Fizzling Magma 1 (AiE; Fizzle)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Been in Equestria for about a year now
  2. >Friends with most of the ponies, even banged a few mares
  3. >But ended up being best bros with Spike
  4. >You and him sorta have the same 'only species in a world of pone' thing going
  5. >Plus he knows damn near everyone
  6. >One day he gives you an armband and tells you to come with him on a man-quest away from all the ponies
  7. >wtf?.jpg
  8. >He brings you to a volcano, says the armband will keep the lava from burning you
  9. >lava?
  10. >Introduces you to a buncha older dragons
  11. >Says the red one and him got into a fight awhile back but they're cool now
  12. >They're all about your height, but that's about where the similarities end
  13. >Garble, the red one, initially starts shit with you, but a few scuffles later he acts like you've been his bro for years
  14. >The rest follow suit, doing some 'honorary dragon' ceremony and chucking you face first into the lava
  15. >The armband only protects your body and not your clothes
  16. >Wonder if they knew you even had it
  17. >Clothing vaporized but holy shit
  18. >Best hot tub ever
  19. >Instantly relax
  20. >But ass naked for rest of the trip
  21. >Thankfully none of them seem to notice or care, following you into the volcano
  22. >They keep dunking you in the lava, wrestling you around and generally having a good time
  23. >Though you swear the white one keeps looking at you funny
  24. >He avoids you most of the trip
  25. >Can't be everyone's friend, you wager, and don't think twice about it
  26. >On the way back to Ponyville, Spike lends you his travelling cloak
  27. >Just about covers your midsection but whatever works
  28. >Promise to come back with him next month
  29. >Will bring a change of clothes this time
  30. >Next month comes around
  31. >Spike practically kicks your door in at the crack of dawn
  32. >Planning on spending the weekend this time
  33. >Rarara sees you off with a spare set of clothing and scowl about you destroying your other outfit
  34. >Still dunno what Spike sees in her
  35. >Make your way to the volcano
  36. >Gang of dragons see you two and fly over
  37. >Garble snatches Spike up and flies off
  38. >Another one grabs you, the white one
  39. >You think Spike said his name is Fizzle
  40. >You try to say hi but he refuses to say anything or look at you
  41. >The others probably know he doesn't like you so they made him carry you, like the asshats they are
  42. >Chuckle and shrug while waiting for the inevitable plunge into the lava
  43. >Hit the surface like last time, clothing burning off immediately, but your muscles relaxing in an instant
  44. >Feelssogood
  45. >Lay back on the molten rock, closing your eyes and feeling the various impacts of the other dragons into the volcano
  46. >Hear Spike whining as Garble and the rest chuck him around like a football
  47. >Laugh and continue to float there
  48. >Open your eyes
  49. >Fizzle is staring at you from a nearby rock
  50. >You swear he's blushing
  51. >He notices you looking back and flies away in a hurry
  52. >What the heck is with him?
  53. >Maybe he's jealous of how much attention you and Spike get?
  54. >Something knocks the wind out of you
  55. >Spike landed right on your stomach
  56. >"Hey Scale-less has the ball!"
  57. >Oh fuck...
  58. >They all dogpile you and you all go under the lava
  59. >The day goes mostly like this
  60. >Relax until Garble and the rest decide to pull you into some sort of roughhousing
  61. >By the time night rolls around, you're all pretty beat
  62. >One by one they started heading to their caves
  63. >Ends up being just you, Spike, Garble and Fizzle
  64. >Spike is passed out
  65. >Garble scoops him up, promises to leave him somewhere funny
  66. >Flies off, Spike tucked under his arm
  67. >Just the two of you now
  68. >Awkward
  69. >" have a place to go right?"
  70. >He still won't look at you
  71. >You say you don't, that Spike never said where they'd be sleeping
  72. >"Oh yea? I mean...well...I got room in my cave...its over there"
  73. >He points as if you have any remote idea where 'over there' is
  74. >You agree
  75. >He stands there and fumbles with his claws
  76. >You remind him you can't fly
  77. >"Huh? Oh yea duh, Hahaha, I forgot! Guess I have to carry you right? Or I mean, you could climb on my back...not like I want you there it might be more comfortable, that's all!"
  78. >This is so weird but you have to admit riding on his back is better than him grabbing your shoulders again
  79. >You agree again and he chuckles sheepishly and turns around
  80. >You climb on and he flies to his cave
  81. >Its not a long flight but he flies slowly and cautiously
  82. >Or maybe you've been hanging around Dash too much
  83. >His tail keeps getting close to your legs then pulling away when it makes contact
  84. >Weird...
  85. >You become painfully aware of your nudeness and how cold it is
  86. >Subconsciously hold on a little tighter to avoid the cold air
  87. >He must be cold too, you feel him shivering
  88. >Reach the cave mouth, he lets you climb down
  89. >Its pretty empty, a pile of gems in one corner, a pile of straw and hay in the other
  90. >Random shit here and there
  91. >In the back you can see the glow of magma
  92. >Least it'll keep the cave warm
  93. >Sorta anyhow, its drafty as hell
  94. >"Wh-what do you think? Not bad right?"
  95. >You turn around
  96. >He's standing in the cave mouth, fidgeting
  97. >You tell him its alright
  98. >"Ya I could use more stuff....I mean not too much, don't wanna gay it up and fill it with foofoo stuff ya know...I mean unless you like stuff like that then thats cool I guess...not that I care what you like or anything! just mean its cool if you do, thats all!"
  99. >You can only nod slowly
  100. >"I'm.....gonna eat something! Yea couple a gems after a long day bro-ing it up right?"
  101. >You keep nodding, not sure how to feel anymore
  102. >He goes to the gem pile and fumbles around in it
  103. >He produces an odd shaped bag and tosses it to you
  104. >Its full of....dear lord it can't be...
  105. >Beef jerky?!
  106. >"Ya so like...this griffin I know said you might like that...cause I mean you're not dragon enough to eat gems so I had to have something for you. Not that I thought you'd stay here tonight I just figured the others wouldn't want you around so..."
  107. >He shoves a few gems in his mouth, wiping sweat form his brow
  108. >You're too overjoyed by the taste of meat to care how goddamned awkward this is
  109. >Every so often you catch him checking to see if you like the food
  110. >Every time you assure him its great
  111. >Eventually tell him how the ponies don't eat meat and that you don't know any griffins yourself
  112. >"R-really? Awesome! Only cost me a ruby for the whole thing...I'm happy you like it....ya know cause if you didn't I'd have to go beat up that griffin for lying to me!"
  113. >He's still avoiding eye contact when you look at him, even when he's switching from concerned to toughguymode
  114. >It's sorta cute...even if it doesn't make sense
  115. >Are all dragons secretly like Spike and aim to please?
  116. >Either way, all the awkward in the cave is worth the good meal
  117. >You set aside the bag, plenty left, and tell you're thankful for his hospitality
  118. >Even in the dimness of the cave, you can see his cheeks turn red under his white scales
  119. >"I-its nothing! Don't worry about it!"
  120. >He notices how loud he yelled and fumbles with his claws, looking down
  121. >"....glad you liked it so much..."
  122. >You go back to nodding
  123. >" really tired? Cause I can do whatever...if you wanna sleep I'm down for that...unless you don't wanna. We could go in the back and take a bath in the magma...its a lot nicer than the volcano....but not like together! I can wait till your done...but there's totally enough room for both of us so...I mean if its not a big deal...but if you don't wanna thats cool too! Like I said you pick, bro, you're the guest, ya know?"
  124. >After all the scuffling you did with the other dragons, another lava bath sounded great
  125. >You tell him you're gonna use the magma bath
  126. >You stand up, brushing some of the cave dust off your bare form
  127. >Fizzle sits there, looking at the floor
  128. >Like he wants to ask something but can't bring himself to do it
  129. >You take the hint and tell him you don't mind if he comes along
  130. >He looks up and for the very first time looks you in the eyes
  131. >Only to turn away immediately and wipe his forehead
  132. >"Ok! Umm...whatever bro, follow me, its this way!"
  133. >He jumps up in a hurry and leads you deeper into the cave
  134. >You reach the magma pool and he steps aside
  135. >You walk ahead and step in
  136. >Its even hotter than the lava, if such a thing was even possible
  137. >Your armband keeps you from dying but holy shit it was like liquid sauna
  138. >All the while, you can almost feel Fizzle's eyes on you as you go in slowly
  139. >You try not to turn around
  140. >Get in to about your waist, leaning against the cave floor
  141. >Stretch out, your chest exposed, arms tensing behind you
  142. >Catch Fizzle standing there like a statue
  143. >Ask him if he's coming in or not
  144. >"Wha...ohyeayeayearight! Just waiting for you to get! Comfortable yea! Cause its polite or some shit, hahahaha"
  145. >He quickly gets in the pool
  146. >Sits on the opposite side, sinking in about as much as you did
  147. >You sigh and relax, sinking deeper into the molten rock
  148. >He does the same
  149. >Your foot bumps into his under the surface
  150. >You have an odd idea and don't move it
  151. >Neither does he
  152. >You look his way and see him staring at you again
  153. >He looks away and pulls his foot back in a hurry
  154. >"Was that you...s-sorry bro, its not as big as I remember ya know? I didn't--"
  155. >You stop him mid awkward
  156. >You ask him why he's acting so scared around you
  157. >He looks down and fumbles with his claws, saying nothing
  158. >You follow up with another question
  159. >One that you cannot believe is leaving your lips
  160. >You ask him if he likes you
  161. >"Wha-!? CourseIdowhywouldn'tI? I mean you're cool an' Spike is a cool football and we all have fun and shit so we're buddies right? Thats why i let you stay over!"
  162. >You give him a look that screams 'keep going'
  163. >He pulls his wings around himself and looks away
  164. >His cheeks are dark red
  165. >The magma has nothing to do with it
  166. >"Don't make me say it, Anon"
  167. >You take a deep breath and sigh
  168. >He keeps looking at his claws, not saying anything else
  169. >You ask him why he couldn't just be honest
  170. >"About what?! Oh you mean...yea well...if the other dudes found out then...ya know they might not wanna...we wrestle and fuck around a lot I don't wanna..."
  171. >He looks like he's about to cry
  172. >Without a second though, you make your way across the pool and sit next to the larger dragon
  173. >All that time in ponyville made you a lot less worried about physical contact
  174. >You put your arm around his back and tell him his secret is safe with you
  175. >"'re a cool....whatever you are..heh heh"
  176. >He studders and wipes his eyes
  177. >You give his shoulder a squeeze and tell him you think he's an awesome dragon
  178. >"R-really? think I'm awesome?"
  179. >You nod and give his shoulder another squeeze
  180. >He's trembling but at least he's finally making eye contact
  181. >Not for anything, he's a lot easier on the eyes than the other dragons
  182. >"I...n-nobody every said that before..."
  183. >He's so nervous you're afraid his shaking is going to cause a cave in
  184. >You pull him closer in for a reassuring hug
  185. >He practically falls into your arms
  186. >Oh fuck he's heavier than he looks
  187. >Not to mention stronger
  188. >He rests his snout on your chest and closes his eyes
  189. >not sure what to do you pet his scales while he tightens his grip around your midsection
  190. >They're surprisingly soft....
  191. >This lasts for a little bit
  192. >In a dark cave its hard to tell how much time passed
  193. >It didn't look like Fizzle was going to let go anytime soon so you began to pat his back
  194. >The universal 'enough hugging' pat
  195. >He gets the hint and releases you, sitting back up and leaning back on the rock
  196. >You notice he sits directly next to you, his leg and thigh pressed against yours
  197. >You hope to god that's his tail sliding around your back and down your other leg
  198. >" now, bro?"
  199. >He's looking right at you with the biggest smile you've ever seen
  200. >You suggest maybe going to bed
  201. >Despite everything it had been a long day and you're starting to get a little tired
  202. >You're not sure how healthy it is to fall asleep in magma, even with magic protecting you
  203. >"Sleep? You mean like...oh right yea, hahah, I'm tired too, we had a hell of a day, right?"
  204. >You nod and get out of the pool
  205. >His eyes go a little wider when you briefly tower over him
  206. >And they go right to your package
  207. >So this is what hot chicks feel like
  208. >His cheeks go red again
  209. >You suggest he show you where to sleep
  210. >Its his turn to nod and get out of the pool
  211. >He leads the way back toward the front of the cave, you followng
  212. >He keeps his tail raised the whole way
  213. >Oh god does he think you meant....
  214. >You start thinking of an excuse why you shouldn't
  215. >Your mind runs through every bullshit excuse you've ever heard during your life
  216. >You decide on 'too tired'
  217. >He'll believe that and it won't hurt his feelings
  218. >Eyes can't seem to leave his rear
  219. >'s not a bad view at least
  220. >And the tail makes it a little exotic...
  221. >You find walking becomes a little difficult
  222. >Fizzle reaches the pile of hay and straw
  223. >The cool breeze feels good against your super heated skin
  224. >Not to mention it diffuses your earlier issue well enough
  225. >You're still at half mast though, and he's aware of it now
  226. >"All yours bro, make yourself comfy"
  227. >He's still all smiles
  228. >And his eyes still can't keep themselves out of trouble
  229. >You ask him where he's going to sleep if you take his bed
  230. >He suddenly looks like you stabbed him in the heart
  231. >He looks away embarrassed and sighs
  232. >"Oh umm...I mean...there's....I guess I could...umm...I I guess that was stupid..."
  233. >Oh god he's too adorable you can't torture him anymore
  234. >Chuckle and tell him you're kidding and that you're more than willing to share
  235. >"You...ok yea, we can do're such a kidder, Anon"
  236. >His smile is back but he's clearly embarrassed for wearing his heart so obviously on his sleeve
  237. >You push and move the bed around, making a comfortable pile for yourself
  238. >He watches, fidgeting and scratching the back of his head while you do it
  239. >You had to admit, the attention was kinda nice
  240. >Especially from someone that could have overpowered you anytime he wanted
  241. >That hug he gave you was proof enough, your sides still were a little sore
  242. >You find a good position on your back
  243. >He's still waiting
  244. >You tell him to come lay down
  245. >He nods and gets onto the straw pile with you
  246. >Immediately assumes cuddling position
  247. >Arm over your chest, head snuggling into your shoulder, legs wrapped up with yours
  248. >As much of his body pressing into you as he can
  249. >You lift your arm to let him get closer and you run your hand down his back and scratch where his wings are
  250. >He moans a little and his claw squeezes your shoulder
  251. >You lay this way for awhile, Fizzle unable to lay still, always squeezing or nuzzling or anything to let you know he's still awake
  252. >"Anon...?"
  253. >"Can we....umm...ya know when you...lay on your side're behind someone and they...with their legs hold them?"
  254. >All the things you thought he was going to ask you didn't think that awkward mess would amount to 'can we spoon?'
  255. >Seeing no harm in it, you agree
  256. >He gets up and you both lay on your sides and assume the position
  257. >You hug his chest and pull him closer
  258. >He folds his wings up best he can, letting you press his chest to his back
  259. >His tail is in the way though and you tell him so
  260. >"Oh....oh right, yeah..."
  261. >You feel it lift against you and slide around your waist
  262. >You pull the rest of him closer
  263. >His legs lock over yours
  264. >He sighs happily and squeezes your hands in his
  265. >He shimmies back a little more
  266. >Oh god
  267. >The scales on his rear are so smooth and soft
  268. >How is that even possible?
  269. >Not to mention warm, even warmer between the cheeks
  270. >You feel your neithers begin to betray you again
  271. >So does he
  272. >You close your eyes and try to think of something else
  273. >His tail pulls your waist closer and he gives his rear a slow wiggle
  274. >...Clever dragon...
  275. >You want to pull away but he feels so nice
  276. >But you're not into guys...right?
  277. >Do dragons even count?
  278. >He gives his rear another wiggle, a little faster this time
  279. >You speak up, your turn to be a little shakey
  280. >You say you're not sure if you're read for this
  281. >He pulls you a little closer with his tail
  282. >"Don't....don't worry buddy. It's...its totally not gay if we don't look at each other....right? I'm just...we're just helping each other sleep right?"
  283. >The pleading in his voice melts your heart a little
  284. >You can't help but wonder how much Fizzle risked bringing you here
  285. >And how badly he wanted you to like him
  286. >Would it really be so terrible to let him have what he wants?
  287. >You slowly nod in agreement against his back
  288. >He squeezes your hands tighter and begins to run his tail between your legs
  289. >Just another crazy night for you in the magical land of Equestria
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