30/03/2017 - KTOS

Mar 30th, 2017
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  1. 30/03/2017 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. ----------
  4. ※※ Friendly Reminder that further details regarding reworks to various core sytstems will be discussed on the 3rd of April(KR) ※※
  5. ※※ It's highly probable we will receive an English post via the staff informing us of such changes too, ※※
  6. ※※ please be patient and avoid spreading false prophecies in the forums if possible :D ※※
  8. -----------
  10. ▣ Updates
  11. 【Changes】
  12. Tokens:
  13. - Token Benefits are being improved.
  14. ▣ See:[]
  16. Trading:
  17. - The policies for trading have been changed.
  18. ▣ See: []
  20. Chatting:
  21. - The Chat window and related functions have been improved.
  22. ▣ See: []
  24. Instance Dungeon / Mission:
  25. - Instanced Dungeons/ Missions will be available to players even if they do not fill a 5-person party.
  26. ▣ See: []
  28. EXP Tomes: You can now use time limited Tomes to craft both x4 and x8 EXP tomes.
  29. ※ Tomes with expired duration can not be used as materials.
  31. Adventure Journal:
  32. - Notifications for Monster Kill Counts & Map Exploration have been added.
  33. ▣ See : []
  35. Item Drop:
  36. - The item drop rate has been altered. Previously you would have to kill a certain amount of monsters to get item drop, now however, when the player kills a monster the probability of a good item via the drop rate begins to increase on a 'per kill' basis that rises steadily as opposed to it staying at the same chance like the previous calculation method.
  38. Marketplace:
  39. - The Marketplace Sales UI have been improved.
  40. - Items will now display their current selling states i.e Sold/Unsold/Queue
  41. - Items will now be displayed as items sold, rather than just an output of collectible silver.
  42. - You can filter item states by clicking the tab at the bottom of the market window.
  44. Gimmicks:
  45. The Black Hole Gimmicks will be deleted from the following locations:
  46. - Alemeth Forest
  47. - Kalejimas Visiting Room
  48. - Elgos Abbey Main Building
  49. - Salvia Forest
  50. - Maven Abbey
  51. - Grand Yard Mesa
  52. ※ The rewards obtainable from these gimmicks have been migrated over to 'delivery' type gimmicks in each respective location.
  54. Guild:
  55. The cap for maximum amount of players in a guild has been increased.
  56. - After creating a guild, you can now have up to 50 people join.
  57. - The Guild Tower Attribute has also increased from +1 People, to +3 People per attribute level.
  59. Party Notifications:
  60. - For public parties, a "Join Button" has been added to allow players to join local public parties.
  62. Item:
  63. -The [Mystical Cube] item will move from 'Consumables' Item Category to the 'Cubes' Category.
  65. Dievdirbys Circle 3 Costume:
  66. - When this costume is worn, the custom animation will be applied to all carving skills.
  68. UI:
  69. - Quests location descriptions have become more accurate.
  70. Quest:
  71. - Once West Siauliai Woods Main Story has been completed, the Main Story Quest in Klaipeda will be auto-updated.
  73. Maps:
  74. - Local Re-spawn points have been added for the maps Lemprasa Pond & West Siauliai Woods.
  75. - The amount of mobs that spawn on certain maps have been increased:
  76. * Mokusul Chamber
  77. * Videntis Shrine
  79. 【Events】
  80. Survival Instincts:
  81. - Starting 30/03/2017 ~ Ending 20/04/2017
  82. - Visit the Survival Notice Board in Orsha/Klaipeda/Fedimian and enter the the mission! You have to survive for a certain amount of time, and if you do ~ you can win some rewards.
  84. ※ Event Notice; If you die in the Survival Arena, Using Local Area Respawn regardless of where you entered from, you will respawn in Klaipeda.
  86. Candy Hunt:
  87. - This event has ended.
  88. - All event items (Rewards/Candy/Recipes) Will be deleted on the 06/04/2017 Maintenance.
  90. 【Skill Changes】
  91. Alchemist:
  92. Magnum Opus:
  93. - You can now make multiple item combinations simultaneously.
  95. Squire:
  96. Refreshment Table:
  97. - When Opening a Refreshment Table after it has been set-up, One of the options will be highlighted to be selected.
  99. ▣ Bug Fixes
  100. 【Skill Fixes】
  101. Plague Doctor:
  102. Black Death Steam:
  103. - Fixed issue where the debuff was spreading to oneself and their party members.
  105. Wugushi:
  106. Throw Gu Pot:
  107. - Fixed issue where you could not un-equip a card placed in the Poison Pot.
  109. Druid:
  110. Shape Shifting:
  111. - Fixed issue where party/guild chat bubbles were not displaying whilst using this ability.
  113. Transform & Lycanthropy:
  114. - Fixed issues where the damage dealt whilst Transformed and also in Lycanthropy states wouldn't contribute to the boss monster damage ranking.
  116. Schwarzer Reiter:
  117. Retreat Shot:
  118. - Fixed issue with the skill unexpectedly stopping.
  120. Fencer:
  121. Epee Garde:
  122. - Fixed issue where when the skill effect duration ends whilst the player is resting(Insert), the character would forcefully stand back up.
  124. Corsair:
  125. Pillaging Attribute:
  126. - Fixed issue where items dropped via Pillaging weren't displaying the 'item drop godray' effect particles.
  128. Alchemist:
  129. Briquetting:
  130. - Fixed issue where the materials fused couldn't work on lower grade ingredients/equipment.
  132. Scout:
  133. Split Arrow:
  134. - Fixed issue where sometimes, the skill would only bounce from a target once.
  136. Wizard:
  137. Energy Bolt:
  138. - Fixed issue where only Lv 1 of this skill was being cast.
  139. Kabbalist:
  140. Ein Sof:
  141. - Fixed issue where 'Carve Owl' Sculptures could steal the Ein Sof magic tile buff for its effects.
  143. 【Quest】
  144. Mine Manager Brinker's Dedication - Fixed issue where the quest marker was not visible for this NPC.
  145. Piercing Through [Cataphract Advancement] - Fixed issues with the Illustration and Dialogue not representing the Submaster.
  146. Energy Recovery - Fixed typo that was displayed when using the Quest item with (V)
  147. Proof of Innocence (1) - Fixed issue where Mouse Mode users were unable to collect the 'document' quest objects.
  148. For The Greater Good - Fixed issue where the 'Kugheri Zabbi' mob wasn't dropping the associated quest items.
  149. Farewell, My Friend (2) - Fixed issue where Burialer mobs weren't being counted in the Kill Count Quest.
  150. Rescue the Villagers - Fixed issue where it was hard to save the tied up villagers because the npcs were too close together.
  151. Great Miko Barrier [Miko Advancement] - Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to complete the quest, even if you completed all the prerequisite requirements.
  153. 【Items】
  154. Token - Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to learn multiples of instant attributes if the token was inactive.
  155. Token - Fixed missing 'Team Warehouse Available' in the token benefits description.
  156. Ragged Butcher's Axe Fragment - Fixed issue where the item's icon wasn't even a piece of an axe.
  157. Legwyn Set - Fixed incorrect tooltip description for the Legwyn Family Set.
  158. Lydia Schaffen Crossroads - Fixed typing mistakes in Book.
  159. Fourth Collexia Cube - Fixed typo in the item's description.
  161. 【Graphic/Sound/UI】
  162. Fixed issue where the Wizard (Female) costume's skirt would break in places after sitting (Insert)
  163. Fixed some issues that occured with Auto-matching with party members.
  164. Fixed issue where equipped items that were part of a production recipe in the adventure journal, would constantly display that the item has been 'acquired'
  165. Fixed issue where when swapping weapon before changing map, the weapon would swap to the state prior to the map change
  166. Fixed issue where, If you use certain skills whilst being transported via quest, the quick-slots would sometimes unlock.
  167. Fixed issue where the player shop names wouldn't disappear immediately after closure.
  168. Fixed issue where you could use prohibited words when opening a Shop whilst the Refreshments Table is open.
  169. Fixed issue where the ui wouldn't close when the refreshments table is removed whilst still interacting with it.
  170. Fixed some issues with the background in the character creation window.
  171. Fixed issue where some PC-Bang benefits had Token benefits listed under its tool-tip.
  172. Fixed issue where Male Wizards arm would pierce through the Rodeleine Shield.
  173. Fixed issue where you could not see job costume icon registered in adventure Journal's Item Tab.
  174. Fixed issue where Green Stoulet monster wasn't appearing in the adventure journal.
  175. Fixed issue with incorrect icons being displayed in Companion Stores
  176. Fixed issue where the Wizard (Female) costume's skirt would break in places after sitting (Insert)
  177. Fixed issue where players with long layered hair would lose their bangs when using Resurrection & Sleep Skills.
  178. Fixed issue where unusual things being displayed in the Team Battle League Info Window.
  180. [Other Changes]
  181. Fixed issue where changing map whilst in TBL Queue counted as a 'reject' application.
  182. Fixed issue with not being able to get rewards from Floor 20 In Earth Tower After clearing.
  183. Guild options set by guild masters have been fixed.
  184. Fixed issue where you could use cannon skills with 2Handed weapon equipped.
  185. 1 - Fixed auto-swap toggle, to prevent the equipment from being un-equipped for the duration of skills
  186. 2 - Fixed ability to change weapon whilst in the Bazooka skill state.
  187. Fixed issue where the Skill Lv of Retreat Shot/Evasive Action wouldn't increase by 1 level when equipped with the 'Handgun' item.
  188. Fixed issue where under certain circumstances the keyboard inputs would stop functioning.
  189. Fixed issue where stopping movement diagonally does not stop the character in that direction (in a diagonal orientation)
  190. Fixed issue where the location of objects in Maven Abbey wasn't showing properly
  191. Fixed problem where the Sapper Master was not selling Ash Wood Items
  192. Fixed issue where some characters were not able to be auto-matched at all.
  193. The names of some Master NPCS will change.
  194. Cataphracter Master > Catahract Master
  195. Cataphracter Submaster > Cataphract Submaster
  196. Plague Doctor > Plague Doctor Master
  197. Fixed typo in the message box at the Character Lodge
  198. Corrected typos on some of the monuments in Mollogheo Forest.
  199. Fixed issue where the BGMs would not play sometimes on the Former Fantasy Library map.
  201. ▣ Known Issues
  202. Oracle Circle 2 Quest is currently bugged with the quest location markers
  203. If you click the ' 4 Or Less' entry, the 'cancel' button tooltip doesn't appear.
  204. Currently, you'll respawn back in klaipeda if you die in the survival instinct map - regardless of where you were previously.
  206. Source Post:
  207. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums
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