Minty love

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >You look at the moth mare lying beneath you
  2. >she is gazing into your eyes and her face has a rosy blush on it
  3. >her chest rises and falls as she breathes hard and extends her hoofs and pulls you into another kiss
  4. >it is day first time having sex with your mothpony gf, Minty
  5. >and you can barely contain your boner
  6. >it’s the Christmas Eve, and she invited you to exchange presents with her and eat Christmas foods, and just for the two of you to enjoy each others company on this evening of festivities
  7. >you have been going out for some time now and things have been good, honestly you have been completely swept off of your feet by how sweet and loving this mare can be towards you
  8. >never did you think you would feel this happy during those lonely nights on the computer in the human world
  9. >after exchanging presents and opening them, and then cuddling some, Minty had turned to you with an unfamiliar coyness in her voice and told you that she had one more present for you
  10. >following her, you found yourself in her bedroom, whole room lit up by thousands of candles
  11. >Minty had then turned to look at you and told you with a shy ring to her voice, that she was the
  12. present, and then assaulted your mouth with a nervous kiss
  13. >after kissing and caressing each others bodies as your clothes came off the two of you ended up on the bed, with Minty on her back beneath you as you gaze at her while supporting yourself above her
  14. >breaking the kiss you look at Minty and ask
  15. >”Are you ready?”
  16. >you boner has been poking Mintys lower parts for some while now and by a brief feeling of moistness in there, she’s ready for it too
  17. >Minty has a look of pure loving happiness on her face as she nods
  18. >you place your tip against her sacred gates for the first time
  19. >Mintys body tenses a bit and you push it in
  20. >it slides there gently, like it was the perfect fit for your member
  21. “Mmmmmhh”
  22. >you push deeper and insert your full length into her
  23. >Minty gasps as her eyes open up and then go back to their bedroom eye setting
  24. >”D-does it feel good?”
  25. >Minty coos gently her next words
  26. “Yesss...”
  27. >you gently start to move in and out under the blanket
  28. >you can not see her body tense up but from the shear close proximity you can feel how she enjoys this
  29. >and if there would be nothing else to give it away she is letting out rather pleased sounds as she bites her lip in enjoyment
  30. >you were sure that to feel sexual pleasure from sexual action one would need some serious jackhammering, but his gentle movement, it feels like eternal sexual stimulation continuously pouring into your body and brain
  31. >the two of you keep on doing your erotic little dance beneath the blanket as Mintys moans are starting to become more and more wild and animalistic
  32. >suddenly her body tenses up beneath you and you feel her hugging your body with her hoofs, anchoring herself against you and you inside her
  33. >her walls milk you as she orgasms, sending you over the edge as well and making you cum inside her
  34. >Minty seems to enjoy the feeling greatly, but you are a bit worried, even in the afterglow
  35. >”Minty... are you not worried about getting pregnant?”
  36. >Minty looks you gently and responds with something that makes your heart melt even more than it already has
  37. “No, I have decided to spend the rest of my life with you no matter what happens. I love you Anonymous, I love you more than I would have thought I could love anyone”
  38. >Mintys eyes tear up a bit from all the emotion going trough her as you also fight against a few manly tears
  39. >”Me too Minty, I could not have tough that love would be this amazing”
  40. >you do not even have to think about your next action trough, It is the only way this could go
  41. >”Minty, will you marry me?”
  42. >Minty looks at you in surprise, and then she smiles as she starts to cry and hugs you so tightly you could bet your spine just broke
  43. “Y-yes! Oh yes I will Anonymous!”
  44. >you hug Minty back as you let her get over the emotional overload
  45. >the night is still young, and there is a lot of love to be done
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