Elite Beat Agents

Jul 18th, 2014
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  1. Enemy: The Elite Beat Agents
  3. Stats: To be done
  5. Description:
  6. -A trio of three, well dressed Diamond Dog rogues. They stand up straight, and their hair is impeccable. Rumor has it they have the supernatural ability to tap into an unknown arcane force, and harness it to leave their opponents helpless to stop their thievery. Two have pompadours,( one blond and one black. The more physically impressive one has a glossy, red, and glorious afro.
  7. Co-ordinated ability: Song and Dance Number.
  8. Equestrians, as well as all races in the world of Equestria, are touched by an inexplicable, energetic type of magic. This magic allows them to co-ordinate impressive dance numbers in a matter of minutes
  9. If used actively, this energy 'infects' nearby creatures with the inexplicable urge to sing, dance, both, or at the very least stop and enjoy the show
  10. If three members of the party all have the ability, they may use it in tandem as one, full round action
  11. If the collective d20 rolls (dex based) add up to 25 or more, all creatures in 100 feet burst into a vibrant dance number for 5 rounds
  12. all friendlies are affected for two
  13. there is no save, and everyone will snap out of it if someone is attacked, as the energy is disrupted
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