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PvtCinnamonbun Jun 13th, 2015 478 Never
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  1. Phone's about to die and my parents took all the chargers so I'll keep fairly short.
  3. Today I was asked to cut the grass. I did not cut the grass because I was feeling awful and could barely walk. I told my parents that I would get up at sunrise to cut it because I tend to not feel like by prostate is going to explode for the 30 minutes after I get up, but they said that was no good. I try explaining to them for the thousandth time that my doctors have said that my parents need to meet me halfway and because I'm not going to do something right away doesn't mean that I will never do it. I go outside after dinner to look at the grass and make a call when they lock me out of the house. I was told that I would only be let back in when I mowed the front and back lawn. Keep in mind the sun has already set because it's fucking 8:30 at night. I can't see shit but whatever I mow the front yard while there's still light out. This takes me 15 minutes and I throw up twice while doing it because my balls hurt so much. I can't see anything so the lawn probably looks like crap. Exhausted, I put the mower back and set my alarm for sunrise to check for mistakes and mow the rest. I get back inside with a spare key my parents didn't know about that I kept away just for situations like this and get told to get back outside. I explain to them that it feels like my crotch is rotting away and that I'll do the rest tomorrow, and as I go back to my room I get told I'm not getting my electronics or wallet back (which they took while I was locked outside) until I clean my room, get a job (they'll let me have my license back so I can drive places), and finish mowing the lawn. They're leaving in 12 hours for a few weeks in Europe so I have no chance in hell of fulfilling those requirements to get my stuff back. I come back to my room and it looks like a bomb went off. They threw everything on my bed and emptied out my piss bottle on my pillow (yes I have one because I sometimes can't walk to the bathroom, yes I know it's disgusting but I empty it out regularly and rinse it with bleach).
  5. I'm honestly at my wit's end here. I'm critically sick with both medical and psychiatric problems but my parents believe I'm faking both of those to get out of doing stuff. As such they treat me like shit whenever I'm not feeling well and can't do anything besides lay in my room like a lump. Anything I do to try to prove to them that I'm sick just makes them angry. There's no end to this in sight because my mom has flat-out stated she doesn't want me going back to school, meaning that I won't get out of this house and away from them. Video games and computers, the things that distract me from the pain better than anything else, has been deemed verboten.
  7. I need your help. If anybody has any suggestions at all about what to do, please tell me. I've tried all that I can think of and nothing has worked.
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