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Jul 9th, 2010
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  1. .whois cpunches (the fake Chris Punches):
  2. * [cpunches] ( * I'm too lame to read BitchX.doc *
  3. * [cpunches] +#slackhappy
  4. * [cpunches] :Pittsburgh, PA, US
  5. * [cpunches] idle 03:15:29, signon: Thu Jul 8 18:25:36
  6. * [cpunches] End of WHOIS list.
  7. * Connecting from United Kingdom
  8. .whois bagira (the real Chris Punches):
  9. * [bagira] :Ume?, SE, EU
  10. * [bagira] is connecting from *@
  11. * [bagira] idle 00:28:05, signon: Sat Jul 3 09:58:16
  12. * [bagira] is logged in as bagira
  13. * [bagira] End of WHOIS list.
  14. * Connecting from USA
  16. Last instance of impersonation on Si support channel:
  18. * The-spiki has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  19. * bagira laughs at cpunches pretending to be Chris Punches
  20. <tsccof> bagira: I thought it was your second nick
  21. * gniks not so amused
  22. <tsccof> lmao
  23. * tsccof has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
  24. * cpunches laughs at bagira pretending to be Chris Punches
  25. <cpunches> Did I mention that i've been stalking my ex fiancee?
  26. * gniks has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
  27. * gniks (~sking@ has joined #slackhappy
  28. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to gniks
  29. * bagira has had his laughs
  30. <bagira> Thanks for the amusing visit, Tadgy.
  31. <cpunches> Who is Tadgy?
  32. * bagira sets ban on *!*@*
  33. <cpunches> Please let me stalk - it's all I have!
  34. * bagira has kicked cpunches from #slackhappy (tadgy, you are banned for impersonation with intent to libel)
  35. <gniks> bout time you kick that leech!
  37. Discussion continued in private to determine the depth of this person's intentions:
  39. <bagira> Well, this is interesting :)
  40. <bagira> nice nick you have there.
  41. <bagira>
  42. <bagira> Michiel van Wessem
  43. <cpunches> Who is Michiel van Wessem ?
  44. <bagira> You
  45. <cpunches> Errr, I think you have the wrong nick...
  46. <bagira> Oh? To whom am I speaking?
  47. <cpunches> I'm Chris Punches - who are you?
  48. <bagira> Oh that's neat. Brb, I am having someone klined.
  49. <cpunches> OK.
  50. <cpunches> What is klined anyway?
  51. <bagira> You are an inch away from litigation.
  52. <cpunches> Who is?
  53. <bagira> You are.
  54. <cpunches> But i'm you
  55. <bagira>
  56. <cpunches> See - you're stalking me!
  57. <cpunches> I mean you're stalking you
  58. <cpunches> Hang on. No, I mean, I am stalking me. This is confusing.
  59. <cpunches> Well, either way, I know i'm stalking my ex fiancee.
  60. <bagira> If i were you, I would think very hard about how closely you're tied to the machine you're connecting through and I'd accept a firm warning to discontinue.
  61. <cpunches> You mean the machine we are connected through?
  62. <bagira> Just because you're in the UK does not mean that you can impersonate with the obvious intent to libel with immunity.
  63. <cpunches> Libel is writing something which is not true. We both know you're a stalker - there's no point denying our psyche
  64. <bagira> Ah. Tadgy.
  65. <bagira> i suppose the timing should have given it away.
  66. <bagira> well, you've had your fun.
  67. <cpunches> Tadgy? Whats that?
  68. <bagira> Thanks, I enjoyed the laughs, whoever you are.
  69. <cpunches> I am you
  70. <cpunches> I am Chris, therefor I stalk.
  71. <bagira> You mean you 'want' to be me. Apparently very, very badly.
  72. <cpunches> But bagira and cpunches are the same.
  73. <cpunches> We've both stalked Courtney
  74. <bagira> I guess I'm not sure what you'd like to get out of this. Do you have anything to say before you're ignored?
  75. <cpunches> You can't ignore me - i'm you.
  76. <cpunches> Unless you've started on the medication?
  77. <bagira> Seriously, what is it that you want? Last chance.
  78. <bagira> Don't blow it.
  79. <cpunches> Like we did with Courtney?
  80. * bagira sighs
  81. <bagira> You're insane. Goodbye.
  82. >cpunches< CTCP VERSION
  83. -cpunches- VERSION BitchX-1.1-final+ by panasync - Linux 2.6.13 : Keep it to yourself!
  84. <cpunches> We blew our airforce application too :(
  85. <cpunches> They found out about the stalking.
  86. <cpunches> Don't leave me Chris! We need eachother to be able to stalk Courtney sucessfully.
  87. <cpunches> I'm sorry Chris. I still love you.
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