me”
  128. >I look up at his face
  129. >his expression is one of deep concern and remorse
  130. >”I would never do that to you, I would never do anything to hurt you. Do you know why?”
  131. >I nod “because I’m a good pony”
  132. >He ruffles my mane and smiles
  133. >”You are a good pony, but that’s not the reason. The reason is that you are my best friend, and I love you”
  134. >”I love you too, master”
  135. >”So, I’m your master now eh? Am I still your best friend?”
  136. >”Of course master”
  137. >”Good… Good pony”
  138. >He resumes stroking my neck
  139. >”Good pony”
  140. >He falls into a familiar routine
  141. >it continues for some time
  142. >I’m a good pony
  143. >”You know what good ponies get?”
  144. >”Yes…Pets”
  145. >I’m a good pony
  146. >”Do you know what else good ponies get?”
  147. >I shake my head
  148. >I’m a good pony
  149. >”They get a good night’s sleep, and lots of sweet dreams”
  150. >My head feels so heavy all of a sudden
  151. >”Does that sound nice Anon?”
  152. >My jaw feels like it’s made of lead, but I manage to say “Yes…Master”
  153. >”Good, now sleep” he commands as he runs his hand down my neck one last time
  154. >my eyelids flutter closed
  155. >I’m a good pony
  156. >and I drift off to a deep sleep in Leroy’s arms
  158. >Something prods me in the side
  159. >A gentile voice speaks “Anon, wake up”
  160. >I groan and open my eyes to see Leroy standing over me
  161. >”Come on, get up”
  162. >I stand up in bed and yawn
  163. >”Good morning Master” a shiver runs down my spine as I say it
  164. >The memory of last night floods my mind
  165. >I was scared then
  166. >But that does not change how I feel about him
  167. >He gives me a scratch behind the ear “Good morning Anon. I hope you slept well”
  168. >”Yes Master, I did”
  169. >Master
  170. >Yes that was the right word
  171. >He was so much more than a friend
  172. >He pulls his hand away “come on, it’s time for breakfast”
  173. >I follow him into the kitchen
  174. >I’ve been following him for a long time
  175. >Ever since I knew Leroy, he would lead, I would follow
  176. >And I’ve always liked it like that
  177. >”I’m sorry for waking you up last night”
  178. >”Don’t worry about it Anon, I shouldn’t have put the idea in your head”
  179. >He makes mistakes
  180. >But he tries his best to do the right thing
  181. >I trust his judgment
  182. >I know he would never do anything to hurt me
  183. >I sit next to him and prepare a bowl of cereal
  184. >He looks over at me “So, anything interesting today?”
  185. >I shake my head “just a regular Monday for me, I’ve got a math paper due, what about you Master?”
  186. >He shrugs “Nothing special”
  187. >He reaches over and begins to scratch behind my ear
  188. >He loves me
  189. >He never told me to call him Master
  190. >But I said it anyway
  191. >Because I love him and he loves me
  192. >I am his, and he is mine
  193. >My Master
  194. >I turn to Leroy and hug him
  195. >”I love you Master”
  196. >He lifts me into his lap and returns the hug
  197. >”I love you too Anon” he begins to pet me
  198. >He holds me for several minutes before speaking again
  199. >”Anon, do you remember the promise you made last week?” He asks
  200. >I nod “The one about not being Chattel?”
  201. >”Yeah that’s the one, I’m still holding you too it. I don’t want you to let me push you into something you’re uncomfortable with”
  202. >I nuzzle his chin “That’s why you’re my Master, I trust you.”
  203. >He gently pulls my head back, looking me in the eye “I’m glad that you trust me, but don’t just follow me blindly. You’re smart, smarter than me in a lot of ways, if something I tell you to do seems wrong, don’t do it and tell me. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”
  204. >”Yes Leroy, I’ll do that, for you.”
  205. >He smiles at me and pulls me back into the hug
  206. >We sit there together until it is time to go
  207. >Leroy gives me a ride to campus
  208. >He stops along the side walk to let me out
  209. >”Have a good day”
  210. >I lean over and give him a hug “I love you Master”
  211. >”I love you too Anon, I’ll see you when you get home”
  212. >He ruffles my mane before releasing me
  213. >I hop out of the car and wave as he drives away
  214. >I turn back and head into the building for my first class
  215. >I enter the mostly empty class room and sit in my usual spot
  216. >I reach into my bag and take out my notes and homework
  217. >I rest my head on the desk as I wait for class to start
  218. >it’s about ten minutes before class when I hear a voice behind me
  219. >”So even ponies can have the Mondays”
  220. >Fuck
  221. >I know that voice
  222. >If I ignore him maybe he’ll go away
  223. >”Hello? Earth to Anon, are you awake?”
  224. >Please go away
  225. >He walks into my field of view
  226. >Damn it, I followed him with my eyes
  227. >He knows I’m aware of him
  228. >”So you’re tired?”
  229. >No shit Sherlock
  230. >”Yes”
  231. >”Did you sleep well?”
  232. >”Not enough”
  233. >Fuck off
  234. >”Did your boyfriend keep you up?”
  235. >”He’s not my boyfriend and no, I just didn’t get enough sleep”
  236. >kys
  237. >”He isn’t? Then what was with him buying you a collar last week”
  238. >I glare at him
  239. >It’s none of his business
  240. >”…So I see you have your homework…”
  241. >Just like every other day, he needs “Help” on his homework
  242. >Right before class
  243. >And its only half way done
  244. >”Do you think you could help me with mine?”
  245. >He reaches out and begins to pet me
  246. >My head shoots up abruptly, causing him to pull his hand back in surprise
  247. >I open my mouth and prepare to tell him off
  248. >”Good morning class!” I turn to see the professor walking in
  249. >”Good morning Professor, I was wondering if you could answer a question I had on the homework” Fuckboy says as he walks over to the Professor
  250. >I shut my mouth and lay my head back down on the desk
  251. >At least he’s gone, hopefully he’ll take the hint and leave me alone
  252. >I doubt it, he’s not very bright
  253. >Class is unremarkable, at the end I turn in my homework and head to my next class
  254. >It was equally unremarkable, save the Professor referring to me as “Small Horse Student”
  255. >Not sure if ThatsRaciest.jpg or if they were just trying to meme
  256. >Either way I think less of them for it
  257. >I head into the Student Union to wait for my next class
  258. >I spot Anabelle siting in the lounge
  259. >I approach her “Morning Anabelle, Mind if I join you?”
  260. >She looks up from her phone and smiles
  261. >”Shure thing, how was your weekend?”
  262. >I climb up and turn to her
  263. >”It was good, my mom drove down to see me”
  264. >she nods “How did she take it?”
  265. >I shrug “She was worried, but I convinced her that I would be fine. She said she was glad I had Leroy to look after me”
  266. >”Did she have anything to say about your ‘relationship’ with him?”
  267. >”She didn’t really comment on it, but I’m pretty sure she thinks we’re gay”
  268. >”Well at least she’s accepting”
  269. >I nod “Yeah, how about you?”
  270. >”My weekend was good, I volunteered at the animal shelter and I got to spend time with the kitties”
  271. >”How where the kitties?”
  272. > “small and fluffy” She holds out her hand “May I?”
  273. >”Go ahead”
  274. >She places a hand on my neck and begins to stroke my mane
  275. >”So how’s Leroy doing?”
  276. >”He’s doing good, we worked out chores last night…” I lean into her hand
  277. >She giggles “are you sure he’s been giving you enough attention?”
  278. >”I don’t think I could be pet enough”
  279. >”Well mind if I try anyway?” a male voice asks
  280. >I turn and see James standing behind me
  281. >”Morning James, Go ahead and try”
  282. >He places a hand behind my ear and begins to scratch
  283. >I close my eyes and enjoy it
  284. >After a moment someone else asks to pet me
  285. >I don’t recognize the voice, and I don’t bother to look
  286. >”Yes please” I say
  287. >Others join in
  288. >the first few all ask for permission to pet me
  289. >But I’m pretty sure some just walked up and started petting me
  290. >Honestly I didn’t care
  291. >I laid down and relaxed my body
  292. >Just enjoying the hands running down my neck and back
  293. >Someone was caressing the top of my muzzle
  294. >Placing two fingers just below my eyes and slowly drawing them down to the tip of my snout
  295. >James was still scratching my ears, occasionally he would give them a little squeeze and a light tug
  296. >Anabelle kept stroking my neck, periodically stopping to scratch the back of my head
  297. >At least three people are petting and scratching my back
  298. >I just relax and enjoy it
  299. >Every stroke brought a little bit of bliss
  300. >I relaxed further, letting my wings unfurl slightly
  301. >I begin to feel someone gently pulling on my wing, unfurling it further
  302. >They carefully draw my wing out until it is fully extended
  303. >They cup their hand around the base of my wing, and then slowly pull it along the front edge
  304. >Ecstasy ripples through my body as I pull my head back in delight
  305. >My eyes flutter open and I see that a crowd of onlookers has gathered
  306. >I blush slightly when I notice that most of them have a phone or camera
  307. >This is probably already on the internet by now
  308. >Those thoughts evaporate when the hand begins another long stroke down the span of my wing
  309. >How did I live without this?
  310. >I close my eyes again as I entered a deep state of euphoria
  311. >I began to lose track of time, I couldn’t even track the hands on my body, all I can tell is that this felt good and I didn’t want it to stop
  312. >Inevitably it did stop
  313. >A gentle nudging shook me from my trance
  314. >”Hey Anon, don’t you have class now?”
  315. >My mind begins to clear as a watch is held in front of me
  316. >I gasp when my mind registers the importance of the numbers
  317. >I mournfully retracted my wing and began to stand up
  318. >I let out a sigh “Yes, thank you for reminding me Anabelle”
  319. >I gather my things and thank them for petting me, then I depart for my next class
  321. >Leroy time
  322. >I pull up to the sidewalk to let Anon out
  323. >I smile at him “Have a good day”
  324. >He leans over and gives me a hug
  325. >”I love you Master”
  326. >master
  327. >”I love you too Anon, I’ll see you when you get home” I ruffle his mane before letting go
  328. >He hops out of the car and begins to wave as I drive off
  329. >master
  330. >He’s calling me master now
  331. >And last night an off color comment on my part was enough to give him a full blown night terror
  332. >He went from more or less normal yesterday evening, to a total wreck in the middle of the night, and now sort of normal this morning
  333. >”Damn it!” I shout as I strike the rim of the steering wheel
  334. >I hate this
  335. >This feeling of helplessness
  336. >My best friend may be going insane, or senile, or god knows what else!
  337. >I don’t know what’s happening, much less how to stop it
  338. >A few days ago I thought I was losing him
  339. >Now I feel like I’m actively making it worse
  340. >I don’t feel powerless, I feel helpless
  341. >I have power, I just don’t know how to use it
  342. >He was so malleable last night
  343. >I could have done something
  344. >I thought about doing something
  345. >But the best I could come up with was to get him to go back to sleep!
  346. >He said he trusted me, that’s why I’m his master
  347. >It means a lot to me
  348. >that he trusts me so much that he would follow me blindly
  349. >I stop for a red light
  350. >I beat on the dashboard as hard as I can
  351. >”Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”
  352. >Why can’t I help him?
  353. >He trusts me
  354. >And I’m letting him down
  355. >Why don’t I know what to do?
  356. >Why does he have to be so…
  357. >Happy about it?
  358. >No. No.
  359. >I shake my head to drive the message home
  360. >It’s good that he’s happy
  361. >And that’s one thing I-
  362. >I jump at the sound of a car horn behind me
  363. >The light has changed
  364. >I pull forward and turn into my destination
  365. >I park the car in a spot and lean back in my seat
  366. >One thing that I can do for Anon is keep him happy
  367. >I get out of the car and walk into the hardware store
  368. >I had over to the door knobs and stare at them
  369. >I know how to make him happy
  370. >I did it last night
  371. >I’ve been doing it since this all started
  372. >I can keep him happy and comfortable
  373. >Even if that’s all I can do for him
  374. >I grab a lever style knob and head to the counter
  375. >I suppose that’s why he thought I would be a good master
  376. >I smile slightly
  377. >Maybe he doesn’t expect me to know what to do
  378. >Just that I give my best effort
  379. >”do you want a bag for this sir?”
  380. >”hmm? No.”
  381. >I pay and walk out of the store
  382. >I chuckle slightly as I head back to the car
  383. >I remember taking turns playing Fallout New Vegas with Anon
  384. >”I, Tabitha, will take on the BURDEN of your OBEDIENCE!”
  385. >It was funny back then but now, unironically, it rings true
  386. >Anon didn’t just give himself to me, he gave me an obligation
  387. >Just like a real pet, I have to take care of him
  388. >I get in the car and throw the package to the back
  389. >I wonder if he realizes the burden he placed on me…
  390. >I hope he doesn’t
  391. >Not for now at least
  392. >Once he reaches some level of stability I’ll talk to him about it
  393. >Hopefully he’ll straighten out, I don’t mind the pet play, but I don’t want to lose him to it…
  394. >I suppose that may be out of my hands now though
  395. >I’ll do what I can to keep him happy, and spend as much time with him as I can
  396. >And if I do lose him, I’ll make sure he’s the happiest pony in the world
  397. >There’s one last stop before I go home
  398. >I stop by Anon’s apartment
  399. >He said that the file that did this to him deleted its self
  400. >But I may be able to recover it
  401. >What will I do with it?
  402. >No fucking clue
  403. >I don’t even know what’s on it
  404. >an “un fuck my friends mind” option would be good, But I doubt it
  405. >I walk into his room and take his potato desktop
  406. >I leave the monitor and keyboard, I have spars at home
  407. >Anon said that he wanted potatoes, I’ll make one last stop before I go home
  408. >I carry the ancient computer down to the car and pull out
  409. >I stop by the store on the way home and buy some potatoes, as well as a few other odds and ends
  410. >Once I get home I put the groceries away and leave the computer in the living room
  411. >I grab my tool box and the new door knob kit and set to work installing it
  412. >It’s simple enough only take me a few minutes to swap it out
  413. >now when Anon gets home he can open the door himself
  414. >I turn my attention to the computer
  415. >This will probably take more time…
  416. >I set up the computer in the corner and get to work
  417. >It takes forever to load…
  418. >the windows xp login screen appears
  419. >right what would Anon’s Password be…
  420. >Password
  421. >Anon’s desktop loads
  422. >I search for “Pony” in windows explorer
  423. >…
  424. >Anon needs a girlfriend…
  425. >I grab a jump drive and plug it in to the computer
  426. >I’ll just save some of these… for archival purposes
  427. >Sadly not what I am looking for though
  428. >I check his download folder next
  429. >I set it to sort by date
  430. >nothing
  431. >Maybe it’s in the recycle bin
  432. >I check that
  433. >There it is
  434. >a file folder named “PetPone”
  435. >I open the folder
  436. >Inside is a ReadMe and PetPone.exe
  437. >I open the read me
  438. >…
  439. >It says that this is V1.2 of PetPone.exe, a hypnosis application
  440. >I look over the change log
  441. Change log [1.2]
  442. -Reduced transformation time
  443. -Transformations now only occur in REM sleep
  444. -increased probability transformation after single application
  445. -Added Self adjustment prompts based on sleep cycle
  446. -Fixed bug in the Imprint conditioning, should only trigger for close friends, family, ect
  447. -Improved stability
  448. >I hope “stability” means mental stability
  449. >I read the description
  450. >all it says is that this will turn you into a pony and hypnotize you to be a pet
  451. >I move on to Usage
  452. >The first half is how to navigate the menu, and recommendations for the hypnosis section
  453. >It also warns that all changes are permanent
  454. >So much for the “Unfuck my friends Mind” button
  455. >The second half talks about the effects of hypnosis
  456. >The user will “Imprint” on a human “Master” and will experience “Rewards” for obeying them, eventually becoming emotionally dependent on them
  457. >at the end there’s a list of trigger words that Anon should respond to
  458. >after that a disclaimer states that the author is not responsible for anything that happens to him, including psychological harm
  459. >Like hell you’re not, whoever you are
  460. >I make a list of the trigger words and copy the file onto the flash drive
  461. >I also burn the file onto a DVD, just to be safe
  462. >I take the flash drive and put it in my laptop
  463. >I copy the file over to my desktop and open an exe editor
  464. >Now I can get a look at what’s inside
  465. >The code is simple, too simple
  466. >there’s only enough to make a simple menu
  467. >No audio, video, or pictures
  468. >No resources of any kind.
  469. >Is this the wrong program?
  470. >Did I only get part of it?
  471. >I launch PetPone.exe
  472. >A simple menu appears
  473. >it’s only a dialog box
  474. >There’s a drop down menu labeled “Race” and a toggle button marked “Gender” which was currently “Male”
  475. >Below that was a button labeled “Start”
  476. >I clicked the Race menu
  477. >Three choices: Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony
  478. >I hit the mute button, just to be safe
  479. >I select Pegasus and click start
  480. >A new window opens and maximizes
  481. >The screen is completely grey
  482. >To my surprise I hear a woman’s voice play
  483. >”Hello, Thank you for running PetPone.exe Version 1.2. This program will turn you both mentally and physically, into a pet pony.”
  484. >”You have selected a male Pegasus, if this is in error, or you do not wish to be a pet pony please abort this session by pressing the “escape” key.”
  485. >”We remind you that this change will be permanent and irreversible. Due to the nature of this program we cannot guaranty your mental or physical safety and by continuing you acknowledge that we are not liable in such a contingency.”
  486. >”A timer will start at ten and count down to zero, when it reaches zero your session will begin. Please get into a comfortable positon, headphones and a dark room are recommended.”
  487. >”If need be you can pause this program by pressing P on your key board.”
  488. >”Do not attempt to pause or exit once the session has started, please do not start another session once this one has concluded, as this may increase the risk of adverse reactions”
  489. >”For your safety this fill will be deleted upon the conclusion of your session”
  490. >”We hope you enjoy your new body”
  491. >The screen flashes and the countdown begins
  492. >I press escape
  493. >the program closes and I return to my desktop
  494. >a dialog box appears “We are sorry that you chose to abort your session, as your session was not complete this file will remain on your computer.”
  495. >This is 6spooky8me
  496. >Seriously what the fuck
  497. >Did it connect to the internet or something?
  498. >Is it seriously magic or some shit?
  499. >Magic would make sense
  500. >I turned Anon in to a pony for fucks sake
  501. >I pull out the flash drive and just stare at it
  502. >I’m no closer to helping Anon than I was before
  503. >Hell I’m not even sure help is even possible
  504. >I may have to accept the fact that there’s nothing I can do for him
  505. >‘permanent and irreversible’ that’s what it said
  506. >What the hell am I going to do?
  507. >…
  508. >My melancholy is interrupted by my phone going off
  509. >It was a Facebook notification about Anon
  510. >I open it
  511. >Apparently Anon was having a good day to day
  512. >It’s a video of Anon being pet by half a dozen people
  513. >James and Anabelle are with him
  514. >He’s happy
  515. >And I have the power to keep him happy
  516. >Whatever happens, I can keep him happy
  517. >I will keep him happy
  518. >And he’ll keep me happy
  519. >I just need to let him
  520. >Maybe that’s what I should do
  521. >Just stop worrying about this and spend time with him
  522. >I’m sure he’ll be happy if he becomes my full time pet
  523. >And if he’s happy why shouldn’t I be?
  524. >His personality doesn’t seem to be that warped, he’s still the same person
  525. >Just smaller, fuzzier, and cuddlier
  526. >What am I even worried about?
  527. >He went to school, he did his homework
  528. >I don’t even have a real basis that he’s giving up on his normal life
  529. >He’s fine, everything is fine
  530. >So what if he has a couple of post hypnotic suggestions floating around in his little pony head
  531. >I just need to be careful that’s all, make sure I don’t set any of the bad ones off
  532. >I have a map now too
  533. >Everything is fine
  534. >It’s all fine
  535. >Do I believe it now?
  536. >…Nope
  537. >Everything is fine
  538. >Everything is fine
  539. >Everything is fine
  540. >Everything is fine
  541. >Everything is fine…
  543. >Be Anon
  544. >Class is finished for the day,
  545. >In my last class I was reminded of the exam at the end of the week
  546. >Time to head home to Leroy
  547. >Chores and then pets
  548. >I’m looking forward to them both
  549. >I waste no time getting home
  550. >Sweet Leroy changed the door handle
  551. >He probably did it for me, he’s such a good Master
  552. >I open the door and step inside
  553. >I see Leroy sitting at his computer staring at a flash drive
  554. >”Hello Master! Thank you for changing the door handle”
  555. >He looks up at me “Huh? Oh your welcome. Come here please.”
  556. >I walk over and stand in front of him
  557. >”I’m ready for my chores!” I enthusiastically declare
  558. >He sighs “they can wait, sit next to me will you?”
  559. >My ears pull back
  560. >He’s not angry or disappointed, He’s worried about something
  561. >I climb up and sit with him
  562. >He pulls me close and begins to pet me
  563. >”Anon, I’m worried about you. I’m worried that I’m slowly losing you”
  564. >”You’re not losing me, why would you think that?”
  565. >He pulls me onto his lap and begins to hug me from the side
  566. >He presses his face into the back of my neck
  567. >I unfurl a wing and wrap it around him
  568. >”Master please, tell me what I did” I say as I choke back a tear
  569. >I don’t want him to worry about me, but I need to know what I did wrong.
  570. >He brushes a tear from my eye
  571. >”No don’t cry, it’s not your fault. I’m just worried about how this is effecting your mind”
  572. >He holds up a flash drive
  573. >”I don’t understand Master. What on the drive could be affecting my mind?”
  574. >”it’s the program you used, I’m worried that it’s going to fuck up your mind”
  575. >”Master I’m fine, my brain is working perfectly well. Please don’t worry about me”
  576. >I give him a pat on the back
  577. >”I’m worried that you’ll turn into some dumb animal on me, or you’ll give up on life to be my pet or some shit”
  578. >”No Master, I promise you I won’t become an animal, and I won’t give up on my life to be your pet. I can do both, I can continue with school and be your pet”
  579. >He holds me and pets me for several minutes
  580. >”What if you can’t though? What if this program forces you to be my pet? What then?”
  581. >”Then I’ll be your pet, and I’ll be happy to be your pet. Do you know why?”
  582. >He scratches behind my ear and says “Yeah, because I’m your master”
  583. >I giggle “you are my Master, but that’s not the reason. The reason is you’re my best friend and I love you”
  584. >He kisses the back of my neck “I love you too Anon”
  585. >”Please don’t worry about this Master, I’ll be happy so long as I’m with you”
  586. >”Ok, I won’t worry about this, for you. I’ll be happy so long as you are”
  587. >”Thank you Master. Should I start my chores now?”
  588. >”They can wait, lets snuggle for now”
  589. >I smile “Yes Master, I would like that”
  590. >Leroy shifts onto his back as I sprawl out on top of him
  591. >I tilt my head and nuzzle his chin as he begins to scratch behind my ears
  592. ”Did you have a good day at school?”
  593. >”Yes I did Master, how was your day?”
  594. “It was productive if nothing else, I changed the door knob for you, and I got potatoes”
  595. >”Thank you Master, you’re so good to me”
  596. >I nuzzle the crook of his neck
  597. >He chuckles
  598. “Did anything happen at school today?”
  599. >”That guy tried to copy my homework, again”
  600. “Did you let him?”
  601. >I shake my head “No, but he tried to pet me”
  602. “Did you tell him to fuck himself?”
  603. >”I was about to, then the professor came in. Hopefully he won’t bother me again”
  604. “I’m glad that you stood up for yourself, that was one of the things I was worrying about”
  605. >”You’re the only one who gets to tell me what to do” I say as I rest my head on his shoulder
  606. >He scratches behind my ear and then works his way down to my wing
  607. “But I’m not the only one who gets to pet you.”
  608. >He saw that
  609. >”I-I can explain Master, I-“
  610. >He holds up a hand to silence me
  611. “It’s perfectly fine, a little pony has needs after all”
  612. >He grins as he places a hand on the base of my wing
  613. >My wing springs from my side almost perpendicular to the floor
  614. >He whispers into my ear
  615. “And now I know about this”
  616. >He begins a long, slow stroke down my wing
  617. >”Mmh, Master please, don’t stop”
  618. >His grin widens as he reaches the extent of his arm
  619. “So what else happened today?”
  620. >He moves his hand back to the base of my wing and gives a light squeeze
  621. >”W-well I was reminded that I have a test on Friday. Oooooh~”
  622. >I bite down on my lip as he caresses my wing
  623. >My fathers are so sensitive, each stroke of his hand creates a cascade of pleasure
  624. “Are you prepared for it?”
  625. >”I will be. I-I promise Master! Please don’t stop”
  626. >I let out a moan as he runs his hand down my wing
  627. “If you do well then I need to give you a special treat. What would you like?”
  628. >”Aaah~ this again please” I pant
  629. “Just this? I would be happy to, but is there something else you want? Maybe a place you would like to go, a meal you would like to eat? Maybe a movie?”
  630. >”Mmmh I’d have to think about it Master, can we do this too though?”
  631. “Of course Anon”
  632. >He gives my wing another slow brush
  633. >It feels so much better when he does it
  634. “did anything else happen today?”
  635. >”Nothing interesting Master”
  636. >He gives my wing several more pats before speaking again
  637. “Anon, I want you to think about this next question…”
  638. >”What is it Master?”
  639. “Is there anything I should do to make me a better master?”
  640. >”No Master, I love you just the way you are
  641. “I know that you love me, but if there’s anything I can do to improve I want you to let me know. Can you do that for me?”
  642. >”Yes Master, I will let you know if something comes to mind.”
  643. “That’s all I ask”
  644. >He starts to slow down
  645. “I hate to do this to you Anon, but my arm is getting tired”
  646. >I nod “I understand Master”
  647. >He pulls his hand away and rests it on the back of my neck
  648. >He starts to scratch my neck as he runs his other hand down my back
  649. >I give a pleased sigh as my wings go limp
  650. “I’m glad that I can make you happy, you know that?”
  651. >”I hope I make you happy to Master”
  652. “You do Anon, I love you”
  653. >We continue to cuddle until I interrupt with a yawn
  654. >”Excuse me Master”
  655. “You’re excused. You’ve had a busy day, we both have. How about a nap, eh?”
  656. >I spread my wings over him like a blanket
  657. >”I would love a nap”
  658. >He pulls out his phone
  659. “actually would you mind if I took a picture real quick?”
  660. >”Of course not Master”
  661. >He scratches my neck with one hand while holding the phone up with the other
  662. >I hear the synthetic shutter of the camera app
  663. “All right that should do it”
  664. >He flashes a grin
  665. >Like he knows something I don’t
  666. “Sweet dreams little pony”
  667. >Suddenly my eyelids feel heavy
  668. >My entire body feels heavy
  669. >I begin to rest the full weight of my head on Leroy’s chest as my entire body begins to relax
  670. >It feels like a heavy blanket has been dropped on me, I feel so warm and heavy…
  671. >So relaxed
  672. >It’s hard to keep my eyes open
  673. >Why am I keeping my eyes open?
  674. >I let my eye lids close
  675. >As soon as I do I start drifting off to sleep
  676. >I hear what sounds almost like a camera before I fall asleep completely
  677. >…
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