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  1. > It's Friday night
  2. > You know what that means
  3. > Fight Nite
  4. > Nevermind the fact it's already Saturday morning at this point
  5. > 30 contestants enter, one wins
  6. > The two contestants left standing began to square off for the final round
  7. > This time: Speedwriting
  8. > this final contest being chosen at random from suggestions from the losers
  9. > Who are the defeated hopefuls?
  10. > various MGs of course, otherwise not important
  11. > Deninately not because the author sucks at writing and can't think of anything, nope, not at all
  12. > Since it's mainly hyper-competatice MGs signing up, it was decided that the contests through the night would be less fighting-based in an effort to keep the playing field level
  13. > Art, interpretive dance, that sort of thing
  14. > the slam poetry was... interesting, but fairly well recieved
  15. > Anyway, that's enough rambling, lets get to the actual topic
  16. > In one corner, with the blue pencil, you got a jinko
  17. > In the other, with the red pencil, a grizzly
  18. > As per fight night rules, they remain nameless
  19. > They have two hours to write a poem or short story of their choosing
  20. > Jinko starts right away, inspired by the Chinese martial arts novels she's such a fan of
  21. > Grizzly wasn't sure what to write, so decided to take a few minutes to brainstorm
  22. > 90 minutes later
  23. > Jinko is furiously writing, nearing completion
  24. > Grizzly hadn't even started
  25. > An announcement of 30 minutes left is made right as Jinko finishes
  26. > Grizzly, fuled by pressure, just starts writing what ever comes to mind
  27. > Time's up
  28. > Let's see what we have
  29. > Jinko's is, as expected, a short action piece
  30. > Grizzly's is a pressure-fueled jumble of words that might be constreued as a freeform poem
  31. > At judging, the winner cane as a surprise
  32. > Turns out Jinko's was pretty much just ripping off the last book she read, and was disqualified
  33. > Conglaturation Grizzly, a winner is you! (by default)
  35. If you made it through this POS without wanting to kill yourself or me, props
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