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  1. tell application "iTunes"
  2.     set sel to selection
  3.     if sel is {} then
  4.         set is_ct to player position is not missing value
  5.         if is_ct then set sel to current track as list
  6.     end if
  7.     set ditext to "Trash " & (count sel)
  8.     if (count sel) is not 1 then
  9.         set ditext to (ditext & " tracks?")
  10.     else
  11.         set ditext to (ditext & " track?")
  12.     end if
  13.     display dialog ditext buttons {"Yes, delete.", "No, Cancel"} default button 2
  14.     if button returned of result = "Yes, delete." then
  15.         repeat with T in sel
  16.             try -- audio streams don't have locations
  17.                 set L to location of T
  18.             on error errMSG number errNUM
  19.                 if errNUM = -1728 then
  20.                     set L to missing value
  21.                 else
  22.                     error errMSG number errNUM
  23.                 end if
  24.             end try
  25.             set N to name of T
  26.             set in_lib to missing value
  27.             if L is not missing value then -- typical branch for files
  28.                 repeat with R in search playlist "Library" for N only songs
  29.                     if location of R is L then
  30.                         set in_lib to R
  31.                         exit repeat
  32.                     end if
  33.                 end repeat
  34.                 if in_lib is not missing value then
  35.                     delete in_lib
  36.                     tell application "Finder"
  37.                         delete L -- otherwise the file just dangles
  38.                     end tell -- but, empty folders will still dangle
  39.                 end if
  40.             else -- branch for audiosstreams interradio etc deletes all matching url addess
  41.                 if class of T is URL track then
  42.                     set A to address of T
  43.                     repeat with R in search playlist "Library" for N only songs
  44.                         if address of R is equal to A and class of R is equal to class of T then
  45.                             delete R
  46.                         end if
  47.                     end repeat
  48.                 else
  49.                     error "Dont know what to do!!!" number -1
  50.                 end if
  51.             end if
  52.         end repeat
  53.     end if
  54. end tell
  56. -- Trash Track: Find song in Library and delete it.
  57. -- Allows one to delete files w/o having to find them in the Library.
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