abusive part 5

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  1. buccellati’s team:
  2. giorno:
  3. >giorno’s emotionally distant towards you, leaving you constantly pining for his love and attention and making you feel like you’re not good enough for him
  4. >he constantly monitors you by keeping a ladybug brooch pinned to your outfit at all times
  5. >he manipulates you into having sex with him and convinces you that he’s not raping you and that you like it
  6. >he gaslights you and gives you gifts and small gestures of affection until he has you entirely wrapped around his finger
  7. >if you’re as evil as somebody like diavolo, he’ll just keep you tied up and locked in his office room as don and make you his “servant”/sex slave
  8. bruno:
  9. >you’re a captive of buccellati’s team, and bruno is assigned to watch you and force information out of you
  10. >he psychologically tortures you and beats you a few times but you still won’t budge
  11. >he has to resort to desperate measures and forces himself on you until you finally tell him what he wants to hear, then puts you out of your misery
  12. >he feels bad about it for the rest of his life
  13. mista:
  14. >you’re a captive of buccellati’s team, and mista is assigned to watch you and force information out of you
  15. >he throws you around and manhandles you like a ragdoll, points his gun at your head and threatens to blow your brains out, and cuts you with sharp objects he finds in the place you’re being kept at, but you still don’t budge
  16. >he resorts to forcing himself on you while degrading you with his words until you give him the information he needs, and has his way with you until you’re free to go
  17. abbacchio:
  18. >you’re the newest member of buccellati’s team and abbacchio loathes you
  19. >he pisses in your drinks, constantly yells at you to shut up, and dismisses everything you say until you get fed up with him and start antagonizing him back
  20. >he starts coming into your room and night and forces you to have humiliating and degrading sex with him so he can put you in your place
  21. >he does this for a long time until he gets over it, then feels like shit
  22. narancia:
  23. >you antagonize narancia a lot, so he antagonizes you back
  24. >you two constantly get into physical fights and screaming matches before calming down and apologizing to each other, then going right back to fighting after a brief period of calm
  25. >he pulls knives on you and threatens to kill you when you piss him off too much
  26. >you two have really rough, dubiously consensual sex sometimes when you’re are angry at each other
  27. >when he’s furious at you, he’s dead silent and ignores you until you beg for him to forgive you
  28. fugo
  29. >fugo cusses you out and berates you over small mistakes
  30. >he beats the shit out of you if you really piss him off, then apologizes to you while filled with self-loathing before berating you again later, thus creating a cycle of abuse and apologies
  31. >when you antagonize him and he’s really angry, sometimes he’ll throw you down on the nearest surface and force himself on you
  32. >he ends up breaking up with you because he doesn’t want to hurt you anymore
  33. trish:
  34. >trish forces you to do every single thing she wants you to do for her, turning you into her servant
  35. >she talks about you behind your back and gives you the silent treatment whenever you do something that inconveniences her until you beg for her to forgive you
  37. la squadra:
  38. risotto:
  39. >risotto is sent to assassinate you
  40. >after some complications arise, you two end up fighting each other
  41. >he’s pent up from not having another body to touch for such a long time and takes it out on you by forcing himself on you
  42. >he puts you out of your mystery afterwards and promises himself to never be that weak again
  43. prosciutto:
  44. >prosciutto scolds, slaps, and kicks you whenever you act in a way that he deems pathetic, but then butters you up with praise and cradles your head in his hands when you decide to act in a way that he will approve of after he berates you, making you think that he’s not so bad and just stern teacher, which conditions you into quickly becoming whatever prosciutto wants you to be
  45. ghiaccio:
  46. >ghiaccio spergs out at you every time you say an idiom he finds nonsensical and punches the nearest object that isn’t you, which scares you
  47. >he berates you for thinking that you’re better than him at anything and calls you all sorts of awful things whenever you get arrogant
  48. >he refuses to apologize whenever he does something terrible to you
  49. >he ignores you for days after you two get into an argument and waits for you to crawl back to him, apologize, and beg for him not to ignore you
  50. >he pushes your boundaries during sex and gets annoyed with you when you complain afterwards
  51. melone:
  52. >melone doesn’t even see you as a human being, you’re just a breeding object to him
  53. >he doesn’t even bother to ask you your name, he just takes you and keeps you locked in his house all day so he can use you for his babyface experiments
  54. >he gets you pregnant over and over again against your will (yes, even if you’re male) until he has no use for you anymore and throws you away
  55. illuso:
  56. >illuso keeps you trapped in his mirror world as his personal onahole
  57. >he talks to you semi-regularly and makes smug jokes in hopes that you’ll like him more
  58. >it doesn’t work
  59. formaggio:
  60. >formaggio shrinks you down to a very small size and carries you around in his pants while you struggle
  61. >he plays around with your tiny body by tickling you and making bugs and cats chase you around while he laughs
  62. >he likes to keep you trapped in bottles and jars
  63. >he likes to slowly shrink you down on his dick until you beg him to stop, then he finally lets up after letting you squirm around a little
  64. >he whores you out to desperate men for some extra cash
  65. pesci:
  66. >prosciutto and a reluctant pesci kidnap you, and prosciutto gives you to pesci so he can see pesci man up by successfully overpowering and taking another person
  67. >pesci is very hesitant at first and can’t do it, but becomes determined after prosciutto keeps on encouraging him and you start to antagonize him out of fear
  68. >pesci eventually overpowers you and forces himself on you
  69. >prosciutto congratulates pesci afterwards
  70. sorbet & gelato:
  71. >sorbet and gelato kidnap you and keep you as their sex slave
  72. >they torture you physically and psychologically with knives, screws, etc., and rape you while somehow managing to only focus on each other the entire time
  73. >after they get bored of you, they put you out of your misery, have fun with your corpse before it goes rotten and cold, and then eat your corpse
  75. special unit:
  76. diavolo:
  77. >diavolo can’t afford to let you or anybody else know his identity, so he keeps you permanently blindfolded and gagged and locked up in the hotel and motel rooms that he stays in while traveling all throughout italy
  78. >he doesn’t let you do anything, all you can do is lay in bed, eat and drink, and let him force himself on you while you’re turned face-down just in case
  79. >he wants complete submission from you, and he’ll get angry and teach you a lesson if you try to resist him or regain your dignity in any way
  80. doppio:
  81. >doppio doesn’t know why the boss wants him to kidnap you and have sex with you for this mission, but the boss’s orders are the boss’s orders
  82. >he treats you as best as he can and always tries to calm you down whenever you freak out, cry, and beg him to let you go home
  83. >sometimes he buys things like ice cream to try to pacify you
  84. >he gets fed up with your whining after a short amount of time and cusses you out, screaming at you to stop whining and shut up
  85. >he eventually forces himself on you as gently as he can, asking you if you’re feeling okay and using lots of lube, but yells at you to shut up and stop struggling when you continue to resist him and then goes feral on you
  86. cioccolata:
  87. >cioccolata kidnaps you and keeps you locked in his house so he can use you for his sick experiments
  88. >he rapes you, physically and psychologically tortures you in almost every way possible, and makes secco film your torture the entire time
  89. >he likes to go on deranged
  90. philosophical rants while you’re suffering and relishes in your despair
  91. >when he gets tired of you, he dissects you (with secco filming it live, of course) and then stores your mutilated corpse in his refrigerator as a keepsake
  92. secco:
  93. >cioccolata kidnaps you and gives you to secco as a reward for secco’s good behavior
  94. >secco drools and spits all over you and licks every inch of your body with his long tongue while you scream in fear
  95. >he forces you to crawl naked on all fours all over the house and do sorts of other humiliating and degrading acts, and films all of it
  96. >he doesn’t attempt to communicate with you and instead makes random, unintelligible noises whenever you’re around him in order to scare you
  97. >after cioccolata decides that playtime is over, cioccolata kills you while secco films your death
  98. >secco keeps a piece of your severed finger as a souvenir
  99. squalo & tiziano:
  100. >squalo and tiziano let you squirm into their relationship as their sex toy
  101. >they objectify you and squalo treats you roughly, humiliating and insulting you while tiziano calmly watches on until squalo gets too excited
  102. >they throw you away after they’re tired of you and go back to being only with each other
  104. other passione members:
  105. sale:
  106. >sale doesn’t care about you and only uses you for sex and to move up the ranks of passione
  107. >he mocks you for trying to get closer to him and throws you away when you’re of no use to him anymore
  108. zucchero:
  109. >zucchero cheats on you with hookers and makes you watch him have sex with them
  110. >he sometimes whores you out to dirty old men for some extra cash for his vacation trips
  111. polpo:
  112. >polpo forces you to privately perform sexual favors for him after you join passione, telling you that may just get kicked out of the mafia if you don’t do as he says
  113. leaky eye luca:
  114. >luca traps you in a sexually exploitative relationship after you owe him some money, forcing you to do sexual favors for him in exchange for you being able to continue living
  115. >he yells at you, insults you, and smacks you with his shovel whenever you talk out of turn, try to be assertive, or don’t respect him
  116. >he pimps you out to anybody who wants a piece of you and keeps all of the cash
  118. other characters:
  119. scolippi:
  120. >scolippi would never abuse you, he’s jesus
  121. >...unless fate told him to, of course
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