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Laskij DreamHackQL chat

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Dec 2nd, 2013
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  1. Maldul: hey kid but he is already damn good
  2. 0192837465fallen: CYPHER LASKJI FISTFIGHT
  3. Nom6d: laskij
  4. I_cezar: lol esdf
  5. Minsect: what map r they on
  6. Kr1eg: this guy is taller than detrony
  7. Maldul: ualaskij
  8. Lethehimself: cmon handoncock doesn't look THAT bad
  9. Whatdoicare: uaLaskij - he is 16 years old (I think)
  10. Mr_lobaloba: UKRAINA!
  11. Terwetenn: who is that 12 years old boy?
  13. Remywoof: he speaks good english
  14. Gstructor: who is this kid?
  15. Crauchon: Fair play that's good English
  16. Whatdoicare: uaLaskij (he is 16 years old - i think)
  17. Testostronk: good english
  18. Lazyrael: who let the kids on dreamhack?
  19. Zfysg1: he's actually 27
  20. Gstructor: ok
  21. Suicidalk: this kid is my hero lol
  22. Gjuro_: who is this kid
  23. Zb0t1: Seriously why do you all go apeshit for no reason, STFU PLS
  24. 1stalker_bg: 16 yo and perfect english
  25. Waperboy: Don't people bring their own mouse + keyboard? Weird
  26. Icingonthecake: FUN FACT. ZTN IS OLDER THAN THIS KID
  27. Fraggingreat: zombie skin color
  28. Nom6d: his english is better than zoots and ddks
  29. Izighar: france owned ukr at football
  30. Gjuro_: he should be in school
  31. Evr3ka_: impressed with english
  32. Pulsehhh: lol
  33. 1stalker_bg: shame for u russians!
  34. Testostronk: doesnt sound like native UA speaker
  35. Mrfluffyql: STEETBOY!!!!
  36. Linchpin: is this dude seriously 27 ?
  37. Devil_q3: LOL Danjio
  38. Stardin: kid
  39. Sniperxxr: hahahaa iceingoncake
  40. Mariano_____: he sounds like a real american
  41. Sniperxxr: thats a fact
  42. Mrfluffyql: Laskij is only 16 dumbass
  43. Kazztro: ???? ?? ?????????? ? ??
  44. Fanocado: new 200yr old
  45. Alboreth: no way hes 16, more like 12-13
  46. Siraxql: who is this kid lol
  47. Linchpin: hahaha
  48. Gjuro_: looks 12
  49. Remywoof: what kind of a wall is that
  50. Nom6d: damn those english skills -RESPECT
  51. Fr0zzen: English skills blow my mind
  52. Linchpin: my bad
  53. Psyyborg: Preteen
  54. Anarchypt: where is he from?
  55. Hitsuj1: i think his parents are ukrainian, he was rised in ssweden
  56. Handinanus: hope they interview no_il
  57. Piskvorky: better accent than cooller
  58. Kwanylongy: who's this?
  59. Suicidalk: wow smooth english even
  60. Lethehimself: some child trolling zoot into thinking he's laskij
  61. Waperboy: A BRICK WALL
  62. Zfysg1: interviews from the back yard
  63. Testostronk: btw dem bricks so BIG, is zoot a dwarf too?
  64. Miimiic: where can I find the brackets for quake tournament?
  65. 0192837465fallen: LASKJI
  66. Zakatti: how did Etty do in his last match?
  67. Handoncock: he was raised on potats
  68. Hitsuj1: they wont iview no_il because hes got bad trips after acid
  69. Nom6d: damn!!!!
  70. Johnrainbow: remember the name kids, he is walking down the path of COOLLER
  71. Fanocado: a sad state, the merikas
  72. Mrfluffyql: Laskij is ukrainian
  73. Nom6d: laskij
  74. Spacesh1p: haha testostronk
  75. 50chickens: what the *** is a potat
  76. Velvetjen:
  77. Shootyhorror: he know nice english
  78. Mc1nder: Laskij can get an interview from evil!!
  79. Tuthur: my first lan, but also my first dreamhack, well yeah... logic
  80. Gjuro_: half moldavian
  81. Whatdoicare: laskij is ukranian but lives in sweden (for a very long time already)
  82. Noresc: 13 thousand ? but there are only 4.6 million people in the world
  83. Miimiic: ty velve
  84. Testostronk:
  85. The_sulaco: not only my first lan but my first dreamhack? it doesnt make sense
  86. Mr_lobaloba: whose club shirt is that?
  87. Linchpin: laskij baby
  88. Kwanylongy: who's this?
  89. Frescoclean: who is this noob?
  90. Sniperxxr: no av3k??
  91. Melbaa: and none of them watched QUAKE LIVE
  92. Paradigmshifter: dahank
  93. Noct_7: *** LOGIC
  94. Jolonnar: It's zoot with his son
  95. Gjuro_: half ukranian half moldavian
  96. Maldul: maybe he never even watched dreamhack
  97. Carlonto: zoot present your son
  98. Datwrhype: cooler not entering=
  99. Bobwinters: haha killsen
  100. I_cezar: he said on stream hes fat
  101. Kazztro:
  102. Reapaz1: did he jusst say dahang spartie or killsen win DH?
  103. Zakatti: etty will go through if he wins Gienon, right?
  104. I_cezar: faild
  105. Zfysg1: zoot the proud dad
  106. Absvrd: lionel messi from his junior times plays quake
  107. Lethehimself: ukrainian national team shirt?
  108. Anarchypt: cooler not there=
  109. 240pbestp: good interview
  110. 0mek: time
  111. Mrfluffyql:
  112. Aydarkh: great interviews
  113. Glad1us: just tuned in, who was that in the interview?
  114. Zakatti: hopefully he does, he's played real good.
  115. Kerm1t_: no av3k/evil iviews?
  116. Beg1nner: Great interviews ! gj
  117. Nabled: he wanted to say ***...
  118. Dirksson: he sure has moldovan blood in his venes
  119. Codito47: cooller farts in the cars he sells
  120. Mstrp2ez: zoot master interviewer
  121. Kodisha:
  122. Bsc_freshclub: pause
  123. Kodisha: what
  124. Fanocado: black hole vid
  125. Bobwinters: THE INTERVIEW
  126. Hitsuj1: GET AV3K TO CAST
  127. Testostronk: zoot you cheeky cheeky man
  128. Whatdoicare: it was uaLaskij who was just interviewed (he is 16 years old, born in ukrania but raised in sweden)
  129. Schmoofaka: so glad av3k won that ***. *** yea.
  130. Kodisha: 2h pause ;(
  131. Hitsuj1: AND INTERVIEW HIM
  132. Frannatic: noavke interview (
  133. Nom6d: SICK english laskij!!!
  134. Kodisha: ?????
  135. Testostronk: you BIG BIG man
  136. Datwrhype: zoot is such a weirdo
  137. Zyteck: Lol no one at stage
  138. Badboyquake: there is nobody! quake is dead :
  139. Mr_lobaloba: thats it?
  140. Icingonthecake: is cooller married for real?
  141. 50chickens: what time CET is it now
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