Death Messages - 7/15/18

Jul 15th, 2018
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  1. Cactus - Pricking [Player] didn't go quite like Cinderella.
  2. Lightning - [Player] was struck with great inspiration from the sky... a little too great.
  3. Lava - [Player] was engulfed in hellfire and brimstone.
  4. Flames/Fire - [Player] was couldn't find water for that burn.
  5. Fall Dmg - [Player] thought the ground needed a high-five.. with their face.
  6. Skeleton - [Player] took their shot and missed. The Skeleton didn't though.
  7. Zombie - A Zombie murdered [Player] for brains, but looks like the zombie will starve.
  8. Slime - [Player] bested by ooze blobs.
  9. Witch - [Player] lost the battle with the Wicked Witch of the West.
  10. Elytra - [player] failed their piloting test.
  11. Pigman - [Player] angered the in-laws, and didn't survive.
  12. Suffocation - [Player] suddenly forgot how breathing works.
  13. Ghast - [Player] ended up being the one with a tear dropping. Flabberghasting
  14. Wither Skeleton - [Player] had lifeforce drained too quickly by a Wither Skeleton.
  15. Creeper - [Player] was blown away by a Creeper's battle strategy.
  16. Silverfish - [Player] died to... I mean... really? Silverfish? How embarrassing....
  17. Enderman - [Player] lost a staring contest with an Enderman.
  19. Bonus: Smited by Diamond_Cat (Smite message)
  20. [Player] is on Diamond_Cat's bad side today, and they aren't likely so switch back soon.
  22. Gast - Killed by giant baby
  23. Lighting- they were struck with great inspiration... Then their brain fried
  24. Pigman- had to mess with the Rodriguez family(edited)
  25. Suffacation- another one bites the dust
  26. Drowning- [player] is now shark bait
  27. Flying into wall while using elytra- [player] forgot their piloting licence
  28. Cactus death: The cactus was a real prick
  29. : Flying into wall while using elytra- [player] just lost their piloting licence
  30. Death by lava- I lava dieing
  31. Death by killer rabbit- it's so fluffy I'm gonna die
  32. Drowning- [player] forgot he had to breath
  33. Falling - [player] should have bought flying
  35. Tried to hug a creeper
  36. was pricked to death
  37. That cactus was a real prick to {username}
  38. Lava - thought it was just hot water
  39. Drank the wrong potion
  40. attempted dark's parkour - fall off a cliff
  41. Forgot to open parachute
  42. thought zombies were huggable
  43. Creeper- suicide bomber on the loose... well not anymore
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