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  1. yuh, this goes to 3dsboy08
  2. now that i think about it,
  3. this goes out to gayboy69
  4. yuh
  5. ay
  6. get ready you hecking skid ay
  8. 3dsboy has a small pp
  9. he can't ever pay his anime fee
  10. what are you doing watching too much anime
  11. sounds like i have something that i have to say
  13. your mom is a gay, your mom is a stray
  14. hey why you skidding off of raindrop, ay
  15. now you keep jacking off to hentai, ay
  16. hey bro why cant you just stay
  17. to be normal and not watch anime
  18. to be normal and not waste your monay
  19. to be normal and not to have a weeb pfp
  20. to be normal and not have a SMALL PP ay
  22. 3dsboy is really gay
  23. 3dsboy is not okay
  24. 3dsboy is a hecking skid
  25. 3dsboy is still really hecking gay
  27. what are doing insted of updating?
  28. going on to roblox and online dating?
  29. why cant you just switch your weeb ways?
  30. anti weebism will start to move in place
  32. you are being really gay, you are really not okay
  33. you should go get a doctor to end your weeb days
  34. actually no, he cant cure your gay
  35. i guess your gay will last forever
  36. same with your weebness, i gotta pull the lever
  37. to drop you into anti weeb gas
  38. 3dsboy is a really gay weeb
  39. skidding off of exploits, stealing my sheep
  40. 3dsboy, just dont be a weeb
  41. wait, he can't because he's too gay, ay
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