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12 Hour Challenge #4

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Jan 26th, 2017
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #4
  2. February 10-12, 2017
  4. It's that time again! Here's the first 12 Hour Challenge of 2017 from me (Golden) to you (eager speedrunner). On the weekend of February 10-12, I challenge you to learn a new speedrun. As usual, you have twelve hours to learn as much as possible and complete your first run of whatever game you choose. The restriction of twelve hours is in place to force you to learn the essentials of the run and worry less about the small details. That being said, the time limit isn't going to be enforced, so feel free to be as lenient as you want. By the end of the challenge, you'll have learned a new game, and you might even find a new run to enjoy well after the weekend is over.
  6. The previous 12 Hour Challenges have seen hundreds of people participate, from speedrunning veterans to fans who had just seen GDQ for the first time. Anyone can do it! For newer players, I recommend learning a shorter speedrun, as you'll be able to comfortably study the entire run in twelve hours or less. Most importantly, pick a game you're excited about learning!
  8. There are so many ways to make this challenge unique, and it really is one of the most exciting times of the speedrunning year. Pick a game you've always wanted to learn. Pick a game that's out of your comfort zone. Get help from YouTube tutorials or other speedrunners of the game you choose. You could even recruit a few friends and learn the same game together. Share strategies, then race at the end of the twelve hours to see who learned it best! For one weekend, a massive number of speedrunners are trying new games! It's a blast to watch and take part in.
  10. The speedrunning community is extremely welcoming and willing to help you learn! To faciliate this, the 12 Hour Challenge itself has an official Discord that participants can join:
  11. Join the Discord for tons of information about specific game community Discords, or to ask any other challenge questions you might have. We also have voice channels on the Discord that you are free to use during the 12 Hour Challenge itself.
  13. --------
  14. Theme:
  15. --------
  16. The theme for challenge #4 is "Remake, Remaster, Reset"
  17. It seems every game is getting a remake these days. Rather than learning the original version of a game, learn a remake, remaster, or "newer" version of some game (even if the game is 20 years old, if it is a remake of an older version, it would still fall under the theme). Ports of games would fall under this category as well.
  19. Note: The theme is an OPTIONAL piece of the challenge, designed to keep things interesting for returning participants. You are NOT required to use this theme. You are encouraged to consider it. If there's a game you are dying to learn and it doesn't fit the theme, don't let it stop you from learning it.
  21. --------
  22. SpeedRunsLive will be your source for the streams:
  23. --------
  24. As usual, SpeedRunsLive will have a special "12 Hour Challenge" button on the front page, which will allow you to filter the front page streams to only show 12 hour challenge streams.
  26. If YOU would like your stream showcased on this 12 Hour Challenge page, simply put #12HourChallenge in your stream title while you are performing the challenge!
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  29. Ready to play?
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  31. Register here:
  32. List of submissions so far:
  33. Discord:
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  36. Rules
  37. --------
  38. There aren't any. Have fun!
  40. Good luck!
  41. -Golden
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