Jan 8th, 2015
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  1. ----===== Mahou Shonen Quest =====-----
  3. Makoto Kiryoka
  4. + Lucky?: Gives better odds for any action.
  5. + Beautiful: You are the picture of feminine beauty.
  6. + Honourable: You often act on the path of Justice.
  7. + Singer: You're an amateur singer, but with a nice voice.
  8. = Androgynous, Female Leaning: You considers yourself slightly feminine.
  9. = Crossdresser: You really enjoy being in female clothing.
  10. = Female Attraction: You feel attracted to the feminine.
  11. - Weak: You exhaust quickly, physically weak.
  12. - Sensitive: Your skin is very sensitive.
  13. Foci:
  14. White Maiden (Makoto): Purity. White and Pink dress.
  15. Fetter: Coin Necklace
  16. + Purification: Allows you to obliterate darkness and break down complex objects.
  17. + Healing: Allows you to slowly recover injuries on yourself and others.
  18. + Purge: Allows you to clean Foci of corruption.
  19. + Shining Manifest: Project purifying power as energy.
  20. - Sensitive: You are highly susceptible to damage and emotional overdrive.
  22. Strict Ebony (Yui): Constriction. Leather bodice, boots and stockings.
  23. Fetter: Leather Corset.
  24. + Vinyl Vines: Can manipulate leather and plastics into long, whip-like strands.
  25. + Bindings: Can place tight binds on the target, obstructing their movement.
  26. + Leather Coffin: Can cover herself in flexible materials to act as armour.
  27. - Obstruction: Personal agility is lacklustre.
  29. Mecha Musume (Shun) NOT A FOCI
  30. + Enhanced Strength
  31. + Enhanced Speed
  32. + Limited Flight
  34. Vital Blue: Animation. [Confiscated by Robo]
  35. Fetter: Spirit Amulet
  36. + Spirit Sight: Can create ghostly, spectral images from her mind.
  37. + Drawn Life: Can bring illustrations or other created things into the world.
  38. + Homunculus: Can animate statues, golems, and mannequins.
  39. - Disobedience: Creations run wild or dissipate if power overused or concentration is lost.
  41. ??? (Shimada): Water-based power.
  42. Fetter: ???
  44. ---== Relationships ==---
  45. Their disposition (Emotion/Loyalty/Lust), advice, and current thoughts.
  47. Hana Kiryoka (Mother) [Married to Kazuta]
  48. "My darling child, Makoto. I trust you completely."
  49. "Be a man, show how pretty you can be!"
  50. "Mnnn, he's out late again. And Yuuki's gone too."
  52. Robo / Yuuki Kiryoka
  53. "Makoto, I trust you, but stop hugging me. You have my trust in most matters. You are cute by earth-standard."
  54. "Help me learn your people."
  55. "I feel like I've seen this second aura before, but where?"
  57. Shun Tanakawa (Baseball Girl)
  58. "I can't think of a better person. I trust you, but be careful. You're the sexiest girl ever!"
  59. "Lets have a sleep-over!"
  60. "That's Hiroko, huh? Kinda clunky lookin' for a magical girl."
  62. Yui Oomura (Council Prez)
  63. "I love you Makoto. I have faith in you. I can't help myself around you."
  64. "Nothing much."
  65. "She doesn't feel corrupted, but what's this weird energy?"
  67. Shizuko Kikuro (Bin Girl)
  68. "I like you because you're weird. You seem reliable. Wasn't much left to the imagination in that nurse getup~"
  69. "I must *talk* to these deviants."
  70. "I can't hear anything from here. Dammit, just remember what Makoto said."
  72. Aoi Saito (Disciplinary Guy)
  73. "You're alright. I feel like I can trust you. ...You *really* look like her, even the ass."
  74. "Not much to say."
  75. "He didn't seem like he was lying, but they look WAY too similar. Long lost siblings, maybe?"
  77. [TO *MINAKO*]
  78. "I just need to be straight with you."
  80. Umeki Yasuka (Shinto Priestess)
  81. "I cannot thank you enough. You have my absolute trust. I mustn't think like that!"
  82. "Come to the shrine every so often."
  83. "Is that the photographer in the woods again?"
  85. Momoko Yasuka (Little Sister Priestess)
  86. "You are the greatest person ever! I trust you forevers."
  87. "I need to be like you, Makoto-chan."
  88. "I'll get a bat!" (Umeki: No, no, put that down, Momo)
  90. Hiroko Shimada (Poor-Swimming Girl)
  91. "I look up to you, Senpai. I... I trust you. You're really cute."
  92. "Help me with these powers."
  93. "Ahh~ This feels amazing! But where did she go?"
  95. [TO MAKOTO]
  96. "Stay away from me!"
  98. Naoki Oomura (Yui's brother)
  99. "You are Yui's friend. I distrust you. Your features are exquisite, but your posture is awful.
  100. "Nothing."
  101. "...Not an outfit ruined in 10 episodes. To the garbage with you!"
  103. Minor Characters
  105. Yukiko Minabuchi
  106. Harsh head of the swimming club.
  107. Respects you.
  109. Kyo-chan
  110. A first year student.
  111. Part of the cleaning council.
  112. Gender unknown.
  114. Ren-chan
  115. A first year student.
  116. Part of the cleaning council.
  117. Gender unknown.
  119. Store Clerk
  120. Clothing store clerk.
  121. Confused about Makoto's gender.
  122. Questions reality whenever in his/her presence.
  124. Maita Takeshi
  125. Haven't spent time with.
  126. Young man in Makoto's class.
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